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? 提出观点 ? 1. When asked about…, most people say… But many other people regard…as… I personally think… ? 当被问及对……有什么看法时,大多数人认为……但 是,还有很多人认为……我个人认为…… ? 2. When it comes to…, some p

eople think that… Others argue that the opposite is true. There is probably some truth to both arguments, but… ? 涉及……这一问题,有的人认为应该……另一些人持 相反意见。也许双方的观点都有一定道理,但是……

? 3. It is widely acknowledged that…contributed to… Experts argue that China must introduce… But I doubt whether…alone will solve the problem. ? 人们普遍认为……专家认为中国必须推行……但 我对仅仅……就能解决问题表示怀疑。 ? 4. An increasing number of people are joining… In reaction to the phenomenon, some say… But do they realize that…can also lead to…? ? 越来越多的人……进入了……针对这一现象,一 些人认为……但是,他们有没有意识到……也能 导致……

? 5. One of the pressing problems facing our nation (China) today is…and… ? 我们国家(中国)如今面临的紧迫问题之一是…… ? 6. Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon gripping the nation today is… ? 也许当今困扰国家的最危险的现象是……

? 7. Never before in history has the issue of…been more evident than now. ? 历史上,……的问题从来没有比现在更加突出。

? 8. Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that… ? 也许现在是应该重新考虑……的时候了。 ? 9. A growing number of people are beginning to realize that…is not the sole prerequisite for happiness. ? 越来越多的人开始意识到……并不是幸福的惟一 条件。

? 10. Years of observing human behavior has enabled me to conclude that the major difference between…and…lies solely with… ? 对人们行为的多年观察使我能够得出这样的结 论:……和……的主要区别仅仅在于……

? 11. There has been undesirable trend in recent years towards… A recent survey showed that…percent of respondents ranked…as their top priority, compared to…percent only a few years ago. Why do people fail to realize that…? ? 近年来出现了对社会有害的……倾向。最近的一项调查表 明,……的调查对象把……作为他们的首选,相比之下, 就在几年前,只有……的人这样想。为什么人们没能意识 到……不一定带来幸福呢?
? 12. I recently read a newspaper article on… The deplorable problem of…has aroused public concern nationwide. ? 最近,我在报纸上读到一篇关于……的文章。……的问题 令人深感遗憾,它已经引起了全国公众的关注。

? 13. Judging from the reams of evidence presented, we can safely conclude that… ? 根据现有的大量证据,我们可以有把握地得出这样 的结论:……
? 14. Along with the development of…, more and more… ? 随着……的发展,越来越多……

? 15.In the past few years, there has been a sharp growth/boom/decline in… ? 在过去几年内,……有显著增长/激增/明显滑坡……

? 16.The ample evidence presented enables us to reasonably conclude that… ? 提出的充分证据使我们能够合理地得出这 样的结论:…… ? 17.While the pace/tempo of people’s living is speeding up, a lot of changes have taken place in… ? 人民生活节奏加快的同时,……也发生了 很多变化。

? 18. With the fantastic spur both in industry and its economy in China, the number of…is on the rise. ? 随着中国工业经济的迅猛发展,……的数目不断上升。 ? 19. It is commonly believed that the rise in…is the inevitable result of economic development. ? 人们普遍认为,……的增长是经济发展的必然结果。

? 20.In recent years, China has experienced an alarming increase in… ? 最近几年来,中国……有了惊人的增长。

? 1.表示原因 ? 1) There are three reasons for this. ? 2) The reasons for this are as follows. ? 3) The reason for this is obvious. ? 4) The reason for this is not far to seek.

? ? ? ? ? ?

2. 表示好处 1) It has the following advantages. 2) It does us a lot of good. 3) It benefits us quite a lot. 4) It is beneficial to us. 5) It is of great benefit to us.

? ? ? ?

3. 表示坏处 1) It has more disadvantages than advantages. 2) It does us much harm. 3) It is harmful to us.

? 4.表示重要、必要、困难、方便、可能 ? 1) It is important (significant, necessary, difficult,convenient,possible)for sb. to do sth.. ? 2) We think it necessary to do sth. ? 3) It plays an important role in our life.

5. 表示总结或结论的句子
? 1) In short,it can be said that… ? 2) It may be briefly summed up as follows. ? 3) From what has been mentioned above,we can come to the conclusion that… ? 4) in general/above all/with the result that/as a result/consequently ? 5) As far as I am concerned/as for me, …

? 6) This truth above seems to be self-evident. ? 7) Whether we examine the …above, such things can happens anywhere anytime to anyone. ? 8) In my point of view, I like/prefer A much more than/to B. ? 9) I still prefer A, however, for they teach me not only to be ...but also to be... ,both in...and in... ? 10) There is no doubt that… ? 11) In order to make our world a better place in which to live we should make efforts to…

? 12) To a large extent,...
? 13) If all above mentioned measures are achieved,.... ? 14) Wherever you are and whatever you do, ...is always meaningful. ? 15) So clear/evident/obvious it is that there are quite different opinions on it. ? 16) Now, which one do you prefer-----the one...or the one...? Were it left to me to select, I should not hesitated a moment to choose the former/latter.

? 1. Some British families decide not to buy televisions because they influence the development of the creativity of children. What do you think? ? With the rapid development of science and technology, television, as a new invention in the 20th century is becoming very popular in people’s life. People can be informed of the latest news and enjoy the colorful programs at home. In my opinion, television will not affect children’s creativity as exaggerated.

? Firstly, television is the most effective tool to inform children of the latest news and scientific development over the world. Television tells us the recent development of some researches, such as clone technology, Genetic breakthroughs, and the new computing technology and so on, which can stimulate the imagination of children and encourage them to carry out relevant experiments, making new findings and breakthroughs in their study.

? Secondly, some programs like adventures and geography can enlarge children’s knowledge of scope. With the emergence of information technology, the knowledge in textbooks cannot satisfy children’s curiosity any more. Children need to learn wider knowledge and know more about our world. Programs like adventures can cultivate children’s creativity and the ability to tackle difficulty; programs like geography can teach children knowledge about different countries in the world and initiate their aspiration to know about the nature; programs about science can inspire children’s interest in science and technology.

? However, the improper programs on television sometimes play negative role in the growth of children. The shots about violence, crimes and pornography contents are making children walk on the criminal road. ? To sum up, I believe that television will not influence children’s creativity. But meanwhile, the government and the whole society should do their utmost to prohibit the unhealthy contents on TV and provide the children with a clean growing environment (275 words)

? 2. Unemployment is getting increasingly serious in many countries. Some people think students only need to get primary education, while others think secondary education is necessary. What’s your opinion? ? While the global population is soaring, the working efficiency is improving as the result of the development of scientific technology. Therefore, the pressure for employment is getting more and more intense. The rate of employment especially that of college students declines year after year. In face of this situation, some people hold that primary education gains more importance than secondary one. To the opposite, I hold that secondary education is indispensable.

? To begin with, the quality of individual independence can be better cultivated through secondary education. After the primary education, a considerable proportion of students need to further their studies in other parts of the country. Leaving the familiar environment as well as their loving parents to a brand new world is a very demanding task for their adaption both physically and mentally. As a matter of fact, the ability to paddle one’s own canoe is a basic requirement in the work.

? Second, team work values in secondary education. Unlike the situation in primary one that marks always have the final say, team activity is of great significance in secondary education for it provides students with opportunities to coordinate with others as well as to make constructive proposals to meet the needs in the future employment. Those qualities can only be developed in practice but not through classes.

? Last but not least, secondary education allows students to stand on a higher shoulder to look further in order to inspire their creativity. It is said that “knowledge is power". It can never be a burden to possess as much knowledge as possible, and it will be a driving force for social development by stimulating their imagination and creativity.
? In general, in addition to improving the capacity to learn and study as the primary education contributes, the secondary education can do a better job in letting students more open-minded, creative and critical which are the major demands for employees. That’s why it is indispensable in modern society. (325 words)

? 范文第二类:双边支持篇 ? 1. Intelligent machines such as robots are widely applied to take the place of human beings. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
? The technology of intelligent machines improves amazingly with the help of artificial intelligence. Robots, known as steel-collar workers, are widely employed in different aspects, such as marine research, space exploration and some modern assembly lines. Robots bring about advantages undoubtedly, and meanwhile, they are not as versatile as expected. (49 words)

? The advantages of robots are innumerable. The employment of robots on assembly lines saves a lot of labor forces. Robots are widely used in developed countries. In Japan, one out of ten thousand workers are robots, which not only improve the working efficiency, but also enhance accuracy. That is the reason why robots are so popular in automobile industry and electronic production line. (63 words)

? Another merit is that robots can take the place of human beings and work in the dangerous environment or the places not accessible for us. Human beings have extended their cognition to the outer space, where there are considerable unpredictable dangers. Robots can work in any kind of situation, no matter how awful the environment is. In hospital, robots work as professional doctors doing operation on the patients. Furthermore, robots can work around the clock, never knowing what tiredness is. (80 words)

? However, the disadvantages of robots are undeniable. Firstly, all the robots and other intelligent machines are designed by human beings. What robots do is follow the instruction and pre-set programming by human beings. If there is something wrong with the electric circuit or programs, robots will become good-for-nothing machines. Besides, robots cannot work creatively when confronted with complicated situation. (59 words)
? In short, robots are subsidiary to human beings. However competent they are in various kinds of field, robots will never take the place of human beings and play a decisive role in our work and life. (36 words) (287 words totally)

? 2. The number of cars keeps increasing, so road systems should be expanded. Some people think the government should pay for it, while others think the car owners should pay for it. What is your opinion?
? During the last decades, due to the population explosion as well as the incredibly speedy improvement of auto-industry, the number of automobiles keeps rising. Consequently many people point out that road system should be expanded. While a sizable proportion of people claim that it is government which should pay for it, there are still others holding the opposite viewpoint, advocating that car owners should afford the payment. From my perspective, both of them should shoulder the responsibility.

? On one hand, government, the representative of citizens, have the obligation to help its citizens to solve the intractable problem. Without the leadership of the government, citizens may not be willing to pay for it. Thus, government should act as an authoritative leader. Besides, the government’s income every year, taking tax revenue for an illustration, should be used to tackle some troublesome problems that citizens face, and road system is a case in point. Accordingly, it is definitely the government’s responsibility to pay for the money used to improve the road system.

? On the other hand, car owners, who use the transportation facilities every day, should be responsible for the construction of new roads. Since there are an increasing number of car owners, our roads become narrower and narrower, which leads to the expansion of roads. If there were not abundant car owners, there would be no need for us to expand our car system. By comparison with some suburbs, there are substantially more car owners in cosmopolitan cities, thereby more expansive roads are needed. Nevertheless, it is not the same for small suburban areas. Hence, car owners absolutely have the obligation to pay for it. ? To summarize, from the above-mentioned analysis, we can safely arrive at the conclusion that not only the government but also the car owners should afford the payment, for both of them have the responsibility.

二. 问题分析解决类范文
1. It is generally acknowledged that families are not as close as they used to be. What are the possible reasons for this and what can be done to reverse the trend?
? With the speeding up of modern life, family closeness has been reduced to an historic low in the last decade. Why is it the case and what can be done to switch this tendency?

? The reasons for this may involve three major aspects. First of all, working parents spend the vast majority of their time in their offices or even work overtime at home, since they want to ensure an advantageous position in the fierce competition. Consequently, they have little time for communication with other family members, which possibly result in the increasing alienation in the family. A similar case happens to children, who are often sent to boarding school and back home once a week, even once a month.

? Even if some other young children stay at home with their parents, most of them would be induced to watch TV or play some exciting computer games or chat with faraway friends online instead of sitting around a table to start an intimate talk with other members. So the overuse of modern technological devices is also contributing to the increasing family indifference these days.

? To solve this problem, I think, the crucial point is to ensure sufficient time spent together and enhance the communication between different family members. Parents should spare more time from their work, which can be devoted to a short journey if it is longed for, or an exhibition or some other activities that can be enjoyed together. Moreover, some traditional values about family closeness should be imparted to the younger generation whether at home or school in their early age, when it is easier to shape a correct attitude towards family. Overall, great efforts from both parents and schools should be highly desirable to reverse the trend. (291 words)



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