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? 一、面对挑战的感悟 ? Looking back on this, I realize that whatever challenges I am faced with, I will spare no effort and never give up. I’m sure to achieve final victory and become what I should be

. ? 二、怎样看待司机的行为? ? After reading the passage, I felt very angry with the driver. It was what he did that did shock me. I can’t believe the driver is so cruel. Generally speaking, the responsibility of a bus driver is to serve people. However, the driver is short of essential occupational morality. Having known the woman’s arm was stuck in the bus door, he continued to drive his bus. What an evil-minded driver!

? 三、对交友的看法 ? In my view, it takes time to build good relationship with others. You can’t expect to become good friends with someone soon after you meet him. You also can’t expect to become good friends with others if you do not spend time with them. ? 四、对心理问题的看法 ? As far as I’m concerned, mental problems are serious problems both in universities and middle schools. I believe physical and mental health is more important than good grades. Therefore, parents and teachers should first pay attention to students’ feelings. Only when they feel it fun to study, can they learn their lessons well.

? 五、对网络教育的看法 ? Personally, I appreciate this new form of education. It can provide different learners with more flexible ways to learn. Most of all, with online education, we can absorb the latest knowledge. ? 六、对“自我表现与谦虚”的看法 ? For my part, good communication, including presenting one’s achievements and advantages properly to others, can lead to success. In modern society, blowing one’s own trumpet(喇叭) can help others know what a person is good at, which may be an example for them to follow. So what counts most is that one’s confidence must be true of one’s real case.To Chinese people, modesty is a virtue, but being too modest may sometimes cause others to think you are good at nothing. Moreover, modesty doesn’t necessarily mean hiding one’s own strong points or keeping silent. One must learn to sell himself at the right time and enjoy his proud moments. Therefore, blowing one’s trumpet and modesty, in my opinion, can be combined and balanced.

? 七、态度决定一切的启示 ? Different attitudes lead to different results. Take Xiao Hua for example, He’s my classmate. He always puts his heart into study, so he has become a top student in our class. With his diligence and concentration, he’s bound to succeed in the entrance examination. However, Xiao Li never cares about his study and turns a deaf ear to the teachers’ advice. As a result, he falls far behind others in his study. ? 八、对…行为的看法 ? As for me, Marry is really great because she’s ready to do…that seems very small. Maybe what she is doing is very common in others’ eyes but it will play an important role in our daily life.

? 九、目标的重要性(看法) ? I was greatly inspired by such a story as it makes me realize the power of a goal in shaping one’s success and gives me strength to pursue my goal despite the hardships I’m to go through. ? In my opinion, goals are important in our life. To begin with, as goals often enables us to be positive to ups and downs in our life. Moreover, bearing goals in mind, we’re less likely to be distracted from our way to success. Finally, as goals are what we’re longing for, they thus can motivate us to strive for greater achievements, making our life more fulfilling. ? 十、对考验的感受 ? From the story I’ve learned that the trials of life are of great importance in our growth. As the saying goes, “No cross, no crown(不经历风雨怎么见彩虹).” Only by facing and overcoming difficulties in our life can we grow up happily and healthily.

? 十一、对中学生活的感受 ? As for me, a student from the country, what I do every day is to devote myself to realizing my dream of attending a key university. So I seldom have time to do outdoor activities. Anyway, I’ve become more independent and as a student of boarding school, my experience has become a benefit in my future college life. ? 十二、有关命运转折点的启示 ? The passage inspired me greatly as I come to know that the happiness of life lies in our own hands. Although he was hopeless in any sport at school, He didn’t give up. Despite what others say about him, he made up his mind to improve himself push his body to the limit. With his determination and perseverance, he made a difference in his life.

? 十三、对街头食品的看法 ? As far as I’m concerned, I often purchase some street food on my way to school in the morning because it is very convenient to me. As a student, I can’t spend much time waiting or eating in a restaurant. It is well-known that street food is very popular in cities and towns because they are tasty, quick and cheap, which attract a large number of customers every day. Most of them are so busy with their study and work that they can’t spare much time to enjoy their meals. ? 十四、如何更好地鼓励孩子学习 ? To get kids motivated to learn, I think we should not treat every child in the same way. To some kids, oral praise is essential. Don’t save the praise for only the top score. If possible, involve other adults in praising them. However, this method may not work well with other kids. Maybe what is more important to them is to watch a movie or go on a trip together with their parents. It just depen

? 十五、学生应增强节约能源意识 ? The waste and overuse of energy has influenced ecological balance, which will have a harmful effect on our environment. It is necessary for us students to enhance the awareness of saving energy. Personally, I think we can save much energy in our daily life. ? 十六、建设生态学校,你该做点什么? ? To build our school an Eco-school, first I must tell my schoolmates about the importance of environmental protection. Then we can start from doing some small things, such as collecting used and saving water. We should always remember our responsibilities and change the environment step by step.

? 十七、离家出走建议 ? In my eyes, trust and communication are of great importance. Why don’t you try to break the ice by talking to your mother about your emotions? Secondly, know how to calm yourself down when you’re upset. Maybe you need to run around outside, listen to music, or draw. Do whatever you need to do to feel better. You can also get some help from ideal friends—someone like your teacher, or neighbor, who you can depend on to support and help you. ? 十八、可以采取哪些措施解决污染问题 ? Many people have become aware of the importance of environmental protection but others still haven’t, so some measures should still be taken to solve environmental problems. For example, our government should educate people to realize the seriousness of the environmental problems and to protect our natural resources in an environmentally friendly way. Only when everyone knows the importance of the environmental protection can we have a better and cleaner world to live in!

? 十九、食品安全问题 ? Food safety is very important to us. Here’s some advices. First, we shouldn’t go out to eat fast food often. At the restaurant there is also some food that isn’t safe, such as unhealthy oil. Second, we should make food clean before cooking. Remember to boil food. Third, we should buy and eat food carefully. If the food is in bags, we should read instructions and dates carefully. Make sure the food is safe. ? 二十、有关校车事故 ? Severe school bus accidents are reported to have taken place recently throughout the country, resulting in large numbers of deaths and injuries. The government’s inadequate investment and the poor condition of the school buses should be responsible for the accidents. Therefore, experts suggest the government should invest more money to improve school buses. Safety education should be given to school bus drivers so as to promote their awareness of sticking to traffic rules. ?

? 二十一、 青少年参加各类电视节目的才艺表演 ? Some students think that it’s a good way to show their talents, contributing much to their social experience and self-confidence, and that it’s good for their overall development. However, other students hold a different opinion that the teenagers are just imitating others rather than showing something original. ? 二十二、个人可以通过哪些方法做到低碳生 活 ? It is important and necessary for us individuals to take immediate action to live a low-carbon life every day. It doesn’t cost us much to live a lowcarbon life. What we ought to do is just to make some small changes in our daily life。

? 二十三、就“帮助他人”的主题发表看法 ? First, the government and society should guarantee that people doing good deeds will be treated right instead of being falsely accused of wrong-doings. Besides, moral education should be enhanced in schools and universities. Last but not least, the Internet, TV, radio, newspaper and other media should spare no effort to praise those kindhearted people and give correct guidance to the public. ? 二十四、是否应该立法禁止家庭暴力 ? As we all know, domestic violence will cause lots of problems. For example, domestic violence damages the communication between husband and wife, making the family atmosphere change from bad to worse. In addition, domestic violence not only hurts women themselves but their children as well. Therefore, I think it necessary if it is illegal to play domestic violence.

? 二十五、城市“绿道”的建立 ? The government have built more special green lanes for bikes and establish more bicycle rental sites as a way of encouraging low-carbon lifestyles. What’s better, it was really amazing to ride a bike on the country roads or the special lanes for bikes because cyclists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside and the fresh clean air. ? 二十六、中学生到社区服务 ? In recent years, volunteering is becoming popular among Chinese people,especially among youngsters. More and more schools in China require students to go in for community service during the vocations. Students are often seen to sweep the streets, plant trees and visit orphanages. Community service is of great benefit to both those in need and society. Moreover, community service is helpful to cultivate our social responsibility.

? 二十七、孩子是否需要承担家务 ? It is, of course, not right for children not to take on any responsibility in the household. As a family member, a child should help with the housework so that their parents can relax themselves after a long day’s work. If a child takes his role in the housework,he will become sympathetic and considerate and would like to help others. ? 二十八、青少年缺乏睡眠的原因 ? A long-term lack of sleep will not only make us tired but also make it difficult for us to focus on studies. Worse still,we are at the risk of developing dangerous behavior such as depression,smoking and so on. As a student, I know there are many reasons for our loss of sleep, mostly connected with the pressure. For example, we have to spend much time on homework from teachers and parents. Besides, the present educational system is an important factor. Luckily, some effective steps have been taken to ensure enough sleep for students.

? 二十九、慈善事业 ? As a senior student, what we can do for the charity is to try our best to help the people around us by helping the less advanced classmates or by donating some money to the needy. For instance, students in one class sell their used books and papers when they graduate to collect money for the Hope Project. So let charity be a fashion! ? 三十、对校园安全问题的看法 ? This incident reflects a lack of awareness of safety procedures. On one hand, we students should learn to deal with an emergency calmly in daily life. If there is a crisis, we are supposed to remain calm, ensure we are safe and then call for help. On the other hand, it is the school authorities’ obligation to take safety measures for students living in a campus. Furthermore, more lectures should be held on safety to enhance students’ awareness of the issue.



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