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高中英语选修 6
Module 1 1. At social occasions/events 在社交场合 2. a lack of 缺乏 for lack of 因为缺乏 lack sth. 缺乏… be lacking in 在某方面缺乏 3. be nervous/worried/curious/cautious about 对…紧张/担忧/好奇/谨慎 4. in advance 提前 5. think of 想起,认为,思念 think over 仔细考虑 think highly of 对…评价很高 6. look away from/ back over one’s shoulder 把视线从…移开/回头看 look forward to doing/ through 盼望做…/浏览 look up to/down upon/out/for/into 钦佩,尊敬/看不起/小心/寻找/调查 7. apart from 除…之外 besides / in addition to / as well as 除…之外(还有) except/ other than 除…之外(排除) except for/ except that 8. find out/figure out/work out 查明,弄明白 9. apply to sb. for sth. 向某人申请… apply oneself to doing 专心做某事 10. in favor/support of 支持… do sb. a favor/ do a favor for sb. 帮助某人 11. a certain day = some day 某一天 12. reply to sb/sth 回复,回答 13. put one’s foot in one’s mouth 说错话 14. apologise to sb. for doing sth. 因为某事向某人道歉 make an apology to sb. for sth. 15. cheer sb up 使高兴/振作起来;鼓励某人 cheer sb on 为某人欢呼/喝彩/加油 16. leave out/ for/ aside/behind/ alone 省去/离开去某地/放在一边/独自 17. be aware/conscious of …/ that … 意识到 18. take the lead 带头 19. show off 炫耀 show sb. around 带某人四处参观 show up 出现 on show 在展览中 20. as a consequence / as a result 结果 as a consequence of/ as a result of 因为,由于 because of thanks to /due to /owing to 21. imagine doing 想象做某事 22. (1) on purpose 故意 by chance/accident 偶然 (2) What’s the purpose of doing sth? 做某事的目的是… with/for the purpose of 为了 23. prepare sb. to do / sb. for sth. 让某人为某事做好准备 make preparations for 为…做准备 24. have/get sth. ready 准备好… 25. keep eye contact 对视 make contact with 与取得联系 be / get / stay / keep in contact with 与…保持联系。 26. put on/lose weight 增/减肥 27. go through 经历 28. be modest about 对…谦虚 29. be expected to (do sth) 被期望(做…)/应该(做…) 30. a couple of 一对,一双 31. desire to do 渴望做… Module 2 1. play an important part / role in 2. in all directions=in every direction 3. put down put up put off put aside put away 4. hold out hold on hold back hold up 5. come up(to sb/sth) come about 在…中起重要作用, 对…有重要影响 朝四面八方 放下 建造, 张贴, 提高, 搭起, 投宿 推迟, 阻止 保留, 把…放在一边 放好, 收好 伸出 等一会, 别挂断 阻挡, 抑制 举起, 支持住 朝…走过去 发生

Teacher:Zhang Dong
come across come out keep one’s eyes on keep an eye on fix one’s eyes on fix one’s attention on /focus on concentrate on be absorbed in/be lost in be occupied with sth. /in doing sth. look around for marry sb. be married to sb. get married to sb. serve the people / play sb be associated with be related to be connected with appeal to sb to one’s sorrow/surprise/astonishment/joy/relief/delight ahead of look back over one’s shoulder catch a glimpse of catch sight of set out to do sth set about doing sth set off / set out set up set down set aside turn away turn down turn up turn out (to be) turn to sb. for help be laden with be restricted to cast about put a spell on


高中英语选修 6

6. 7.

偶遇 出来, 出版, 开花发芽 (无被动) 注视, 盯着看 照看, 留神, 注视, 凝视 全神贯注于、专心致志于

8. 9.

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

四处寻找 和 sb 人结婚 和 sb 人结婚(表状态) 和 sb 人结婚(表动作) 为人民服务 / 同某人比赛 与……有联系, 与……有关系 吸引 令某人…的是 在…前面 回头看 憋见 看见 开始/着手做某事 出发, 动身 竖起, 建立 写下, 记下 放在一边, 留出 走开 拒绝, 调小 出现, 调高 证明是, 结果是, 原来是 向某人求助 充满 = be filled with; be full of 限制, 限于= be limited to 寻找, 搜索 (search for; in search of) 用咒语镇住 讲笑话(p30) 突然笑起来(p30) 某人心里想(p30) 撞翻,撞倒(p30) 目的是(p30) 靠近…(p30) 对…失去所有兴趣(p30) 偶尔, 有时(p30) 检查, 翻看/经历(p31) 转身(p31) 同时(p31) 筹钱(p31) 举起(p31) 好像, 似乎(p31) 浏览(p32) 在通电话(p32) 和好, 和解; 化妆; 组成; 编造(p33) 与…保持联系 与…取得联系 与…失去联系(p33) 享有…的福气(p36) 成长 抚养(p36) 挖掘(p36) 对…过敏(p36) 驱赶, 追逐(p36) 因…则责备某人(p36) 与某人关系好(p36) 向…致敬(p36) 因…原谅某人(p37) 对…很怀念(p37)


18. 19. 20. 21.

Module 3 1. tell a joke 2. burst out laughing/ burst into laughter 3. think to oneself 4. knock over 5. in order to 6. be close to 7. lose all interest in 8. from time to time 9. go through 10. turn round 11. at the same time 12. raise money 13. hold up 14. as if/ though 15. look through 16. on the phone 17. make up 18. keep/ be in touch with get in touch with lose/be out of touch with 19. be blessed with 20. grow up bring up 21. dig up 22. be allergic to 23. chase away 24. blame/scold sb. for sth. 25. be on good terms with 26. give a salute to 27. forgive sb. for sth. 28. be nostalgic for

2 Constant dripping wears away the stone. 锲而不舍,金石可镂 纽威教育交大路旗舰校 电话:66006266 地址:交大路 256 号


Teacher:Zhang Dong
29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. be ashamed of dream of bend down all at once be in love with in return used to do be used to do be used to doing of one’s own hear about by the end of… belong to with one’s help put one’s memory back thanks to from the bottom of one’s heart

对…感到惭愧(p37) 梦想…(p39) 弯腰(p39) 突然, 忽然(p39) 爱上…(p40) 作为回报(p40) 过去常常做某事 被用来做某事 习惯做某事(p41) 某人自己的(p41) 听说(p41) 到…结束的时候(p41) 属于(p41) 在某人的帮助下(p41) 找回记忆(p41) 幸亏, 多亏(p41) 发自内心地(p41)

高中英语选修 6

36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

Module 4 1. give concerts 2. make contact with 3. in public 4. in person 5. be true of/ for 6. it is the same with/ so it is with 7. give life to 8. make up 9. push one’s way through 10. all of a sudden 11. pick up 12. dance to music 13. draw upon/ on 14. in addition to 15. be involved in 16. depend on Module 5 1. burn out 2. out of breath out of order out of reach 3. in contrast to / with 4. throw oneself on… throw oneself into… 5. for fear of + n. /pron. /doing for fear that +从句 6. make a sound 7. again and again 8. by mistake 9. cure sb of sth remind … of … rob … of … inform … of … 10. treat…. as… consider…as… regard… as… look on….. as… think of…as… take…. as…. refer to…as 11. a sequence / series of 12. be identical to be similar to 13. resist doing… can’t resist doing… 14. rely on depend on 15. as follows 16. knock out knock over knock down

举办音乐会 p44 与……进行来往 p45 当众 p45 当面 与……情况相同 p45 与……情况相同 p45 赋予……生命(生命力, 活力) P 45/ p49 化妆 P47 挤过 p49 突然间 p49 捡起; 营救; 用车接; 好转; 打电话 P49 伴着音乐跳舞 p49 利用, 凭借, 依赖 p53 除此之外 p55 被卷入; 涉及到 p55 依靠; 取决于 p55 (火)燃尽, 烧完自灭 气喘吁吁 杂乱无章 够不着 与…形成对照 扑到在…上 积极投身于… 唯恐,以防 唯恐, 以防 发出声音 一再, 屡次 错误地 治愈某人(疾病) 提醒某人某事 抢夺某人某物 通知某人某事 把…当成…对待, 把…视为…

一系列的 和…一样, 与…一致 和…相似 抵抗做… 忍不住做… 依靠, 依赖 如下 摧毁 撞伤, 撞死 撞倒, 击倒

Constant dripping wears away the stone. 锲而不舍,金石可镂 纽威教育交大路旗舰校 电话:66006266 地址:交大路 256 号


Teacher:Zhang Dong
17. 18. 19. 20. knock at/on get out of control as far as we know as far as I am concerned break down bring…back to life bring…to life give life to… come to life


高中英语选修 6

敲门 摆脱控制 据我们所知 在我看来 (化学)分解; (机器)出故障; (身体)垮掉 使…复活 给…带来活力 给…带来活力 变得有活力 向…宣战 交战,在战争中 取得重大突破、进展 演讲,发言 装满 参加(活动) 上学/参加聚会/会议 下/上(车/船) 考虑 当作…开始/以…开始 当作…结束/以…结束 向…开火 位于 多达/由..决定 卷入,涉及 使我们目瞪口呆的是 知道/明白 喊叫 脱下/取下,起飞/腾飞 放下 保持健康,保持健美,保持形体 拿出 拿出 干杯! 为…干杯 作为回报,作为回应 相应地,转而; 依次,轮流,逐个 叫做,称为 作为…/因为…/在…之中出名 决心做某事 只有 数百 出发 让某人注意到 在将来的岁月 把…归功于,感谢,亏欠 赢得/输掉战斗 面对 保持/仍然勇敢 有待于观察 从那时起

Module 6 1. declare war on be at war 2. make a breakthrough make a speech 3. be full of be filled with 4. take part in / participate in attend school/a party/a meeting 5. get off / on 6. think about 7. start as / with end as / with 8. fire at 9. be situated / located on/in/at … 10. up to 11. be involved in 12. to our astonishment 13. be aware of / that … 14. call out 15. take off 16. put down 17. keep (sth) in shape 18. take out bring out 19. Cheers! drink to … 20. in return in turn 21. be known as 22. be well-known as /for / to be famous as /for / to 23. be determined to do sth 24. nothing but 25. hundreds of 26. set out 27. draw (sb’s) attention to 28. in years to come 29. owe … to … 30. win / lose a battle 31. in the face of be faced with 32. remain brave remain to be seen 33. since then

4 Constant dripping wears away the stone. 锲而不舍,金石可镂 纽威教育交大路旗舰校 电话:66006266 地址:交大路 256 号




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