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词汇的学习并不是独立的,如果只是简单的重复,会使学生感到枯燥乏味,不断变换 方式,将词汇学习融入到听说读写中,会使学生更有兴趣,记忆更深刻。《教学大纲》对 单词的要求是不同的,因此我们在教学中就要采取不同的教学方法,达到不同的教学目的。 一、教学内容:复习 Module 1 Book1 语法词汇 二、教学目标: 1. 能力目标 在本节课

结束时,学生能够 1) 根据释义写出本单元所学的新词汇。 2) 在适当语境和情景下正确使用本单元的重点词汇和句型。 3) 选取本单元部分词汇编成小故事或小短文。 2.语言目标 重点词汇 Province, enthusiastic, amazing, embarrassed, instruction, attitude, behaviour, previous, description, impress 重点短语: nothing like , have fun, by oneself, in other words, write a description of..., look forward to, give an example of.., attitude to , be impressed with , be different from... 三、教学步骤: Step1 lead in 展示常用于生活的词汇 teenager, move,disappointed,impress, describe,impress, province 等让学生充分发挥想象力,随机编成一个个小故事。通过编故事,那些背起来无 比枯燥的单词,在听说中被他们运用得熟练无比,完全达到了教与学的目的。 Step2 reading

阅读含有较复杂词汇的句子或段落,要求学生准确识别词汇含义。如:information, instruction, correction,comprehension 等, 可采用分组比赛的方式,让学生争相挖掘 其它相关联的“家族”成员,如,embarrassing,embarrass,embarrassment,在挖掘过 程中可以不断地联系其它相似词汇,如 encourage, amaze 等,学生在分组讨论后,选派代 表写在黑板上,其他学生可以争相进行补充,这样学生在比赛竞争中,不知不觉就拓展了 词汇量。

Step3 practice 有些词汇是不仅要知其含义还要学会灵活运用的,即“四会”单词。这些单词也往往是高 考最容易考查的,拼写正确首是首要的,还要通过练习让学生掌握其用法: 练习一:

用 amaze 的适当形式填空
(1)I was amazed to hear that Chris had won the first prize. (2)It amazes me how you can put up with living in such a dirty house. (3)Hearing the news,we were filled with amazement. (4)The new theatre is going to cost an amazing amount of money.

用 method,way 或 means 的适当形式填空
(1)We can only do the job effectively with this method. (2)They are trying to find ways to prevent the disease. (3)He climbed the tree by means of a ladder. (4)The new teaching methods encourage children to think for themselves.

用 puzzled, puzzling 填空
He has a __________expression on his face and don?t know what to do. His expression is______ and we don?t know what he will tell us. 练习二: 1. — Does Lisa have a new hairstyle? —Yes. In fact,it is quite similar yours.





2. Despite such a big difference in

towards what one eats,there is no

doubt that people in the west regard the Chinese food as something special. A.point 3. Teachers should A.remind B.idea C.attitude D.sight

the value of hard work on their students. C.encourage D.impress


4. She looks forward every spring to A.walking in C.visit

the flowerlined garden.

B.walk in D.paying a visit

Like some of my classmates,I didn’t live up to my teachers’ expectations; ,I let them down. A.in other words C.what’s more 练习三: 对于易于拼错,或是容易遗忘的单词,我们可以选出几个让学生编成题,编写的题型,可 以是 paraphrase,比如,excellent---brilliant,news---information。也可以是完成句 子的形式: His _____ was so bad that the teacher spoke to his parents. I need to improve my ____ because I make a lot of mistakes when I write in English. 要求学生将编好的题目写在一张小纸片上,写上自己的名字,然后收起来,打乱顺序后再 发下去让学生完成,最后再交给出题人批改。事实证明,在这一编一练的过程中,学生对 单词的印象更加深刻,而且学生更明确了对这些词汇的应用,可谓一举两得。 B.after all D.more or less

Step4.writing please introduce your first impression on your senior school to us. (try to use the words and phrases from what we have interviewed)

总之,词汇教学是一个长期积累的过程,需要教师不断更新更新教学理念,大胆地尝 试新颖有效的教学方法,进行创新英语词汇教学, 将词汇教学置于听说读写的语境中,才 能激发学生的学习兴趣和学习主动性,才能收到事半功倍的效果 基于语用能力的词汇语法复习设计 历城洪家楼高级中学 吕萌 2011 年 7 月 20 日 13:52 潘广东于 11-7-20 14:33 推荐吕老师的设计铺垫导入自然, 师生互动, 生生互动, 突出语境, 强调运用,操作性强,值得学习。 邵淑红于 11-7-20 20:56 推荐感动于吕老师的认真和专注。这是一份令人耳目一新的作业。 您能够很好地理解本专题的内涵。您能够引导学生在情境中感知、复现、理解、内化和运用 语言,这正是我们研修的主题--基于运用能力培养的复习教学方案。您的词汇情境复现、词 汇及语法情境应用始终把学生放在主体地位, 思维大碰撞和情境写作进一步提升锻炼了学生 的综合运用能力。值得推荐。 邵淑红于 11-7-20 20:56 推荐为资源感动于吕老师的认真和专注。 这是一份令人耳目一新的 作业。您能够很好地理解本专题的内涵。您能够引导学生在情境中感知、复现、理解、内化 和运用语言,这正是我们研修的主题--基于运用能力培养的复习教学方案。您的词汇情境复 现、 词汇及语法情境应用始终把学生放在主体地位, 思维大碰撞和情境写作进一步提升锻炼 了学生的综合运用能力。值得推荐。

跟着喜羊羊学英语,So easy ——基于语用能力的词汇语法复习设计 有句俗语,“试玉要烧三日满,辩才需待五年期”。套用一下,“学词要到语境中,词 汇还得靠应用”。词汇也好,语法也罢,最好能“词不离句,句不离篇,篇不离情境,情境 不离主线”。从频率角度看,可以把一个单元的词汇分为需识认的词和识记的词;从性质角 度,又可以分为功能词汇和话题词汇。 本文以新人教版必修五第四单元 making the news 为例,设计一节基于语用能力的词汇语 法复习课。这一单元中心话题是“新闻媒体“,语法结构为部分倒装,与学生生活经验最 为紧密的结合点是从事新闻记者的渴望与意愿。 ●整体设计思路:将本单元的话题“新闻媒体”设计为教学的起点和终点,创设整体的、 有情节的大情境,用喜洋洋与灰太狼竞争青青草原记者为主线,连接若干小情境;每个小 情境各有侧重点,分别对应本单元的功能复习、词汇复习、句型复习、语法复习和话题写 作练习,同时挖掘新闻记者的职业素养的表达,充实词汇库,培养情感;做到既利用课本 资源,又延展课本资源,引导学生在情境中感知、复现、理解、内化和运用语言,开发潜 能,收获成功的体验。 ●教学过程设计 第一步:整体情境的第一个情节——喜羊羊归来(词汇情境复现)

?教师 PPT 出示喜羊羊图片, 并让学生阅读喜羊羊的一段自述, 并思考问题: what job does ” Xi Yangyang want to do?”。 “I run fast. I?m delighted to be your friend, who can assist you in solving problems. I?m optimistic. I?m so clever that I can assess when someone is using tricks. I concentrate on one thing once it?s started. I?m a football amateur. As for my future profession, I?m eager to be a journalist because I think going out on a story is admirable and unusual.” ?教师征求答案后,引导学生关注黑体红体字,要求学生快速说出其含义。学生依赖语境 复现词汇含义,比孤立的呈现词汇更有意义 第二步:整体情境的第二个情节——喜羊羊:当机会来敲门(词汇情境应用)

?教师进一步创设情境“One day, Xi Yangyang saw an “Wanted”(招聘启事)from Grass Land(青青草原)TV. Let?s help him read the information”。引导学生完成情境练习: A new __________(记者)is in d_________ for Grass Land TV. If ●you can work with your ________(同事) ●you can d_________ on yourself to face challenge ●you can c___________ on your job ●you can _____________(更新)skills to acquire information ●You can be brave to _________(say something has been done wrong) crime. Do you want to try? If that?s the c_____, ___________(递交)your application. Don?t miss the ___________(最后日期). We?ll _________(tell sb ) you of the interview date.

?承接上一情节中喜羊羊想当记者的梦想;侧重在情境中准确应用词汇,比孤立听写更有 意义。学生阅读文段,根据各种提示写出合适的词汇。 第三步:整体情境的第三个情节——灰太狼登场(语法情境复现)

?教师言语表述环节过渡语“Do you hope Xi Yangyang realizes his dream?...but his old friend doesn?t think so. Do you know who he is?” 接着呈现灰太狼图片,进一步创设情境,要求学生阅读灰太狼的内心独白: “I feel guilty because I ?m a failure as a wolf. I cover 100miles every day to catch sheep. But so clever are they that they always escape. I spend a lot inventing machines so I hardly cover living cost. Not once have I said” I?m sure to come back”. But I?m determined. Never will I give up. Only when I bring a sheep back home can my wife feel happy. I want to be a journalist to cover my story.” ?侧重在情境中复习 cover 多义词的含义和理解部分倒装的构成。学生朗读文段,并说出 红体字的不同含义;同时关注划线处的结构,说出是哪一个语法现象,陈述其语法结构怎 样。 第四步:整体情境的第四个情节——灰太狼:当老鼠爱上猫(语法情境应用)

?教师进一步创设情境“灰太狼语录”,引导学生完成练习: 1 “My wife is always angry. Not once ________(不止一次她说)“you fail again”. Not only _______________(她让我)me to do housework but she asks me to catch sheep.” 2 “So deeply __________(我深爱着) my wife that I’m willing to do anything for her. Nowhere else_____________(你能够找到) such a good husband like me. Don’t forget my words ‘I love the pan(平底锅)’”。

?侧重在情境中应用语法结构,比单纯进行汉英翻译单句练习更意义,不仅是在语法方面 由理解层次上升至应用层次。学生阅读文段,准确应用部分倒装结构补全语境。 第五步:整体情境的第五个情节——思维大碰撞(话题语料库组建)

PK ?教师活动:引导学生小结情境:喜羊羊与灰太狼的梦想都是当记者,你支持谁? ?学生思考并讨论 PPT 上呈现的问题: 1)What qualities does a reporter need? 2)Based on what we know, who is more suitable for this position? 促发学生当堂生成。学生根据自己的经验作出支持谁的选择,并阐述理由。教师适时引导 学生思考回顾新闻记者所应具有的素质,比如 Have a good nose for anything 等 第六步:整体情境的第六个情节——终极比拼:喜羊羊 VS 灰太狼(情境写作)

?教师在学生讨论的基础上,要求支持喜羊羊的和支持灰太狼的学生分别坐在讲台两侧; 进一步创设情境:二人参加选拔考试,主考官是包包大人,笔试题目是:“信息时代,媒 体的作用不容忽视。从信息浏览到人肉搜索,媒体的影响无处不在。根据下面提示,阐述 一下你对媒体的看法”。 ?同时,在 PPT 上给出提示:1 媒体(比如电视、网络)的作用 2 媒体帮助我们聚焦重大 事件。媒体告知我们最新信息。媒体谴责某些人的不良行为 3 有人在媒体上暴漏别人隐私 (privacy)。有人在媒体上提供虚假(false) 信息 4 我们应正确利用媒体,应协助政府 建设好媒体。5 只有这样我们才能。。。。。。 ?学生限时写出小短文,交流评比。

?侧重练习有关新闻媒体话题的句型,突出重点句型的写作应用本环节可设置一个有幽默 色彩的教学预设:如果喜羊羊获胜,则可重复灰太狼失败时说的名言“我一定会回来的”; 如果灰太狼获胜,台词可设计为“我终于不再被羊欺负了”。 参考习作:The media, such as the TV and Internet, plays a big part in daily life. The media can help us concentrate on the events, inform us of the latest information and accuse someone of his bad behavior. However, every coin has two sides. Some expose others’ privacy to the public on the media. Some provide the false information. We should make use of the media properly and assist the government in building the media. Only in this way can we lead a better life.

词汇方案设计 莱阳市第一中学 宫立梅 2011 年 7 月 20 日 12:56 刘清玉于 11-7-20 15:11 推荐本课的成功之处在于将词汇的复习结合到语篇当中去,以语篇 为依托,来复习话题词汇,这样的效果要比单纯的词汇课充实也高效得多。 徐汉东于 11-7-20 23:18 推荐宫老师很用心,很好地诠释了今天研修主题的内容。所设计的 词汇教学方案能够结合时代性的话题“日本地震”入题,然后从词汇、短语、句型和篇章四个 层面进行引导学生进行学习运用, 篇章意识较强。 最后的作业环节把重点词汇融合到一片小 短文中,达到了学以致用的目的,难能可贵的是,她还进行了课后反思。值得探讨的是 1. 语言目标好像与本课主题不太符合。2.要点再现是如何进行教与学的双边活动的,体现的还 不够。 赵松柏于 11-7-21 08:08 推荐设计合理,目标明确,方法可行,值得学习。 徐汉东于 11-7-20 23:18 推荐为资源宫老师很用心,很好地诠释了今天研修主题的内容。所 设计的词汇教学方案能够结合时代性的话题“日本地震”入题,然后从词汇、短语、句型和篇 章四个层面进行引导学生进行学习运用, 篇章意识较强。 最后的作业环节把重点词汇融合到 一片小短文中,达到了学以致用的目的,难能可贵的是,她还进行了课后反思。值得探讨的 是 1.语言目标好像与本课主题不太符合。2.要点再现是如何进行教与学的双边活动的, 体现 的还不够。 学习内容: 词汇复习 学习目标: 一、语言技能目标 能进一步强化词汇理解与运用能力。 二、语言知识目标 能进一步强化地震的特征描述的语词。 三、学习策略、文化意识、情感态度价值观目标 能进一步强化词汇学习的目标策略。 教学过程:

Teaching procedures Step 1: Lead-in ★Task 1: What happened in Japan on March 11 this year? A terrible _______ hit Japan on March 11, 2011. 【设计说明】已有据可依的语境导入,恰当引入本课主题。 Step 2: Topic vocabulary ★Task 2: How much do you remember about the reading passage? 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法 Before Tangshan earthquake, strange things happened. A (smell) gas came out from the cracks of wells and animals became (nerve). At 3:00 a.m., everything began to (摇晃). It seemed that the world was at end. In fifteen seconds, a large city lay in (废墟). Nearly everything was ________(毁坏). What was worse, another earthquake followed, and some of the ________(救援) workers and doctors were ________(被困) under the ruins. Water, food and _______ (electric) were cut off and the railway tracks became ________(use) steel. People wondered how long the _______(灾难) would last. But all hope was ____ lost. The army were _______(震惊). They arrived soon to help the (survive). They ________ (organize) teams to _______(挖出) the _______(伤者) including many ________(矿工) and to _______(埋葬) the dead. Slowly, the city began to (呼吸) again. 词语派生 1. Alex?s mother ____________ her dissatisfaction with his room in which all windows and floor were covered with ______. (expression/dirty) 2. Fortunately, all miners trapped in the mines survived though some ___________ suffered minor __________. ( survive/injure) 3. The conditions there are ____________ difficult. Please take more equipment, which may be very_____________ for you. (extreme/ use) 短语填空 right away a great number of think little of in honor of

1. 2.

The monument was built _________________ those who died in the earthquake. People________________ the strange things which happened in Hebei, and went to sleep as usual that night. Imagine your home begins to shake and you must leave it _____________. In the disaster, such _______________people died because the quake happened while they were sleeping.

3. 4.

【设计说明】 通过语篇呈现出所有话题词汇, 使学生从整体把握了相关词汇, 形成词汇体系。 为下一步要点再现做好准备。 要点再现 1. at an end 结束 【原句呈现】It seemed as if the world was at an end. 【词义拓展】 1. 2. not exist any more come to an end/ put an end to /bring sth to an end: finish

【经典背诵】 1. The story was ____ ______ ______, but we were still in it. 2. The party last night was a success; we sang and danced until it came _____ _____ ____ at twelve. 3. The government is determined to _____ ______ _______ to terrorism./bring terrorism _____ _____ ____. 【小试牛刀】这个影星决心要制止所有的这些流言。 ________________________________________________________________________ _ 【反思归纳】_____________________________________________________________

其他短语 _____________________________________________________________ ____ 2. ruin v.&n.毁灭,使破产,遗迹,废墟(名词时常用复数) 【原句呈现】In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 【词义拓展】 1. 2. 3. to damage sth so badly that it loses all its value, pleasure etc.; to spoil sth to make sb /sth lose all their money/position etc. the state or process of being destroyed or severely damaged; the parts of a building that remain after being destroyed

【经典背诵】 1. That mistake ________ his chances of getting the job. 2. If she loses the court case(败诉),it will ______ her. 3. Some of the rescueworkers and doctors were trapped under the _______. 4. Years of fighting have left the whole island _______ _________. 【小试牛刀】恶劣的天气破坏了我们的旅行。_________________________________ 那教堂已破败不堪。________________________________________________________ 【反思归纳】 ______________________________________________________________ 想一想:damage, ruin, destroy 有什么区别? ________________________________________________________________ _________ 3. 部分否定 【原句呈现】All hope was not lost.= _____________________________ 【句子仿写】 ____________________________________________________________

【小试牛刀】All these books are not popular with people. 翻译:__________________ 【反思归纳】 _____________________________________________________________ 4. shock n. & vt. 震惊 【原句】People were shocked. 【词义拓展】 1. n. an unpleasant feeling as a result of sth bad happening; the event that causes this feeling 2. vt. to surprise and upset sb

【经典背诵】 1. We were all ________ that such an attack could happen in Xinjian China. 2. The news of his death came as_____ _____ to us all. 3. It is __________ that they involved children in the war. 【小试牛刀】 听到他辞职的消息我深感意外。 ___________________________________________ 【反思归纳】____________________________________________________________ 联想:frighten 记者意识到女孩很害怕以至于不敢回答问题。 __________________________________________________________________ 5. injure v. 【原句呈现】Two- thirds of them died or were injured during the earthquake. 【词义拓展】 1. 2. 3. to harm yourself or sb else physically in an accident injured adj. Having an injury; the people injured in an accident injury n. harm done to the body


1. Three people were killed and five _________ in the accident. 2. The ambulance arrived soon and took _______________ to a nearby hospital. 3. He applied pressure to the ______________ of her hands to stop the bleeding. 【小试牛刀】 The teacher asked more to be done to ____________________________(以免学生眼睛受 伤害)。 【反思归纳】_____________________________________________________________ 区分:hurt, wound, injure hurt 一般用语,既可指肉体上的伤害,也可指精神和情感方面的伤害 injure 比 hurt 正式,一般指由于意外或事故而受伤 wound 指外伤,如枪伤、刀伤、剑伤等,尤指在战争中受伤 【辨析】 1. The soldier was ______ in the war. 2. She was _______ slightly in an accident during the work. 3. I was very much _______ at his words. 【体验高考】 (上海 2009 模拟) So badly _____ in the accident that he was forced to stay in hospital for several weeks and stopped all kinds of physical exercise. A. did he injure B. he did injure C. were he injured D. was he injured Step 3: Discussion ★Task 3: 试用话题词汇(30 个以内)概括课文大意或翻译下面的句子,再比较答案 这篇文章描述了地震前的征兆和地震的过程以及唐山地震的后果。 它显示出地震后的骇人情 景和告诉我们如何进行及时的营救工作。 The article describes_____________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _____________ 【设计说明】让学生运用话题词汇概括课文大意,一方面进一步熟悉课文内容,另一方面检 测学生对话题词汇的掌握运用情况。 Step 4: Topic writing—Homework ★Task 4: 从下面话题词汇中至少选择 6 个写一篇有关于地震的小短文,50-70 词。 right away; dig out; think little/nothing/much/a lot/highly/well of; at an end; in honor of; destroy; ruin; smelly; dirty; useless; extreme; injure; shocked; frightening; rescue; trap; bury; express; judge; disaster; shake; survive; 部分否定 七、教学反思 本课的成功之处在于将词汇的复习结合到语篇当中去, 以语篇为依托, 来复习话题词汇, 这样的效果要比单纯的词汇课充实也高效得多。 课堂组织严格按照新课标的要求, 教师只是 课堂的组织者,切实发挥了学生的主体地位,和自主学习的能力,以任务型教学为主线,达 成了预定目标。 不足之处是对英语水平较差的学生没有完全照顾到, 有少部分学生未能在课上时间内完 成所有话题词汇的相应复习, 以后的类似教学过程中, 我会进一步分层次分化设计话题词汇 的复习巩固,针对中下层学生设计较为简单的相关练习。 坐拥练习铸内秀 博兴县第二中学 王素珍 2011 年 7 月 20 日 12:34 张红玲于 11-7-20 15:33 推荐讲得精,练得全,运用多题型练习定语从句。不由得想起来昨 天讲座里鲁老师的一句话,“写作里一个定语从句不止 3、4 分吧”。 陈景俊于 11-7-20 17:03 推荐运用多题型多角度设计定语从句练习,让语法不再枯燥,确实 能全方位提炼学生的能力。 这一语法巩固测试题设计体现了老师高超的学科素养, 题型任我 设,值得大家借鉴! 鲁子问于 11-7-21 11:09 推荐活动 I,III,V 的设计很有新意,彻底打破只从多项选择复习 定语从句的习惯做法。这对于培养学生理解定语从句、运用定语从句是很好的尝试。

定语从句的巩固测试题设计 今天聆听了鲁教授和雷教授的经典讲座,感触颇多,收获颇多。自己尝试对所学语法 设计了一份的巩固试题。我们所说的一堂好课,不仅要有好的开端而且还要有耐人寻味的 结尾,而在实际教学中大多数教师往往会忽视课后的"巩固练习"这一环节的设计.所谓" 巩固练习",顾名思义是为了完成<<大纲>的教学要求而设计的课常练习.而在英语教学活 动中,练习是学生进行学习最基本的活动形式.学生英语概念的形成、基础知识的掌握、 英语方法与技能的获得与形成、学生智力和创新意识的培养等都离不开这一基本活动.所

以,练习是全面完成英语教学任务所必不可少的重要手段,它将直接影响我们英语教学的 成败. I Patterns transformation 1.This is the house in which I lived two years ago. ?________________________________________ 2.Do you remember the day on which you joined our club? ?____________________________________ 3.This is the reason why he was late for school.______________________________________________ 4. you cannot be sure of something you might get in the future. ______________________________________________________________________ _ II. Fill in the blanks 1.The direction _______ a body can be changed. 2.The distance _____ light travels in one second is 300000 kilometers. 3.This is the silliest thing ______ I have ever heard of. 4.We were deeply impressed by the teachers and schools _____t we had visited. 5.Don't cheat me. I'm no longer the boy ______I was three years ago. 6.She is the very thief______the policeman is looking for. III.Translation 1. Wind power is an ancient source of energy to which we may return in the near future. 2010 ( 上海卷 38) _______________________________________________________________ 2. The girl arranged to have piano lessons at the training centre with her sister where she would

stay for an hour. (2010 江西卷 31) ________________________________________________________________. 3. The old temple whose roof was damaged in storm is now under repair. (2010 陕西卷 11) ________________________________________________________________ 4. After graduating from college,I took some time off to go travelling,which turned out to be a wise decision. (2010 四川卷 10) ________________________________________________________________ 5. In China, the number of cities increasingd where development is recognized across the world. (2010 重庆卷 28) .___________________________________________________ 6.你无法听懂那些说话很快的人. ___________________________________________ 7.他对所有我做得好的事儿总是都引以为傲。_________________________________ 8.旅行是我始终唯一想做的事.________________________________ 9.如果你认识其他人也收藏这请告诉我一 声._____________________________________ IV.衔接高考 1. (全国 I 24). As a child, Jack studied in a village school, ___ is named after his grandfather. A. which B. Where C. What D. that

2. (全国 II 16). I refuse to accept the blame for something ____ was someone else’sfault. A. who B. that C. as D. what diet is high in fat will gain weight

3.(北京卷 27). Children who are not active or quickly. A. what B. whose C. which D. that

4.(福建卷 24)Stephen Hawking believes that the earth is unlikely to be the only planets life has developed gradually. A. that B. where C. which D. whose 5.(湖南卷 28) I’ve become good friend with several of the student in my school _______I meetin the English speech contest last year. A. who B. where C. when D. which 6.(江苏卷 32). The newly built café the walls of___ are painted light green, is really a , peaceful place for us, specially after hard work. A. that B. it C. what D. which 7.(山东卷 24)That’s the new machine ___ parts are too small to be seen. A. that B. which C. whose D. what

8.(天津卷 8).—Can you believe I had to pay 30 dollars for a haircut? —You should try the barber’s ______ I go. It’s only 15. A. as B. which C. where D. that

9.(浙江卷 3). The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, many of __ left their village homes for a better life in the city. A. whom B. which C. them D. those

10. (06 山东) We're just trying to reach a point ________both sides will sit down together and talk. A. where B. that C. when D. which

V.Read the passage and fill in the blanks with“that which ,who ,when where ,why and whose.”. A girl ____is named Janet comes from Japan.The earthquake took place at the time_____she was going to take a shower, but for the next second the building _____was not strong enough,collapsed .She will never forget the time___she spent in the rubble . During the rescuing work ,she talked to a reporter____was outside in a weak voice:”I have been waiting for the people ____will come to rescue me.” “When I heard someone ____were shouting outside, I kept on crying to make myself heard.” Along with me ,there was someone else in the rubble___I cheered her up by saying _______we were going to be rescued soon.”. VI. Writing How to improve English study Note:(120-150words)( five attributive clauses included)

高三词汇复习 ——以话题为中心,在语篇中激活词汇 济宁市第一中学 刘秀丽 2011 年 7 月 20 日 12:19 林翠菊于 11-7-20 15:42 推荐刘老师新课标意识很强,以话题为中心,以语篇为依托,以读 写为手段,在语篇中激活词汇,以真实的任务开展教学,激活学生已有的知识,梳理归纳已 有话题词汇,激发学生的兴趣,让学生在任务的驱动下更积极的学习。值得推荐学习! 陶子萍于 11-7-20 20:00 推荐刘老师“以话题为中心, 在语篇中激活词汇”的教学思想非常好! 教学案例设计思路也是不错的,可进一步改进的地方:1. 将词汇按照教学目标分层次,而 后有针对性开展需要达到运用层次的那些词汇的相关联系;2.step5 中的练习可以与 summary 中提炼出来的要点更加一致,以体现学以致用。3.写作部分可以向真实的任务方 向努努力。

高三词汇复习 ——以话题为中心,在语篇中激活词汇 在高三英语学科的复习中,我们总是强调要夯实基础,而基础知识中的词汇复习又 属于重中之重,因为词汇就相信建筑的材料,没有材料,巧妇也难为无米之炊。没有足够的 词汇量,听力听不懂,文章看不懂,作文也写不好。但词汇的复习和记忆的确存在着很多的 问题,比如遗忘率很高,学习方式枯燥等。在高三复习时,我们也做了很多的思考,探索出 了一条复习词汇的有效途径————以话题为中心,以语篇为依托,以读写为手段。 仔细研读高中的所有的必修和选修的课本,我发现每一本书的几个单元都是围绕不 同的话题展开的。把 10 本书归纳总结,我们得出了这样一些学生感兴趣而又实用性很高的 话题。围绕这些话题,我们用头脑风暴来复习总结词汇,然后连词成句,连句成篇,然后再 进行仿说,仿写。用这种学生感兴趣的办法在实用中复习词汇很有效。 高中课本话题归纳: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 节日风俗 学校生活 饮食健康 历史地理 朋友家人 学校生活 旅游交通 环境保护 科普文章

10. 体育健康 下面就环境保护来谈谈我是怎样进行词汇复习并达到运用的。 教学对象:高三学生 教学目标:对于环境保护方面的词汇复习与运用 Step 1. 对于环境破坏的一段视频播放也可给出一些环境污染的图片让学生们讨论。

在讨论中归纳总结关于环境污染的词汇: white pollution 白色污染, noise pollution 噪声污染 air pollution 空气污染, litter 丢弃 物 / 废气物 trash 废物 / 垃圾 rubbish, 垃圾 noise pollution 噪声污染 organic pollutants 有机物污染 plastic wastes 塑料废物 radioactive substances 放射性物质 nuclear weapons 核武器 pollution control technology 污染控制技术 battery disposal 电池处理 recycled materials 回收的材料 recycling 回收 water reuse 水的再利用?? step 2 . Questions: What should you do in our daily life? Students answers: 1. 2. I will not litter any more. Wherever I see some rubbish, I will pick it up. I will pay attention to white pollution. Whenever I go shopping, I will take my own bag or basket. We will advise some companies not to pour polluted water into the river or oceans any more, because it will do harm to the living things. I will save water from now on, as it is very valuable. Do not let water running while I am brushing my teeth. 5. Our government should take some pollution control measures to ensure we will have a better environment in the future. Step3. Teacher analyze these sentences and correct them if necessary. Step 4. Reading and analyzing



Protection of the Environment Once man did not have to think about the protection of his environment. There were few people on the earth, and natural resources seemed to be unlimited. Today things are different. The world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources, and polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, human life on earth will not survive. We realize that if too many fish are taken from the sea, there will soon be none left. Yet, with modern fishing methods, more and more fish are caught. We know that if too many trees are cut down, forests will disappear. Yet, we continue to use powerful machines to cut down more and more trees. We see that if rivers are polluted with waste products, we will die. Yet, waste products are still put into rivers. We know that if the population continues to rise at the present rate, in a few years, there won't be enough food. What can we do to solve these problems? If we eat more vegetables and less meat, there will be more food available. Land for crops feeds five times more people than land where animals are kept. Our natural resources will last longer if we learn to recycle them. The world population will not rise so quickly if people use modern methods of birth control. Finally, if we educate people to think about the problems we shall have a better and cleaner planet in the future. Step 5. Summary of the passage

new phrases: the protection of his environment, be unlimited, too crowded, natural resources, dangerous chemicals survive…

Sentence structure:

If we do…., we will….

if rivers are polluted with waste products, we will die

The world population will not rise so quickly if people use modern methods of birth control


1 如果你继续努力,你会成功的。


2 如果你坚持背单词,你会写出好文章的。


3. 如果我们都注意保护环境,我们会有一种幸福生活的。

_________________________________________________________________________ Step 6. Writing 在现代社会,我们越来越趋向于关注,我们的生活环境和自然环境,因为我们 已认识到我们周围的环境已不像以前那么干净了,现在许多人买房看的是它的环境 而不是它的位置地点及负担费用。 众所周知,这些年环境污染越来越严重,我们所能做的是尽全力保护环境,作为

政府,已分布了一些法律禁止环境污染,而作为普通的人们,则是尽力保护它,让 它保持清洁。 虽然我们已无法去保护环境,而环境已破坏到了一定程度,但是还是有一段长的 路要走.


In modern society, we tend to become more and more aware of our living environment, because we is not clean as before. So many people now choose their house as to its environment but not its location and expenses to afford it. As we all know, the environment pollution is more and more serious during these years, what we could do is to make great efforts in protecting environment gradually. Only in this way can we live a healthy life and have a better future.

Although we have managed to protect the environment to a certain extent. It is still a very long way to go. 纠错:is----are as to----according to

It is still a very long way to go. 也可改成:We still have a long way to go 词汇语法复习简案 胶州市第一中学 马文涛 2011 年 7 月 20 日 11:56 孙立军于 11-7-20 14:14 推荐方案设计非常细致、完整。有很强的实用性。值得学习。 王志强于 11-7-20 15:50 推荐词、短语、句子、篇章,层层递进,到最后的写作输出,环环 相扣,符合词汇学习的一般规律,有较强的实用性和实效性。

【教学目标】 1.复习本模块的重点词汇:experience; likely; possibility; occur; warn; strike 等 2. 语法:V-ing 在句中作结果状语; 3. 学以致用,通过复习提高学生能运用本模块的重点词汇和句式进行写作的能力. 【教学策略】 将复习的重要内容以教案的形式打印给学生,先对其进行“小测”,而后以小组形式让学生 自己进行改进,最后老师领其总结升华; 【教学步骤】 一、词汇过关[vocabulary]

1. Experience 数) 数) 害. (p.p) 【演练提升】

2.闪电 5.埋葬(p.p) 8. 发生(p.p) 11.警告(n)

3.可能(性) 4.龙卷风(复 6. (一件)家具 7.火山(复 ( ) 9. cause 10.损失;损 12.幸运地(2) 13.袭击

1.他在教学方面有经验。 ___

He______ _________ ____ teaching. [n] =He

__________ ___teaching. [adj.]

2. 我们有可能要迟到。 There __ __ __________ _____ we will be late . =It __ _______ _____ we will be late. 3.他想到一个好主意。 4.我警告过他不要靠近火山。 I warned him ___ __ ___ _____ ___ __________.=I warned him _______ ______ _____ __ ________ 5. [扩展/选学] strike (struck; struck/stricken) (1)strick him on the head. _____________ (2)An earthquake struck the area._______ (3)The clock has just struck six.________ (4)A good idea struck Tom._______ (5)strick the match________ (6)The workers are on strike. _______ 二、短语一搏[phrases] 1.放火烧 结束 天 积… 成损害 起来 2.着火(动作) 3.着火(状态) 4.灭火 5. 6.左右摇摆 7.造成 8 人死亡 7 人受伤 8. 持续两 9.足量的 10.可能/过去/好像有 12.占面 13.总共 14.成功做 ;设法做成 15..对…造 16.使.某人无家可归 17.某人造成麻烦、问题 18.平均 19.一直以来/从古至今 20.继续 .

21. [扩展/选学]Pick up (1)pick up the book on the floor---

(2)pick up the passengers--(3)pick up the used stamps--(4)pick up French in France--(5)pick up the room--(6)pick the speed up--三.重要语句语法 1. They can destroy houses, but leave the furniture inside exactly where it was. 2. On average, there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, causing about 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries. 3. The fires burned for three days, destroying a total of 25,000 buildings. 4. By the time it ended, more than 700 people had been killed and 2,700 had been injuried. 5. By the late 1890s, he had moved to Galveston, where he died in 1899, a year before the hurricane struck. 【专题练习】 1. 会议以演唱一首新歌的形式结束了. The meeting __________________singing a new song. 2. 他结果成了这家公司的 CEO. He _________________ CEO of the company.

3. 当我陷于危险之中时,我突然想到一个好主意。(分别用 strike 和 occur 来做) When I was in danger, a good idea suddenly __________me. 4. Her husband?s behavior was very strange , ________(make)their marriage impossible. 5. His parents both died, _______(leave ) him an orphan. 6. Don?t leave the matches or cigarettes _______little children can reach them.(A. in which B. to which C. that D. where) 7. Is _____ any possibility _____David can win the first prize in the match? (A. it ; whether B. it ; that C. there ; whether D. there ; that) 8. Did the fire ______or was it _______? (A. go out ; go out B. go out; put out C. put out ; go out D. put out ; put out ) 9. The house was burnt to ______. (A. an ash B. the ash C. the ashes D. ashes) 10. When the factory closes, it will mean 500 people _____their jobs. (A. losing lose C. lost D. having lost) 四、写作:尽量使用我们所复习过的重点语词,句式等。 结合文章和复习材料,对日本地震海啸进行相关的描述。 提示信息:地震海啸现象;危害;应对措施 B. to

五、[Homework] Try to recite what we have learned in this class ---vocabulary, phrases and grammar. 高三英语语法复习教学设计 山东省茌平县第二中学 李新 2011 年 7 月 20 日 11:12 刘曰红于 11-7-20 12:41 推荐教学过程紧紧围绕教学目标展开,并且充分调动学生积极去观 察、发现、归纳,有利于各种能力的培养。导入部分再具体点就更好了。 徐汉东于 11-7-20 14:43 推荐李老师的语法复习课目标明确,方法得当,环节清楚。由单元 相关的话题或热点话题导入,继而引导学生进行观察、思考,探究,验证。再辅以不同层次 的练习进行巩固,特别是任务二,能以以语篇为单位训练学生的语法运用能力,有助于学生 理解语法学习词不离句、句不离篇的特点,更值得学习。 刘伟于 11-7-20 15:39 推荐课堂步骤的设计很好的迎合了设计的学习的学习目标, 教学过程 课堂活动的设计也很灵活,向您学习。

学习内容:外研版第六册 Module 2 中的语法复习 学习目标: 语言知识目标:学习动词的-ing 形式做状语的语法知识,完成改写句子、短文填空等练习 语言技能目标:能进一步强化语法的理解与运用能力 能熟练掌握动词的-ing 形式在句中做状语的运用 教学方法:情景教学法 教学过程: 一、 导入:运用单元相关的话题或热点话题导入,注重引起学生兴趣。

让学生阅读主课文 The Cat That Vanished,找出含有动词的-ing 形式作状语的句子。 例如: 1. 2. Will, still watching, saw the cat behave curiously. --- he crossed the road, keeping his eyes on the spot where the cat had been investigating. 呈现。将本课时要复习的目标语法设计到不同形式的情境中。


任务一、老师出示两组句子,学生观察、思考这些句子,比较第二组句子和第一组有何 不同:

1. 2. 3.

Will put down his shopping bag and held out his hand. Will watched and saw the cat behave curiously. He kept his eyes on the spot where the cat been investigating and crossed the road.

4. (a) (b) (c)

He pushed his shopping bag through, and then scrambled through himself. Putting down his shopping bag, Will held out his hand. Will, still watching, saw the cat behave curiously. He crossed the road, keeping his eyes on the spot where the cat had been investigating.

(d) Pushing his shopping bag through, he scrambled through himself. 任务二、教师提供几个句子,根据所给动词的正确形式填空: think 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. know sit see leave

On _____ her, the king immediately falls in love with her. He marries her, not _____ who she really is. Before ____ his kingdom, he calls his son to him. After ______ about the situation, he decides to kill the witch himself. While ____ by a pool, Ferdinand sees a frog.

三、 归纳。学生通过观察丰富的语言材料,发现、回忆相关语法现象,并通过同伴 合作活动,讨论语法规则并总结归纳语法规则。 1、出示问题,让学生讨论并回答后,总结语法规律。 (1) Which sentences describe two things that happen at the same time? (2) Which sentence describe one thing happening immediately after another? (3) Look at sentences (a) and (d ). Do the two parts of the sentences refer to the same person? 小组讨论:动词的-ing 形式充当状语,有什么特点?

动词的-ing 形式在句中可以充当什么状语? 2、归纳规则:学生将已发现的规则及其特点,用自己认为最好的方式进行归纳总结。 教师汇总各小组的讨论情况后展示如下: 动词的-ing 形式作状语时, 表示和谓语动词所指的动作同时或几乎同时发生; 动词 的-ing 形式的逻辑主语和句子的主语一致。 (学生在归纳时, 教师可在旁协助, 并补充完整。 ) 因为动词的-ing 形式具有副词的功能,在句中可作时间状语: Walking in the street, I met a friend of mine. 作方式状语:He sat at the table, reading a magazine. 作结果状语:The boy fell of his bike, breaking his right arm. 作伴随状语:Laughing and talking, they went into the room. 作原因状语:Being ill, I stayed at home. 作条件状语:Working hard, you will succeed. 作补充说明:The plane leaves at six, arriving in Chicago at ten. 采用归纳教学法,学生进行同伴合作,一起“观察----发现----归纳”语法结构和使用 规则,学生主动参与学习,有利于观察、思维、分析、综合能力的培养。根据学生总结归纳 结果,教师要进行必要的板书。 四、 运用:根据话题一致的原则,设置不同情境,从句到篇,由易到难,训练学生在真实 生动的语境中达到活学活用目标语法的目的. 任务一:让学生把下列句子改写成含有动词-ing 形式的句子 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. When he saw the witch, the boy ran away. Before he starts the war, the king speaks to the prince. While he was fighting in the war, the prince learnt many things. After he had spoken to his son, the king went to war. Because he doesn?t know what to do, Ferdinand follows the frog?s advice.


After (1)____ the palace, the witch (2)______ immediately given her own rooms, (3) ____ looked out onto a beautiful garden. The king took her into (4) ____ garden, and (5) ____ walking around it, he said, “All this is yours now.” On (6) ____ these words, the witch turned away (7) ____ smiled, (8) ____ that she had won the king?s heart. “ (9) ____ you be my wife?” asked the king, (10) _______ into the witch?s beautiful green eyes. The witch turned (11)____ from him. “ I will,” she said, not (12)_____ at him, but looking down at the ground. Then she opened her (13)____ green eyes wide and said, “ I am (14)_____ happiest woman in the world.” After (15)______ the witch , the king went to tell his people the good news. But the witch sat alone, with a wicked smile on her face. 以语篇为单位训练学生的语法运用能力,有助于学生理解语法学习词不离句、句不离 篇的特点, 也有助于培养学生的篇章意识即有意识地把单句放在语篇或上下文来理解, 有意 识地根据具体语境选用正确的语法形式。 五、 能力的提升 让学生说出几个完整的句子,语法词汇复习课的尝试与探索 博兴县第二中学 王菲 2011 年 7 月 20 日 11:17 张红玲于 11-7-20 15:19 推荐从高考中来,到高考中去,是师生必经之路。在一定基础上引 导学生分析整理高考试题的试点,让学生在体会中学会总结,把握高考风向标。 陈景俊于 11-7-20 16:36 推荐语法词汇是高三复习的基础,也是高考的重点,怎样立足高考 进行有效而又不是对高二高一内容的简单重复的复习, 王老师给了我们一个很好的模式, 值 得借鉴。 鲁子问于 11-7-21 10:57 推荐从语义、语境、语用三个层次引导学生分析,可以有效培养学 生的运用能力。


对于基础不太好的学生来说,语法和词汇是很多学生的薄弱环节。但是英语语法和词汇又恰 恰是我们英语学习的基础,没有好的基础,再努力地去学习英语都是徒劳的,因此我们有必要单 独拿出一节选修课来加强这一方面的指导。下面是我设计的的关于语法和词汇复习的一课时简 案: 教学内 容 时间分 配 第 1—5 分钟 基本步骤 教学目的 让学生明 白高考怎 样考察语

语法 词汇 复习 教学方案 教师选择 5 个有代 表性的选 学习方案 学生尝试做完这 5 道高考单选题: 1. As an experienced doctor, he usually judges the patients? illness according to 学习 资源 往年 高考 题




the ______and gives them some medicines. A. signs marks B. symptoms C. signals D.

2. Mary made coffee ______ her guests were finishing their meal. (2010·全国卷 I) A. so that B. although while D. as if C.

3. _____ some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. (2010·北京 卷) A. Whether B. What C. That D. How

4. Though ______ to see us,the professor gave us a warm welcome.(2010·全国 II 卷) A. surprise B was surprised

C. surprised D. being surprised 5. -----Why do you want to work for our company? (2010·重庆卷) -----This is the job that I_____ for. A. looked C. had looked 知道哪些 是自己会 的, 哪些是 没有把握 的 老 师按照题 型分析各 个选择 题, B. am to look D. have been looking

学生按此来分类整理高考题 第 6— 10 分钟 比如:1.基本词义运用 2. 考查学生的阅读理解图式 3.考查基本语法运用能力 第 11— 28 分钟 做 2011 年高考题 进一步指 导学生做 题 学生尝试做 2011 年高考题 2011 年山 东高 考题 往年 高考 题



第 29— 32 分钟

学生讨论 答案


发现学生 问题并且 进行指导

学生分组讨论出高考题的答案 学生分组讨论,以此来找自己的不足:

同学 互助

第 33— 35 分钟


再次对本 节课探讨 的方法进 行巩固

切实指导 方法运用

基本词义没掌握好? 基本语用不熟? 语境理解有偏差? 学生记录下出错点并且与小组内同学讨论下 一步的解决方案:

2011 年高 考题

第 36-43 分钟

寻找解决 方案

学生查找 不足

教师引导 学生分析 出错点

1. 2. 3.

继续强化高考词汇的记忆。 继续巩固基础语法,使之更加系统。 构建理解的运用图示,切实解决实际交 际问题。

学生 互助

第 44— 45 分钟


加深对于 语法词汇 复习的理 解


学生总结技巧,指导下一步的备考,增强复习 语法和词汇的信心。

学生 总结

设计说明:在英语学习中,词汇是基础,语法是支架,二者缺一不可。因此词汇语法不能分 开复习, 学生在备考中既要一边记忆词汇又要练习语法, 这样才能加强整体语言理解和运用 能力。 必须包含有关动词-ing 形式的不同用法。 注重基础,精选试题,有效指导,提高能力 青岛十七中


2011 年 7 月 20 日 11:03

王志强于 11-7-20 14:50 推荐李老师的作业设计优秀在于:一是符合今天的专业 2 的要求, 二是比较用心,三是命题思路清晰,考查知识点导向明确。但也存在一定的问题,特别是要 注意的是在设计选项时要保持各选项性质的统一, 如第 2 题有三个选项是连词, 而答案选项 是介词,这是不符合一般的命题原则的。第五小题也存在这方面的问题,这也是老师们在日 常选题和设计试题时容易出现的问题。

下面是我在本学期期中模块检测中设计的几道题目及其命题思路,请大家多指导。 1、A violent earthquake struck Japan on March 11, 2011. At least 13,498 people were reported ___, and many others missed. A. to be killed 答案:D 命题思路:主要考察非谓语动词-不定时的时态及语态,让学生通过上下文分析判断不定 时的用法。 【知识回顾】 不定式一般式 进行式 完成式 to do / to be done to be doing to have done / to have been done B. to have killed C. being killed D. to have been killed

2、I really like the houses ___ windows facing south . A. whose 答案:C 命题思路:主要考察介词 with +宾语+宾补所构成的复合结构的用法。此题为 with 复合 结构在句中作后置定语。但学生极易误选 A,把原题看做是 whose 引导的定语从句而忽略 了 facing 为非谓语形式。 【知识回顾】 with + 名词/代词+名词 with + 名词/代词+形容词 with + 名词/代词+副词 with + 名词/代词+介词短语 with + 名词/代词+ to do /doing /done 3、 Dannel would not be allowed ___ across the enemy line. A. risking going B. to risk going C. for risk to go D. to risk to go B. of which C. with D. where

答案:B 命题思路:主要考察动词 allow 的用法。学生容易粗心凭印象直接选择 A,但此题为被动 语态形式。 【知识回顾】 allow sb. to do sth. Sb. be allowed to do sth . allow doing sth . 4、I got caught in the rain and my suit ___. A. has ruined B. had ruinedC. has been ruined 答案:C 命题思路:主要考察学生对现在完成时的理解与运用。学生容易根据第一句一般过去时 而直接选择 D, 所以对于时态问题教师一定要指导学生学会认真审题,在充分理解时态概念 的前提下去选择。。 【知识回顾】 现在完成时表示动作发生在过去,对现在产生的影响或结果。 过去完成时则表示的是“过去的过去”。 5、Is this the only market ___ you can get such cheap goods ? A. the one 答案:D 命题思路:主要考察学生对定语从句的理解与运用。学生容易根据 the only 把原题看做 是 that 引导的定语从句而直接选择 B,但忽视了定语从句中谓语动词 get 为不及物动词。 所以对于定语从句问题学生不能凭死记硬背去选择, 而要在充分理解定语从句的条件下灵活 运用。 【知识回顾】 如果定语从句的先行词是和时间、地点、原因相关的名词,那么在做题时应当仔细判断 所用的关系词。如果定语从句中的谓语动词是及物的,那么应该用 that, which; 如果是不 及物的,则用 when, why, where. 例如: The place _B__ I visited last year is Qingdao. B. that C. which D. where D. had been ruined

The place A___ I grow up is Qingdao. A. where B. which 词汇复习教学案例 山东省无棣第一中学 仝会娟 2011 年 7 月 20 日 15:06 王旭元于 11-7-20 15:40 推荐以话题为线索,以词汇的熟知与运用为根本,从知识的复习巩 固到能力的提升,环环相扣,堪称佳作。 王红妹于 11-7-20 17:42 推荐仝老师案例,利用视频,激活学生思维,回忆语境,从语境入 手,复习有关自然灾害的词汇,并梳理成理解和运用两类,利于学生掌握。让学生设计多项 选择题,培养学生显性的多项选择意识。教后反思阐明了让不同层次的学生回答不同问题, 照顾到了差异性。商榷:一、教后记中指出,这篇文章比较简单,可以另选一篇相同话题的 文章。二、建议分析自己所教学生的具体情况,结合学生需求设计更加个性化的针对性强的 词汇案例。

外研版 Book 3 Module 3 The violence Of Nature 词汇复习教学案例 学习内容: 外研版 Book 3 Module 3 the violence Of Nature 词汇复习 学习目标: 一、语言技能目标 能进一步强化词汇理解与运用能力。 二、语言知识目标

能进一步强化有关自然灾害描述的语词。 三、学习策略、文化意识、情感态度价值观目标 能进一步强化词汇学习的目标策略。 教学过程:

Steps Leading in

Planned Time 1-2 mins

Teaching events Show students a video about a tornado Asking Ss to read the text of the violence Of Nature in Book 3 and then list the words for use and the words for comprehension. Helping Ss to set up a word map about “How to describe a disaster?”and then try to listen and comprehend the words in a short passage. Helping Ss to set up another word map with the rest of the words and try to read and comprehend the words in flash Helping Ss to use the words for use to write some sentences about lightning Helping Ss to select potential words for MC and design some MC items for these words

Learning Events Watch a video about a tornado Read the text of the violence Of Nature .List the words for use and the words for comprehension. Set up a word map and try to listen and comprehend the words in a short passage. Set up another word map and try to read the words in flash and speak out their meanings Try to use the words for use to write some sentences about lightning Select potential words for MC and design some MC items for these words Reflection and summary:


5-7 mins

Comprehending the words in listening

6-8 mins

Comprehending the words in reading Using the words for writing Using the words for MC and Cloze

8-10 mins

5-7 mins

8-10 mins

Reflection and summary

2-3 mins

Reflection and summary

1. Make sure which are for use and which are for comprehension 2. Learn to use the words

for use 3. Comprehend the words for comprehension 教后札记: 因为这篇文章理解起来比较简单,所以我采用的是在阅读的基础上处理生词,做到词 不离文, 改变传统的脱离语境集中处理生词的做法, 在训练过程中让不同层次的学生回答不 同层次的问题,调动中下游学生的积极性,让不同层次的孩子们都有展示自我的机会。 写作是语言的输出过程,有助于扩展学生的能力,在写作的过程中,重点词汇再一次 得到巩固和运用。 附:Samples: 学生们写的句子 1. There are many thunders and lightnings during the period, it is best not to ride bicycles and motorcycles. 2 You should close the electrical equipment and electronic communications equipment. 3. You can not touch metal objects. 4. We must not use mobile phones in the strong thunder lightning 词汇复习教学设计 长山中学 王胜华 2011 年 7 月 20 日 15:21 李盛花于 11-7-20 17:24 推荐王老师的这一份教学设计用心良苦,在认真分析了学情后,为 他们量身打造的这一套在各种活动中轻松复习词汇的方案一定能收到很好的效果的。 王红妹于 11-7-20 20:03 推荐同意李老师的点评,王老师分析了所教学生和学情,实使事求 是的做出富有特色的高三复习设计,利用初中课本进行词汇梳理,设计丰富的学生活动,思 考:词汇的记忆可以进行机械训练,但培养运用能力还是应该提供更多的语境,使学生在使 用中掌握单词。供大家借鉴参考。

词汇复习教学设计 教学目的:“词汇就是一切!”这话虽然过了一点,但它却说明词汇的学习尤其是在这仅有 的四十几天时间里是至关重要的。 尽管英语考试有各种题型, 但词汇却贯穿了英语试卷的方 方面面。其实,它是应对各类试题的基石,无论做任何题目,理解题义是第一位的。纵然你 有再好的语法知识和各种做题的小技巧, 但如果没有足够的词汇量, 你英语高考的结局仍然 会“折戟沙场”!所以本节课的教学目的就是巩固和扩展英语词汇。

词汇范围:初中课本七册上下 学生分析:本班学生为高三三班,体育班,学生本身基础差,在刚刚结束的高三一模中无一 人及格,80%的学生分数在 50 分以下(总分为 150 分) 学情分析:高三时间紧,任务重,本着对学生负责的原则,力求让学生上完此堂课后能实实 在在的学到一点东西。 教学方法:归纳总结,做游戏,合作教学,小先生教学法和分层次教学,创设情境:用本课 复习的词汇写一篇短文。 授课时间:45 分钟 教学步骤: 步骤一: 教师先查阅高考大纲找出七册上下所需记忆的单词,提高学生的复习效率。然后 让学生将需要记忆的单词进行归纳总结,将单词分为 Family members , Clothes , Food, Furniture , Weather , Place , Career, Color , Month, Season , Direction 等 11 类(此 部分工作已让学生在课下完成)) 设计意图: 此环节体现了学生的主体地位, 由学生自己对所学知识进行梳理和总结的做法有 很多好处,梳理和总结的过程本身就是一个记忆的过程。 步骤二:在活动中进一步加深对单词的记忆。 活动一:10? 看看谁的反应快(本活动大约涉及 70-80 个单词) 活动方法:在地上花两个圈,在圈内分别画上对号和错号。从两组各选一名同学站在两圈之 间。 再从学生中找出一位小老师, 让他从归纳的单词中选出一类, 说单词, 可以是这一类的, 也可以不是这一类的。比如,Food 类,当学生听到 mutton 时就站在画有对号的圈里,当 听到 photo 时就站在画有错号的圈里,反应慢或错的同学被淘汰,反应快的同学,可为本组 获得一分。 设计意图:训练学生的听力和反应能力 活动二:10? 我说你猜(本活动大约涉 40 个单词,本部分单词为四会单词需要同学们牢固 掌握其音、形、性、义)训练学生的听力和正确书写能力,另外在表达的过程中注重了对单 词的扩展如:所猜单词的同义词,反义词,…… 活动方法:将全班分为 A、B 两个组,A 组负责前 20 个单词,B 组负责后 20 个单词。互相 提问并将相关单词写到黑板上。 注意不能直接将单词说出, 可是通过解释单词, 说出单词的, 同义词,反义词,或习惯用法等手段让对方猜出你要说的单词。如果对方同学猜不出来,本 方其他同学可以帮他将单词写出,并为本组争得一分,对方不得分。 设计意图:这种“游戏复习单词法”不仅可以帮助学生归纳、巩固单词,检验学生对学过单 词的熟练程度,而且还对激发学生学习兴趣、活跃课堂气氛、消除思想负担等有极大帮助。

活动三:10? 词汇“滚雪球”,找出可以联想到的所复习词汇进行造句。 活动方法:对涉及到的 6 个句子按难易程度进行分类,然后让不同层次的学生进行讲解。 设计意图:①词汇并不是孤立的,每一个词汇都属于相应的词汇群。因此我在此次复习课中 尝试在词汇上添“枝”加“叶”,从而让学生进一步巩固词汇及其用法。②英语的造句能力 很重要,如果学英语而不会造句子,那么英语水平就会停留在单词的级别上,永远也达不到 出口成章,下笔成文的目的,不会造句,语言的学习就是单一的,片面的,缺乏综合运用语 言能力的,而且造句是落实词汇知识的好方法。 活动四:speak and writing 1 speaking: 10?描述图片,用所复习词汇口头描述图片。 设计意图:学生用本课所复习单词来描述所看到的图片,完成了语言交际的目的 2 writing:10?写一篇日记(diary):简单描述所看到的图片,写出你最喜欢的相片, 设计意图:充分贯彻从音,形,性,义四方面掌握单词再由词到句,由句到文的原则。让学 生的英语水平不再停留在单词的级别上,努力做到会造句,能成文。 核心●主体●主线



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