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高中英语必修二Unit5 Music

高中英语必修 2 Unit 5 Music
1. dream Vt.& Vi.做梦 梦见 n. (可数) 梦 梦想 dream of/about 梦见 梦想 I ________ a strange / sweet dream last night. The boy dreams of___________ (成为)a pilot. Her dream has ________________(成真). 2. pretend to do sth 假装要做某事 He pretended to sleep . pretend to be doing sth 假装正在做某事 He pretended to be reading . pretend to have done sth 假装做过某事 He pretended to have fallen asleep . pretend that+从句 He pretended that he had fallen asleep . 3. to be honest = honestly speaking 实话说 be honest with sb 对某人坦诚 4. attach…to… = tie…to…把…贴/系/附在…上 be attached to 附属于 喜欢 attach importance to… 重视 把…看得很重 Attach a stamp to the envelope and mail it. He attached his horse to a tree. He attached a document to a letter. The hospital is attached to that university. The little girl is very much attached to her brother. We should attach importance to the pollution problem. Do you attach any importance to what he said ? A lot of people attach great importance to ______(become) rich and famous . 5. form Vt.& Vi.组成 养成 形成 n.形式 表格 in the form of…用…的形式 Children should form good habits from the very beginning. She told her past to us in the form of a story. 6. earn 赚得 earn a / one’s living = make a living 谋生 earn good money gain 获得 赢得(有价值的东西) win 赢得(比赛) get 得到(普通用语) Tony Parker gained the MVP at the last game. I’m new on the job but I am gaining experience. In Barcelona, the Chinese team got 16 gold medals. 7. perform Vt.& Vi.表演 履行 执行 performance n. 表演 演奏 give performances = put on performances 演出 This play _____________________(首演) in 411 BC. He has not performed well in his exams. They continue to perform the experiment / operation. You should always perform what you promise.

They often give performances in pubs or clubs. 8. You had better pay ______ ______ (用现金). We shouldn’t ______ ______ ______ (戏弄) the blind . The football match will be ___________________ (现场直播) at 7:00 . We stayed there for an hour ______ ______ (大约) . Even when they ______ ______ ______ ______ (戴着太阳镜留着胡子),people also ________ (认出) them . She is an __________ (妩媚动人的) girl . _____ _____(分类) things you want to keep and throw everything else away. What happened __________ (后来)? They put an advertisement ___ a newspaper (look) for rock musicians. 9. depend on/upon = rely on/upon 依赖 依靠 信赖 ; 随…而定 取决于 You can’t depend on your parents forever . You can depend on(=trust=believe in)him . Whether the game will be played _____________(取决于) the weather . Your success depends (on) whether you work hard or not. It / That depends .看情况而定。 10.humour n.幽默 humorous adj.幽默的:He is very __________. This is a film full of ______. He has a sense of ______. 11.be/get familiar with 熟悉:I am familiar with this computer . be familiar to… 为…所熟悉: The name is familiar to me . be similar to… 与…相似:Mary’s hat is similar to Jane’s . 12.break up 打碎: The glass fell on the floor and broke up. 结束:The party breaks up and the neighbors hurry home. 放假:We will break up next week. 解散:The crowd broke up. My girlfriend has broken up with me 分解(物理): Civil war could come if the country breaks up(分裂). There was a danger of the ship breaking up completely. break down 损坏:Our car broke down and we had to draw it to a garage. 跨了:His health has broken down completely. 失败:Peace talks have broken down in the Middle East. 分解(化学): Water can be broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen. To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it ___ into parts. break in 打断:Don't break in when he is telling the story. 闯入:We were watching TV when he broke in.


闯入:We had to break into the house as we had lost the key. 爆发:The war broke out between the two countries . 折断:The two wings of the plane broke off. Don' t break off the branch. 停止:He broke off in the middle of his story. We may break off relations with that country. break away from 摆脱 脱离: The man broke away from his guards. We must break away from such bad habits. 13.in addition 另外 也 :In addition=Besides ,we met some friends there . in addition to (=besides)除…之外 She knows Japanese in addition to English. apart from = except = but = except for 也可以 = besides = in addition to 14.confidence n.信心 confident adj.有信心的 确信的 in confidence 私下暗中 have confidence in 信任 be confident of…确信 I should like to exchange a few words with you in confidence. I __________________(对…有信心) the ability of the players. Lack of confidence is the biggest barrier to study. I feel confident that we will win. The young miner __________________(确信) winning the girl's heart. 15.brief adj. 短暂的 简要的 n.摘要 大纲 briefly adv. 简要地 短暂地 in brief 简而言之 总之 She had time to give a ________ report. He told me ____________ what had happened. 16.devote…to… 把…献给…: He devoted his whole life to teaching. Mary Curio devoted all her life to the research of radiation matters devote oneself to = be devoted to 致力于 献身于(to 为介词) He ______________________________________(致力于帮助)the poor. She is a good wife and a ______________ (忠实的) mother. Fans showed their ______________(忠心)to the Beatles. 17.hit Vt.击中:A stone hit him on the head . 碰撞:The truck hit a rock and tumbled over . 袭击:The southwest of china __________(正在遭受袭击) by drought . n.风行一时的作品:He composed his first hit in 1980 . 成功的人或事 :The play was quite a hit in New York .

break into break out break off

18.interest Vt.使感兴趣:English _____________ him greatly . n. 兴趣/利息(不可数) :He lost interest in English . The subject is of great interest to me. We had no interest in that subject. He had an interest in stamp collecting. 爱好(可数) : Both swimming and stamp collecting are his interests . 利益(可数) : We work in the interests of the people . 19.have a good knowledge of 熟悉 通晓 :He has a good knowledge of English . 20.play jokes/tricks on sb = play a joke/trick on sb 开玩笑 捉弄某人 21.go wrong 出错 go deaf/blind/grey/bald 耳聋/目瞎/白发/秃顶 go wild/mad/crazy 发疯 go bad/sour/rotten 变质/变酸/腐烂 go well 22.I was so hurried as to knock into (撞上)my teacher. He didn't expect to knock into (偶然遇见)some of his friends here. 23.They are all __________(成年人). They are _________(亲密的)friends. 24.feel down 感到沮丧 情绪消沉 The crowded, noisy city always ___________________(使我感到情绪低落). 25.agree on 商定 对…意见一致 We agree on the question. Let’s agree on the date of the meeting. 26.come up 走过来 被提出 come up with 想出 提出 赶上 put forward 提出 将…提前 将钟拨快 The teacher came up to me with a smile on his face. I hope you can come up with a better plan than this. I hope a better plan can __________________________ than this. Several of the members have _____________(提出) suggestions of their own. 27.stick to 坚持(计划 原则 真理 诺言) insist on doing sth 坚持做某事 Once you make a plan, you should stick to it. He always _____________(坚持)his own opinions. When you play, you must ____________(遵守)the rules. My aunt insists on ________(take)me to the English Corner on Sunday. He insisted that he _________(be)right. (坚持事实不用虚拟) The doctor insisted that she ____________(have)a good rest. (坚决要求做某事要用虚拟语气 should do should 可省略)


1. 现在分词做伴随状语 At last __________(feel)very upset and sensitive, Freddy and his band realized that they must leave the country. 2. Why not do …? = Why don’t you/we …? 为什么不…? Why don’t you call on me tomorrow? = _______ ______ call on me tomorrow? 3. What if …? 要是…又怎样?如果…怎么办? What if you should fail? What if he was faithless(不忠的)to his friends and to his wife? 4. It is best/better to do sth. 最好做某事 It's best to go right now, Kent is waiting there for a long time. It is better to do something late than never. 5. I am/feel honored that…. 我很荣幸…. I’m honored that you would ask me for advice. I’m honored that I will stand up with you at your wedding. 6. It is an honor to do sth. 做某事是件荣幸的事 It is an honor for me to ______________(被邀请)to your birthday party. 7. While ___________(sing)a song, you are learning English grammar and vocabulary. 8. 定语从句:介词+which / whom I remember the day ______ ______ our band was formed. The singer ______ ______ we practiced the most is Freddy. They left Britain, ______ ______ they were never to return . Their fans, ______ ______ the Beatles would not have been so famous , at last caused problems for them . He still remembers the day ______ ______ he became a college student. Gone are the days ______ ______ my heart was young and gay(快乐的). 少年时无忧无虑的日子一去不复返。 The school ______ ______ we work is not very far from here.



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