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人教版高中英语必修5-Unit 3 综合测试题(含答案解析)

Unit 3


满分 100 分,考试时间 90 分钟 Ⅰ.单项填空(每小题 1 分,共 15 分) 1. —Is it likely that human beings can live on the Mars in the far future? —________You know, science and technol

ogy is developing rapidly. A. I can't agree with you. B. Maybe. C. Really? D. Not really. 2. The girl acted properly and confidently during the job interview, which made a deep________on the employer. A. impression C. permission B. expression D. admission

3. far as I'm concerned, most of your problems in this English As Speech Contest come from a________of confidence. A. danger C. relief B. waste D. lack

4.—Helen, I hate to say this, but the TV has been on for the whole morning. —Oh, Mum, I'll________it off. A. shut C. switch B. fold D. remove

5.We should make every effort to help those________by the earthquake in Haiti. A. affect B. affecting

C. affected

D. were affected

6.As the famous expert says, the secret to happiness is to think about positive things and stay________. A. optimistic C. independent B. consistent D. familiar

7 . We are hoping that these measures taken by the local government will help________things a bit. A. sweep up C. make up B. speed up D. save up

8.She didn't go to Sweden to________the Nobel Peace Prize. A. pick up C. make up B. take up D. look up

9.________in January, 2010, the Bury Khalifa becomes the tallest building in the world. A. Completing C. Completed B. To complete D. Being completed

10.Our school won't tolerate________on exams. If you are caught, you will get severely punished. A. to cheat C. having cheated B. cheat D. cheating

11.—Can the new measures get the business back________its feet? —It's hard to say. The global economy is still bad at present. A. on C. for B. with D. through

12.For many affected families, cuts to school bus service will mean a big________in their morning and afternoon schedules. A. settlement B. motivation

C. amusement

D. adjustment

13.There were too many people in the square on National Day; we had to________through the crowd. A. press C. push B. pull D. drag

14.We should________the paper we had used. A. recycle C. refill B. recall D. reply

15.Tom is a promising student. I am sure that with his____ ____effort, he will make a very successful scientist. A. usual C. content B. constant C. normal

Ⅱ.完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 20 分) What will man be like in the future—in 5 000 or even 50 000 years from now on? We can only make__16__, of course, but we can be sure that he will be__17__from what he is today. For man is slowly changing all the time. Let us take an obvious__18__. Man, even five hundred years ago, was shorter than he is today. Now, on average, men are about three inches__19__. Five hundred years is relatively short period of time, so we may assume that man will__20__to grow taller. Again, in the modern world we use our brains a great deal.__21__, we still make use of only about 20% of the brain's capacity. With time going on, __22__, shall have to use our brains we more and more, and eventually we shall need__23__ones!

This is likely to bring about a physical change too:the__24__, in particular the forehead, will grow larger. Nowadays our eyes are in__25__use. In fact, we use them so

much that very often they become__26__and we

have to wear

glasses.__27__over very long period of time it is likely that man's eyes will grow stronger. On the other hand, we tend to make less use of our arms and legs. These,__28__, are likely to grow weaker. At the same time, however, our fingers will grow more__29__because they are used a great deal in modern life. But what about hair? This will probably__30__from the body altogether in course of time because it doesn't serve a useful purpose any longer. Perhaps all this gives the__31__that future man will not be a very attractive creature to look at! This may well be__32__. All the same, in spite of all these __33__ , future man will still have a lot in common with us.__34__will still be a human being, with thoughts and emotions__35__to our own. 16.A. pictures C. explanations 17.A. equal C. obvious 18.A. example C. model 19.A. fatter C. taller 20.A. fail C. manage 21.A. Even so C. After all 22.A. besides B. guesses D. ideas B. same D. different B. fantasy D. shape B. thinner D. shorter B. continue D. stop B. If so D. In time B. otherwise

C. therefore 23.A. larger C. sillier 24.A. eye C. head 25.A. perfect C. normal 26.A. stronger C. smaller 27.A. But C. Then 28.A. in other words C. as a result 29.A. effective C. painful 30.A. disappear C. remove 31.A. expression C. influence 32.A. false C. exact 33.A. changes C. approaches 34.A. He C. We 35.A. cautious C. previous

D. however B. smaller D. cleverer B. nose D. hand B. constant D. unique B. bigger D. weaker B. So D. Though B. all in all D. in addition B. optimistic D. sensitive B. move D. rise B. impression D. connection B. perfect D. true B. motivations D. adjustments B. They D. It B. rough D. similar

Ⅲ.阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 40 分) A

It's not the first movie to show the end of the world. But in the latest box office hit 2012 it is neither aliens nor a killer disease that threatens the human race, but climate change. Some say the film lacks good dialogue and its science is questionable,others believe German director Roland Emmerich makes up for these flaws in special effects. An earthquake destroys the White House and Yellowstone National Park ends up in flames. Emmerich borrows from the old Mayan (玛雅人的) story which says that the world will end in 2012. He is being criticized for fuelling Internet rumors (传闻) about doomsday(世界末日).
[来源:学|科|网 Z|X|X|K]

“There is no factual basis for these claims,”NASA said on its website. “Credible(可信赖的)scientists worldwide know of no

threat connected with 2012,” it insisted. “After all,our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years,” they added. According to the UK's Daily Telegraph, it was first thought that the disaster would happen in May 2003. When the world continued, supporters picked the last day of the Mayan calendar.

“Every culture has a myth(传说)of destruction(毁灭), just as they have a myth of creation. These myths of destruction tend to surface(重新出现) during times of crisis (危机),” Ryan, Michael A.

an assistant professor of history, speaking to Purdue

University News. Ryan studies apocalyptic (像世界末日的) themes from the Middle Ages at the US university. “Today's current economic climate is a state of crisis for many people who are worried whether they can afford to feed themselves,” he added. 文章大意: 文章由电影 《2012》 引出人们对“世界末日”的看法, 及出现“世界末日”言论的原因。 36.What led to the end of the world according to the film 2012? A. Aliens. C. The human race. B. Climate change. D. A killer disease.

37 . What does the underlined word“fuelling”in the third paragraph refer to? A. Burning B. putting gas into a car C. Producing power or heat D. Making something stronger 38.Which of the following statements about the film 2012 is TRUE according to the text? A. A big fire destroys Yellowstone National Park. B. The old Mayan story says that the world will end in 2012. C. All scientists in the world know of no threat connected with 2012. D. Every culture has a myth of destruction rather than creation. 39.Why do the rumors about doomsday come about now and

then? A. Because the old Mayan story says that the world will end. B. Because aliens often threaten the human race. C. Because killer diseases happen at times. D. Because during times of crisis, people tend to worry about their future. B What will the city of the future be like? No one knows for sure, and making predictions is a risky business. But one thing is certa in about the future city—they are going to get bigger before they get smaller. Here are some of the ideas for running a city of 50,000 people in the year 2025. 1. To get rid of garbage problems, the city will load huge spaceships with waste materials and send them towards the sun, preventing landfill and environmental problems. 2. No smoking will be allowed within a future city's limits. 3. In the future all shopping will be done online, and catalogues will have voice commands to place orders. 4. Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth that will never change no matter where they live. 5. All forms of recreation,_such as cinemas, bowling, concerts and others, will be provided free of charge by the city. 6. All cars will be powered by electricity, solar energy or wind , and it will be possible to change the color of cars at the switch. 7. Distance surgery will become common as doctors operations from thousands of miles away, with own telesurgery outpatient clinic. carry out flick of a

each city having its

8. Old p eople and people with disabilities will be able to anywhere in the world using hightech cameras attached heads.


to their

9. Traveling in space by ordinary citizens will be common. Each city will have its own spaceport. 文章大意:本文就环境、购物、娱乐、交通等方面设想了 2025 年的人类生活。 40.From the passage, we can infer that now________. A.some waste materials are got rid of by filling holes in the ground with them B.a patient can have an operation but doesn't have to stay in hospital C. you must go out of the city if you want to smoke D. no cars are powered by solar energy or wind 41.According to the passage, in the future we can do all of the following EXCEPT that________. A. we can forget the malls,supermarkets,or shops B. everyone can keep a telephone number all his life C. the colors of our cars are always changing D. ordinary people can travel in space 42.The underlined word “recreation” in the fifth idea probably means“________”. A. risky business B. what people will create again C. taking one's career once again D. activities for pleasure and amusement 43.Which is the best title for the eighth idea?

A. Senior citizens C. The disabled C

B. Holidays at home D. Space travel

Can you imagine a classroom missing one thing that has long been considered a necessary part to reading and writing? No notebooks, no textbooks, no test papers. Nor are there any pencils or pens, which always seems to run out of ink at the critical moment. A “paperless classroom” is what more and more schools are trying to realize, students don't do any handwriting in this class. Instead, they use handsized, or speciallydesigned computers. The teacher downloads texts from Internet libraries and sends them to every student ' s personal computer. Having computers also means that students can use the Web. They can look up information on any subject they're studying, from maths to social science. High school teacher Judy Herrel in Florida, described how her class used the Web. “Using a book that's three or four years old is impossible,” she said. A paperless classroom is a big step towards reducing the waste of paper each week to each student. “Think about the money and trees we could save with the computers,”she said. But, with this technology, there's always the risk that the machines will break down. So, in case of a power failure or technical problem, paper textbooks are still widely available(可得到的) for these hitech students. 文章大意:你能想象一个没有书、没有笔记本、甚至没有纸和笔 的教室吗?那么就去美国的“无纸化”学校看看吧。

44 . The underlined word “critical” in the first paragraph probably has the same meaning as“________”. B. dangerous D. important

A. worrying C. happy

45.In a paperless classroom, what is a must? A. A pen. C. Information. B. A computer. D. A pencil.

46.According to Judy Herrel,________. A. the Web can take the students everywhere B. the Web can take the place of teachers C. the Web is a better tool for information D. the Web is for downloading information 47.Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a paperless classroom? A. Students won't have trouble wi th their pens. B. Computers may break down sometimes. C. Students can get information from the Internet. D. A lot of money and trees will be saved. D (2011· 新课标)

Cassandra Feeley finds it hard to manage on her husband's income. So this year she did something more than a hobby: She planted vegetables in her yard. For her first garden, Ms. Feeley has put in 15 tomato plants, and five rows of a variety of vegetables. The family's old farm house has become a chicken house, its residents arriving next month. Last year, Ms.Rita Gartin kept a small garden. This year she has made it much larger because, she said, “The cost of everything is going up and I was looking to lose a few pounds too; so it's a win- situation all around.” win

They are among the growing number of Americans who, driven by higher living costs and a falling economy(经济), have taken up vegetable gardening for the first time. Other have increased the size of their existing gardens. Seed companies and garden shops say that no since the 1970s has there been such an increase in interest in growing food at home. Now many gardens across the country have been sold out for several months. In Austin, Te x., some of the gardens have a threeyear waiting list. George C.Ball Jr, owner of a company, said sales of vegetable seeds and plants are up by 40% over last year, double the average growth of the last five years. Mr.Ball argues that some of the reasons have been building for the last few years. The big one is the striking rise in the cost of food like bread and milk, together with the increases in the price of fruits and vegetables. Food pric es have increased because of highers oil prices. People are now driving less, taking fewer vacations, so there is more time to garden. 文章大意:本文讲述了由于生活费用增高,加上经济下降,越来 越多的人开始自己种菜,并且现在人们开车少了,旅游少了,用更多 的时间来种菜,减少生活费用。 48. What does the word “residents” in Paragraph 1 probably refer to? A.chickens C.gardens B.tomatoes D.people

49.Why is vegetable gardening becoming increasingly popular? A.More Americans are doing it for fun. B.The price of oil is lower than before. C.There's a growing need for fruits.

D.The cost of living is on the rise.


50.Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A.Family Food Planning B.Banki ng on Gardening C.A Belttightening Move D.Gardening as a Hobby E (2011· 江西)

Why should mankind explore space? Why should money, time and effort be spent exploring and researching something with so few apparent benefits? Why should resources be spent on space rather than on conditions and people on Earth? These are questions that, understandably, are very often asked. Perhaps the best answer lies in our genetic makeup(基因构成) as human beings. What drove our ancestors to move from the trees into the plains, and on into all possible areas and environments? The wider the spread of a species, the better its chance of survival. Perhaps the best reason for exploring space is this genetic tendency to expand wherever possible. Nearly every successful civilization has explored, because by doing so, any dangers in surrounding areas can be identified and prepared for. Without knowledge, we may be completely destroyed by the danger. With knowledge, we can lessen its effects. Exploration also allows minerals and other potential(潜在的) resources to be found. Even if we have no immediate need of them, they will perhaps be useful later. Resources may be more than physical possessions. Knowledge or techniques have been acquired through exploration. The techniques may have medical applications which can improve the length or quality of our lives. We have already

benefited from other spin- including improvements in earthquake offs prediction,in satellites for weather forecasting and in communications systems. Even nonstick pans and mirrored sunglasses are byproducts( 副 产 品 ) of technological developments in the space industry! While many resources are spent on what seems a small return, the exploration of space allows creative, brave and intelligent members of our species to focus on what may serve to save us. While space may hold many wonders and explanations of how the universe was formed or how it works, it also holds dangers. The danger exists, but knowledge can help human beings to survive. Without the ability to reach out across space, the chance to save ourselves might not exist. While Earth is the only planet known to support life, surely the adaptive ability of humans would allow us to live on other planets. It is true that the lifestyle would be different, but human life and cultures have adapted in the past and surely could in the future. 主旨大意: 本文是一篇议论文,向我们阐述了人类进行太空探 索的原因。人类的基因构成决定了人类探索其他领域包括太空的能 力。 人类探索太空可能暂时没有多大用处, 但是在将来这可能会帮助 人类生存下去。 51.Why does the author mention the questions in Paragraph 1? A.To express his doubts. B.To compare different ideas. C.To introduce points for discussion. D.To describe the conditions on Earth. 52.What is the reason for exploring space based on Paragraph

2? A.Humans are natureborn to do so. B.Humans have the tendency to fight. C.Humans may find new sources of food. D.Humans don't like to stay in the same place. 53.The underlined word “spinoffs” in Paragraph 4 probably refers to ________. A.survival chances B.potential resources C.unexpected benefits D.physical possessions

54.What makes it possible for humans to live on other planets? A.Our genetic makeup. B.Resources on the earth. C.The adaptive ability of humans. D.Byproducts in space exploration. 55.Which of the statements can best sum up the passage? A.Space exploration has created many wonders. B.Space exploration provides the best value for money. C.Space exploration can benefit science and technology. D.Space exploration may help us avoid potential problems on Earth. Ⅳ.书面表达(共 1 题,满分 25 分) (2011· 泰安高二检测) 请你写一篇短文介绍自己买的机器人,内容要点如下: 1.看起来像真人一样;

2.可以帮助做许多事情:做家务、做饭、帮儿子做作业,陪主 人外出购物等; 3.你的担心:出了毛病不听指令,伤害儿子; 4.对未来的展望。 注意:(1)用第一人称。(2)词数 120~150。

1 答案:B “在遥远的未来人们能在火星上居住吗?”“可能 吧。你知道,科学技术发展很快。”根据第二句答语可知回答者认为 在火星上居住是有可能的,故选 B。I can't agree with you“我不同 意你的观点”;Really?“真的吗?”;Not really“不见得”。 2 答案:A 题意:这个女孩在面试中表现得非常得体和自信, 这给雇主留下了深刻的印象。 impression“印象”,符合题意。 expression“表情; 神情; 表达”; permission“允许”; admission“允 许进入;入场费;承认”。

3 答案:D 题意:依我看,你在英语演讲比赛中的大多数问题 源自缺乏信心。lack“缺乏;缺少”,符合题意。danger“危险”; waste“浪费”;relief“(痛苦、忧虑的)减轻或解除”。 4 答案:C 题意:“海伦,我不愿意说,但电视开了整整一个 上午。”“噢,妈妈,我这就关上它。”switch off“把??关上”。 符合题意。shut“关紧”,多指关门、窗等;fold“折叠;对折”; remove“移动;去掉”。 5 答案:C 题意:我们应该尽每一份力量去帮助海地遭遇地震 的人。those 与 affect 构成逻辑上的被动关系,故用过去分词做定语。 6 答案:A 题意:正如那位著名的专家所说,幸福的秘密在于 想 积 极 的 事 情 , 保 持 乐 观 。 optimistic“ 乐 观 的 ” , 符 合 题 意 。

consistent“一致的”; independent“独立的”; familiar“熟悉的”。 7 答案:B 题意:我们希望当地政府采取的这些措施能加速事 情的进展。 speed up“加速; 使加速”, 符合题意。 sweep up“横扫”; make up“组成;构成;虚构”;save up“节省”。 8 答案: 题意: B 她没有去瑞典接受诺贝尔和平奖。 take up“接 受”,符合题意。pick up“拾起;去接某人”;make up“组成;构 成”;look up“查阅;好转”。

9 答案:C 题意: 2010 年 1 月完工的哈利法塔成为世界上最 于 高的建筑物。the Bury Khalifa 与 complete 构成逻辑上的被动关系, 故用过去分词作状语。being done 表示动作正在被进行。 10 答案:D 题意:我们学校不容许作弊。如果你被抓住了,你 将受到严厉的惩罚。tolerate“容忍;忍受”,后接名词、代词、动 名词作宾语。 11 答 案 : A 题意 : “ 这 些 新 措施 能 使 这 家 企 业东 山 再 起

吗 ? ”“ 很 难 说 。 目 前 全 球 经 济 依 旧 很 糟 糕 。 ”back on one's feet“东山再起;完全复原”,是固定短语,符合题意。 12 答案:D 题意:对那些受影响的家庭来说,减少学校的校车 服务意味着在早上和下午的安排上都有很大的调整。 adjustment“调 整;调节”,符合题意。settlement“定居;解决”;motivation“动 机”;amusement“消遣;娱乐(活动)”。 13 答案:A 题意:国庆节那天广场上有很多人,我们只好挤着 穿过人群。press“挤;压”,符合题意。pull“拖”;push“推”; drag“拉;拽”。 14 答案:A 题意:我们应该回收我们使用过的纸。recycle“回 收;再利用”,符合题意。recall“回忆”;refill“再次填满”;

reply“回答”。 15 答案:B 题意:汤姆是一个很有前途的学生。我确信通过他 的不断努力,他将成为一名成功的科学家。constant“不断的;连续 的”,符合题意。usual“通常的”;content“满足的;满意的”; normal“正常的”。 16 答案:B 根据 only 以及后面的 be sure 可知此处表示的是 “仅仅是做猜测”。 17 答案:D be different from“不同于”。指五千年或五万年

以后的人类将不同于今天的人类。 18 答案:A 下文举了一个例子。take an example 是固定短语。 19 答案:C 指现在的人们平均比以前高 3 英寸。 20 答案:B 人类以后将继续增高。 21 答案:A 即使(even so)大量用大脑,也只用了它的 20%。if so“如果是这样”; after all“毕竟; 终究”; time“及时; in 最终”。 22 答案:D “用了 20%”与“越来越多”构成转折关系,故 用 however。 23 答案:A 根据下文的 larger 可知大脑用得越多,它就长得 越大。 24 答案:C 随着大脑的增大,人的头也会变得更大。 25 答案:B constant“不断的;连续的”,指我们的眼睛现在 用得很频繁。 26 答案:D 根据 have to wear glasses 可知是视力越来越差。 27 答案: stronger 与前面的 weaker 构成转折关系, A 故用 but。 28 答案: 我们很少用胳膊和腿, C 因此它们就越来越弱了。 less use 与 weaker 构成因果关系,故用 as a result“因此”。in other

words“换句话说”;all in all“总之;总而言之”;in addition“此 外;再者”。 29 答案:D 根据下文的 a great deal 可知我们的手指将会变得 越来越灵敏(sensitive)。effective“有效的”;optimistic“乐观的”; painful“疼痛的”。 30 答案:A 根据下句可知头发不再有用,所以最终会消失。 31 答案:B impression“印象”,指给我们留下了一个未来人 不好看的印象。expression“表情;描述”;influence“影响”; connection“联系”。 32 答案:D 指人类不如以前漂亮这件事是真的。 33 答案:A 上文提到人在身高、大脑、眼睛、胳膊、手以及头 发等方面都发生了变化,故用 changes。 34 答案:A 此句中用 he 代替 future man(未来的人类)。由不 定冠词 a 可知不能选 B。 35 答案:D be similar to“与??相似”,指未来的人和我们

在感情和思想上还是相似的。 36 答案: 细节理解题。 B 由第一段中“But in the latest box office hit 2012 it is neither aliens nor a killer disease that threatens the human race, but climate change.”可知 B 项正确。 37 答案:D 词义猜测题。由文中第三段最后一句“He is being criticized for fuelling Internet rumors (传闻) about doomsday.”可 推知。 38 答案: 细节理解题。 B 由第二段最后一句话“An earthquake destroys the White House and Yellowstone National Park ends up in flames.” 可 知 A 项 错 误 ; 由 第 四 段 第 二 句 “Credible scientists worldwide know of no threat connected with 2012...”可知 C 项错误;

由最后一段第一句“Every culture has a myth of destruction, just as they have a myth of creation.”可知 D 项错误;由第三段“Emmerich borrows from the old Mayan story which says that the world will end in 2012.”可知 B 项正确。 39 答案:D 细节理解题。由文章最后一段可知 D 项正确。 40 答案:A 推理判断题。根据第 1 部分“To get rid of garbage problems, the city will load huge spaceships with waste materials and send them towards the sun,preventing landfill and environmental problems.”可知垃圾运到太空中可防止垃圾填埋现象,由此推知 A 项正确。 41 答案:C 细节理解题。根据文中第 6 部分“All cars will be powered by electricity, solar energy or wind ,and it will be possible to change the color of cars at the flick of a switch.”可知改变汽车

颜色需按开关,所以 C 项不是原文提到的内容。 42 答案: 词义猜测题。 such as 后列举的 cinemas, D 从 bowling, concerts and others 可知该词意为“娱乐活动”。 43 答案:B 主旨大意题。从第八点所表述的内容可了解到在家 也能“旅游”,故可称之为在家度假。 44 答案:D 词义猜测题。第一段最后一句提到,这个教室里甚 至没有铅笔和钢笔, 而这种情况似乎总给人的感觉是在关键时刻用光 了墨水,因此可知 critical 意为“关键性的,决定性的,重要的”, 答案为 D。 45 答案:B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的后两句可知“无纸 化”教室里必须有计算机。 46 答案:C 推理判断题。根据 Judy Herrel 所说的,用一本已 经使用三四年的书是不可能的,言外之意是“电脑不存在这个问

题”,可以推知她认为网络是获取信息的更好工具。 47 答案:B 细节理解题。根据文章最后一段第一句可知答案。 48 答案: 词义猜测题。 A 由上文的 a chicken house(鸡舍)可知, 它的居民应该是小鸡,故 A 项正确。 49 答案:D 细节理解题。由短文第二段第一句话可知,由于生 活费增高,经济下降,越来越多的人们开始自己种菜。故 D 项正确。 50 答案:B 主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了由于生活费用增高, 经济下降, 迫使人们自己种菜来减少开支。 项意为: A 家庭食物计划; B 项:依靠种菜;C 项:紧缩腰带运动,D 项:把种菜当做爱好。 51 答案:C 推理判断题。 作者在第一段提出问题目的是引出下 面要讨论的话题。 52 答案:A 细节理解题。 根据第二段的第一句可知人类探索太 空的原因是其基因的构成。 53 答 案 : C 词 义 猜 测 题 。 后 面 所 说 的 “improvements in

earthquake prediction,in satellites for weather forecasting and in communications systems”可知此处的划线短语意为“益处, 好处”。 54 答案:C 细节理解题。根据最后一段的第一句话可知,人类 的适应能力会让人类在其他星球生存下去。 55 答案:D 主旨大意题。A、B 两项可以容易地排除。全文主 要讲的是太空探索对帮助人类生存的益处,而不是对科技的益处。

参考范文: I have bought a robot who looks as if he were a real person. I'm glad that he can do many things for us. He can do

housewo rk, make meals, help my son with his homework and even accompany me to the shop. In a word, he brings much convenience to

our life. But at the same time, there are also some points which I feel worried about. I wonder whether he will obey our orders if there is something wrong with him. And what I should do if my son has the robot do homework for him? Besides, I'm also afraid whether the robot will hurt my son if my son makes him angry. I think with the development of technology, scientists will improve robots greatly. There is no doubt that robots will help us a lot and be widely used in more and more areas.



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