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备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 book 1 ----1-3 1.In a school, an ___________(热情的)teacher is searching for some ________________(学术信息)on the website. His teaching _______ (方法)is brilliant and his cl

ear __________ (讲授)also _________ (使印象深刻)his students in classes. What’s more, he corrects the students’ _________(行为) in order not to make others ___________(尴尬的) and ______(厌烦的). Lucy and Lily are twins. Lucy’s look ___________(与……相似)Lily’s. However, Lucy’s character is ___________(一点也不 像)that of Lily’s. _____________(换句话说), their characters are different. In spite of this, they both like ____________(参加)activities after school. 2. Alice White loves teaching English. She is _______(耐心的)with her students and _____(严格的)in her work. Shealways __________(确保)that her classes are lively and interesting. So in her classes none of her students ____ ______(睡着). With her help, her students have _____ ________(取得进步)in English. 3. In old society women were not (admit) to colleges or universities. While enjoying the _______(风景), an ______(专家) found an __________(被遗弃的) five-year-old boy. The child was _________(害怕的) and _________(精疲力竭的) at that time. So the expert sent him to the _________(市中心的) police station quickly by taxi. 1. Ms Shen’s method of teaching is ________________________________(一点也不像我 的初中老师们的教学方法). 【仿写】这周的天气比上周的天气更糟。 2. ___________(我认为……不)I will be bored in Ms Shen’s class! 【仿写】我认为没有必要这么早走。 3.In other words, there are ____________________________(女生人数是男生人数的三 倍). 【仿写】她用功的程度是我的三倍。 4. He said ______________(没关系)if we made mistakes. 【仿写】我们一起去还是分开去没关系。 5. Oh really? ________(我也是). 【仿写】如果他去那儿, 我也去。 1.She’s kind and patient, and she explains English grammar _____________(如此清楚以 至于)even I can understand it! 【仿写】我很激动以至于说不出话来。 2. She’s very strict—we don’t dare to say a word __________________(除非她让我们说).

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 【仿写】如果不去尝试, 我们永远都不知道我们会成功。 3. Physics will never be my favourite lesson, but I think that I’ll do well in the exam ________________________(有陈老师教我). 【仿写】他躺在草地上, 两眼望着天空。 4. __________________________(我宁愿做翻译也不愿)revision, Mr Stanton. 【仿写】我宁愿留在家里读点书, 也不愿与他们去购物。 5. it 作形式主语: It is+adj. +to do sth. ______________________(了解……是有趣的)differences between schools in different countries. 【仿写】解出这道题很难。 1. What ___________(你认为)the central part of the country is like? 【仿写】你认为他要和谁一起去那里? 2. And __________(一次多么奇妙的乘车经历呀)! 【仿写】多么讨厌的噪声啊! 3. We ate great meals ________________(专家做的)! 【仿写】坐在教室后面的那些同学能听到我说话吗? 4. _________________(如果……你介意吗)I saw your ticket? 【仿写】如果我问你一个私人的问题, 你介意吗? 1. It is an discovery so that we are at it. (amaze) 2. Mother Tom to follow the of the bottle. (instruct) 3. President Xi’s speech made a deep on me. (impress) 4. The questions the reporters asked sometimes were and they made me (embarrass) 5. I am with Mr. Wang’s talk; I can’t wait any longer for its end. (bore) 6.Take your time—it’s just a short (distant) from here to the restaurant. 7.The alarm rang and (frighten) the burglar away.



备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 book 1----4-6 Many architectures have been ______(修建), which are ______(相当)_________(有吸引 力的)and __________(迷人的). _________(结果),____________(许多)tourists all over the country come here to visit. ②To ________(偿还)their debts, many people have found work in factories. So they have _____________(摆脱)the poor life. The scenery in our city is ________(美丽的). What’s more, the traffic is very good. It’s convenient for businessmen to ________(交换)their goods. Recently, there are more and more people who can ______(有能力支付)to buy new cars. I’m _________(幸运的)living here. ①Water is an ________ (普通的)substance of nature. If you put a nail into the boiling water, it can’t rust. So we candraw a __________ (结论)that iron does not rust in air-free water. Let’s weigh some copper by the _______ (天平)and ________(把它加 入)the crucible by tongs. When we burn it on the flame, we are __________ (吃惊的)to see that it ______(形成)anoxide. ②Tom _______(过去常常)be late for school. His parents told him he ______________(应 该)work hard, but he wouldn’t listen. However, after he attended a ______(讲座), he has changed a lot. His ____(目标) is to be admitted into a key university. Now his parents___________(为……感到自豪)him. ①The Internet is an _________(发明), which ________(包含)a lot of fantastic essays and is the biggest ______(来源)of information. If you want to ______(登录) it via the computer, put the keyword in it, then it’s _________(可进入的). ②The Internet can _______(缩短) the distance between people. It can help us study ______(也), ______(创造) and ______(设计)the things we like. However, it has many ____________(缺点). For example, if you spend too much time ____________ ___(集中 精力于) the Internet, it is likely to affect your study. 1. ____________________(自从……以来有六年了)we last saw each other, you know. 【仿写】我已经有很多年没那么快乐过了。 2. And _________________(这是第一次)I’ve visited your hometown. 【仿写】作为中国国家主席, 这是习近平第一次出席 G20 峰会。 3This is one of the most attractive places ___________(我曾经去过的). 【仿写】这是我学过的最难的课文之一。 4. ___________________________(我感觉住在这儿很幸运). 【仿写】他感觉很幸运, 有份好工作。 5. There are times when. . . 有……的时候 ___________________(有……的时候)I need to get out into the countryside. 【仿写】有时候我不明白自己为什么做这份工作。 The earth is ________________________(是……的 49 倍)the moon. 倍数+比较级+than 【仿写】我们的教室是他们的 3 倍大。

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 The earth is ________________________(和……49 倍一样大)the moon. 【仿写】汤姆的鞋比迈克的贵两倍。 3. __________________(很难想象)a world without metals. 【仿写】在这么短的时间内完成任务很困难。 ___________________________________________ 4. It’s getting ___________________(越来越亮)! 【仿写】我们学校变得越来越漂亮了。 5.________________(你靠得越近), the more you’ll see. 【仿写】他越忙越感到高兴。 1. It then became possible __________________________________(大学也使用这一系 统). 【仿写】他很难解出这道数学题。 2. Berners-Lee ______________for everyone ________________(使得使用因特网成为可 能), not just universities and the army. 【仿写】电脑的发明使得人们有可能接受远程教育。 3.He designed the first“web browser”, __________________________________(这可以 让计算机使用者获取)documents from other computers. 定语从句 仿写】2013 年 9 月 24 日, 一次强烈的地震袭击了巴基斯坦, 造成了 500 多死亡。 4. Our English teacher is excellent, but she _________________(不能帮助每一个人)in the class in 50 minutes.( not. . . everyone 表示部分否定) 【仿写】我并非事事都顺利。 5. _______________________(用手机通话)is expensive, so a lot of people send text messages. 【仿写】做早操对我们的健康有益。 1. This soldier was the only of the battle. (survive) 2. He was busy with the of the tennis club. (organize) 3. TV shopping is because you can buy things easily without going out. (attract) 4. I am proud of our school and feel to be admitted to it. (fortune) 5. She can draw all kinds of colorful country scenes, even though she has received no training in painting. (profession) 6. The were complaining the rooms were too dirty while travelling. (tour) 1. India attained (independent) in 1947, after a long struggle. 2. —Is the Nie’er Museum (access) to ordinary people?—Of course. 3. TV programmes, (design) to combine learning with fun, are growing in popularity all over the world. 4. The dictionary (contain) 10, 000 words, (include) many in science. 5. I am very worried because my little son (concentrate) most of his spare time on playing games on the computer. 6. Weather (permit), I will go to the park on Sunday. 7. His son is (addict)to computer games. 8. Buses run (frequent)between the city and the airport.

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 book 2----1-3 ①Li Hua ______(极少地) gets a cold. His health _______________ (与……有联系)____ (饮食)and _____________(锻炼). Like many boys, he ____________(迷恋)playing football. What’s more, he would rather eat more vegetables than have a sweet tooth. ②Today many people are _________(不健康的). That is, their health is below the _______(正常的) level, which makes them _______ (焦虑的). I think they’d better do more exercise and _______ (呼吸)fresh air in order to keep __(健康的). 1. When Zhou Kai’s mother _______________(看到他直奔) towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously. ①______(毒品) are dangerous not only to people’s health but also to the society. If one often takes cocaine, he will _______ __________(对……上瘾的) them. If a serious ______ (瘾君子)can’t get timely _________ (治疗), he is _____ (可能的)to die. Some addicts will do some ______ (违法的)actions ________________(为了)get the money to buy drugs. All these ______ (犯罪行为)will _____ (影响)the children and ______ (成年 人)greatly. ②To ______ (减少)the horrible _______ (危险)of drugs, the government has taken measures to ____ (禁止) drug-taking. Every citizen should become an active __________ (参与者)in the activities. We can give out leaflets to make people ________ (认识到)the dangers of drugs. Peter, one of the greatest _________ (音乐家)and _________ (作曲家) in the world, was really a great ______ (天才)in music. When he was young he even dreamt of becoming a _______(指挥) and forming his own band. At the early age, Peter showed _____ (才华). His father, a _______(农民), managed to send him to learn music from a _______(大学 的讲师). He _____________(记录)or even ________ (录音)what his teacher taught in classes. His teacher _________________ (对……留下深刻印象)his hard work and tried his best to direct him. 1.【仿写】我看到一架飞机正朝北飞去。 2. ____________(我宁愿吃)a nice piece of fruit. 【仿写】我宁愿待在家里看电视。 3. But _____________(那是因为)I was stupid enough to play football in the rain. 【仿写】他迟到了, 那是因为他遇到了交通堵塞。 4. _______________(现在去睡觉否则)you’ll be really tired tomorrow. 【仿写】不要吃太多的甜食, 否则你会变胖的。 5. 序数词(+名词)+ to do sth. 不定式作后置定语 Britain was the first country in the world ____________________________(拥有免费医 疗保健体系的)paid for by the government. 【仿写】中国是五国之中最后一个拥有航空母舰(aircraft carrier)的国家。 China is the last of the five countries ______________________.

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 1. 现在分词作状语 Now I work in a centre for drug addicts, _______________ _______________(帮助其他人戒毒). 【仿写】他们高高兴兴地回家了, 路上有说有笑。 They went home happily, __________________on the road. 2. be likely to do sth. 可能做某事 Drug users _____________________________(更可能陷入麻烦)at school. 【仿写】她今晚可能给我打电话。 ____________________tonight. 3. Some people feel ______________(如此紧张以至于)they call the police. It was ________________________(如此危险的毒品以至于)he nearly died. 【仿写】他进步这么大, 父母对他很满意。 He has _________________________his parents are pleased with him. 4. 比较级用于否定句中___________________(我完全同意). 【仿写】他做得再好不过了。 5. ____________________(无论你在做什么)when you want to smoke—do something else! 【仿写】无论发生什么事, 你知道我都会支持你。 _________________, you know that I’ll stand by you. 1. _____________________________(在那儿已工作了三十年), Haydn moved to London, where he was very successful. 【仿写】做完家庭作业后, 他跑出去踢足球了。 ___________________________, he ran out to play football. 2.___________________(到他 14 岁的时候), Mozart had composed. . . 【仿写】他到家时, 灯已熄灭。_____________________, the light had gone out. 3. 强调句型 However, ____________________________________(是海顿鼓励贝多芬)to move to Vienna. 【仿写】是爱丽丝· 门罗获得了 2013 年诺贝尔文学奖。 _________________________the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature. 4. _______________(随着他年龄的增长), he began to go deaf. 【仿写】随着高度的增加, 大气越来越稀薄。 The atmosphere gets thinner and thinner ____________________. 5. it 作形式主语, 不定式作真正的主语 ____________________(了解……重要吗)anything about classical music? 【仿写】孩子们想要什么就给他们什么是不明智的。 1. (eat) at the cafeteria before, Tina didn’t want to eat there again. 2. By the time you have finished this book, your meal (get) cold. 3. People have (mix) views on the policy published recently, because not everybody is in favor of it in the survey. 4. A weather forecaster said the UK might experience its coldest December on (record) after a heavy snow. 5. Only later did Mary realize that she (have) a talent for garden design.

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 book 2----4-6 I like colorful ________(油画) by _____________(当代的) ________(画家). Sometimes I try to _______(临摹) them. Once I went to an _________(展览). That was a _________ (令人愉快的)experience. Some drawings were _______(画) in the __________(传统 的)Chinese style; some were _______(现实主义的). At last I _______ (采纳)my sister’s advice and boughta watercolor painting. ①Tom is an ________(业余的) photographer who can ____ ___________________(拍极 好的照片). He borrowed a telescope and used it to see the _________ (历史性的) ___________ (成就)of the Chinese taikonaut walking __ _____(在太空中). He was ________(高兴的) and proud. ②We were _______________(集中注意力)our lessons when the headmaster came in. He told us that our English teacher was ill and Mr. Green would _______(取代) her. We all stood up and clapped our hands to ________ (欢 迎)him. Mr. Green’s method _____________(与……不相似)that of our former English teacher. He _________(信任)us and often encourages us to work harder. ① I think The Sound of Music is a ___________(杰作). It tells a _______ (感人的)story which has many ___________ (有趣的)_____(情节). The ______ (女性的)_________(角 色), Maria, was a tutor of the _____ (男性的)character’s children. They goton well but ___________ (有时)_______(争论) with each other about how to educate children. Later they ______________(爱上)each other. ② ______________(令我们惊讶的是), some TV plays about the same theme are repeatedly shot _________________(有时). The new TV play Water Margin is being broadcast on TV. Its ______(背景) is in the Song Dynasty. Zhang Hanyu _____________________(扮演重要的角色)in it. Some people say it isn’t as good as the old one. I don’t __________(在乎)other people’s opinions. Anyway I like it very much. 1. This is a painting by the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, ______________(被认为是) the greatest western artist of the twentieth century. 【仿写】被认为是世界上最优秀的作家之一的爱丽丝· 门罗(Alice Munro), 获得了 2013 年诺贝尔文学奖。 2. 反意疑问句 It’s by a Chinese artist, ______(是吗)? 【仿写】She was ill yesterday, _________? 3. 倍数+as. . . as. . . I’m ____________________(不如你一半好). 【仿写】这棵树是那棵树的三倍高。 4. what. . . make of. . . =what . . . think of. . . 对……有…… 看法 ___________________(你认为……怎么样)it? 【仿写】你认为在济南举行的第十届中国艺术节怎么样? 5. People generally agree. . . 人们普遍认为…… ____________________(人们普遍认为) that Pablo Picasso, who lived from 1881 to 1973, is the twentieth-century’s greatest western artist.

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 【仿写】人们普遍认为文化是外语教育的重要部分。 6. with 复合结构 【仿写】问题解决后,我们进行得很顺利。 1. the+序数词+(n. )to do sth. 做某事的第几个人/物 China became ___________________________________(第三个把人送入太空的国家). 【仿写】她是第一位赢得奥运会金牌的女士。 2. ____________________________(当他在太空旅行的时候), Yang spoke to two astronauts aboard the International Space Station. . . 【仿写】我们正在说话时,老师进来了。 3. Amateur astronomer David Bates _____________________ ________________________________(昨晚正用望远镜观察月球这时)he got a big surprise. 【仿写】我们正在讨论那个问题,这时停电了。 4. _________________(这是第一次) he’s seen aliens landing on the moon. 【仿写】这是他们第一次到这里,也会是最后一次。 1.—What do you think of store shopping in the future? —Personally, I think it will exist along with home shopping but will never (replace). 2. The play (produce) next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture. 3. On seeing the gift they wanted, the kids screamed with (delight). 4. Now that you want to remember its (use), you’d better make a sentence with the new word. 5.—Hi, Mum. I got promoted for my wonderful performance in my work. — (congratulate)! 1. The film belongs to a type of Chinese story ___________(被叫做“武侠”的). 【仿写】演讲者回答了观众提出的所有问题。 2. 强调句型 Unusually, __________________________(是女主角)interest us most. 【仿写】是这种无私的爱令我们感动。 3. 形容词作状语 ____________________(勇敢、善良、坚强), Xiulian is the character we care about most. 【仿写】又累又饿,他只好步行回家了。 4. It is + v. -ed + that. . . (it 作形式主语,that 引导主语从句) But __________________(人们普遍认为), that he, more than anyone else in the history of films, understands the meaning of the word “entertainment”. 【仿写】大家一致认为有必要再开一次会。 6.Lucy said (惊奇地), “ (使我们非常惊奇的是), he has passed the exam. ” 4. Having worked nonstop for three hours in the sun, John returned home, (又渴 又饿).


备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 book 3—1-3 ①The Great Wall, which __________( 被认为是 ) the “10, 000-li Great Wall”, runs ______ (穿过) North China like a huge dragon. It is a _______ (象征) of the wisdom of the _______ (古代的) Chinese. Today it is being destroyed ___________(逐渐地), ______ (面对) a dangerous ________ (处境). Luckily, the ___________ (政府) of our country has taken measures to protect it. ②The gallery, ___________________(位于) just ________ (在 ……对面 ) the theatre, is the landmark of this city. ______________( 与 …… 相比 ) other constructions, it has some unique _______ (特点), and just _________(因为) this, it has been visited by people _________(自从……一直) it was completed 5 years ago. A _________ ( 可怕的 ) earthquake ______ ( 袭击 ) the area, _______ ( 引起 ) a lot of _______ (损失). Many people were ______ (埋葬) under the _____ (废墟) and several people lost their lives. _______ (幸运地), people all over the world offered their help immediately it _________________(发生). People’s happiness _______________(与…… 有 联 系 )the development of the country. _____( 直 到 ) now, China has been _____________(努力) to develop economy. ____________________________(尤其在最近 十年 ), great changes have taken place in our country. The majority of people have reached or ___________(接近) a well-off standard of living. 1. 介词短语置于句首的倒装句______________________________________________(在 法国和西班牙之间是另一座山脉)—the Pyrenees. 【仿写】广场中央耸立着一块纪念碑。 2. 过去分词作后置定语 【仿写】坐落在市中心的那座教堂建于 1840 年。 3. Their work _________________________________(自从那 时起一直影响着其他作家). 【仿写】他三年前来到伦敦,此后就一直住在这里。 4. neither. . . nor. . . _____________________________(埃米和海伦都不是英国人). 【仿写】我和杰克都没有看过这部电影。 ________________________________ 5. The expanded European Union has a population of more than half a billion people, ___________________________________________(是美国人口的两倍). 【仿写】这条新公路是旧公路的三倍宽。 1. Do you think this shirt is too tight (cross) the shoulders? 2. In the last few years thousands of films (produce) all over the world. 3. Most museums are just for looking. But today some of them have things for you to touch. The (sign) say, “Do (touch)! ” 4. Into the dark apartment (walk) David, who was quite surprised when everyone shouted “Happy birthday”. 5. (face) with a difficult situation, he decided to ask his parents for some advice.

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 1. 表示地点的介词短语放在句首引起的完全倒装 From this agreement _________________________________(诞生了《人类发展报告》). 【仿写】教室前面有些孩子在玩游戏。 2. 表示对比的 while 连接的并列句 Norway is at the top of the list, _____ (然而) the US is at number 7. 【仿写】我喜欢英语,而他喜欢数学。 3. 主语+be+adj. +不定式 However, in other regions of the world, e. g. Eastern Europe, _____________________________(现在大部分水饮用起来是安全的). 【仿写】这个问题不容易回答。 1. leave+宾语+宾语补足语 They can destroy houses, but _______________________________________(把房内的家 具留在原处). 【仿写】放学后,不要把钱留在教室里。 2. 现在分词短语作结果状语 On average, there are 800 tornadoes in the US each year, _____________________________________(造成大约 80 人死亡,1 500 人受伤). 【仿写】飓风昨晚袭击了该地区,造成了很大的损失。 3. by the time 引导的时间状语从句 __________________(到它停时), more than 700 people had been killed and 2, 700 had been injured. 【仿写】到我们回来时,他们都已经睡着了。 4. 形容词短语作后置定语 Montserrat is a beautiful small island in the Caribbean, ____ ____________________________________(只有 16 千米长,10 千米宽). 【仿写】汤姆一家五口人住在一间长五米,宽三米的房间里。 5. There is the possibility of. . . 有……的可能性 When the lava reached the sea, _______________________( 有……的可能性 ) a huge tidal wave which could flood half the island. 【仿写】没有改变投票程序的可能性。 1. The accident caused some 2. If we leave right away, 3. It suddenly (damage) to my car, but it’s nothing serious. (hopeful) we’ll arrive on time.

(occur) to him that he had left his keys in the office. (cause) of

4. The lack of eco-friendly habits among the public is thought to be a major global climate change. 5. While studying, fix your mind on what is really important, or you will end up (remember) nothing.


备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 book 3—4-6 We all know that trees can ______(吸收) carbon dioxide and _______(放出) oxygen that we need. But we have been _______ _____ ( 砍倒 ) ______ ( 大量的 ) of trees, which _________________ ( 对 … … 有 坏 影 响 ) our living environment. If it continues, we____________(不得不) face the natural disasters _______________ (一个接一个地). Mr. Smith, who is an _________ ( 有影响的 ) person, holds an _________ ( 重要的 ) _______ (职位) in a company. He cares about workers’ living and working _________ ( 环 境 ). He also encourages workers to ______ ( 发明 ) things, and he says that he __________(为……感到自豪) those who have made great ____________ (贡献) to the company. An _________( 巨大的 ) hotel, which will ____________( 容纳 ) up to 2, 000 guests, is still under ___________( 建 设 ). It has many facilities that are _________________(很重要). Although it is _______(极冷的) and sometimes _____(有浓 雾的), the workers are sure to _______(消除) problems to complete the project on time. 1. appear to have done sth. 好像做了某事 Sandstorms in China ___________________________________( 似乎在最近几年增 加 了)as a result of “desertification”. 【仿写】他们的要求似乎已得到满足。 2. make +it +adj. /n. + to do. . . (it 在句中充当形式宾语) The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust ____________________(使得能见度很低). 【仿写】水里的矿物质使得这水挺难喝的。 3. do nothing but do sth. 只能做某事 He does nothing ____________(除了抱怨). 【仿写】老人的儿子除了玩游戏之外,什么都不干。 4. if/when/whenever possible 构成的省略句 The garbage is then taken away and, _________(如果可能的话),recycled. 【仿写】如果可能的话, 请在今晚以前告诉我。 5. get sb. to do sth. 让某人做某事 The“Green” movement tries to ___________________________________(让政府认真思 考)the environment and how to look after it. 【仿写】我搬家具时请了他帮忙。 1. the way+that/in which 引导的定语从句(that/in which 可省略) Treat others _____________________________(以你想被别人对待的方式). 【仿写】即使如此, 计算机已经改变了我们的工作和娱乐方式。 2. the reason why. . . is that. . . … … 的 原 因 是 … … Mencius believed that _____________man is different from animals ______(……的原因是……) man is good. 【仿写】他们不去的原因是他们负担不起。 3. do 引起的强调 However, we ________(的确知道) that in 1092 AD he invented the first real clock. 【仿写】我的确知道他是一位非常聪明的人。

备考 2015 一轮复习--------巩固与检测 4. no+adj. /adv. 的比较级+than. . . Cars were first used at the end of the nineteenth century, and were ____________(不比……快)a horse. 【仿写】半真半假的话不见得比说谎要好。 1. Anyone, whether he is an official or a bus driver, should be 2. If you don’t like the drink you (equal) respected.

(order), just leave it and try a different one. (principle). (bring up) to value the sense of

3. Anyway, I can’t cheat him—it’s against all my 4. Born into a family with three brothers, David was sharing.

5. Running a company calls for intelligence, patience and a lot of experience. In (conclude),it’s not an easy thing. 1. It takes (sb. ) some time to do sth. 花费(某人)时间做某事_____________________(它 花费 6 年时间建成 ) and cost US$20 billion. 【仿写】我花了大约两个小时来做作业。 2. It is possible (for sb. ) to do sth. (某人)有可能做某事________________(有可能看到) the relics now that they have been submerged? 【仿写】下次你能搭早一点的公交车吗? 3. “ 介 词 + 关 系 代 词 ” 引 导 定 语 从 句

Mao Zedong wrote a poem

_____________________(在词中他想象了……)“walls of stone to hold back clouds and rain till a smooth lake rises in the narrow gorges”. 【仿写】我们经过一个池塘,塘中鸭儿在戏水。 4. do you think 用作插入语________________________(你认为为什么有)so many tall buildings in the world now? 【仿写】你认为这事我该怎么办?






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