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1、add 搭配:add…to…把…加到… 运用:(1) (2) (3) The number of the guest add up 合计 add up to 总计达

(合计你的分数) and see how many points you get. . (把水加到瓶子里) . (总计达100人)

2、upset(upset upset) ;adj.心烦意乱的,不安的,不适的 vt. 使不安;使心烦 搭配:be upset at / about… 因…而烦恼 运用:(1) She losing her money. (为丢钱的事而心烦) you.

(2) If I catch you doing that again, I’ll be very upset 3、ignore ; vt.不理睬;忽视 ignorance n.无知,愚昧 ignorant adj.无知的

4、calm ;adj.平静的,冷静的 vt.(使)平静下来;(使)镇定下来 搭配:calm…down 使平静下来 stay/keep calm 保持冷静 . (使她镇静下来)

运用:(1) The doctor has given her some pills (2) I tried to

(保持冷静) I knew that worrying wouldn’t help me.

5、have got to (sth / do sth) ;不得不; 必须 造句: 6、concern ;vt.涉及,关系到,(使)担忧 搭配:be concerned with 与...有关系 as far as ...is/are concerned 就...而言 运用:(1) (2) 就我而言,写信不能被用手机发信息所代替。 (3) . . 他跟这次事故有关。 . . 我必须及时赶到这个会议。 n.担心,关注 be concerned about 关心; 挂念

李老师非常关心我的表现。 7、go through 经历; 浏览; 穿过 例句:这个国家经历了太多战争。This country has gone through too many wars. 浏览报纸。go through the newspaper. 这条河流穿过城市。This river goes through the city. 联想:get through 通过;完成 8、set down 记下,放下,登记 联想:(同义词) ,

9、on purpose 故意 = deliberately 词组:with/for the purpose of 为了...目的 联想:表目的几个短语和句式 in order to (do) 可放句首 in order that (+从句) 可位于句首 so as to (do) 不能位于句首 so that (+从句) 不能位于句首 purpose 目的 10、dust n. 灰尘 adj. 满是灰尘的 dusty

11、at dusk 黄昏;傍晚 / at dawn 在黎明 12、power n.能力;力量;权力 adj.强大的;强有力的 powerful

13、face to face 面对面地(作状语) hand in hand 手拉手 heart to heart 贴心地 side by side 并排地 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 back to back 背靠背地

word by word 逐字逐句地

14、no longer / not...any longer 不再... 15、suffer vt./vi. 遭受;忍受 n.痛苦 suffering

搭配:suffer from 遭受(不好的事情)

16、recover (n.) from illness. 恢复健康 recovery n. 恢复;痊愈;恢复 recovered adj. 恢复的;治愈的 17、get / be tired of (sth / doing sth) 对...厌烦 联想:be tired from be bored with 因…累了/ 疲劳 对…极其厌倦

be fed up with 对…感到厌烦 运用(1)Though Jack is often tired his job, he is never tired it. In fact, he enjoys it.

(2)The teacher is not good at teaching. No wonder the children grow bored_ __his lesson. 18、pack (sth) up 打包,包装

19、get alone with 与...相处;进展 get well alone with 与...友好相处 例句: 20、disagree vi.不同意 工作进展得相当顺利。 n.同意;一致;协议 agreement

搭配:agree with (have the same opinion as. E.g:I agree with you/your opinion/what you said) agree to (be willing to accept or allow sth. E.g:The bank manage agree to accept our request for a loan.) 注意:后接 sb.用 agree with 一定正确 21、be grateful to sb for sth gratefully adv.感激地 gratefulness 22、dislike n.感激 对...表示感激

n./ vt.不喜欢;厌恶

(vt.)我母亲不喜欢看到你和我在一起。(My mother dislikes seeing you with me.) (n.)那男孩不喜欢吃蔬菜。(The boy has a dislike of vegetable.) unlike adj./prep. 不相似;不同 (adj.)他们对这次事故给出不同的描述。(They gave unlike accounts of this accident.)

(prep.)这风景跟我过去见过的都不一样。(The view was unlike anything I have seen before.) 23、join in 参加;加入

注意:join 表示加入某党派、某组织时,不能加 in 例句:他永远也不会忘记他入党的那一天。He will never forget the day when he joined the Party. 24、settle vi.安家;定居 vt.使定居;安排;解决 搭配:settle down n.定居;解决 settlement

一 词性转换 1.ignore vt. ____ ____ n. adj. 3.recover v. ________n. 5.dislike n./vt. ________(反义词) 7.entire adj._______adv. 9.suffer v. , (同义词) n.痛苦

2.power n.________adj. 4.dust n. ________adj 6.settle vi./vt. _________n. 8.German adj. _________n. 10.set down

二 选择词组填空 in order to no longer / not...any longer suffer from on purpose be concerned about go through set down get / tired of join in get along with calm down add up 一、I ______________ watching television, let’s go for a walk. 二、We started early ______________arrive before dark. 三、The country has _____________ too many wars. 四、They are going to _____________ the singing.

五、She ______________ your safety, you should come back earlier next time. 六、She often ____________ headaches. 七、Although I am a new comer, I ________________ my classmate very well. 八、I didn’t do it ____________.It was an accident. 九、_____________3, 4 and 5,you will get 12. 十、I have _____________everything that the teacher said.

三 句子翻译 1、请你冷静下来,他不是故意这样做的。 2、我们厌倦了整天坐在教室里。 3、他感到心烦意乱,因为丢了钱。 4、尽管他不喜欢学习英语,他还是加入了英语俱乐部。 5、父母非常关心我们的健康。


一 重点单词填空 A letter to news agency
We recently had a survey about the parents’ opinions to adolescents’ idols(青少年的偶 像). Some are 41 (关心;担心) about it that their children can’t 42 (好好与人相处) others for they are spellbound by their idols. They are so 43 (狂热的) about them that they try to imitate(模仿) anything their idols do! For this season, they raise a lot of problems at home and at school. The parents think the idols have hidden away something 44 (故意地) that isn’t good and make glosses of well-off situations that the students could not judge(判断)! They hold the idea that the idols 45 (欺骗) their fans and have a bad effect on their children! On the contrary, some parents are not 46 (心烦意乱的) about it and think it is a nature that children should have their heroes. Good examples from the idols can 47 (增加) experience to students, which makes it known that success comes with hard work. The 48 (信赖) and the concern that students keep to idols will do good to them. We know every coin has two sides. As long as parents and the whole society guide adolescents properly(恰当地), letting them 49 (经受) something happy or sad and something hard or easy and 50 (分享) love and pain, the adolescents can develop healthily. And that is the really meaningful point! 41. 45. 49. 42. 46. 50. 43. 47. 44. 48.

二 核心句型翻译
1. 父母总是关心孩子的学习情况。

2. 在他看来,你的想法很好。

3. 我们和他面对面地坐着。

4. 你的儿子与其他同学相处和睦吗?

三 语法填空
When I opened my eyes in the morning, something was different. I jumped up to look outside and sighed _________ disappointment. Fine snow covered the yard, dusted the top of my truck and whitened the road. But that wasn’t the ___________(bad) part. All the rain from yesterday had frozen solid ---- coating the needles on the trees in fantastic patterns, and making the driveway very slippery. I had enough trouble not falling down when the ground was dry; it might not be safer __________ me to go back to bad now. But my students __________ (wait) for me. I almost lost my balance when I finally got to the truck, but I managed to hold on to the side mirror and saved _________.My truck seemed to have no problem with ________ ice that covered the road. I drove very slowly, though, not wanting to carve a path of ___________(destroy) through the Main Street When I got out of my truck at school, something caught me eye and I suddenly realized ________ I had so little trouble. There were crisscrossed chains in diamond shapes around the tires. My new neighbor, _________ name I didn’t even know, had got up _________(put)snow chains on my truck. My throat suddenly felt tight.


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