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The Map

? Full Name: The Republic of France
? ?

Respective continent: European Capital: Paris



al language: French
Currency: Euro


Tourism ?French Architecture ?French Cuisine ?French Fashion

The first station--Pairs

——The capital of France Paris is a beautiful city. For centuries this city has attracted the admiration of the world. The allure and charm of Paris captivate all who visit there.

Marseille, spelled Marseilles in English, has a lengthy history of being French, and not so French. A port city, Louis XIV built two forts on either side of the harbor. Suspicious of Marseille's allegiances, the fort guns faced the city, rather than the water. Louis was right, as Marseille strongly supported the Revolution. Soldiers sang a song on the march to Paris that later became know as La Marseillaise. Today, it's France's national anthem. Marseille France also has a diverse ethnicity, and a lively African feel, most notable in the vibrant street markets. Trade grew in the 19th century due to Marseille's proximity with North Africa, and today, Marseille is one of France's most important ports. There are a lot of great places to stay while visiting, and Marseille hotels are charming and modern. On the whole, Marseille France has a lot to offer travelers.

1.Eiffel Tower(埃菲尔铁塔)

Eiffel Tower is not only the building, it is also a kind of culture and the symbol of modern Paris.It went by the name of“Iron Lady ”(铁娘子). By 1988, the “Iron Lady ” has welcomed 123000000 tourists from the five continents .That is to say, the average Eiffel Tower visitors are 1230000 people each year, the daily average of 3400 people.

Notre-Dame (巴黎圣母院) Cathedral

Louvre Museum (卢浮宫)and Triumphal Arch (凯旋门)

Foie gras




If you are unsure about whether you can eat a certain dish with your fingers or other table manners, follow the lead of the host. Most food is not eaten with fingers.


如果你不确定是否可以用手指或其他餐桌礼仪吃某道菜,请遵循主人指示。 大部分食品是不能用手指吃的。

Luxury,is defined as the consumer goods which is beyond the range of need about human's existence and development,has the characteristic of unique,scarce and rare,also known as unnecessaries of life.
国际上给奢侈品的 定义是"一种超出人们 生存与发展需要范围的, 具有独特、稀缺、珍奇 等特点的消费品”,又 称为"非生活必需品"。


Eternal No.5
A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future


Dior is a famous French fashion consumer brand. Dior Company mainly trades in women and men's clothing and accessories, the perfume, makeup for luxuries.

The capital of Rhone- Alpes (罗讷-阿尔卑斯). France‘s second largest city , next to Paris. Divided into Vieux Lyon(里昂老城) and Part-Dieu(巴迪区) by Saone River(索恩河) and Rhone River(罗纳河) Renaissance-style(文艺复兴) buildings and classical architecture.

The Notre Dame de Fourviere Basilica (富维耶大教堂)
Lyon's most famous landmark, thought of Lyon’s symbol . Perched(坐落,栖息) on a hilltop in Vieux Lyon and visible from much of the city.

Primatiale St-Jean(圣让首席大教堂)

a beautiful renaissance cathedral(总教堂,大教堂) situated in Vieux Lyon.

Though the cathedral is not so magnificent , it’s well-known as a senior and high status one, having a history of nearly 1000 years.

The Gallo-Roman Theatre
the breathtaking Roman ruins located near Fourviere Basilica in Lyon.
You can learn about Roman history in France at the Gallo-Roman Museum located at the archaeological(考古学的,考古学上 的) site.

The treasure of the museum is Table Claudienne(克劳狄 青铜板),curved with the speech by Claudius Thi(克劳 狄一世) in 48 AD.museum.

Place des Terreaux (沃土广场)
the most breathtaking square in the heart of Lyon. home to the Lyon City Hall, St. Peter's Palace and the Bartholdi fountain.

Place Bellecour (白莱果广场)
A massive city square in Lyon France. The square's claim to fame is a statue of Louis XIV and its red floor.

Golden Head Park(Parc de Tête d’Or)

Lyons--the capital of mural

Auguste Marie Louis Nicholas(1862-1954)and Louis Jean(1864-1948)

“Fresque des Lyonnais” show Famous characters ever lived in Lyons in the past. Among them,the most famous ones are Auguste Marie Louis Brothers, the pioneers of movies .

"Carney”-- the largest city mural


Provence is the capital of lavender. If there wasn’t lavender, Provence wouldn’t be Provence.

the heaven of Lavender

In Provence , you’ll go on a journey of romance . It’s a good place for wedding photographs and honeymoon

The charm of small towns



Chateau d’If(伊夫堡)

Plages du Prado(普拉多海滨)

Palais Longchamp(隆尚宫)

Avignon(阿维尼翁) -- A former papal center
Palais des Papes (教皇宫)--the city boasts a towering(耸立的;高大的) medieval(中古的;中世纪的) palace

Pont St. Benezet(圣贝内泽桥), is a famous bridge.

Pont du Gard, a 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct and engineering marvel is only sixteen miles to Avignon.

The capital of perfume--Grasse

大写 A* B C D E* F G H I* J K 小写 a b c d e f g h i j k 音标 [a] [be] [se] [de] [?] [?f] [?e] [a?] [i] [?i] [ka] 大写 N O* P Q R S T U* V W X 小写 n o p q r s t u v w x 读音 [?n] [o] [pe] [ky] [?:r] [?s] [te] [y] [ve] [dubl?ve] [iks]








元音:/a/ /?/ /i/ /?/ /y/ /e/ /u/ /?/ /??/ /??/ 半元音: /w/ /j/ 辅音: /f/ /l/ /m/ /n/ /k/ /p/ /t/ /s/ /?/ /v/ (17个) /z/ /?/ /ɡ/ /r/ /b/ /d/ /?/

(15个) /?/ /?/ /o/ /??/ /ɑ?/
? ?

? ? ?

/wa/ /waj/ /?/ :parking /parki?/ /??/

1.Bonjour, monsieur, comment allez-vous? ? 您好,先生,您感觉如何?

2.Moi? Je vais très bien, merci et vous? ? 我吗?我很好,谢谢,您好吗?

3.Moi aussi, merci. Comment vous appelezvous? ? 我也很好,谢谢。您贵姓?

? 4.Je

m’appelle Yves, Yves DUPONT. Je suis Fran?ais. Et vous? Quel est votre nom, s’il vous pla? t? ? 我叫伊夫,伊夫·杜邦。 我是法国人。您呢? 请问您贵姓? ? 5.Mon nom, c’est LI, je m’appelle LI Yang. Je suis Chinois, je suis en train d’apprendre le fran?ais. ? 我姓李,叫李扬。我是中国人,正在学法 语。




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