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Ⅰ.英译汉 ①He recited as much of the poem as he could remember. __________________________________________________________________ ②She's as good an actress as she is a singer. __________________________________________________________________ ③He doesn't play half as well as his sister. __________________________________________________________________ 答案 ①他尽可能把记得住的诗都背诵出来了。 ②她当演员和当歌手一样出色。 ③他演奏的水平不及他姐姐的一半。 Ⅱ.根据汉语提示完成下列句子 这口井有 130 多米深。 ①The well is ________more than 130 meters. ②The well is ________130 meters ________. 答案 ①as deep as Ⅲ.翻译句子 ①如果你努力学习,你的英语会变得越来越好。 __________________________________________________________________ ②我喜欢这两本字典中较大的那本。 __________________________________________________________________ ③这张桌子比那张长一英尺。(两种表达方法) __________________________________________________________________ ④她越想越沮丧(depressed)。 ②over;deep

__________________________________________________________________ ⑤与其说他是我的老师,还不如说他是我的朋友。 __________________________________________________________________ ⑥格林先生病了好几天了,我想知道他是否好点了。 __________________________________________________________________ 答案 ①If you study hard, your English will become better and better. ②I like the bigger one of the two dictionaries. ③This table is longer than that one by one foot./This table is one foot longer than that one. ④The more she thought about it, the more depressed she became. ⑤He is more my friend than my teacher. ⑥Mr. Green has been ill for a few days. I wonder whether he is any better. Ⅳ.句型转换 She is the cleverest student in my class. ①She is cleverer than ________in my class. ②She is cleverer than ________in my class. ③She is cleverer than ________students in my class. ②anyone else/the others ③any of the other/the rest of

答案 ①any other student the Ⅴ.改错

①The population of China is larger than Japan. __________________________________________________________________ ②China has a larger population than that of Japan. __________________________________________________________________ 答案 ①than 后加 that of ②去掉 that of Ⅵ.单项填空 ①—How far apart do they live? —________I know, they live in the same neighbourhood. A.As long as B.As far as C.As well as D.As often as

答案 B [As far as...据??所知,由此可知选 B。] ②The man was lying on the ground, ________dead. A.as possible as 答案 D B.as well as C.as soon as D.as good as

[as good as 用于字面义,表示“与??一样好”,可视为 as...as 结

构与 good 的自然搭配;若用作习语,则表示 “几乎已经”“实际上等 于”“和??几乎一样”。由此可知选 D。] ③The pianos in the other shop will be ________,but ________. A.cheaper; not as better C.cheaper; not as good 答案 C B.more cheap; not as better D.more cheap; not as good


有那么好。] ④John plays football ________,if not better than, David. A.as well B.as well as C.so well D.so well as

答案 B [考查副词原级比较。as well as“和??一样好”。] ⑤I don't like the idea so I am ________enthusiastic about the idea. A.no more than 答案 C B.not more than C.less than D.more than

[考查形容词比较级。less than“不到,少于”。]

⑥—Does Bill do his new job well? —________his old job. I'm afraid there's no hope for him. A.Not better as C.Not as well as B.No better than D.No as well as

答案 B [考查形容词的比较级。no better than“和??一样不好”。] ⑦(2012· 北京卷)Many people have donated that type of blood; however, the blood bank needs ________. A.some 答案 D B.less C.much D.more

[ 首先了解四个选项的意思。 some“一些 ” ;less“更少 ” ;

much“许多”;more“更多”。题干的意思是:“许多人已献出那种血型的 血了, 但是血库需要更多。 ”由 have donated 和 however 可知, 此处填 more。 ] ⑧(2011· 江西卷)—The film is, I have to say, not a bit interesting.

—Why? It's ________than the films I have ever seen. A.far more interesting C.no more interesting 答案 A B.much less interesing D.any less interesting


它比我曾看过的电影有趣多了。”根据 Why?可知第二句应与第一句持相反 的观点,即“认为电影有趣”。而选项中只有 A 项表示有趣。far 用在比较级 前表示程度较大的差异。] ⑨(全国Ⅱ卷)Your story is perfect; I've never heard ________before. A.the better one 答案 C B.the best one C.a better one D.a good one

[形容词比较级表示两种事物的比较,a better one 表示“比较好的

一个”,用于否定句时,表示没有一个比你讲的故事再好的了。] ⑩(全国Ⅱ卷)—Did you take enough money with you? —No, I needed ________I thought I would. A.not so much as C.much more than 答案 C B.as much as D.much less than

[much more than I thought I would 表示“需要的比我认为要用的要

多得多” 根据 。 “No”可判断出说话人没有带足够的钱。 so much as I thought not I would 表示“需要的钱没有我认为要用的多”,即表示已带足了钱。as much as I thought I would 表示“需要的钱与我认为要用的钱一样多”。] ?(江苏卷)I wish you'd do ________talking and some more work. Thus things will become better. A.a bit less 答案 A B.any less C.much more D.a little more

[less 是 little 的比较级,表示“较少的”,根据所提供的情景 some

more work 可判断出要少说话 ,多干活。] ?(湖北卷)What a table! I've never seen such a thing before.It is ________it is long. A.half not as wide as C.not half as wide as 答案 C B.wide not as half as D.as wide as not half

[表示倍数或几分之几的数词放在 as...as 前。 half 表示“一半”, 说


?(全国Ⅱ卷)Mary kept weighing herself to see how much ________she was getting. A.heavier 答案 A B.heavy C.the heavier D.the heaviest


少,所以要用形容词的比较级。] ?(上海卷)We were in ________when we left that we forgot the airline tickets. A.a rush so anxious C.so an anxious rush 答案 D B.a such anxious rush D.such an anxious rush

[such 后接名词,正确的词序是:such an anxious rush。so 后接形容

词,正确的词序是:so anxious a rush。] ?(安徽卷)John is the tallest boy in the class, ________according to A.five foot eight as tall as C.as five foot eight tall as B.as tall as five foot eight D.as tall five foot eight as himself.

答案 B [five foot eight 意为“五英尺八英寸”,放在 as tall as 后表示个子 的高度。] ?(北京春季卷)In that case, there is nothing you can do ________than wait. A.more B.other C.better D.any

答案 B [other than 除了。句意为:那样的话,你除了等待之外无事可做。]



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