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2012 年广州市普通高中毕业班综合测试(一) 英 语
I语言知识及应用(共两节,满分45分) 第一节完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)
The more accessible a company's services are, the more business it will do. Why are the same ___1___ not applied when it comes to Internet websites then? A Hong Kong study has found that the local sites of two leading ___2___, McDonald's and Motorola, are the most user-unfriendly of the 30 websites tested. The lack of ___3___ means they are not only losing customers, but ___4___ to meet their social responsibilities. In an ever-more Internet-connected world, ___5___ are as important as physical shops or offices. They are ___6___ used as a way of banking, shopping and getting news. This is especially so for the disabled, who find it ___7___ to shop on-line than go to a store in person. A website that does not let them do this is the same as having a(n) "___8___" sign on a door. In Hong Kong, it is ___9___ not to provide the disabled with access to schools and buildings, but at present there are no specific laws on Internet accessibility. However, companies are morally responsible for ensuring that their websites can be ___10___ by people who are visually disabled or have difficulty walking around. Ideals for design have long been put forward by the World Wide Web Consortium, a global community working on open standards to ___11___ accessibility and development. Computer technology is ___12___ fast and it is now much easier to create websites that are ___13___ for all people, sighted or disabled. Companies should ensure that the designers of their websites ___14___ guidelines for accessibility. We should try to make our city as ___15___ as possible, on-line and off. 1. A. data B. principles C. experiences D. technologies 2. A. companies B. products C. stores D. factories 3. A. power B. study C. attraction D. access 4. A. deciding B. attempting C. failing D. stopping 5. A. computers B. hotlines C. signals D. websites 6. A. increasingly B. possibly C. extremely D. randomly 7. A. cheaper B. safer C. easier D. quicker 8. A. waiting B. sale C. open D. closed 9. A. unreasonable B. illegal C. unimportant D. impolite 10. A. found B. read C. known D. created 11. A. permit. B. discover C. start D. ensure 12. A. weakening B. dropping C. changing D. flying 13. A. wonderful B. usable C. harmless D. profitable 14. A. follow B. write C. break D. ignore 15. A. beautiful B. wealthy C. accessible D. respectable 第二节 语法填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) A farmer once organized a competition between his dog and his rabbit. He dug a hole in one of his biggest fields, and hid a carrot and a bone in it. He wanted to see ___16___ animal would find them first. The ___17___ (cheer) and optimistic rabbit threw himself into looking for the carrot, ___18___ (dig) here and there, totally convinced that he would find it. But the dog, after sniffing around for a bit, ___19___ (lie) down and began to complain about how difficult it, was to find one bone in such a big field. The rabbit dug ___20___ hours, and with every new hole the dog complained even more about how difficult this was, even for the rabbit. ___21___ the rabbit thought that each hole dug was one hole less that needed digging. When there was no place in the whole field ___22___ (leave) to dig, the rabbit dug a tunnel right to ___23___ the dog had been lying all the time. There he found the carrot and the bone.

This is how the dog lost the game. He had come to ___24___ right place at the very beginning but failed to find the bone ___25___ he only complained and didn't try at all.

II 阅读(共两节,满分 50 分)
A Beatrix Potter was a great English writer and artist, best known for her children's books featuring animal characters such as in the children's classic -- The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Beatrix was born into a rich London-based family where she was tutored by very strict private teachers and so spent her youth isolated from other youngsters. During her youth she had a lot of pets and spent vacations in Scotland and also the Lake District. It was at the Lake District that she developed a love of wildlife. She studied the area's natural wonders carefully and painted them continuously. But her old-fashioned, Manchester-born parents discouraged her intellectual improvement, thinking it inappropriate for a young lady. However, her study and watercolour paintings of wild mushrooms made her widely respected within the field of biology. In her 30's, Beatrix Potter wrote the remarkably successful kid's book, The Tale of Pew Rabbit. Close to that time she became secretly engaged to her publisher Norman Warne. This caused a great disagreement with her parents, who did not approve of Beatrix getting married to somebody of lower social status. Sadly, Warne died before the marriage ceremony. Ultimately Beatrix Potter began writing and also illustrating (绘图) kid's books full-time. Using profits from her books, Beatrix grew to become economically independent of her parents and was eventually in a position to buy Hill Top Farm in the Lake District. She extended the property with additional purchases of neighbouring land over time. In her 40's, Bestrix married William Heelis, a local lawyer. She ended up becoming a sheep breeder and farmer while continuing to publish as well as illustrate books for children. In all she authored 23 publications. Beatrix died on December 22, 1943, and left the majority of her property to the National Trust. Her books carry on selling well globally, in many different languages. Her stories have been retold in numerous formats including a ballet, movies, and cartoons. Such is her reputation, and that of the characters from her publications, that many Beatrix Potter statues have been created. These tiny Beatrix Potter statues which include pretty much all the actual characters in her publications have become highly valued by art collects and fans of her literature throughout the world. 26. What can we learn about Beatrix Potter's early life? A. She learned drawing skills from her tutors. B. She was very sociable and outgoing. C. She was greatly inspired by the beauty of nature. D. She was encouraged to think creatively and independently. 27. Why did Beatrix Potter's parents oppose the idea of her marriage to Norman Warne? A. They did not believe she was mature enough to get married. B. They thought Warne was only interested in Beatrix Potter's wealth. C. They believed that the couple's characters were mismatched. D. They considered Warne to be too common for their daughter. 28. According to the passage, which part of the UK did Beatrix Potter love most? A. Manchester. B. Scotland. C. The Lake District. D. London. 29. In which of the following areas did Beatrix Potter show an interest during her life? A. Writing, biology, farming. B. Drawing, nature, ballet. C. Movies, farming, drawing. D. Writing, mushrooms, travel. 30. What is the function of the last two paragraphs of the passage? A. To describe the consequences of Beatrix Potter's death. B. To present the lasting cultural influence of Beatrix Potter and her works..

C. To show the changes in attitude towards Beatrix Potter's works over the past years. D. To criticize the commercialization of Beatrix Potter's characters since her death. B When movie star Scarlett Johansson was photographed naming in Los Angeles recently, she attracted a lot of attention; for the 27-year-old actress was wearing Vibram FiveFingers, so called because they look more like gloves than shoes, with a space for each toe. Strange though they may look, these so-called barefoot shoes, which reproduce the effect of barefoot running but with less pain, are just one brand in a range of minimalist footwear. These super-thin sports shoes are causing a stir in the world of running and fitness. Why? Because some experts believe they could make you a better, more efficient runner and that traditional trainers could be doing you more harm than good. "Wearing a shoe that has lots of cushioning and support affects the way your body naturally moves and studies suggest that this carries a higher risk of injury," explains Matt Wallden, an athlete performance expert. "But with barefoot shoes, the foot can actually feel the firmness and shape of the ground, which allows your body to respond effectively.'" But before you rush out to invest in minimalist footwear, be careful. These kinds of shoes are not meant for everyone, or at least not straight away. "Ordinary sports shoes with support are good for beginners whose bodies are not used to the impact of running," explains Patrick Davoren, former Olympic athlete. "It you are not in great condition, then running in minimalist footwear may cause injuries and will turn a lot of people off exercise and running. If you are currently injured, and figures show that in any given year 65% of all runners are, it can be tempting to try anything that promises to get you back on the road, trail, or beach. But barefoot running is not a method of treating injury nor is it a magical way of suddenly turning you into a great athlete. Even if you're used to running, when you start using minimalist shoes you should build up your distance gradually. Start_off'by doing just 10% of what you'd normally run and increase the distance by no more than 10% every week. And a word of warning - you may never have soft feet again 31. The Vibram FiveFingers are shoes ______. A. specifically designed for women B. that have lots of cushion inside C. safest for people who enjoy sports D. that are much thinner than normal sports shoes 32. The underlined word "they" in paragraph 2 refers to ________. A. experts B. feet C. shoes D. runners 33. According to Matt Wallden, the new shoes ________. A. make feet more sensitive to the running surface B. will produce immediate improvements C. force your body to move less naturally D. increase the chances of getting hurt 34. The author suggests that new users of Vibram FiveFingers should ________. A. run in the shoes every day at top speed B. begin with a shorter running distance than normal C. occasionally run barefooted to harden their feet D. make sure they are already very fit before using them 35. Where would you probably read this article? A. A travel book. B. A movie website. C. A sports magazine. D. A science journal. C The dirty, homeless man sat on the pavement, staring at the atones. He thought back more than twenty years to when he

was a boy living in a small red brick house on this very street. He recalled the flower garden, the swing his dad made, and the bike he had saved up for months to buy. The man shrugged impatiently, for the brightness of those pictures hurt him, and his memory travelled on another ten years. He had a job by then, plenty of friends and started to come home less. He did not really want to remember those years, nor the day when, because o' debts, he had gone home planning to ask for money. He felt embarrassed, but he knew exactly where his dad kept the money. When his parents stepped out of the room, he took what he wanted and left. That was the last time he had seen them. Ashamed, he went abroad, and his parents knew nothing about the years of wandering or time in prison. But locked in his cell he often thought of home. Once free, he would love to see his parents again, if they were still alive, and still wanted to see him. When his prison time was up, he found -a job, but couldn't settle. Something was drawing him home. He did not want to arrive penniless, so he hitchhiked most of the long journey back. But less than a mile from his destination he started to feel sick with doubt. Could they ever accept this man who had so bitterly disappointed them? He spent most of that day sitting under a tree. That evening he posted a letter which, although short, had taken him hours to write. It ended with: I know it is unreasonable of me to suppose you want to see me ... so it's up to you. I'll come early Thursday morning. If you want me home, hang a white handkerchief in the window of my old bedroom. If it's there, I'll come in; if not, I'll wave good-bye and go. And now it was Thursday morning and he was sitting on the pavement at the end of the street. Finally he got up and walked slowly toward the old house. He drew a long breath and looked. His parents were taking no risks. ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ The man threw his head back, gave a cry of relief and ran straight through the open front door. 36. Why did the man shrug impatiently (paragraph 2) while he was thinking of his childhood? A. The thoughts made him angry. B. He felt he had wasted time. C. He was anxious to go home. D. The sweet memory caused him much pain. 37. Why did it take him hours to write the letter? A. He doubted if his parents still lived in that house. B. He had much news to tell his parents. C. He felt ashamed to ask for forgiveness. D. He was longing to return home and felt excited. 38. In what order did the following events take place? a. He took the money from his parents. b. He bought a bicycle with his savings. c. He was sentenced to prison. d. He wrote the letter home. e. He sat on the pavement. f. He hitchhiked back home. A. b, a, c, d, e, f B. b, a, c, f, d, e C. a, c, b, d, f, a D. a, d, b, c, e, f 39. Which of the following best fits into paragraph 8 ? A. Every inch of the house was covered in white. Sheets, pillowcases and table clothes had been placed on every window and door, making it look like a snow house. B. The house before him was just as he remembered: the red bricks, the brown door and nothing else. C. A colourful blanket was over the front door. On it, in large letters, was written, "Welcome

home, son D. A police car was parked in the drive way, and two officers stood at the front door. 40. The best title of the passage is _______. A. Sweet Memory B. White Handkerchief C. Abandoned Son D. Leaving Home D Many psychologists in the early twentieth century believed that humans use only 10 percent of their brains, and even the great Albert Einstein once wrote that most people use only a small portion of the grey matter between their ears. It's a theory that has often been put forward in television documentaries; magazines, advertisements and books over the past century. But nearly all scientists now agree the 10 percent theory is completely unfounded. In fact, they question how this figure was ever arrived at in the first place and what areas of the brain are supposed to be unneeded. The theory supposes that if 90 percent of the brain were removed, a person would Still be able to function normally, while in reality it is known that damage to even a small area of the brain can result in extremely serious physical injury different activities and that many areas of the brain are used at the same time for some complex activities or thought processes. Throughout the course of one day, most .areas of the brain are active at some time, even during sleep. The 10 percent theory suggests that certain areas o' the brain are not used, but scans slow activities throughout the entire brain and not in any separate part. The final argument against the 10 percent theory is the fact that doctors carefully map the brain before removing brain cancers so that they don't affect other essential areas. From an evolutionary point of view, it's highly unlikely butt our comparatively larger brains would have evolved from our ancestors if the extra areas were not needed. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence support the 1p percent theory. 41. How did the 10 percent theory get such widespread popularity? A. It was promoted in various types of copular media. B. Albert Einstein argued strongly in support. C. It was proven in scientific research. D. Few people could prove it wrong. 42. The underlined word "unfounded" is chest in meaning to _________. A. undiscovered B. unproven C. unknown D. unnecessary 43. Which of the following is true according to the writer? A. We use less than 10% of our brains. B. Most brain disorders affect the same part of the brain. C. The brain is less active during times of sleep. D. The 10 percent theory does not make evolutionary sense. 44. What can we infer from the passage? A. People today use more of their brain than in the past. B. Scientific opinion about the topic of brain use is equally divided. C. Our understanding of the brain has changed greatly in the past decades. D. Modern scientists have a complete picture of how the brain works. 45. What is the main purpose of the passage? A. To present two sides of brain theory. B. To criticize the 10 percent theory. C. To explain how brain works. D. To describe the history of brain research. 第二节 信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应选项字母涂黑。 首先请阅读下列汽车广告的信息:

A Renault Menage: This luxury car provides a comfortable driving experience and is packed full of extras (GPS, electric seats, automatic park brake etc). But its powerful engine means you had better be prepared for a big fuel bill each week. Price: $ 85,000 B Hyundai i20: Ideal for short journeys but lacks the power and comfort needed to make long-distance driving enjoyable. Still, at this price you can't complain and you'll be smiling when you have to fill up the tank too. Price: $8,000 C Fiat 500: Although expensive, it will soon pay for itself with the money you save on petrol. It has the most efficient and cleanest petrol-powered engine currently available. Its size, easy handling and luxury interior make it ideal for city driving. Price: $ 35, 999 D Land Rover Discovery: With seating for 7, this car is suitable for all driving conditions. It has the control needed for inner city driving and the power required for rough roads and carrying heavy loads. But it's among the least fuel efficient vehicles in its class. Price: $ 51, 999 E GM Transit: It packs an impressive amount of room inside. It steers nicely, is fuel efficient and has a commanding driving position. But the lack of rear side windows and a noisy interior limit its appeal as a people mover. Price: $ 22,499 F Ford Wagon: With room for 12 passengers, it combines the toughness and power needed for long-distance journeys with all the comforts that will keep passengers satisfied. Its optional luggage roof racks also mean nothing will ever have to be left behind. Price: $42,000 以下是五个人的购车意向。请匹配个人信息与适合的汽车。 46. Robert is a farmer in the countryside and wants a vehicle that can deal with do rough country-road conditions and is

powerful enough to tow a trailer carrying animals and farm products to the city market. 47. James is starting a new delivery job and needs a vehicle big enough to store the packages that he will pick up each morning and deliver throughout the day. It should be reliable, affordable and economical to run on his city route. 48. Vaneasa is a lawyer who lives and works in the city. She currently has a large car that uses a lot of fuel. She thinks it's too polluting so wants a car that's environmentally friendly but still comfortable to drive. 49. John is a university student looking for an inexpensive car that's cheap to run. He needs it mainly for getting to and from the university campus and also to his nearby part-tiles job. 50. Jill owns a tour guide company and wants a new vehicle that can be used to take travellers to see different sight and attractions. A typical tour group is made up of about 10 people so it must be big enough to take all of them plus their luggage.

III 写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节基础写作(共 1 小题,满分 15 分) 最近,我们以“2012 年中学生的春节活动”为题,在 368 名中学生中进行了一次调查(survey) 。以下是调查数 据:

【写作内容】 请根据以上内容用英语写一份调查报告。内容包括: 1.调查问题及调查对象; 2.主要活动; 3.感受及原因;

4.期望。 【写作要求】 1.只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容。 2.文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 【评分标准】 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯。 第二节 读写任务(共 1 小题,满分 25 分) 阅读下面的书信,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Dear David, I am writing you this email because you're so busy every day with your studies and after-school activities that we seldom have chances to talk face-to-face. There is something that I am very worried about. You have always been an active boy, willing to help others and always looking for an opportunity to try something new or learn something different. I think these are wonderful qualities but I am concerned that they may be affecting your studies. In the past three months alone you have joined at least four different student clubs. I see these activities taking up more and more of your time. You're always discussing something with your classmates or surfing online. You're also devoting less time to homework and even your teachers say you are looking very sleepy in class. I know that these kinds of activities are fun and can help your development, but I think they have started to damage your performance at school. Please remember the most important thing at this stage of your life is your studies. Right now you should do your best in your examinations as it will give you more choices is your future. I beg you to focus on your main goal and not to throw away all your years of hard work Your loving mother 【写作内容】 假设你是信中的 David,请用英语给你妈妈写回信。以下是回信的内容(信的开头和结尾已经为你写好) : 1. 以约 30 词概括书信的主要内容。 2. 以约 120 词谈谈你对参加学校社团或俱乐部活动的看法,内容包括: (1) 你读信后的感受; (2) 你是否赞成你妈妈的观点,并陈述理由; (3) 你对你妈妈的承诺。 【写作要求】 1. 作文中可以使用亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接 引用原文中的句子。 2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 【评分标准】概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,语篇连贯。

1-5 BADCD 6-10 ACDBB 11-15 DCBAC 16. which 17. cheerful / cheery 18. digging 19. lay 20. for 21. But 22. where 23. left 24. the 25. because / as / since 26-30 CDCAB 31-35 DCABC 36-40 DCBAB 41-45 ABDCB 46-50 DECBF 基础写作: Recently we surveyed 368 middle school students on how they spent the 2012 Spring Festival. 30% said they spent most of their time with their parents visiting relatives and friends while 25% went traveling with classmates or parents. 45% of all those surveyed indicated that they just stayed at home to do homework. When asked how they felt about the Spring Festival, most said they enjoyed it because of the holiday and lucky money they got, but some felt unhappy because the amount of homework they were given left little time for fun activities. Many students expressed the hope that next year they will have less homework and more free time. 读写任务: Dear mum, I’ve just received your email expressing your concern that I am being distracted from my studies because of my many after-school activities and the consequences of this for my future. (或 I’ve just received your email expressing your concern about my participation in so many after-school activities, the effect of this on my study performance and its consequences for my future.) I appreciate what you say and am sorry to have caused you so much worry. I’m also touched that you understand my reasons for being attracted to such activities. It’s true that I have been spending a lot of time with these groups but please don’t worry. I find that these groups help me to relax, develop my thinking and actually improve my school performance, although my teacher is right that I do sometimes feel tired in class. For this reason, and to also relieve you of your worry, I have decided to limit my participation to only two groups this term. This way I can still enjoy the outside activities without affecting either you or my study performance.



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