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Unit 2 Sports events

Section Ⅱ Welcome to the unit & Reading – Language points

识 记 掌 握 理 解 拓 展 应 用 落 实

识 记 掌 握 理 解 拓 展 应 用 落 实

r />语言点三
识 记 掌 握 理 解 拓 展 应 用 落 实

课 时 跟 踪 检 测

known : known by a lot of people 1. well2. joy : great happiness and pleasure 3. attempt : an act of trying to do something, especially something difficult

4. honour : something that makes you feel very proud
5. contemporary : belonging to the present time 6. committee : a group of people chosen to do a particular job, make decisions, etc.

(二)根据所给词性和汉语意思写出单词 7. medal n.奖牌,奖章,勋章 8. gymnastics n.体操,体操训练

9. champion n.冠军,优胜者
10. delighted adj.愉快的,高兴的→ delight v.&n.(使)高 兴,快乐→ delightful adj.令人高兴的 11.significance n.重要性,意义→ significant adj.重要的

12. tradition n.传统;风俗→ traditional adj.传统的 13. compete vi.比赛;竞争→ competition n.比赛 → competitor n.比赛者

14. absence n.缺席,不在场;不存在→ absent adj.不
在场的 15. excite vt.使激动,使兴奋→ exciting adj.令人激动的 → excited adj.激动的,兴奋的 16. movement n.社会运动;移动,活动;进展

→ move v.运动;移动

1. delighted adj.愉快的;高兴的 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)As a member of the International Olympic Committee, I am delighted to have been invited to your

school to talk to you about the history and significance of the
Olympic Games. 作为国际奥委会的一员,我很高兴应邀前来贵校跟大家谈 谈奥运会的历史及其重要意义。 (鲜活例句)The delighted look on his face suggested that he

was delighted with the result.

[点津] delighted常用来表示人感到高兴的或修饰voice,
look, expression等词。 (二)归纳拓展全析考点

(1)be delighted to do sth.
be delighted at/by/with be delighted that ...

因……感到高兴 很高兴……

(2)delight vt.
n. in/with delight

高兴 高兴地

to one's delight
take delight in (3)delightful adj.

以……为乐 令人愉快的

①I'm delighted to inform you of the success of the experiment. 我很高兴地通知你们,试验成功了。 ②She was as delighted with/ by/ at the holiday plan as he was.

③The children unwrapped their Christmas presents with delight. 孩子们高兴地把圣诞礼物拆开。 ④ To his delight , his novel was well received.


2.significance n.重要性,意义
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句)It was only later that we realized the true significance of his remark. 后来我们才领会到他那些话的真正意义。 (二)归纳拓展全析考点 be of great/ little significance

attach significance to 赋予……以意义;重视……

①His visit is of great significance in promoting mutual understanding between the two countries.

②It is said that they attach much significance to this matter. 据说他们很重视这件事。

3.compete vi.比赛;竞争

(教材原句)At the ancient Olympics, by tradition the athletes were all men and they had to compete wearing no clothes. 在古代奥运会上,按照传统,运动员都是男性,他们必

(鲜活例句)They competed to see who would work the fastest and best. 他们比赛看谁工作做得最快而且最好。


(1)compete in ...
compete against/ with sb. for sth.


与某人竞争以得到某物 (2)competitor n. competition n.[U] 竞争者,对手;参赛者 竞争

competitive adj.


①The IOC invited two female athletes from Qatar to compete in the London Olympics.

②They found themselves competing with/against foreign companies for a share of the market. 他们发现自己在与外国公司争夺市场份额。 ③Companies as small as ours just can't compete with

those at that level.

(语境串记) It's an amazing competition - the twin competitors are going to compete with each other in the

这是一场令人惊奇的比赛——这对双胞胎参赛者将在柔道 比赛中彼此对抗。

honour n.[U]尊敬;荣誉,荣幸;节操;[C](通常用单数)使人 4. 感到光荣的人或事vt.尊敬,尊重(某人);给……荣誉 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)Single women were allowed to take part in their own competition, at a separate festival in honour of Hera, the wife of the Greek god Zeus. 未婚女性可以参加她们自己的竞技比赛,比赛在一个专门纪念 希腊神话中众神之王宙斯的妻子赫拉的节日举行。 (鲜活例句)He was honoured for his courage in battle. 他因在战斗中的英勇表现而受到尊敬。 (鲜活例句)All the athletes tried their best to win honour for their motherland. 所有的运动员都竭尽全力为祖国争光。

It is an honour to do... 很荣幸做…… an honour to sth./sb. 给某物/某人增光的人或事物

do sb.the honour of doing sth. 使增光;赏光;给……带来荣誉 in honour of sb./ sth.? ? ?为向……表示敬意;为纪念 ? in sb.'s/sth.'s honour? be/feel honoured (to do sth.) (做某事)感到荣幸

①We held a special party in honour of our visitors.

②Would you do me the honour of dancing with me? 可否赏光和我一起跳舞? ③I feel greatly honoured to be invited to attend the meeting. 能受邀参加此次会议我感到荣幸之至。

5.absence n.缺席,不在场;不存在 (一)背诵佳句培养语感

(教材原句)At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the
People's Republic of China returned to the Olympics after 32 years' absence. 在1984年洛杉矶奥运会上,中华人民共和国在阔别32 年后重返奥运会。

(鲜活例句)We didn't receive any news from the
manager during his leave of absence. 在经理休假期间,我们没有他的任何消息。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 (1)absence from school/work 缺课/不上班 in the absence of in one's absence 缺乏……时;当……不在时 某人不在时;某人外出时

(2)absent adj.
be absent from


①His absence from school was caused by illness.
因为生病,他没有上学。 ②Her decision was made in the absence of their parents. 她的决定是在他们的父母不在的情况下做出的。 ③He is absent from work because he is ill.

(语境串记)When asked the reason for Jack's absence, the students said he was absent from class because of fever. 当被问起杰克缺席的原因时,学生们说他因发烧而没来上课。

6.excite vt.使激动,使兴奋

(教材原句)At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Liu Xiang excited people all over Asia when he became the first Asian to win the gold medal in the men's 110metre hurdles.

110米跨栏金牌的亚洲人时,他令全亚洲人感到振奋。 (鲜活例句)The story about a hero excited the little boys very much. 关于一位英雄的故事使小男孩们兴奋不已。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 excited adj. exciting adj. 兴奋的,激动的 使人兴奋的,令人激动的

excitement n.[U]兴奋,激动;[C]使人兴奋的事

①The excited children forgot to take the presents to the party.
孩子们兴奋地忘了把礼物带到聚会上了。 ②It was an exciting news that Liu Xiang won in 12 second 97 results in the 2012 Shanghai Diamond League men's 110 metre hurdles.

跨栏中以12秒97的成绩获得冠军。 [点津] excited意为“感到激动的”,是因外物影响而产生的一 种状态,多指人;exciting表示“令人激动的”,是事物本身的 性质,多指物。

7.attempt n.&vt.尝试,努力,试图

(教材原句)These are some of the Olympic athletes who have brought joy to people across the world with their attempts to push the boundaries of human achievement. 以上是努力推进人类成就极限,给世界人民带来喜悦和快 乐的奥林匹克运动员中的一部分。 (鲜活例句)After repeated attempts they finally succeeded

in doing the experiment.

(鲜活例句)They attempted to go on with the work, but they
couldn't. 他们想继续干下去,但没能如愿。 (二)归纳拓展全析考点
? ?1?make an attempt to do sth. ? ?试图做某事 make an attempt at ?doing? sth.? ?

at the/ one's first attempt在(某人)第一次尝试时 (2)attempt to do sth. 试图做某事,努力做某事

①He made an attempt to finish the work all by himself, but it was too difficult. 他试图独自完成这项工作,但那太难了。 ②Fortunately, she passed her driving test at the first

幸运的是,首次尝试她就通过了驾照考试。 ③The boys attempted to leave for camping but were stopped by their parents. 男孩子们想去野营但被他们的父母们拦住了。

Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.When I heard of the delightful news that my brother had

passed the driving test, I felt very delighted .(delight)
2.You are excited .I know this from your excited voice.(excite) 3.Sometimes there's a lot of competition between children for their mother's attention. She and her sister are always competing for attention. (compete)

4.Last week Mrs Li was in charge during my absence , but
there were three students absent from school, which made Mrs Li very annoyed.(absence)

5.I am a sports player and I felt deeply honoured

to be

playing against the former Wimbledon Champion.My sister is a famous actress who is an honour to my family.(honour)


(significance) So far, the research hasn't produced anything

of great significance .

When the police came, the suspect
attempted to/made an attempt to escape.

3.这座纪念碑是为纪念为国牺牲的士兵而建立的。 The monument was set up in honour of the soldiers who died for the country.(honour)

Her dream was to compete in the Olympics. 5.汤姆不在期间将由我负责这个班。(absence) I will be in charge of the class in Tom's absence .

1.I feel greatly honoured ________ to their society. A.to welcome C.to be welcomed B.Welcoming D.welcomed

解析:选 C。feel honoured to do sth.“因做……而感


2.Fifteen people were present ________ the meeting held yesterday, and five were absent ________ it. A.from; at B.to; from

C.at; from

D.at; to

解析:选 C。句意:15人出席了昨天举行的会议,5 人缺席。be present at“出席……”,be absent from “ 缺席……”,两者均为固定搭配,故选C。

3.The ________ look on her face suggested that she was

________ at the ________ news.
A.excited; excited; excited B.exciting; exciting; exciting C.excited; excited; exciting D.exciting; excited; exciting 解析:选 C 。句意:她脸上激动的表情表明她听到这令 人兴奋的消息时感到很激动。excited “激动的,兴奋的”;

exciting “令人激动的,令人兴奋的”。

4.He ________ to escape from prison, but he couldn't find

anybody to help him.
A.succeeded C.advised B.attempted D.offered

解析:选 B。succeed in doing sth. “成功地做某事”; advise doing sth. “建议做某事”;offer to do sth. “主动帮

忙做某事”;attempt to do sth.“尝试去做某事(不一定成

5.The discovery of these tombs is ________ to

scholars' studying the history of the Tang Dynasty.
A.of very important B.great significant

C.of great significance D.greatly importance 解析:选 C 。句意:这些坟墓的发现对学者研究唐 朝的历史有很重要的意义。“of +抽象名词”相当于


6.________with what students had done, the teacher

praised them.
A.Delighted C.Delight B.Delighting D.Being delighted

解析:选 A。句意:由于对学生们所做的事情感到 高兴,这位老师表扬了他们。此处用形容词短语 delighted with what students had done作原因状语。

7.Greece ________ in every Summer Olympics since the

modern Games began in 1896.
A.competed C.has competed B.has been competed D.had competed

解析:选 C 。句意:自从现代奥运会于1896年首次举 行以来,每届夏季奥运会希腊都参加了。根据since从 句的时态可知,主句应用现在完成时。B项是被动语 态,不合题意。

1. by tradition
2.take part in 3.in honour of 4.bring ... back to life 5.side by side

参加 为向……表示敬意;纪念…… 使……复活 一起,共同;并肩地,并排

6.realize one's dream 7. of all time 9.make contributions to
10. lead the way 11.hang on 12.pass sth.on (to sb.)


8.come to sb.'s attention 引起某人的注意

领先 (在逆境中)坚持 转交,传给,递给

1.side by side一起,共同;并肩地,并排 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (鲜活例句)A true friend is someone who works with you side by side whenever you are in trouble.

斗的人。 (鲜活例句)The two bottles stood side by side on the shelf. 那两个瓶子并排地放在架子上。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩

arm in arm
hand in hand face to face

手拉手 面对面

①They walked slowly hand in hand through the flower

他们手拉手漫步穿过花园。 ②The two have never met face to face before. 两个人过去从未见过面。

2.lead the way领先;带路 (一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)The Chinese led the way at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, winning 51 gold medals. 中国在2008年北京奥运会上遥遥领先,共赢得51枚金牌。 (鲜活例句)The successful launching of Shenzhou- proves 9 that our scientists are leading the way in space research. 神舟九号的成功发射证明了我们的科学家在宇宙探索中 处于领先地位。 (鲜活例句)We visited Huangshan with a local man leading the way. 在当地人的带领下,我们参观了黄山。


lead to
lead sb.to do sth. lead sb.into ... lead a ... life

使某人做某事 领着某人进入…… 过着……生活

①There is no doubt that stress can lead to physical illness.
毫无疑问,心理压力会导致生理疾病。 ②What led you to think the news was true and reliable. 什么使你认为这个消息是真实可靠的。

3.hang on (=hold on)(在逆境中)坚持;抓紧;不挂断

(教材原句)Yet, she hung on to win the gold medal in the final match. 然而,她在决赛中苦苦坚持,终于赢得了金牌。 (鲜活例句)The Chinese women's volleyball team hung

on for victory.
中国女排为了胜利坚持不懈。 (鲜活例句)Hang on a minute while I look it up. 别挂断电话,我查一下。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 hang on to 紧紧抓住;紧握

hang up (on sb.)
hang around hang back

闲荡;陪伴 犹豫;退缩

①Hang on to that rope and don't let go.
抓紧那根绳子,别松手。 ②If you see anyone hanging around here, tell them to leave. 如果你看到有人在这儿闲荡,就叫他们走开。 (语境串记)Last weekend, I phoned Mary and hung on for several minutes, but in the end she hung up on me, which made me angry. I had to hang around in the street to calm

上个周末,我打电话给玛丽,等了几分钟,但最后她挂了我 的电话,这让我非常气愤。我不得不在街上闲逛以平静下来。

pass sth.on (to sb.)转交,传递,递给 4.
(一)背诵佳句培养语感 (教材原句)Now he's passing the torch on to Gao Min, who first competed in the 1988 Olympics... 现在他正将火炬传给高敏,高敏在1988年奥运会上首次参 赛…… (鲜活例句)Pass the book on to me when you've finished with it.

(鲜活例句)I passed her message on to her mother. 我把她的口信带给她母亲了。

(二)归纳拓展全析考点 pass by 路过;经过

pass down
pass away


①I witnessed the accident when passing by.
我经过时,目睹了此次事故。 ②American pop queen Houston passed away on February 11, 2012. 美国歌后休斯顿于2012年2月11日去世。

side by side, lead the way, bring ... back to life, take

part in, make contributions to, hang on, pass ... on
to ..., in honour of 1.I didn't take part in the sports meeting held last week for I was ill in hospital. 2.Do you know the two men sitting behind the desk

side by side ?
3.We respect and admire the scientist because he has made contributions to environmental protection.

4.As he grew up, he passed his clothes on to his younger

5.Once someone has died, he cannot be brought back to life . 6.They are going to hold a party in honour of the opening of their new play.

7.Though my daughter doesn't like her present job, she
wants to hang on until she gets a new one. 8.It is said that the Swedes have led the way in data protection all over the world.


1.I was so angry that I ________ on him when I heard what
he had said. A.hung down C.hung on B.hung up D.hung back

解析:选 B。考查hang短语辨析。句意:当我听到他说

down“下垂,低下头”; hang on “紧紧握住,坚持下去, (打电话)不挂断”; hang back “犹豫,退缩”; hang up“ 拖延,终止,挂断电话”。

2.The old workers are doing their best to pass ________

their techniques to the younger generation.
A.off C.away B.on D.through

解析:选 B。句意:老员工在尽力把他们的技术传给年 轻一代。pass off “逐渐消失,对……不予理睬”;pass

on“往下传”;pass away “去世”; pass through “穿过,

3.We must keep our room clean. Dirt and diseases go
________, you know. A.from time to time C.step by step B.hand in hand D.one after another

解析:选 B 。句意:我们必须保持房间干净,你知 道,灰尘和疾病是相伴而来的。hand in hand “手 牵手,相伴”。

4.It's reported that the driver's carelessness ________ the serious traffic accident.

A.led to
C.took to

B.turned to
D.referred to

解析:选 A。句意:据报道,是司机的粗心驾驶导致了 这次严重的交通事故。lead to “导致”,符合句意。turn to “求助于,变成”;take to “开始喜欢”;refer to “提


1. [句型展示]

At the ancient Olympics, by tradition the

athletes were all men and they had to compete wearing no clothes. 按照传统,古代奥运会的运动员都是男性,而且他们 必须裸体竞技。 [典例背诵] He stood by the door, not daring to say a word.



Today, both male and female athletes

from around the world can take part, no matter what
nation they come from. 如今,来自世界各地的男女运动员,不管他们来自 哪个国家,都能参加比赛了。 [典例背诵] No matter what reasons you may have, you should carry out your promise.



It was a Frenchman, Pierre de

Coubertin, who brought the Olympics back to life. 让奥运会得以重生的是一个名叫皮埃尔· 顾拜旦的 德· 法国人。

It was last month that the EU decided to ban all purchases of Iranian oil for EU countries. 是上个月欧盟决定禁止所有欧盟国家从伊朗购买石油。


He dreamt that the Olympics would

make it possible for people of all countries to live side by side in peace. 他梦想奥运会可以让各国人民和平相处。 [典例背诵] This made it hard for us to understand the rules. 这使得我们很难理解这些规则。

1.Today, both male and female athletes from around

the world can take part, no matter what nation
they come from. 如今,来自世界各地的男女运动员,不管他们来自 哪个国家,都能参加比赛。 句中no matter what相当于whatever, 引导让步状语

no matter与what, who, whom, which, where, when, how等疑问词连用,只能引导让步状语从句,意为 “不管……,不论……”,可换成疑问词ever。

①Don't believe him, no matter what/ whatever he says. 不管他说什么,也别相信他。 ② No matter who/ Whoever you are, you must obey the rules. 无论你是谁,你都必须遵守规定。

[点津] whatever, whichever, whoever, whomever等既可引导
让步状语从句,也可引导名词性从句;no matter what (which, who, whom等)只能引导让步状语从句。

③You can choose whatever you like.

语从句,不可换为no matter what) ④Whoever breaks the law will be punished. 任何违反法律的人都会受到惩罚。(本句中whoever引 导主语从句,不可换为no matter who)

2.It was a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin, who brought

the Olympics back to life.
让奥运会得以重生的是一个名叫皮埃尔· 顾拜旦的法 德· 国人。 本句是强调句型,强调主语a Frenchman。 (1)强调句型的基本用法: 结构:It is/ was+被强调部分+that/ who+其他成分。,

语。,that/ who的选择:强调人时用that或who均可,强 调其他一律用that

①I met Li Ming at the railway station yesterday. 昨天我在火车站见到了李明。 →强调主语:It was I that/who met Li Ming at the railway station yesterday.

→强调宾语:It was Li Ming that/who I met at the
railway station yesterday. →强调地点状语:It was at the railway station that I met Li Ming yesterday. →强调时间状语:It was yesterday that I met Li Ming at

the railway station.


一般疑问式:Is/Was it+被强调部分+that/who+其他?,
特殊疑问式:特殊疑问词+is/was it that+其 他?,not ...until强调式:It is/was not until+被强调部分+ that+其他 ②Was it Jim that/who bought the book? 买书的是吉姆吗? ③What is it that he wants to see? 他究竟想看什么?

④It was not until yesterday that I knew it. 直到昨天我才知道此事。 [点津] 强调句型中,如果原句中的谓语动词是现

过去时,it后用was。 ⑤ It is English that Prof.Lin teaches us. 林教授教我们的是英语。

3.He dreamt that the Olympics would make it possible for people of all countries to ive side by side in peace. 他梦想奥运会可以让各国人民和平相处。

+it+adj./n.+for sb.+to do sth.”句式结构。在该句 式中,it是形式宾语,其后的形容词或名词是宾语补 足语,而不定式是真正的宾语。常用于这种句型的 动词有:think, believe, suppose, consider, feel,

make, find等。

①China thinks it important for the UN to play a key
role in international affairs. 中国认为联合国在国际事务中起关键作用很重要。 ②Some students find it very difficult to learn physics.

③He feels it his duty to help those in trouble. 他认为帮助有困难的人是他的责任。

[点津] 当动词find, feel, consider, make等后接that宾语从 句时,如果后面有宾语补足语,则需要用it作形式宾语而将 that宾语从句后置。

④I think it necessary that we take plenty of boiled water
every day. 我认为每天多喝开水是有必要的。 ⑤I have made it a rule that I keep diaries. 我每天写日记成了习惯。


1.He carries a book in his pocket, wherever he goes.
→He carries a book in his pocket, no matter where he goes. 2.I believe it's impossible to persuade him to join us. →I believe it impossible to persuade him to join us.

3.I found a key in my pocket.
→ It was a key that I found in my pocket.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 湖南高考)It was not until I came here ________ I realized this place was famous for not only its beauty but also its weather.



解析:选 B。考查强调句型。句意:直到来到此地,我 才意识到该地不仅风景秀丽而且气候宜人。对not ...until句型进行强调时,应该用It is/was not until

...that ...

2. (2011· 湖南高考)It's not what we do once in a while
________ shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. A.which C.how B.that D.when

解析:选B 。 句意: 决定我们生活的东西不是我们偶

查强调句型。此句强调句子的主语(从句), 原句可改写 成:Not what we do once in a while but what we do consistently shapes our lives.

3.(2010· 辽宁高考)The fact that she was foreign made

________ difficult for her to get a job in that
country. A.so C.that B.much D.it

解析:选 D。考查代词辨析。此处it用作形式宾语,

代替后面的动词不定式短语to get a job in that

4.He tried his best to solve the problem, ________ difficult it was.


B.no matter

解析:选 A。句意:不管有多难,他都尽力解决这个 问题。however=no matter how,引导让步状语从句。



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