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体验英语unit3 new words

New words
Unit 3

? n. 抱负,雄心,野心
? My ambition is to become a pilot. ? He has the ambition to be president of the country. ? Ambitious 有抱负的,有野心的

? Be full of ambition 野心勃勃 ? The height of one’s ambition 最高志向

? n. 陈列,一系列. 衣服,盛装 ? v.排列,配置 ? The government is beset with a complex array of economic problems. ? The royal couple appeared in splendid array. ? His soldiers were arrayed along the river bank.

? An array of statistics 一连 串 的统计数字 ? A window array 橱窗陈列品 ? A battle array 战斗队形

? ? ? ? ? V.避免,避开 You should avoid being late for your class. I wonder why he always avoids my eyes. Avoidable 可避开的 Tryon was extremely angry, but coolheaded enough to ____ storming into the boss’s office. ? A) prevent B) prohibit C) turn D) avoid

? n. 行为,举止 ? Maggie Cheung has elegant behavior in the movie In the Mood for Love. ? Behave yourself. ? On one’s best behavior 行为检点,举动规 矩

? adj.没有表情的,空白的 ? N.空白 ? I tried to tell her the truth, but she just gave me a blank look. ? A blank expression/face/look 茫然的表情/ 面孔/目光 ? Look blank ? A blank check 空白支票

? ? ? ? n.绝望 V. 使绝望 Despairing 绝望的 Be the despair of sb. 令某人毫无办法的人/ 物 ? In despair ? Out of despair

? ? ? ? ? ? v.茂盛,繁荣,兴旺 =thrive 反义 decline Flourishing 昌盛的,繁荣的 A flourishing business 生意兴隆 In full flourish 盛极一时 With a flourish of trumpets自吹自擂地; 耀 武扬威地

? v.授予,同意,准予 ? N.拨款,授予物 ? The government gave us a grant to build another classroom. ? I grant the genius of your plan, but you still will not find backers.

? grant a request 同意要求 ? Grant sb. permission to do sth. 准许某人做某事

? ad.非常,高度地,赞许地 ? He is a highly successful business man. ? The officials spoke highly of the athlete who broke the world record. ? Speak highly of 称赞,赞扬 ? Think highly of 对某人评价很高

? ? ? ? ? vt.忽视,忽略 neglect ignorance n.无知,愚昧 ignorant 不知道的,无知的 ignore personal dangers 不顾个人安危 Some research workers completely ____all those facts as though they never existed. ? A) ignore B) leave C) refuse D) miss

? in 55!w !

? 否定的 ? The applicant was frustrated when he got a negative response from the company. ? She has a negative attitude to life. ? A negative reply 否定的答复 ? A negative vote 反对票 ? A negative outlook on life 消极的人生观

? a powerful and secure backing 坚强可靠 的后盾 ? Be secure against/from 没有遭受…的危险 ? Feel secure about/as to 对…感到放心 ? Have one’s mind secure 放下心

? ? ? ? n.火花,火星 Vt.触发,引起 A cigarette spark started the fire. It was this incident that sparked her interest in politics. 是这个事件激起了她对 政治的兴趣。

? ? ? ? Ignite a spark, give off sparks 擦出火花 Love is the spark that ignited by two of you. Love is not solo play. 爱情是两个人擦出的火花,不是一个人寂 寞的独角戏。

? ? ? ? 倾向于,趋于,照顾 Tend to do sth. Tend the flower/patient Tendency 倾向

? The hopes, goals, fears and desires widely ____ between men and women, between the rich and the poor. ? A) alter B) shift ? C) transfer D) vary

apart from
? 除了…之外 ? Apart from his nose he’s quite goodlooking.

check out
? 检查,核实 ? Please check this information out for me. 请替我核实一下这条消息。 ? We’d better check the whole place out in case it’s been bugged. ? 我们最好把整个地方检查一遍,以免有人 已在这里装了窃听器。

give out
? The radiator is giving out a lot of heat. 散热器释放出很多热量。 Give off 散发出 Give away 赠送;泄露 Give back 归还 Give in 认输,投降,交上 Give up 停止,放弃

hang out
? 闲荡,厮混 ? Don’t hang out in barrooms any more. 不 要再泡在酒吧里啦。 ? Hang about/around 闲荡 ? Hang on 坚持

immerse oneself in
? Be absorbed in; ? Devote oneself to ? Keep one’s mind on

put one’s finger on
? 弄明白,搞清楚,知道 ? I know there's something wrong, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is. ? 我知道什么地方不对劲,但不明白究竟哪里不对 劲。
? be all fingers and thumbs 笨手笨脚

get/pull one‘s finger out 别再偷懒,干快一点
have a finger in every pie 参与或插手一切事情

throw oneself into
? At that time, many black people threw themselves into the civil rights movement. ? 当时,许多黑人都积极投身于争取民权的 运动中。 ? Throw oneself on/upon 依赖,听命于 ? Throw off 摆脱掉 ? Throw up 呕吐 ? Throw away 扔掉,抛弃


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