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Reading Part

Teaching Aims
? 1. Understand some background information of music and the three great composers. ? 2. Skim the passage and find out the main idea. ? 3. Master the structure of the passage and reading skills of a certain passage.

Now let’s listen to some music and see if you can find out what kind of music it is.

The Sorts of Music popular music folk music misson music classical music light music
民族音乐 美声音乐 古典音乐 轻音乐

约瑟夫·海顿(1732—1809), 奥地利著名作曲家,维也纳古典 乐派的最早期代表,被称为“交 响乐之父”。在一生中共完成了 107首交响曲,68首弦乐四重 奏,62首钢琴奏鸣曲,和45首 钢琴三重奏,14部弥撒,24出 歌剧,以及两部神剧等作品。 海顿家境贫困,但父母都酷爱音乐。小海顿自 幼就在家庭中接受音乐教育,6岁时成为海茵堡教会 合唱团的歌童,并开始学习钢琴和小提琴。可是直到 29岁才被艾斯德哈济亲王聘为乐长。后来,海顿两次 去英国伦敦旅行,演出了他专门创作的十二首交响乐 (后人称它《伦敦交响乐》),获得牛津大学音乐博士 称号,从此名震全欧洲。

莫扎特(1756-1791)是一位杰出的奥 地利作曲家, 出生于萨尔兹堡一个宫廷乐师家里。 他从少年时代就展现出杰出的音乐 才能。他创作的最重要领域是歌剧, 共22部,另一重要创作部分是交响乐, 共45部。 他的音乐创作既继承和发展了海顿等前辈的成果, 又对后来的贝多芬等人的创作产生了重要影响。

可以这么说,莫扎特是为音乐而生的,从他出 生的那一刻开始,他就和音乐熔为一体了。 可怜就是这样一位天才,在他正当壮年的时候却 因为感染风寒而去世了,死时年仅35岁。在他生命的 最后一天(1791年12月9日),他仍在创作,可惜天 妒英才,莫扎特留下了他那未完成的《安魂曲》,而 杀手人寰,成为了音乐史上最大的遗憾之一。

贝多芬(1770-1827) 德国著名 作曲家,其父为德国宫廷歌手,他 从小随父亲接受了严格的音乐训练, 学会了弹琴与作曲。他的作品,在 欧洲音乐史上起到了继往
开来的作用,对近代西洋音乐的发展产生了 深远影响。自28岁起,贝多芬听力逐 渐减退,至50岁时双耳完全失聪, 但他却一直隐忍着这种致命的打击, 坚持指挥、作曲,与命运进行 了不屈的抗争。

贝多芬的主要作品有交响乐九 部,都是享有盛名 的交响乐作品。除此而外,他 还有《悲怆》等32部奏鸣曲, 5部钢琴协奏曲, 一部小提琴协奏曲, 6部弦乐四重奏曲及 《庄严的弥撒曲》等众多作品。

Pre-Reading —Vocabulary 1

court director genius impressed peasant talent teenager
1.Chinese t_________ enjoy Jacky eenagers

Chen’s movies very much.
2. I am deeply impressed __________ by the beautiful scene in Qing Dao. 3. He was so lucky that he had a chance visit the ______ of the British Queen. court

4. Girls often have better ________ on talent

language learning than boys.

5. 80% of the population of China are peasants _________.
6. G______ cannot succeed if he doesn’t enius work hard. 7. His father is a famous director of a band. _______

Read the text quickly and choose the best title A. Three Great Austrian Composers B. Three Great Composers of the Eighteenth Century C. Three Great Child Composers

Fast reading (I)
Read the first two paragraphs

1. How did Haydn change the form of symphonies?
He made them longer and for a larger orchestra.

2. How long did he work in eastern Austria?
He worked in eastern Austria for 30 years.

Fast reading (II) Read paragraphs 3,4,5

1. How many pieces of music did Mozart compose?
He composed over 600 pieces of music.

2. How old was he when he played for the Empress of Austria?
He was six years old.

3. How long were Mozart and Haydn friends?
They were friends for ten years.

Fast reading (III) Read the last three paragraphs

1. Who taught Beethoven how to play the piano?
His father taught him.

2. Did he stop composing when he became deaf?
No, he continued composing when he became deaf.

Careful- Reading 1—Read Mozart and match the time with connected information
at a very early age when he was 4 when he was 5 when he was 6 By the time he was 14 When he was a teenager 1. toured Europe giving concerts 2. play in a concert for the Empress of Austria 3. showed musical talent 4. Learned to play the harpsichord 5. Started composing music 6. composed many pieces for the harpsichord, piano and violin

Careful Reading 2- True or false questions

1. Hayden was known as “the father of symphony” because he is the first F composer who wrote symphonies. 2. Hayden’s father was a musician and taught him how to play music. F

3.Hayden lived in London for 30 years.


4. Beethoven didn’t consider Haydn a
good composer and learned nothing from him.

5. Beethoven spent the rest of his life in
Vienna. Austria.


6. Both Haydn and Mozart were born in


7. Mozart became a big star when he was still a very little boy and gave F concerts in all European countries. 8. Beethoven met Haydn in 1791 and was impressed by him. F 9. Mozart said Haydn would give something wonderful to the world.


Post- Reading
Joseph Haydn, an Austrian ________, composer was born in a village and is _________ known as the father of the symphony. He _______ changed the symphony into a long piece for a large orchestra. After________ music studying in Vienna, he went to work at the _____ of a prince in eastern Austria. court Thirty years _____, he moved to later London, where he was very successful. _____

Another Austrian composer, Mozart, Though was born in Salzburg. _______ he only lived 35 years, he composed _________ more than 600 pieces of music, Mozart had musical _____ from a very early age. _________ talent By the time he was 14, he had composed many pieces for the harpsichord, piano and as well as violin, ________ for orchestras. In 1781 Haydn met Mozart and was very impressed _________ with him. They were friends ______ Mozart’s death. until

Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. When he was very young, he learned to play the violin and the piano _____ his from father. In 1791, Beethoven met Haydn, who encouraged Beethoven to move to __________ Vienna. Beethoven became very popular _______ in Austria, and stayed there for the ____ rest of his life. Even after he became _________ ________ completely deaf, he continued composing.

Reading skills:
? 1. Title: 前or后,少数看全文 ? 2. Questions:抓住问题紧扣文段 (小标题文段) ? 3. 编年体文段:时间与事实相对应 (数字)

The passage mainly talks about three great composers of the eighteenth century. This lesson we've learnt the meaning of some new words and some reading skills.

Homework Write a short passage on what

you think makes a successful

How to Be a Successful Musician?


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