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句型 1. A...比较级+ than B 表示 A 比 B 更... 1. Letter-boxes are much more common in the UK than in the US, where most people have a mailbox instead. 2. Prevention is better than cure.

3. Now we speak more English than we did last term. 句型 2. A...比较级+than that(the one/ those)... 用代词代替重复的名词:that 代不可数名词,the one 代可数名词单数, those 代可数名词复数。 1. The suggestion you made is more practical than the one Xiao Wu made. 2.The girls in your class are more active than those in our class. 3. In those years our life was worse than that of draught animals. A...as +原级+as B 表示 A 和 B 一样... A... not as/so +原级+as B 表示 A 不如 B 1. The tree is as tall as the building. 2. Your coffee is not so good as mine. 3. You can stay here as long as others did. 4. —What do you think of French? —In my opinion,French is as difficult a subject as English. 句型 4. 比较级的形式表示“最.... ”的含义。 1. Your story is perfect; I have never heard a better one. 2. –Did you enjoy yourself at the party? ----Yes. I have never been to a more exciting one before. 句型 5. 比较级 and 比较级 1. Our country is getting stronger and stronger. 2. More and more students become interested in English. 句型 6. The 比较级..., the 比较级... 1. The sooner you forget him the better. 2. The older I got , the more my passion for music grew. 句型 7. 倍数的表达 倍数+ 比较级+than... 倍数+ as +原级+as ... 倍数+ the +名词 of... (size, length, weight, width, height, depth, amount...) 1. The new bridge is three times the width of the one built last year. 2. They have produced twice as much grain as they did last year. 3. We have a third as many students in our class as we had last term. 4. This line is twice longer than that one. 句型 3.


练习 完成句子 1. __________________________________(最长的三条河流) in the world are the Niles, the Amazon,and the Changjiang River. (long) 2.At the award ceremony, Mr. Jackson said, ―For me, there has been ___________________ _______________(没有更大的回报) than your support.‖ (great) 3. I have seldom seen my mother _______________________ my progress as she is now . (pleased) 我很少看到妈妈像现在一样为我的进步如此开心。 4. —I have tried very hard to find a solution to the problem, but in vain. w_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m —why not consult with Frank? You see, two heads _____________________. (good) 三个臭皮匠凑成诸葛亮.(两个脑袋比一个好) 5. It is reported that this country uses _______________________as the whole Europe.(twice) 据报道,这个国家使用的能源是整个欧洲的两倍。 6. Folk songs ____________________ _than popular songs at that period of time. (wide) 在那段时间,民歌比流行歌曲更广为接受。 7. In terms of the numbers in employment, the hotel industry was ____________________ industry in this country in 1929. (large) 从雇员数量来看, 在 1929 年, 酒店行业是这个国家的第二大产业。 8 . The city ________________________,thanks to the environment improvement program.(beautiful) 多亏改善环境的工程,这个城市越来越美丽。 9. The more you practice ,___________________________you can speak English. ( well) 你练习得越多,你的英语会说得越好。 10. The factory has produced _______________________it did last year. (many) 这个工厂生产的汽车是去年的两倍。 翻译句子 1. According to statistics, a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer as a woman. 2. To our great surprise, we got twice as many people to attend the conference as we expected. 3.(09 辽宁 Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s, but it cost twice as much as his. 4. (08 陕西)Ten years ago the population of our village was twice as large as that of theirs. ? 5. According to recent exploration to Mars, it may hold twice as much water as previously thought. 6. The lady was so keen on the fur coat that she would have bought it even if it cost twice as much. 7. Even though you offered twice the money that you have just offered, 1 would not sell it to you. 8. After the new technique was introduced,the factory produced twice as many machines in 2001 as the year before.

9. I remember Alice, my little niece, often asked questions that children twice of her age would ask. 10. Much to his surprise,he invited only twenty friends to the dinner,but twice as many came. 11.---What does the model plane look like? ---Well, the wings of the plane are more than twice the length of its body. 12. --- It is said that the number of Chinese characters you can type on your mobile phone is 25 percent less than the total number of Chinese characters. 13. The number of registered participants in this year’s marathon was half that of last year’s. 14. Americans eat more than twice as many vegetables per person today as they did 20 years ago. 15. I would have paid twice as much for the dress if the sales girl had insisted, because I really wanted it. 16. Strangely enough, the snow in Hunan was ten times as thick as that last year. 17. Our school will move to the north of the city, and the new school is twice the size of old one. 18. The new swimming pool is two thirds as big as the old one. 19. The young elephants each times as heavy 20. weigh as much as 200 kilograms , and that old one is three the

According to scientists, a man is more than twice as likely to die of cancer as a woman.

21. The house rent is expensive. I’ve got about half the space I had at home and I am paying three times as much here. 22. It is said that people are twice as likely to tell lies over the phone as they are in emails. 23. Believe it or not,Jim,a truck driver,earns twice as much as collar in a big company. 24. Hit by a hammer,my foot became 3 times the normal size . 25. He did it one-third the time it took me. his brother,who is a white

26. The height of the great tree in his garden is about twice that of the one in my garden. 27.Paper produced in the factory this year is three times the weight of years,so the factory can’t have made better progress. that of the last two

28.High-speed trains travel at 300 kilometers an hour,which is about four times the speed of normal trains. 29.It is said that the female thief they caught was fined five times the amount of money that she should have paid.



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