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0518 从句比较与练习

Let’s try to make sure about…
复合句 A. 定语从句与同位语从句 B. 定语从句与主从、宾从和表从

C. 定语从句与强调句
D. 定语从句与并列句 E. 定语从句与非谓语动词

A. 定语从句与同位语从句
1. when, where, why在定从和同从中的应用

1) We haven’t yet settled the question ___we are going to spend our summer vacation on 1st Oct.
A. when B. where C. that D. which

2) I’ll never forget the day___ I joined the League. on which A. when B. that C. in which D. which

3) The reason ___he moved to the USA is not
clear to me.
for which for his moving to … A. why B. that C. when D. which

4) We haven’t found out the problem __the

computer was out of order.
A. why B. that C. which D. whether

小结: 相同点:when, where, why在定从中和 同位语从句中均充当状语成分 不同点:when, where, why在定从中有 相应的先行词,可表示为介词+关系代词; 而在同从中无相应先行词,不可表示为介 +关系代词


用that/ which 填空

1) We all have heard the news____our team won.


2) We don’t believe the news______he told us (that/which) yesterday.

3) The police ruled out the possibility______Justin told them. that 4)The police ruled out the possibility_______Justin was taken away by the aliens.

小结: 定语从句与先行词是修饰关系,关系代 词that\which在从句中做主,宾,表等成分, 从句成分不完整; 同位语从句与被解释词是解释说明关 系,连接词that在句中不作成分,从句成分完 整.

3. 关于point, situation, condition, case等引起的从句. 1) Mr.Green took up the story at the point__the thief had just made off with the jewels. 偷取某物 A. where B. which C. as D. when 2) I feel uncomfortable each time I remember the situation__Mary didn’t agree with me__the matter. A. that, over B. in which, over C. which, about D. where, to 3) If you were in a situation __five of us only had one life jacket, what would happen? A. where B. which C. when D. that

小结:先行词point, situation, condition, case等时,多用where引导定从.

There’s one point______ we must insist on.

B. 定从与主从,宾从和表从 1.定从与主从 不论谁在公共场所随意吐痰都该被罚 Whoever spits in public should be punished. Anyone who spits in public should … 无论他做什么都不会对我有什么影响. Whatever he does makes no difference to me. Anything that he does makes no …

填空: what 1) He told us ____ had happened 10 years before. (that) 2) He has told us all _______ he experienced abroad. 小结 :what = something that all that = what 错题再现: 1) Our hometown is no longer __ she was 20 years ago. A. that B. which C. where D. what

2) The place ___ the bridge is supposed to be built should be __ the cross-river traffic is the heaviest. A. which, where B. at which, which C. at which, where D. which, in which 3) No one believed his reason for being late ___ he was caught in a traffic jam, ___ made him embarrassed. A. that, which B. why, which C. why, what D. that, what 4)___ is known to all is that the old scientist, for __life was hard in the past, still works very hard in his eighties. A. As, whom B. What, whom C. It, whose D. As, whose

小结: 1.用什么样的关系词或连接词,均要在从句中分析 查找。关系词和连接词存在某种转化关系: What= all that / something that Whatever= anything that Whoever = anyone who 2. 高考考查的趋势是多种复合句的融合,而非单一 句法的考查。

C. 定从与并列句

1. Mr. Smith has three sons, none of ___is a computer expert. who 2. He has three sisters, ______ are doctors. them 3. She has three CDs, but none of _____is interesting. them 4. I have many friends, and all of ____ are nice and friendly. 5. Miss Yang has some relatives here ; they ______like her very much.


并列句由and, but, or, so, while 等并列连词连接, 或用分号分隔。而定语从句与主句无以上现象。
1)He paid the boy $10 for washing the windows, which most of ______ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year.

2) He paid the boy $10 for washing the windows, them and most of _____ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year. 3) He paid the boy $10 for washing the windows; them most of _____ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year.

D. 定语从句与强调句 区别where与that where 1) It is the house ______I met the young man. that 2) It was in the house ______ I met the young man. where 3) Is it Guangming Theatre ______ you are going to watch the famous play? 区别when与that when 1) It was five o’clock ______ the accident happened. that 2) It was at five o’clock _____the accident happened. when 3) Was it 12:00 pm. _______ you arrived home last night?

3. 定语从句与强调句的情景化区别 1) --- Where did you get to know her? --- It was on the farm __we worked. A. That B. where C. which D. there 2)--- I can’t find my textbook, where could it be? ---Is it in the computer room ___ we were yesterday___ you left it? A. that, where B. where, where C. that, that D. where, that 3)---He was nearly drowned once. ---When was ___? ---___was in 1988___he was in middle school. A. that, it, when B. this, this, when C. this, it, that D. that, it, that

4) It is the young man ___ looked for ___ caught the murderer. A. that, who B. that, they C. they, that D. they, which
5) It is the ability to do the job, not __you come from or ___you are, __ matters. A. that, where, that B. where, what, that C. that, there, what D. which, which, what

E. 定从与非谓语动词 1. 限制性定从与非谓语动词 A student of English ___ limited exercises finds it hard to get a good mark in an exam. A. is used to deal with B. used to deal with C. is used to dealing with D. used to dealing with A student of English who is used to dealing with limited exercises finds it hard to…
小结: 限制性定从与非谓语动词作定语存在相互转化关系, 作 题时适当运用这种转化利于看清句子的结构。

2. 非限制性定语从句与非谓语动词
Her husband died, which made her live a hard life. Her husband died, making her live a hard life. so she lived a hard life.

1. Read the sentences in the test paper. 2. Go over the next part.



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