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【名师一号】2015高考英语一轮复习 Unit 2 English around the world课时检测 新人教版必修1

Unit 2

English around the world
(计时:35 分钟)

1.(2013·安庆高三质检)Every minute has been made full ________ of by the girls ________ knowledge about etiquette (礼仪). A. using; learning C. to use; to learn 答案与解析 B. use; to learn D. use; learning

B 句意:女孩们充分利用每一分钟来学习礼仪知识。还原成主动语态后

应为: ... have/has made full use of every minute to learn knowledge about etiquette.。 2.In many countries, breakfast is a snack ________ a meal, but traditional English breakfast is a full meal. A. rather than C. other than 答案与解析 B. more than D. less than

A 句意:在许多国家,早餐是点心而非主餐,但是传统的英国早餐是丰

盛的一餐。rather than“而不是”; more than“超过;不只是”; other than“除了”; less than“少于;决不”。 3.(2014·青岛联考)— Poor Steve! I could hardly ________ him just now! — Me neither. He has changed so much. A. realize C. remind B. impress D. recognize

答案与解析 D recognize“认出”,符合句意。realize“认识到”; impress “给 予某人深刻印象”; remind“提醒”。 4.(2014·湖北三校联考)No more of this fancy playing with words — I want some ________ talk here. A. direct C. straight 答案与解析 C B. quick D. informal 句 意 : 不 要 更 多 的 讨 喜 欢 玩 的 话 —— 我 想 要 的 是 直 言 快 语 。

straight“直率的”,符合句意。direct“直接的”; quick“快的 ”; informal“正式 的”。 5.(2014·湖北部分重点中学联考)Although the new road is being used, it has not yet been ________opened. A. gradually C. officially B. actually D. frequently

答案与解析 B 句意: 虽然这条新公路正在被使用, 但尚未正式开放。 officially“正

式地”,符合句意。 Ⅱ.单句语法填空 6.The question is bound to come ________ at the meeting to be held next week. 答案与解析 出”。 7.— Children today find it hard to focus on their study. — Exactly, as they ________ (find) so many things they think funny to do. 答案与解析 have found 句意: ——现在的孩子们在学习时很难集中精力。 ——确实, 因为他们已经发现了很多他们认为非常有趣的事情。 根据语境可知, 此处表示说话之前已经 完成的动作,而且这个动作的结果对现在的情况仍有影响,用现在完成时。 8.People in Tianjin are proud of ________ they have achieved in the past few years. 答案与解析 what 句意: 天津人为他们在过去几年里取得的成就感到自豪。 空处引导 从句作介词 of 的宾语,且在从句中作动词 achieved 的宾语,故填 what。 9.Christmas is ________ special holiday when ________ whole family are supposed to get together. 答案与解析 a; the 句意:圣诞节是一个全家人都应该聚在一起的特殊的假期。第一 空泛指“一个特殊的假期”,故用不定冠词;第二空特指“整个家庭的人”,故用定冠词。 10 . The train stopped ________ (frequent) at lonely little stations, which resulted in a sleepless night. 答案与解析 frequently 句意: 火车频繁在孤独的小车站停下来, 这导致了一个无眠 之夜。frequently“频繁地;时常地”,符合句意要求。 Ⅲ.语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 Woman: Alan, I heard that you went to the clinic today. What's __11__ matter with you? Alan: I've burnt my arm and hurt my head. Woman: What __12__ (happen)? Alan: This morning,I wanted to have some cup noodles __13__ I boiled some hot water. I __14__ (pour) the hot water into the cup when my cat suddenly jumped onto the table and knocked it __15__. The hot water in the cup burnt my arm. It really hurt so I went to see the doctor. Woman: How did you hurt your head then? Alan: A can of paint fell down from a ladder. __16__ dropped on the floor in


句意:这个问题一定会在下周举行的会议上提出来。come up“提

front of me. I knocked my head against a shop window __17__ I tried to move away. Woman: You were so unlucky! Alan: Yes, but I finally got to the clinic. The doctor told me __18__ (keep) my arm clean and dry. He told me __19__ (rest) for a day too. I __20__ (feel) better now. 答案 11.the 12.happened 13.so 14.was pouring 15.over 16.It/The can

17.when 18.to keep Ⅳ.阅读理解

19.to rest 20.am feeling

A My grandma whom we all called Nanny was a solid, first?generation, Italian immigrant. She came to this country with her family on a tiny ship during World War I when she was only 8 years old. During the trip she survived stormy seas, little food, and an attack by a German U?boat. After getting here, her large family worked hard to build a new life in America. They never had much money but were rich in love. One day, when I was about 5 or 6 years old, my parents and brothers went on a trip. It was just me and Nanny in the house for the weekend. Nanny seemed so happy to be taking care of me all by herself. She made me a special breakfast that first morning. However, all I could do was to complain about how the food was not how Mom always made it. Nanny quietly put down the plate and went into the living room. I followed a minute later and saw that she had tears in her eyes. It was the first time I had ever seen my strong and proud grandmother cry and I was the one who had caused it. I walked over to Nanny, climbed on her lap, and for the first time in my short life I did something else too. I apologized without being told to and asked Nanny to forgive me. She smiled, rubbed my head, and told me I was a good boy even though I didn't feel like one then. That memory just like my Nanny's love will stay in my heart forever. It is a sign of both strength and wisdom. Asking for forgiveness helps us to learn, to grow, and to love. 21.Nanny's family immigrated to America mainly because ________. A. they suffered starvation in their homeland B. they wanted to start a rich life in the new land C. they tried to get away from the terrible climate D. their country was in war and they needed peace

答案与解析 D 根据第一段中的“Italian immigrant”,“during World War Ⅰ”, “an attack by German U?boat”等相关信息可以推断出正确答案是 D 项。南尼的家人移居 美国主要是因为他们的国家处于战乱,他们需要和平。 22.The boy complained to Nanny that the food ________. A. wasn't cooked the way his mom did B. was served a bit later than usual C. was prepared in a special way D. was just to his parents' taste 答案与解析 A 根据第二段中的“However, all I could do was to complain about how the food was not how Mom always made it.”可知。 23.When seeing Nanny crying in the living room, the author felt ________. A. surprised C. shocked B. ashamed D. annoyed

答案与解析 B 根据第三段可知,作者看到南尼哭时自己感到羞愧。 24.The author mainly wants to tell us that ________. A. forgiveness can be beneficial to people asking for it B. hardships can make children more indifferent C. grandparents are more tolerant than their grandchildren D. family ties can sometimes be misused 答案与解析 A 通读全文以及最后一段可知,作者写这篇文章主要讲在自己做错事时

向别人请求宽恕有益于和你周围的人融洽相处。 B (2014·合肥质检一) This message is to inform all the children that Santa's post office in Himmelpfort, Germany, is open to receive your holiday wishes. That means you can mail your letters to Santa about 6 weeks sooner than that last year. Santa knows you've been good and wants to make sure he and his helpers receive your wish list earlier. Eight post offices are organized across Germany to answer all the letters children send. This year they plan to receive over 250 000 letters. Though the letters fly from over 80 different countries, Santa and his helpers can understand and make sure to answer all the letters. In 1984, two children from Berlin sent their wish lists to Himmelpfort after spending their vacation there. Their letters were answered by postal employees and

later Himmelpfort increased its helpers to meet the needs of increased mail traffic. Year after year, Santa and his crew use an eco?friendly powered vehicle to collect the thousands of letters they receive from young boys and girls. The great news for this year is that if you come to the beautiful town of Himmelpfort, you can drop off your letter and visit Santa in person, from Tuesdays to Thursdays until Christmas Eve. Santa does not currently have an e?mail, Twitter or a Facebook account. He believes in old?fashioned communication. So get out your paper and write your wish list. Just make sure your letter is clear so you can receive an official response. Send your letters to,

Santa Christmas Post Office Himmelpfort, Germany 16798
25.This year Santa and his helpers ________. A. are eager to receive more wishes B. keep travelling around 80 countries C. are able to receive kids' letters earlier D. answer most of the letters for kids 答案与解析 C 由第一段第二句...you can mail your letters to Santa about 6

weeks sooner than that last year.可知选 C。 26.From the 3rd paragraph, we know that ________. A. children from Berlin like spending holidays in Himmelpfort B. post offices send kids all the presents they ask for C. Santa uses a powered vehicle because of the heavy mail traffic D. children can visit Santa in the flesh before Christmas Eve this year 答案与解析 D 由第三段最后一句...you can drop off your letter and visit Santa in person, from ...可知 D 项正确。 27 . Santa doesn't have social communications online probably because he ________. A. is not sure about the online security B. trusts traditional ways of communication C. prefers official and formal letters D. thinks written letters are clearer than e?mails 答 案与 解析 B 由最 后一 段 Santa does not currently have an e?mail ...He

believes in old?fashioned communication.可知选择 B 项。 28.This text is intended for ________. A. tourists coming to Himmelpfort B. teenagers preferring writing letters C. parents preparing for Christmas D. children planning to write to Santa 答案与解析 D 由全文开头第一句 This message is to inform all the children

that ...可推知此题选 D 项。



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