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Unit 2
一.单项填空 1.Stop arguing! Let's try________in a polite________. A.behaving;manners B.to operate;manner C.acting;manners D.to act;manner 2.Seeing everything________, the professor left the lab happily. A.done B.did C.do D.doing 3.He was disappointed to find his suggestions________. A.been turned down B.turned down C.to be turned down D.to turn down 4.—Would you like some more tea? —________,please. A.No more B.Just a little C.I've had enough D.Yes,I would 5.If it is quite________ to you, I will visit you next Tuesday. A.convenient B.fair C.easy D.available 6.After five hours' drive, they reached________they thought was the place they'd been dreaming of. A.that B.where C.which D.what 7.With dinner________, the lady went on ________some sewing. A.to prepare;to do B.preparing;doing C.prepared;to do D.to be prepared;doing 8.The young man ________the two policemen who were holding him. A.go away with B.broke away from C.came up with D.caught up with 9.He feels________his duty to help the poor. A.that B.this C.it D.one 10.Our neighbour has ________ours. A.as a big house as B.as big a house as C.the same big house as D.a house the same big as 二.完形填空 When sir Winston Churchill, the great British Prime Minister, reached his eightieth birthday in November, 1954, he was presented with his portrait by a wellknown modern artist, Graham Sutherland. The painting had been ordered and paid for to __16__ the Grand Old Man of World War Ⅱ. Sir Winston and Lady Churchill were deeply moved by this __17__ of respect and affection.__18__ of them, of course, allowed the others to see how much they both disliked the portrait.“It makes me look__19__,which I am not!”protested Churchill in private(私下).__20__,he only remarked that it was a fine example of modern arts. His friends smiled. It was known that Churchill didn't__21__ modern arts.

Churchill was so unhappy about the portrait that finally his wife had it __22__.Churchill died at ninty in 1965. Lady Churchill __23__him in 1977. Shortly after her death,the public learned what had happened to the __24__,and a heated argument broke out. The painter was __25__ sad. The artist community,shocked and __26__,said that the destruction of the picture had been a crime(罪行). Historians said that they regretted the disappearance of a(n)__27__document. All agreed that the couple didn't have the __28__to do what they had done. Graham Sutherland had told Churchill that he would__29__him“as he saw him” . Churchill never had a chance to see the work in__30__ since the painter__31__to show it to him.He found out only __32__he received his present that Sutherland had seen him __33__a heavy, sick, tired old man. Since he hated old age, he was naturally__34__. Who has the right to destroy a work of art, the owner, the donor, the artist who or created it? Was the portrait a good one, as many(including the painter) said? Or was it bad as others thought? None of these questions have been answered yet to everybody's__35__. 16.A.give B.regard C.paint D.honour 17.A.mark B.piece C.prize D.trade 18.A.Neither B.Both C.Either D.All 19.A.wise B.gentle C.stupid D.happy 20.A.Fortunately B.Obviously C.Straight D.Publicly 21.A.care for B.look like C.turn down D.make up 22.A.hidden B.hung C.destroyed D.returned 23.A.mourned B.missed C.followed D.buried 24.A.painting B.man C.woman D.artist 25.A.understandably B.unexpectedly C.unreasonably D.unthinkingly 26.A.afraid B.regretful C.curious D.angry 27.A.interesting B.colourful C.expensive D.historical 28.A.chance B.right C.power D.courage 29.A.help B.obey C.paint D.show 30.A.progress B.place


C.need 31.A.agreed C.refused 32.A.until C.before 33.A.as C.about 34.A.moved C.tired 35.A.surprise C.delight 三.阅读理解

D.sight B.promised D.hated B.when B.though B.to D.for B.worried D.hurt B.disappointment D.satisfaction

A 14year- girl died on Saturday after a shark old attacked her while she and a companion were swimming in the Gulf of mexico, authorities said. The teenagers were swimming on boogie boards(随身 体 摆 动 的 游 泳 板 )about 100 yards offshore when they noticed a dark shadow in the water, authorities said. The other swimmer was not injured, Walton County Sheriff's spokeswoman Donna Shank said. According to Shank, both girls swam to shore, and the victim was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead. The girl was on vacation from Gonzales, La, but her name was not immediately released(发布). It was not clear what type of shark attacked her, said Stan Kirkland, spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, “The girl was some distance off from the shore,”Kirkland said.“I don't think anyone got a good view of the shark.” The attack happened near the Camping on the Gulf Holiday Travel Park, about 45 miles east of Pensacola on the Florida Panhandle. Authorities closed about 20 miles of crowded beaches to swimming shortly after the attack. It was not immediately clear when they would reopen. Robert Goodwin, 12, of St. Louis, Mo., said he was ordered out of the water by authorities, “I didn't know that it was a shark when I was told to get out,”he said, “I was like what? Wow,that's not cool.” Goodwin's father, Mark,said the family comes to the beach every year. “It was just an eerie (不安的) feeling to see folks sitting there on the beach,”he said. Florida averaged more than 30 shark attacks a year from 2000 to 2003, but there were only 12 attackes off the state's coast last year, according to statistics offered by the American Elasmobranch Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History. 36.The passage was written to________. A.tell the danger of sharks in the sea B.persuade local authorities to protect swimmers C.remind teenagers of a lesson from the accident D.report a shark attack in the Gulf of Mexico 37.According to the authorities, we can know________.

A.one of the two swimmers injured was on vacation B.all the people have known the sufferer's name C.when the shark attacked the girl, no people really caught sight of it D.no people will be allowed to stay on the beach where the accident happened 38.Which of the following statements is NOT true? A.When the accident happened, many people were on holiday on the beach. B.The girl swam so far that no one had a good view of the shark. C.When Robert Goodwin knew what had happened, he perhaps felt uneasy. D.Goodwin's father was afraid people sitting on the beach would drown, so he felt uneasy. 39.In the past five years, how many shark attack accidents happened in Florida? A.132. B.More than 132. C.133. D.More than 四.短文填词 Today I’d like to talk about the changes on Huangshan Mountain. Huangshan Mountain is a place of ________. Here Are lots of tourists_____(看)sights every day. Years ago, some of them paid n_______ attention to environment protection. They threw a ______ waste paper, plastic bags and tins. Besides, they killed animals, caught birds, destroyed trees and flowers. W_____ still, they often made a fire to______ in the forest. That was dangerous. _______(变化)have taken place now. When tourists leave, they take away rubbish with them. They no _____ hunt animals. Plants are also protected. All the tourists carry their lunch In_____ not to start forest fire. We must sing high praise for the good_______(行为).

1._____ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4. _____ 5. _____ 6. _____ 7. _____ 8. _____ 9. _____ 10.______




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