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Unit 1 Women of achievement-Revision 课件(新人教版必修4)

必修 4

Unit 1

Women of achievement


Ⅰ.写出下列必考单词? 1.战役;运动?n?. campaign? ? _____________ condition? ? _____________ institute? ? _____________ welfare? ? _____________ worthwhile? ? _____________ modest? ? _____________

3.学院;协会?n?. 4.健康;幸福;福利?n?.


rate? 6.比率;速度;评定;估计?n.&vt?. _____________ ?

9.一代,一辈?n.? 10.直言的,坦诚?adj?.

audience? ? _____________
generation? ? _____________ outspoken ? _____________

11.工程?n?. 12.巢,窝?n?.

project? ? _____________

nest? _____________ ?

bond? ? 13.关系,纽带,联系,结合?n?. _____________ 14.童年,幼年时代?n?.

childhood? ? _____________

Ⅱ.写出下列单词的变化形式? inspire 1.激励;鼓舞(?vt?.)___________ ;激励;鼓舞(n.) inspiration ;鼓舞人的(adj.)_____________ inspiring _____________ behave 2.表现,行为,举动(?vt?.)___________ ;行为,举止, behaviour 习性(n.)_____________ ? ? ? specialist 3.专家,专业工作者(n.)_____________ ;专门从事(v.) specialize _____________ ? consider ;考虑,体谅(n.) 4.考虑(v.)___________ consideration considerate _______________ ;考虑周到的(adj.)____________ argue ;争论,争辩,争吵 5.争论,辩论,讨论(v.)_________ argument (n.)_____________ ? ? ?

6.成就,功绩(n.)____________ achievement ;获得,达到,完成 (v.)___________ achieve ?

7.打算,计划(?vt?.)___________ ;打算,计划 intend
(n.)_____________ intention ?

8.看到,观察,观测(?vt?.)___________ ;看到, observe
观察,观测(n.)______________ observation ? ? ?

◆活学活用? 用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。?

1.He has never shown much ______for his wife,s needs.
However, a husband should be ________ of his wife. (consider)?

2.The workers_________ for the right to strike and finally
they agreed without much further________ .(argue)? 3.I,ve _______only half of what I,d hoped to do, so I can not celebrate the __________ of my aims. (achieve)? 4.I came with every _____________to stay, but it didn,t turn out as I _____________.(intend)?

5.The teacher who escaped the ___________of Tom,s leaving made no comment. But John ___________how he

left. (observe)? 答案:1.consideration;considerate 2.argued;
argument?3.achieved;achievement?4.intention; intended?5.observation;observed

1.查阅,参考,谈到 2.瞧不起;蔑视

refer to? ? _______________ look down upon/on ? _______________ ?
carry on? ? _______________ deliver a baby? _______________ ? come across?? _______________ lead a...life? ? _______________

4.接生 5.(偶然)遇见,碰见 6.过着……的生活 7.碰巧,凑巧 8.处于紧急状况 9.(想法或问题)涌入脑海 10.离开,启程,出发

by chance? ? _______________ in an emergency? _______________ ?
crowd in? ? _______________ move off? ? _______________

根据括号中的解释,从课文中找出恰当短语完成下列句子。 1.I wish you wouldn,t __________ (consider sb. /sth. as worthless) this kind of work.? 2.She_________(give birth to) of a healthy boy last year.? 3.I _____________an old school friend in Oxford Street this morning. (meet or find sb. by chance)? 4.When I said some people are stupid, I wasn,t ________ you. (mention or speak of sb.)? 5.They decided to _____________with their journey in spite of the bad weather. (continue)??

6.You should only use this door _____________(in a sudden or serious event or situation requiring immediate action)

答案:1.look down on? 2.was delivered?
3.came across? 5.carry on? 4.referring to?

6.in an emergency?

Ⅳ.单元重点动词 behave shade observe respect argue inspire





用上述动词的适当形式填空。? 1.Mary _____________ a lecture on the effect of the

global warming next week.?
2.The man _____________ to in her report was said to have gained over twenty patents.?

3.Mr.Green made a thorough investigation about the event,____________ to prove that his manager was guilty. 4.Learning ____________ properly on different occasions is

very important.?
5.Our house ____________ by high trees, so we feel rather cool in summer.? 6.We Chinese celebrate the Spring Festivals, while many westerners ____________ Christmas.? 答案:1.will deliver/is going to deliver?2.referred? 3.intending?4.to behave?5.is shaded?6.observe

Ⅴ.重点句型? Watching a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day.? 我们当天的首要任务就是观察黑猩猩如何醒来。? 剖析:句中Watching a family of chimps wake up作主语,

Smoking does harm to our health.?


◆活学活用? 模仿造句。? (1)从一万英尺高的飞机里跳出来是一次激动人心的经历。

(2)他的到来给我们增加了麻烦。? _____________________________________________ 答案:(1)Jumping out of an airplane at ten thousand feet is quite an exciting experience.? (2)His coming here added to our trouble.?

Ⅵ.语篇领悟? 根据课文Women of achievement完成下列短文? Jane Goodal had wanted to work with animals in their own environment 1 she was a child. But this was not 2 the 3 easy. When she first arrived in Combe in 1960,it was (usual) for a woman to live in the forest. However, which changed the way 4

help of her mother, she began her work with the chimps,
people thought about chimps. 5 Spending years observing and recording their daily against 6 people used to think. She 7

(active), Jane discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat,
discovered how chimps communicate with each other. Working

with the chimps for years, Jane has argued that wild animals should 8 (leave) in the wild and not used for 9

(entertain) or advertisement. She has achieved everything she wanted to do, but more 10 (importance), she has

got the world to understand and respect the lives of chimps. 答案:1.since? 2.unusual? 3.with? 4.that/in which?

5.activities? 6.what? 7.also? 8.be left
9.entertainment? 10.importantly?

Ⅶ.考点活用? 用本单元所学词组、句型翻译下列短文? 汉斯是一个有成就的人。他的一生都奉献给了无家可归的 儿童,他的行为赢得了所有人的尊重。最近,汉斯被邀请在哈 佛大学毕业典礼上发表演讲。汉斯说,“照顾孩子是平凡的工 作,但是不要瞧不起平凡的工作。一旦开始做一件事情,你就 必须坚持下去,否则你将一事无成。只有当你60岁回首往事时, 你才会意识到你是否已经全力以赴,也只有当你能够说你已经 全力以赴时,你才会对你的一生感到满足。” ? _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

答案:Hans is a man of achievement. He has devoted all his life to homeless children and his behaviour has won respect of all. Recently, Hans was asked to deliver a speech on the graduation in Harvard University. He said, “Caring for children is an ordinary job, but don,t look down upon

ordinary jobs. Once you begin to do something, you must
keep on with it, otherwise you will never achieve anything. Only when you are sixty and looking back on your life will you realize whether you have done your best. And only when you can say you have tried your best will you be

content with your life.” ?


1.Women of achievement 成功女士?

achieve ?vt?.获得;达到?

achievement ?n?.(成就;成绩)?
achievable ?adj?.(可完成的;可达到的)? achieve one?s end 达到目的? achieve nothing 一事无成

◆即学即练? 根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子。? (1)Arguing for trifles will not _______.(达到我们的目 的)? (2)You will never_________ if you spend your time that

(3)His laziness makes it impossible for him to _______. (成功) 答案:(1)achieve our end (3)achieve success? (2)achieve anything

2.She helped improve prison conditions and gave

prisoners work and education.(P1)?
她帮助改善了监狱条件以及给予犯人工作和教育。? ◆词语归纳? condition ?n?.(条件,情况,状况)? conditional ?adj?.(有条件的;视……而定的)?

on condition that...条件是……如果……?
in (out of) condition 状况好(不好)? make it a condition that...以……为条件?

under condition of 在……情况下

◆即学即练? 根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子。? (1)You can use my car ________you must be careful while driving.(条件是)? (2)I can,t go climbing this summer, for I,m

____________ .(健康状况不佳)?
(3)Her parents allowed her to go, but __________ ? (以……为条件)she should get home before midnight.

答案:(1)on condition that
(3)made it a condition that?

(2)out of condition?

3.She devoted all her life to medical work for Chinese women and children.(P1)? 她将一生都奉献给了中国妇女儿童的医疗事业。?

devote ?vt?.奉献;贡献? devotion ?n?.奉献;贡献 ? devotional ?adj?.奉献的;虔诚的? devote...to...致力于,献身于(to为介词)?


(1)He started to study ecology and decided ________ _____________ .(献身于这门科学)? (2)Caroline began______________ .(更加关注工作)? (3) ______________ (他对妻子的忠诚)is kown to all.?

答案:(1)to devote his whole life to the science?
(2)to devote more care to her work? (3)His devotion to his wife

4.Jane has studied these families of chimps for many years and helped people understand how much they behave like humans.(P2)? 简已经研究黑猩猩家族很多年了,并帮助人们了解了黑猩猩跟 人类的行为是多么地相似。? ◆词语归纳? behave ?v?.表现;举止;行为? behaviour ?n?.行为;举止;态度? behave well守规矩? behave oneself 举止得体? well-behaved 表现良好的? badly-behaved 表现差的

◆即学即练? 根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子。? (1)Parents should educate their children to ________ .(守规 矩)? (2)He __________(举止得体)so as not to give offence to others.? (3)When a boy reaches manhood, he should________.(行为 应象个男子汉)? (4)Generally speaking, teachers like _____________ children, and at the same time they won,t look down upon _________ students.

答案:(1)behave well (2)behaves himself (3) behave like a man (4)well?behaved;badly?behaved

5.However,the evening makes it all worthwhile.(P2)? 但是到傍晚时分,我们就觉得这一切都是值得的。? worthwhile ?adj?.值得的,重要的? It,s worthwhile taking the trouble to explain a job fully to

new employees.?

◆词语辨析 worth;worthy? 这两个词都有“值得”的意思,但worth只能作表语,后接名 词或动名词。? “be worth +?n?.”这个结构中,名词一般是表示金额或者 是effort,expense等词。? be worth doing 结构中,doing是动名词主动形式表被动,不 可换成不定式。worth 可用well来修饰,表示“很”“非常” 的意思,但不可用very修饰。worthy 可作表语也可作定语。 作定语时,意为“值得尊敬的”。worthy常构成的结构是: ? be worthy of+?n?.? be worthy of being done? be worthy to be done

◆即学即练? 根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子。? (1)The film is well _____________ .(很值得再看一遍) (2)The problem is______________.(值得讨论)? (3)The picture is_______________ .(值10美元)? (4)The place is ________________.(值得参观)? (5)The teacher is a _____________man.(可敬的)? (6) ________ (值得)to discuss the question once again.

答案:(1)worth seeing again (2)worthy of being discussed/worth discussing/worthy to be discussed (3)worth ten dollars (4)worthy of a visit/worth visiting (5)worthy (6)It is worth while

6.She has argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements. (P2)? 她主张应该让野生动物留在野外生活而不能用于娱乐或广 告。? ◆词语归纳? argue ?v?.争论;争辩? argument ?n?.(争论;争辩)? argue for 为……而争论? argue against 争辩(反对)? argue with sb.同某人争论? argue about/over sth.争论某事? argue sb.into doing sth.说服某人做某事? argue sb.out of doing sth.说服某人不做某事?

◆即学即练? 根据括号内的汉语提示完成下列小片段。?

The workers, who
rights, (2)


(为……而争论)their own

(同……争论)the boss for a few days, (3) him (4) (说服……做某事)

but failed to

giving them a rise in wages. 答案:(1)argued for (3)argue (4)into (2)argued with?

7.Many people look down upon poor people.(P4)? 很多人看不起穷人。? ◆词语归纳? look up to敬仰;尊重? look back on回顾? look into调查;了解? look out当心? look after照顾;照看? look over/through审视;浏览? look on旁观? look down upon/on瞧不起,蔑视?


(1)Passers-by just _____________ as a man was viciously attacked.? (2)Police will be _____________ for trouble-makers at today,s match.?

(3)He ____________ because of his humble background.
答案:(1)looked on (2) looking out?

(3)was looked down upon

8.There was story after story of how Lin Qiaozhi, tired after a day,s work, went late at night to deliver a baby for a poor family who could not pay her.(P6)? 数不胜数的故事讲述着林巧稚如何在劳累一天之后,又在深 夜去为贫苦家庭的产妇接生,而这些家庭常常是不可能给她 报酬的。? deliver ?v?.递送,传送? delivery ?n?.交付,分娩? 注意下列句中deliver的意思。? (1)Please deliver the goods at your earliest convenience. (递送,传送,运载)? (2)John was asked to deliver a speech on the graduation. (做演讲)? (3)She delivered a baby last night.(接生)? (4)be delivered of a baby.(生了一个孩子)

◆即学即练? 根据括号内的汉语提示完成句子。?

(1)Did you _________ to my father?(传我的信息)?
(2)She _____________ a healthy baby last night.(生了)?

答案:(1)deliver my message
(2)was delivered of



as...as(和一样大/高/深……)、the same...as(和……一样/同 类)、such...as(诸如……)中。建议同学们记住这三个固定句型, 在碰到类似的语法填空题时,就无需过多考虑,也能作出正确 答案。如:?

(1)Such books as(主语)


bad effects

on children(状语) should not be published.? you(主语

(2)I bought the same dress as(宾语) (did)(谓语) last week(状语).?

2.关系代词which和as可以引导非限制性定语从句,代替整个 主句的内容,并在从句中作主语、宾语等,which引导的定语 从句位于主句后,as引导的从句可在主句前,也可在主句后, 且有“正如”之意。如:? (1)As(宾语) you(主语) can see(谓语),he is very successful as a writer.?

(2)We collected money for these poor children, as(主语)
had been decided(谓语) (谓语) him(宾语) at the meeting(状语). made (3)She always criticized Tom, which(主语)

very unhappy(宾语补足语).?


1.他经常迟到,这令老师非常生气。? ? 2.正如我们所希望的那样,汤姆和玛丽结婚了。? ? 3.在青少年中流行的歌曲并不能被多数老人接受。? ? 4.我们队赢得了比赛,这是每个人长期以来所期待的事情。 ?

答案:1. He was often late, which 主语 his teacher 宾语 2. As 宾语

made 谓语

very angry 宾语补足语 .? expected 谓语 ,Tom got married

we 主语

to Mary.?
3. Such songs as 主语 are 系动词 popular with

teenagers 表语 are not accepted by old people.? 4. Our team won the game, which 宾语 we 主语 had been expecting 谓语 for a long time 状语 .?


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