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Active Voice 主动语态 Many people speak English. They found the dinosaur eggs in Liaoning. We must do something to stop the pollution. Passive Voice English is spoken by many people. The dinosaur eggs were found in Liaoning. Something must be done to stop the pollution.

一.被动语态的时态: 1.一般现在时的被动语态:am /is/ are +动词的过去分词 2.一般过去时的被动语态:was /were +动词的过去分词 3.一般将来时的被动语态:will be +动词的过去分词 4.现在进行时的被动语态:am /is /are +being +动词的过去分词 5.现在完成时的被动语态:have /has +been +动词的过去分词

6.情态动词的被动语态:情态动词 + be +动词的过去分词
二.主动语态变被动语态的变法: 口诀:宾变主,主变宾,谓变 be done ,时不变,数格必须随被变。 注:1.主动、被动的时态要一致。 2.主动、被动的句式要一致。 3.变成的被动语态的主语与谓语在单复数上保持一致。

三、When to use the Passive Voice: 1. 行为主体不明确,不必说出或者无法说出动作的执行者时。 Football is played all over the world. 2. 不易找到或根本就找不到动作的执行者时。 My bike was stolen. 3. 汉语含有“据说”“有人说”等时。 、 It is said that another bridge has been built over the Changjiang River. 4. 汉语中含有“被”“由”等词时。 、 Wei Hua is asked to come by Lin Tao. 5. 汉语中没有“被”“由”等词,而在原句中试加这类词且句意通顺时。 、 These songs are usually sung by boys. 6. 某些句子习惯上用被动语态。 He was born in October, 1988. 7. 表示礼貌时。 You are friendly invited to come to our English party at 8:00p.m. tomorrow. (Note: 用于被动语态中的动词是及物动词,不及物动词不能用被动语态。 )
分词 8.带双宾语的被动语态: 动词+ sb(间宾) +sth(直宾) 口诀:如遇双宾语,一般变间宾,若把直宾变,to /for 间宾连。 1).give/pass /show 与介词 to 搭配。 give sb sth —— sb +be given sth 或 sth +be given +to sb . 2).buy/make/cook 与介词 for 搭配。 buy sb sth —— sb +be bought + sth 或 sth +be bought +for sb


He gave me a book. I ______ ______ a book by him. A book ____ ____ _____ me by him . My mother made me a cake . I ____ _____ a cake by my mother A cake ____ ____ ____ me by my mother .

一 用适当的形式填空 1 History is _________ by the people. ( make) 2 He is often ___________ to do the work by the teacher. (ask) 3 The book ___________ by him last year. ( write ) 4 The radio ______________ last week. ( mend) 5 Some trees ________________ on the hill this spring. (plant) 6 A new subway _____________ (build) next year. 7 She ______________ (take) to the hospital already. 8 Thousands of satellites ______________ (send) up into the space so far. 9 They said they _________________ (invite) to the party already. 10 The trains _________________( produce) in Zhuzhou. 11 Young trees should ______(water) often. 三. 填空(完成被动语态填空) 1. They often clean their classroom after school . (改为被动语态) Their classroom _____ often ______ by them after school. 2. Li Lei gave Tom a new pen last week . (同上) A new pen _____ _______ _____ Tom last week . 3. A lot of people in China can speak English now . (同上) English ______ ____ ______ by a lot of people in China now. 4. I have learned English for about two years. (同上) English ______ ______ ______ for about two years 5. They will publish these story-books next month. (同上) These story-books _____ _____ _____ next month.

一. 被动语态专项练习:选择填空。 1. In some countries , tea ______ with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served 2. Great changes _____ in my hometown since 1980. A. have been taken place B. took place

C. have taken place D. were taken place 3. The new type of car is going to ______ in three years. A. turn out B. be turned out C. has turned out D. have been turned out 4. The woman murdered her friend and ______ to ______. A. was sentenced , death B. sentencing , die C. sentenced , death D. sentenced , die 5. -Do you like the skirt ? -It _______ soft. A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is felt 6. Are you still here ? You were here an hour ago .Who _____for ? A. are you waiting B. did you wait C. were you waiting D. do you wait 7. _____ to know Professor Zhang. A. He said B. I said C. He is said D. It says 8. -I want to sit at the table near the window. -Sorry , ______ already. A. it took B. it takes C. it is taking D. it has been taken 9. The letter _______ three days ago and it ______ yesterday. A. had post , had arrive B. was posted , arrived C. posted , arrived D. had been posted , was arrived 10. He told me that the final examination _______ next Thursday. A. is given B. will be given C. would have given D. would be given 11. Water ______ into ice. A. will changed B. must be changed C. should change D. can be changed 12. Plays ______ twice a month in that theatre. A. put on B. are put on C. was put on D. often put on 13. The birds _______ fly away last Saturday. A. let to B. is let to C. was let D. were let to 14. A strange sound ______ yesterday evening. A. was heard B. hears C. heard D. is heard 15. A beautiful bike _______ him by his classmates. A. sent to B. will sent to C. was sent to D. will be sent for 16. Miss Chen ______ just ______ to speak at the meeting. A. has ?been asked B. has been ?asked C. Have been ? asked D. have ?been asked 17. Meat _______ out in this shop . We can _________ now. A. have been sold , get nothing B. has been sold , get nothing C. has been sold , get some D. have been sold , get some 18. The new play ____ in theatre now.Why don’t you go in and see it ? A. is being shown B. is showing C. is shown D. shows

19. Can you tell _______ ? A. when did it happen B. when was it happened C. when it happened D. when it was happened 20. _____the job _____by Lucy or by John ? Tell me the truth , please. A. Has ? finished B. Has ?being finished C. Is ?finish D. Has ?been finished 二. 用所给动词的适当时态和语态填空 1. When _____ the first man-made satellite _______ (send)up into space ? 2. Last year vegetables ______ (grow)in the garden by Tom and he ______ (sell)them himself. 3. She ______ (help)him with his homework tomorrow evening. 4. How many magazines ______ ( can borrow)in your library every week ? 5. John ______ (hear)to go upstairs two hours ago. 6. -Who ______ (save)her father ? -He ______ (save)by that policeman. 7. The doctor ______ (send for)because his grandpa was ill. 8. Moon cakes _____(make)by his mother every year . ___ your mother _____ (make)moon cakes for you every year ? 9. Some toys ______ (buy)as a presents for these children last Monday. 10. _____ paper ______ (make)of wood ?


被动语态专项练习: 一. 1-5 BCBAC 11-15 DBDAC 二. 1. was sent 3. will help 5. was heard 7. was sent for 9. were bought

6-10 ACDBD 16-20 ABACD 2. were grown , sold 4. can be borrowed 6. saved , was saved 8. are made , Does ?make 10. Is ?made




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