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M4U5 Using language

Find the word and phrase from the previous pages of this unit for each of these meanings. ? Several different types of various ? The main subject of a talk, book, film or something else theme ? To keep something as it is; an area of land made available for a special group of people or animals to live in preserve ? To or at any place, position or situation wherever ? Something that is pleasant to think about but is not real fantasy

? Action, usually a very great one or a very bad one deed ? The measurement of something from one end to the other length ? Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else unique ? In the middle of an area or an object central ? Without doubt No wonder

Answer key for Ex. 2
1.Engine 2.Carpenters 3.cartoons, amusement 4.Eagles 5.Tourism 6.slide, slides, swing, swings

Answer key for Ex. 3
fantasy, tournaments, preserve, sword, whichever, attraction, sword, deed

Some words can be guessed by looking for smaller words within them. These are called compound words. Examples of compound nouns are theme park, fantasyland and English-speaking. Find out three types of compound nouns in the reading passage.

football amusement park merry-go-round

Find the compound nouns in the reading passage and write them here.

Roller coaster, whichever, whatever, free-fall, wherever, southeastern, indoor, outdoor, craftsmen, old-fashioned

1)一些英文单词是由两个单词构成,有时候 中间用着重号连接起来。这些词我们叫做 合成词。例如 fantasylang English-speaker blackboard playground reading-room passer-by

2) 一些英文单词是由某些词加上前后缀而成。 这些词成为派生词。例如 agree—agreeable fair—unfair correct—incorrect nation—national farm--farmer

3) 一些词是由改变某些单词的词性而成的。例如 Theme parks charge money for admission. (v. 收费) Theme parks expect to make a profit by the charges for admission. (n. 费用) Visitors can take an active part in experiments in science theme parks. (n.实验) Inventors have to experiment with what they have invented. (v. 做实验) Her room is clean and tidy. (adj. 干净的) She cleans her room every day. (v. 打扫、清洁)

Keys to Ex. 2 on page 37: butterfly, downtown, football, hardworking, ice cream, kindhearted, laptop, life-sized, watermelon, worthwhile, worn-out, northeastern, earthquake, mobile phone, mankind, headline, easygoing, homeland, passer-by, eggplant

4.Fill in the table below with the different forms of the words.
Noun amusement Verb amuse Adjective amusing Adverb amusingly
Admittedly, admissibly imaginatively

Admission, admit admittance, admissibility

Imaginative, imaginable, imaginary

imagination Settlement, settler

imagine settle

settled equipped attractive


Attraction,attract iveness



A 1. It was a matter of ________ would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever 解析:答案A。Of后接宾语从句。Whoever “任何人”与题意不符。句意为“这是一 个谁会接任这个职务的问题。”

D it took me. 2. He did it ________ A. one-third a time B. one-third time C. the one-third time D. one-third the time 解析:答案D。time后接定语从句时,前 面要加the。表示“三分之一的时间”, 英语为“one-third the time”。

3. ----Are you still thinking about yesterday’s game? A ----Oh, that’s ________. A. what makes me feel excited B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I fell about it D. when I feel excited

解析:答案A。what引导表语从句,且在 表语从句中作主语。

D 4. Don’t use words, expressions or phrases _______ only to people with special knowledge. A. being known B. having been known C. to be known D. known 解析:答案D。know与words, expressions,phrases是动宾关系,要用 过去分词作定语,表示被动。

? Summarize the rules of forming the words. ? Finish Ex3 of P37.

Unit 5 Theme parks

Futuroscope—excitement and learning

A Futuristic Building

What are three times and three places you can visit at futuroscope?
Three times: Past, present and future Three places: earth, bottom of the sea and space

Reading--I----skimming (2m)

The main topic of each paragraph
Paragraph 1: What I did at futuroscope. Paragraph 2: A general description of the park Paragraph 3:
General information about how to visit the park

Choose the correct answer
1. What is Futuroscope? A. a theme park in America. B. a theme park that uses the most advanced technology to take people out of the earth and the present time. C. a science and technology-based theme park that provides people with extraordinary experience without leaving the earth and the present time. D. a theme park that provides only fun and excitement.

2. Which of the following is true? A. Most of us will go to the bottom of the ocean or to the edges of the solar system. B. Future theme parks allow people to see and do things without danger but with much money. C. In the future theme parks, there are learning centers for people to try scientific experiments and learn what must be done to prepare for a flight into space or an undersea trip, and to understand why we could not live on the other planets in our solar system. D. Future theme parks are places for fun and excitement but not for learning.

Create a map of what you think futuroscope looks like.
Car racing and skiing on the mountains

Meet a dinosaur
A trip to Brazil

Learning Centers

A trip to the bottom of the ocean


A trip into space

? Surf the Internet to find more information about futuroscope. ? Listen to the reading again and retell the passage by yourself.

Unit 5 Theme parks

Naxi (纳西)

Dai (傣族)

Miao (苗族)

Bai (白族)

Uyghur (维吾尔族)

Listening--I (5m)

Listen to the tape and match the national group to an example of its customs. ? Naxi ? dancing ? Uygur ? cloth ? Dai ? food ? Miao ? woodwork ? Bai ? singing

Listening—II (5m)

Listen to the tape again and finish the following questions.
1. Why did Ricky and Lucy come to China? 2. What is the purpose of the Folk Culture villages? 3. What two things is Ricky interested in doing? 4. What is Lucy most interested in doing? 5. What things does the guide think are the most important to see?

1. Why did Ricky and Lucy come to China?
Ricky and Lucy came to China as tourists.

2. What is the purpose of the Folk Culture Villages?
The purpose o of the Folk Culture Villages is to show the homes, temples and dress of China’s minority groups.

3. What two things is Ricky interested in doing?
Ricky is interested in eating and in seeing the homes of the Bai people.

4. What is Lucy most interested in doing?
Lucy is most interested in shopping.

5.What things does the guide think are the most important to see?
The guide thinks it is most important to see the Uygur cultural dances and the Dai singing.

Work in groups of four and make a dialogue. Introduce different theme parks to each other.

Unit 5 Theme parks

Speaking—I (5m)

Use the map o f Futuroscope(P39) to prepare a role play with a partner. You are taking your friend on a tour of Futuroscope. Be ready to present your role play to the class. Use the expressions below to help you.
Where is the…? How far is/are the…? How can we get to…? Can/Could you show me where…? Over there is the … Down the path you can see… It’s about 10 minutes’ walk. Go down this path and turn left/right at the first crossing.

? S1: I hope you’ll love Futuroscope --- it’s one of the best parks in the world! We’re at the main entrance right now. Down that path on the left you can see Children’s world to the right. ? S2: where are the Gardens of Europe? I’ve heard they are beautiful! ? S1: it’s not far--- go down this path to the left and then turn left at the first turn. But we can see those letter, on our way out of the park. I really want to show you Futuroscope Digital City. I think it’s the coolest part of the park!

? S2: Really? How far is it? ? S1: Well, let’s walk down this path to the right. We’ll pass Forest of Dreams after a while and then Futuroscope Digital City. ? S2: Oh, this one looks cool! ? S1: Which one? ? S2: the map says Dances with Robots. How can we get to that from Futuroscope Digital City? ? S1: Oh, it’s not far at all--- only about 10 minutes’ walk from Futuroscope Digital City. There’s lots to see, so let’s get going!

Writing (20m)

write a short introduction for a brochure about Futuroscope, using the passage and the map above to help you. Be sure to include: ? What kind of park is it

? How to get to three of the park’s activities
? Why it is a great place for both children and adults

? Make a poster with your partner to tell everyone about a theme or amusement park. ? Finish speaking task in P73.

? Language points for Reading I ? Language points for Reading II

1. more than ①多于 more than ten tons . The stone weighs _________________ 这块石头重达十吨多。 ②不止;不仅仅 more than building . Bamboo is used for________________ 竹子不仅仅用于建筑。

2. There are various kinds of theme parks,
with a different park for almost everything. various adj.各种各样的,不同的;好几个,很多 various ways of cooking an egg There are _________________________. 鸡蛋有各种各样的做法。 Various people said they had seen the __________________ accident. 许多人说他们目睹了这次的事故。

variation n. 变化,变更 variety n. 品种,种类,多样性 vary v. 改变,变更 Many varieties of roses are being shown. ________________ 许多菊花品种在展出。 varies from good to rather Her health _____________________ weak ______. 她的健康时好时坏。

3. Whichever and whatever you like, there is a theme park for you!
Whichever 不管哪一个; 任何一个。
Whatever 无论什么 类似的词还有:wherever 如: ? Wherever she goes, there are many fans waiting to see her. ? Whichever you choose, you must stand by your decision.

4.As you wander around the fantasy amusement park, you may see Snow White or Mickey Mouse in a parade or on the street.

wander (v): to walk slowly across or around an area, usually without a clear direction or purpose 漫步;徘徊 We wandered around the shopping area for two hours. 我们在这个购物区逛了两个小时。

Amusement (n.) ? Something that makes time pass pleasantly 娱乐品; 娱乐活动 China’s Cultural Theme Park offers its visitors a variety of amusement. ? State of being amused 娱乐;快乐 To her great amusement, the actor’s false hair fell off.

5.With all these attractions, no wonder tourism is increasing wherever there is a Disneyland.

? No wonder 难怪,不足为奇 No wonder you’ve got a headache--- you drank so much wine. This is their first time to Beijing--- no wonder the children are so excited.

6.Then visit the farm area, and learn how people in ancient England ran their farms and took care of their animals. ? Run a farm打理农场 run在这里表示 “使……正常运转”,如: run a machine 操作机器 run a company 管理公司 run a house 打理家务

1. Then I took a trip to Brazil and experienced surviving an airplane crash in the jungle. 然后我到巴西去旅行,感受了一下坠机 后在丛林中求生的滋味。 jungle: area of land, usually in a tropical country, that is covered with a thick ground of trees and tangled plants 丛林地带(通常 指热带国家的)。 the dense jungle of South America 南美洲的 茂密丛林

Take a trip (进行)旅行,还可以说have a trip, make a trip, go on a trip等。 They are going on a trip to Europe. 他们将到欧洲旅行。 she has decided to take a trip around the world next year. 她已决定明年做环球旅行。

2. This Science and technology-based theme parks in France uses the most advanced technology. science and technology-based 以科技为基础的 eg. task-based language teaching / learning advanced a. 先进的,高级的

3. The amazing, up-to-date information together with many opportunities for hands-on learning makes the world come to life in a completely new way for visitors. up-to-date为复合形容词,与out-of-date相对 (落伍的;旧式的;过时的),意为“现 代的;时新的”。如: up-to-date ideas 最新的思想 an up-to-date record 最新的纪录 up-to-date clothes 时髦的衣服 an out-of-date model 老式的模型


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