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必修三unit1 warming up & reading教案

2014 年龙赛中学青年教师大比武

Festivals around the world Teaching Design
英语组 李妍
教学课型: 阅读综合课 教材分析及教学目标: ① 语言知识目标 ② 学习并运用以下词汇: 单词:celebrate, harvest, starve, independence, admire, energetic 短语:dress up, play a trick on, look forward to,in memory of ② 语言技能目标 学生进一步学习使用恰当的阅读方法与技能,如快速搜索信息,猜词义,信息分析能力 以及语篇概括能力;学习地道的英语表达法;了解中外节日习俗的共性和差异。 ③ 学习策略目标 独立思考与合作学习相结合。 ④ 跨文化交际目标 通过介绍中外几种不同的节日让学生了解这些节日的来源,人们如何庆祝这些节日,以 及这些节日背后所蕴含的文化。 ⑤ 情感态度目标 通过对中外节日的介绍,让学生对中国传统节日和文化更感兴趣。 教学方法: 任务型、交际型 教学辅助: PowerPoint,tape-recorder,blackboard 学生情况分析: 对学生而言, 节日是个熟悉的话题, 但对中外节日的差异以及部分外国节日人们的庆祝 方式的不同不甚了解。 对高一的学生来说该话题既有很强的吸引力, 但同时也存在一定 的难度, 尤其是部分节日的来源以及一些当地习俗, 需要学生在短时间内掌握理解大量 的文字信息,同时又要学着运用和表达。

※※※Teaching Procedure※※※ Step I. Warming up
Listen to a pop song as well as enjoy some pictures to remind the students of the Spring Festival Gala in 2014. Make the students think of other festivals around the world. 【设计说明】从学生非常喜欢的春晚歌曲《情非得已》导入,引出春晚和春节的话题,进而 激发学生思考中外的其他节日。

Step II. Brainstorming
Show the students some pictures of festivals both in China and foreign countries. Ask them to express the names of these festivals in English and the celebrations of some festivals. 【设计说明】头脑风暴旨在锻炼学生快速思考的能力,激发学生“说”的兴趣,在介绍节日


2014 年龙赛中学青年教师大比武 和庆祝活动的同时渗透部分单词和词组,让学生在玩中学。

Step III. Fast reading
Read the first part of this reading passage and the subtitles, and then answer the following two questions. 1. What did the ancient festivals celebrate? Why? 2. How many kinds of festivals are mentioned in this passage? What are they? Suggested answers: 1. end of cold weather / planting in spring / harvest in autumn / hunt of animals people would starve if food was difficult to find 2. Festivals of the Dead / Festivals to Honour People Harvest Festivals / Spring Festivals 【设计说明】通过对课文第一段和小标题的阅读,让学生回答两个相关的问题,旨在考查学 生搜索信息的能力。

Step IV. Detailed reading
1. Listen to Para2 and think of the three questions below. 2. What are the festivals mentioned here? 3. How do people celebrate the Japanese festival Obon? 4. What do children do on Halloween? Suggested answers: 1. Japanese festival Obon / Day of the Dead in Mexico / Halloween 2. Clean graves / Light incense & lamps / Play music 3. Dress up / Go to their neighbours’ homes to ask for sweets / Play a trick on them if the neighbours don’t give any sweets 【设计说明】对于本段提到的三种国外节日的介绍——日本的盂兰盆节、莫斯科的鬼节、西 方的万圣节,使学生了解东西方的不同文化。 2. Read the following sentences and consider whether they are true or false, try to correct them if they are wrong. 1. Some festivals are held to satisfy the ancestors who might return to do good or harm. 2. People offer food, flowers and gifts to the dead because they think that this will lead the ancestors back to earth. 3. People celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico in late November. 4. Children dress up and go to their neighbours’ homes to ask for money on Halloween. Suggested answers: 1. True 2. False (light lamps and play music) 3. False (early) 4. False (sweets) 【设计说明】通过的句子正误的判断考查学生对本段细节的把握能力。 3. Read Para3 and answer the two questions. 1. Who are mentioned in the text? 2. Why are these festivals held? Some festivals are held to _______ famous people. For example, ___________ in China/America/India is in memory of __________, who ___________. Suggested answers:

2014 年龙赛中学青年教师大比武 1. 2. Qu Yuan, Christopher Columbus, Mohandas Gandhi honour / The Dragon Boat Festival / Qu Yuan / is the famous ancient poet / Columbus Day / Christopher Columbus / arrived in the new world / The Indian National Day / Mohandas Gandhi / helped gain India’s independence from Britain 【设计说明】 本段介绍了三种为了纪念伟人的节日, 让学生在了解节日的同时学习了伟人的 事迹。利用填空的形式使难度降低,便于学生掌握。 4. Read Para4 and consider the two questions. 1. Why are harvest festivals celebrated? 2. Which festivals are mentioned here? What are the similarities and differences between them? Suggested answers: 1. Because food is gathered for the winter and the agricultural work is over. 2. Thanks-giving festivals Mid-autumn festivals Similarities Differences Get together to have meals European countries Decorate with flowers and fruit / Win awards China & Japan Admire the moon Enjoy mooncakes

【设计说明】 本段介绍了两种关于丰收的节日。 将学生不是很熟悉的西方感恩节和相对较熟 悉的东方中秋节进行对比, 找出相同点和不同点, 旨在考查学生的理解和分析 能力。 5. Read Para5, enjoy some pictures and think of the two questions. 1. What do these people look forward to? 2. Why are Spring Festivals most energetic? Suggested answers: 1. They look forward to the Spring Festival? 2. Spring Festival in China: eat food / give children lucky money / dragon dances & carnivals / celebrate Lunar New Year Easter in western countries: exciting carnivals / parades & dancing / loud music & colourful clothing Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan: covered with tree flowers

Step V. Post reading
There are all kinds of festivals and ___________ around the world. The ______________ were mainly held at three times a year--- the ____ of the cold winter, planting in spring and _______ in autumn. Some festivals are held to ______ the dead in case they might ________, while other festivals are held to honor famous people, such as ____________________and Columbus Day. Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals are happy events because the food is _________ for the winter. The most energetic festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the ______ of spring, such as the_____________ and Easter. Suggested answers: celebrations / ancient festivals / end / harvest / honour / do harm / Dragon Boat Festival / gathered / coming / Spring Festival 【设计说明】 通过填空的形式既对文章的内容进行了概括和总结, 又复习了本课文的相关重


2014 年龙赛中学青年教师大比武 点词汇和短语。

Step VI. Discussion
Nowadays, more and more people prefer to celebrate foreign festivals rather than Chinese traditional festivals. What’s your opinion about this issue? 【设计说明】读后活动帮助学生理解掌握本课所学的内容,同时希望学生发散思维。针对时 下热门的“过洋节”话题进行讨论,希望学生在追随西方文化的同时也不要忘 记本土的传统文化和习俗。

Step VII. Homework
Which festivals do you like best? Why? Discuss with your partner and write your ideas.



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