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江苏省姜堰市张甸中学高三英语一轮复习 Module1 Unit1 随堂练习

Module 1

Unit 1 随堂练习一(回归课本 夯实基础)

1 With the d____________ of society, computers are becoming more and more important. 2 Tom e__________ extra money by sellin

g newspaper. 3 In china, young children are usually taught to r________ the old. 4 He went back to London without having a_________ any success. 5 It was really a c__________ task to Jim, but he finished it perfectly. 6 Zhu Rongji is our ___________(以前的)primer minister(总理). 7 Beijing is making ____________(准备)for the 2008 Olympics. 8 Travelling is a good way to experience different c_________ in different places. 9 Allow me to ___________(介绍)my friend Mr. Smith to everybody. 10 A famous ____________(教授) will give us a lecture. 11.A good marriage is based on t_______, that is, Husband and Wife should believe in each other. 12.I can’t agree more with his idea of going for a picnic this weekend, for I love getting close to n_________. 13.I’ll tell them the good news the m_______ I see them. 14.The teacher regretted having punished the student who was caught c_________ in the exam. 15.Unluckily for them, they are 5 minutes late for the a____________ with the headmaster. 16.The headmaster a_________ our idea, and then we started our music club. 17.The school built a new lab, now they need to buy some modern pieces of e____________. 18.My uncle knows several foreign l________, such as English , French and Japanese . 二、介词填空 1.Hong Kong has developed _______ a fishing port _________a financial center. 2.I love Maling Hill,which is a beautiful place and covered _______ long grass. 3.We decided to move to another city because we live too close ________ a noisy factory. 4.Next week a famous professor will come to our school and make a speech ________ health. 5.You make me feel so proud,graduating _________high school with such good grades. 6.Before the end of the sports meeting,the headmaster read ________ the names of all the winners. 7.They donate about 1,000 used books _______ our school library every year. 8.Leo was very glad when he was informed ________ a job interview. 9.The new city being built consists ________ an airport,a seaport,an amusement park and so on. 10.Ken has developed an interest _________ mobile technology. 三、完成句子 1、Douglas 把暑假里的大部分时间都用来上网了。 Douglas ________ _________ ________ _________the Internet during the summer

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holiday. 2、我过去常常骑自行车上学,但现在我已经习惯于步行上学。 I _______ ________ _________ ________ ________ by bike.But now I _________ _______ __________ _________to school. 3、这就是你所想到的解决这个问题的最佳途径吗? Is this the best _______ you thought of _______ ________ the problem? 4、一旦 Dick 做了决定,就很难再改变他的想法了。 _______ ________ ________ ________ change his mind once Dick has made his decision. 5、在学校图书馆你可以免费给朋友发电子邮件。 You can ________ _________ __________ _________ __________. 6、Paul 向我挑战要我跟他再进行一次篮球比赛。 Paul _________ _________ _________ another basketball game. 7、他们国家的每个人都享受免费医疗。 Free medical care ________ __________ _________ everybody in their country. 8、我已经弄清楚了很多餐厅礼节。 I have ________ ________ _________ a lot of restaurant dos and don’ts. 9、和他多谈几次你就会发现 Robin 不像你所想象的那么坏。 Talk to him more;You will find that Robin isn’t ______ _________ _______ ________ ______ he is. 10、众所周知,你越不注意拼写,你所犯的拼写错误就会越多。 As is known to all,__________ ________ _________ you pay ________ spelling,_______ ________mistakes you will make. 11、王教授将会在我们学校的开放日给我们演讲。 Professor Wang is going to _______ ________ ________at the ______ ______of our school. 12、刚从巴黎回来,鲍勃就被问及旅行的情况。 _________ _________back from Paris,Bob was asked about his tour. 13、毫无疑问,市长应该对失业和经济问题负责。 Without question,the mayor should ________ _______ _______ the unemployment and the ecomonic problem. 14、当我们准备用新技术来帮助我们发展专业技巧和个人能力时,互联网起了重要作用。 The Internet plays an important role when we have to _______ __________ _________using the new technology to help us develop our professional skills and personal abilities. 15、珍妮应该感谢露西有好的建议。 Jane should _______ Lucy _________ her friendly advice. 16、如果苏珊继续锻炼,她将会实现夏天之前减掉 5 公斤的目标。 If Susan continues doing exercise,she will be able to _________ ________ ________ ______ losing 5 kilos before the summer. 17、当你到一个陌生的国家,首先应该留意那里的礼节。 When you visit an unfamiliar country,you should first of all _______ ________ ______ the etiquette there. 18、在一些国家,人们在家里而不是在办公室里工作,这种趋势正日益增长着。 In some countries,there is a growing tendency for people to work at home
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_________ ______ in offices. 19、与别人的问题相比,我自己的问题太渺小了。 ___________ ___________ other people’s problems,my own ones seem too small. 20、在信的末尾,我认为他很沮丧。 _________ _______ _______ _______ the letter,I guessed that he was gloomy. 21.一完成学业,他就开始在中国旅行。 (每空一词) 1) _________ ___________ his studies, he began traveling in China. 2) _________ ___________ __________ _________ __________ his studies, he began traveling in China. 3) __________ ___________ __________ his studies, he began traveling in China. 4) Hardly ______ ________ _________ his studies _______he began traveling in China. 5) _________ _________ __________ _________ ___________ his studies than he began traveling in China.

Module 1

Unit 1 随堂练习二 (拓展训练)

(涂卡 45 分钟) 1.He handed everything _______ he had picked up to the police. A. which B. what C. whatever D. that 2.His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone _______ family was poor. A. of whom B. whom C. of whose D. whose 3.In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person _______ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom 4.They talked nearly two hours about the people and the things ______ they remembered in the village. A. who B. which C. that D. they 5._______ is known to everybody, the earth moves around the sun. A. It B. As C. That D. What 6.She is such a lovely girl _______ liked by everybody. A. what B. as C. that D. which 7.John plays football _______, if not better than, David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as 8.He looks ________ he were a football player. A. as B. as well as C. as much as D. as if 9. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced ________ cars in 1998 as the year before. A. as twice many B. as many twice C. twice as many D. twice many as 10.The village you see today is quite a different one from what it ________. A. was used to B. used to be C. would be D. used to do 11.By the end of next year they ________ the bridge. A. build B. have built C. will build D. will have built 12. The students in middle school study many subjects _______ English, math, and physics. A. such like B. such as C. for example D. such example 13. On her way home, she found her wallet ________. Which of the following is wrong? A. lost B. missing C. gone D. missed
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14. Is this the only thing ________ she has brought to me? A. that B. which C. whose D. what 15. He ________ every morning now but he ________ in the past. A. is used to walking, used to run B. used to walking, used to run C. is used to walk, used to run D. is used to walking, is used to run 16. Tomorrow you should _______ the meeting because it is very important to you. A. attend B. join C. take D. join in 17. This is one of the most interesting movies ________ I have ________ seen. A. that, ever B. which, never C. that, never D. which, ever 18.All ________ is needed is enough time. A. the thing B. that C. what D. which 19.The doctor ________ is leaving for Africa next month. A. the nurse is talking to him B. whom the nurse is talking C. the nurse is talking D. to whom the nurse is talking 20. These are the tools ________ we work. A. with these B. by these C. by which D. with which 21. Young ________ he is, he can work out the problem. A. because B. unless C. as D. if 22. — Why haven’t you bought any butter? — I ______ to, but I forgot about it. A. liked B. wished C. meant D. expected 23. I’ll ______ the money you lent me. A. pay B. pay back C. pay out D. pay for 24. It is believed that if a book is ______, it will surely ______ the readers. A. interested; intrest B. interesting; be intrested C. interested; be intresting D. interesting; intrest 25. She did it ______ respect for her parents. A. out of B. with C. in D. to 26. — What do you think made Mary so upset? — _______ her new bicycle. A. As she lost B. Lost C. Losing D. Because of losing 27. It didn’t ________ a child of eight talking. A. sound like B. sound as if C. sound to be D. sound as 28. Two ________ and three _________ attend the meeting. A.Englishmans;Germen B.Englishmen; Germen C.Englishmen; Germans D.Englishmans; Germans 29. The teacher as well as the students __________. A. were challenging B. was excited C. were relaxed D. was enjoyable 30. Three years later the man turned _________ engineer. A. one B. the C. a D. / 31. _______ we can’t get seems better than _______ we have. A. What; what B. What; that C. That; that D. That; what 32. He is the second comrade ________ I have ever worked with. A. which B. what C. whose D. that 33. I often have a chat with John over ________ phone while I keep in touch with Tom by _______ letter. A. /; the B. the; / C. /; a D. the; a 34. It is no use ________ theory without practice. A. learning B. being learning C. to be learning D. learn
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35. I couldn’t find my watch for ages, but then one day it _______ in a coat pocket. A. came up B. turned up C. got out D. found out 36. Mr. Smith made up his mind to devote all he had to _______ some schools for poor children. A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set up 37. Was it because there was a traffic jam on your way to school this morning ____ you were late? A. which B. when C. why D. that 38. The famous singer has made 50 records, _______ are well thought of. A. most of which B. most C. all of whom D. most of them 39. John has put on so much weight recently that his mother has to _______ all his trousers to his measure. A. let out B. give away C. bring in D. make up 40. I won’t forget the vacation ________ we spent together. A. when B. which C. on which D. where 41. There are two high schools for you to choose. Which one would you like to __________? A. join in B. join C. take part in D. attend 42. Mr. Zhang, ________ for his bravery, gains everyone’s _________? A. honour; respect B. honour; respected C. honoured; respected D. honoured; respect 43. Only those who follow their dreams can ________ the final success. A. have B. achieve C. expect D. seize 44. Every minute and every second should be made full _______ of _________ the finals. A. use; to prepare for B. using; to prepare for C. use; preparing for D. used; being prepared for 45. The ________ boy was last seen ________ near the East lake. A. missing; playing B. missing; play C. missed; played D. missed; to play 46. --- How do you like the film? --- There was nothing special --- it was only _______. A. average B. usual C. normal D. common 47. When first ________ to the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced 48. --- Where have you been recently? --- I ______ in Hangzhou on business for a week last month. A. have been B. was C. had been D. had gone 49. --- You look nervous! --- This thunder makes me ________. A. scary B. scare C. scaring D. scared 50. We had to delay our journey _______ the weather was so bad. A. as B. unless C. so that D. if 51. The population in some parts of the world has _______ doubled in the past the years. A. more than B. as many as C. larger than D. so much as 52. --- Why haven’t you bought a new computer yet? --- My parents don’t _______ my spending too much money. A. approve for B. approve of C. allow for D. agree with 53. Tonny enjoys making friends, ________.
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A. whether boys or girls B. neither boys or girls C. either boys or girls D. not only boys but also girls 54. As a writer, she succeeded in calling ________ to many of the terrible wrongs that exists at that time. A. interests B. attention C. notice D. mind 55. --- Why didn’t you go to watch the football match? --- I had a headache, _________, the ticket was too expensive. A. besides B. instead C. except D. as well 56. --- I am sorry I broke your mirror. --- Oh, really? . A. It’s OK with me B. It doesn’t matter. C. Don’t be worry D. I don’t care 57. The food she has prepared for the party is not enough, fr there are more people than she expected. A. much B. many C. very D. quite 58. everybody knows about it, I don’t want to talk any more. A. For B. Even C. Since D. However 59. Great changes in my hometown in the past few years. A. took place B. were take place C. have taken place D. have been taken place 60. I have coffee than tea. A. like more B. prefer C. would rather D. had better

随堂练习一 一、单词拼写 1. development 11.trust 2. earns 3. respect 4. achieved 5. challenging 10. professor 6. former 7. preparations 8. cultures 12.nature 17.equipment 二、介词填空 1.from,into 10.in 三、完成句子 1.spend most time surfing solve 4.It is diffcult to available to 8.made sure of preparations for 15.thank,for 16.achieve her goal of 17.pay attention to 18.instead of 19.Compared with/to 20.At the end of 21.Upon/On finishing / Having finished, As soon as he finished, Immediately he finished, had he finished, No sooner had he finished
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9. introduce


14.cheating 15.appointment 16.approved

18.languages 2.with 3.to 4.about/on 5.from 6.out 7.to 8.of 9.of

2.used to go to school,am used to walking 3.way,to 6.challenged me to 7.is

5.e-mail your friends for free 9.as bad as you think

10.the less attention,to,the more 13.be responsile for 14.make

11.make a speech,open day 12.Upon/On coming


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