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(外研版)高中英语必修一同步练习:4(module 1)(含答案)

语 篇 提 能
Ⅰ.完形填空 Mom and I have been coming to the ice rink (溜冰场) every Sunday since my lessons began. I take __1__ on Tuesdays, and we __2__ together on Sundays. When we're __3__ to go out on the ice, Morn puts an arm around my shoulder. I look up at Mom and __4__. She smiles back __5__. I take a short gliding (滑行的) step, and she steps with me, __6__ my hand tight (紧紧 地). We go very __7__ at the beginning. After some practice, we __8__ in the center of the rink, and I carefully __9__ my hand from Mom's tight hold. “Not yet,” Mom says, reaching for my __10__. Keeping my eyes on Morn's worried face, I glide slowly away. While Morn stands still, I __11__ the move Coach taught us this week. __12__, some bigger kids move by, skating really fast. It's hard to practice the move when people skate so __13__. Then I say, “OK, Mom. It's time to skate on your own. There's really nothing to be __14__ of.” “Mom, skating __15__ is just the same as skating with me.” She lets out a breath. Then I do what Coach does when he's teaching a(n) __16__ skater. “Watch my face, Mom,” I say. “Not your __17__. Now, step.” She takes a baby step. “Glide. Good. Step. Glide. That's right. You can do it.” We __18__ until Mom has gone back and forth across the rink three

times by herself. When she is done, she glides over to me. “I __19__ you could do it,” I say. She smiles and says, “I couldn't have done it without my excellent __20__.” 1.A. photos C. lessons 2.A. drive C. run 3.A. ready C. happy 4.A. cheer C. smile 5.A. coldly C. shyly 6.A. shaking C. waving 7.A. quickly C. slowly 8.A. act C. lie 9.A. pull C. lift 10.A. head C. hand 11.A. forget C. try B. exams D. chances B. swim D. skate B. unable D. sorry B. cry D. nod B. bravely D. nervously B. holding D. washing B. politely D. easily B. stop D. continue B. clap D. push B. back D. leg B. fail D. discover

12.A. Also C. Besides 13.A. far C. hard 14.A. tired C. afraid 15.A. alone C. together 16.A. old C. new 17.A. feet C. eyes 18.A. visit C. stay 19.A. heard C. knew 20.A. teacher C. student 答案与解析 语篇解读 1.C 2.D

B. However D. Instead B. badly D. close B. glad D. proud B. abroad D. back B. clever D. young B. arms D. hair B. leave D. move B. saw D. showed B. boss D. roommate

本文是记叙文。 文章讲述了作者教妈妈学滑冰的故事。


(lessons)”,每周日跟妈妈一起去“滑冰(skate)”。 3.A 下文是“我”和妈妈一起滑冰的情节。妈妈搂住“我”肩 膀是在我们“准备(ready)”到溜冰场的时候。 4. C 由下文的 She smiles back 可知, “我”看着妈妈并对她“微

笑(smile)”。 5. D 由上文的 Mom puts an arm around my shoulder 和下文妈妈 抓紧“我”的情节可知,妈妈是“紧张地(nervously)”对“我”回以 微笑。 6.B 由下文的 Mom's tight hold 可知,刚开始走进溜冰场,妈妈 紧紧地“抓着(holding)”“我”的手。 7.C 妈妈不敢滑冰,因此刚开始我们滑得很“慢(slowly)”。 8.B 从下文“我”自己慢慢地滑可知,跟妈妈一起练习了几次 后,我们“停在(stop)”溜冰场中央。 9.A 由“我”离开妈妈自己滑冰可知,“我”小心地把手从妈 妈紧握的手中“抽(pull)”出来。 10.C 由上文的 I carefully ... my hand from Mom's tight hold 可 知, “ 我 ” 放开妈妈的手后,她很害怕,试图抓住 “ 我 ” 的 “ 手 (hand)”。 11.C “我”“试着(try)”练习这周教练教给我们的动作。

12.B 由下文的 It's hard to practice the move ...可知,“练习教 练教的动作”与“身旁有大孩子飞快地滑过而不能专心滑冰 ”之间是 转折关系,故此处选 However。 13.D 由上文的 some bigger kids move by 可知,有大孩子从身 边飞快地滑过,距离很“近(dose)”,这让“我”很难练习教练教的动 作。 14.C 从下文作者鼓励妈妈自己滑冰的情节可知, 作者告诉妈妈 不要“害怕(afraid)”。 15.A 由上文的 It's time to skate on your own 可知,“我”对妈


鼓励妈妈自己滑冰。 16.C 对妈妈来说,她是“初学者(new skater)”。 17 . A (feet)”。 18.C 妈妈一直在练习自己滑冰,所以我们是一直 “呆(stay)” 初次学滑冰的人,因为害怕,所以总是看自己的 “ 脚

在溜冰场上。 19.C 以做到。 20. A 在作者的鼓励下, 妈妈学会了滑冰, 所以妈妈称作者为“老 师(teacher)”。 Ⅱ.阅读理解七选五 Do you want to be at the top of your class? Add these tips to your life and you should be on your way to being a top student! __1__ I cannot stress how important it is to pay attention to what your teacher is teaching you. Take part in class discussions if you have something worth to add. Pay attention during class, especially during lectures. Taking notes is important. You don't need to write down every single word your teacher says but write down what he/she writes on the board, or any special fact you think you might need for a test. __2__ This way it will help you learn more effectively by actually thinking about what you are writing. Don't skip school. You will be missing out on stuff. __3__ However, you will have more work and you have missed lectures and inclass movies. Also, try not to be late for class. It's most likely that your teacher won't appreciate it and you will get yourself behind. __4__ If you have an “I don't care about school or this class” “我”鼓励妈妈滑冰,是因为“我”“知道(knew)”她可

attitude, then teachers will be less willing to help you with problems or offer you extra credit. The same goes for lazy attitude. Have a respectful attitude to the teacher and other students. Try not to laugh when other students make a mistake. Always ask questions. __5__ If you don't understand, ask someone. Read your textbook and notes, and then if that fails, seek help. Ask a teacher, friend, classmate, parent, etc. Get a tutor if you need one. A. Be prepared. B. Write in your own words. C. Keep a good attitude towards things. D. Staying organized will be helpful. E. There is no shame in needing some help. F. It is true that you could make up the work. G. Pay attention to everything the teacher says. 答案 1.G 2.B 3.F 4.C 5.E


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