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Lesson 4 Job Trends

What’s your favorite job? Why?

well paid progressive steady Jobs interesting



What kind o

f job will be popular?

Job areas
coal mining, the media , ship building, steel production, information technology, agriculture,

What job areas do you think are becoming more and more important? Actually, the service industry, the media and IT industry are booming. So some related skills are required.

What skills and qualities are useful to get a good job nowadays?
? Skills: communication skills, computer skills, driving, language skills, typing, organizational ability… ?Qualities: co-operation, creativity, cultural awareness, flexibility, motivation, understanding , perseverance , good judgment, helpful…

Survival of the Fittest
Definition: the principle that only the people or
things that are best adapted to their surroundings will continue to exist

? natural selection ? select the superior and eliminate the inferior(次的)

Text with sentence gaps
1. read the text to get the general idea.

2.For each gap,find a sentence that matches the topic of the paragraph and links with the sentences before and after it.
3. Read the sentences before and after the gaps, thinking of clues about the missing sentence. 4. Then,look at the missing sentences and find out the linking words: on the other hand because of however first of all also

Reading Comprehension Ⅱ Find the correct sentences (a-f) for each gap (1-6) in the text. a. 1. b. 2. c. 3. d. 4. e. 5. f. 6.

Reading ComprehensionⅠ Get the main idea for each part. Para. 1 Paras. 2-3 Paras. 4-6 a. Changes in the future b. Skills and qualities needed c. Prediction d. Changes in job areas nowadays

Paras. 7-10

Read and decide whether the sentences below are T or F.
? Toffler’s Prediction has come true. T ? There is nothing we can do to keep up with the demand for change. F ? The number of jobs in information technology will go down dramatically(突然地). F ? The idea of “job for life” is still fashionable. F ? People will work for small, dynamic companies as well as big companies. T ? It doesn’t matter if one can’t cope with cultural differences. F ? People prefer to work from home rather than go to office. T

Read the text again and compare the past with the future.
In the Past Important jobs Idea for job
Farming coal mining heavy industry Job for life company

In the Future
The service industry the media information technology

Job for pleasure Work for different companies
Small and dynamic

Working Areas Work for one Size of Companies Skills For Jobs Big

Working, Communication, language, Diligence computer, understanding

Ex.3 1.What of “future shock” ? 1.The effects is rapid technological change on people’s
lives and work. 2.Information technologythe job areas of the 2.What is one of 3.People will organize their working life around a variety of jobs instead of working for one company. It will also be easier for peoplejobs change? 3.How will to work from home using the internet. 4.Companies will require people who are flexible and 4.How will companies change? can work on their own as well as a team.They will be more small business. 5.People will need communication skills, language skills computer skills,working wtih people from different 5.What skills and personal qualities will cultures. work at home, live where you want,continue people 6.You can need? your studies personala benefits will the new 6.What and have lot more free time.


Which one do you prefer?Why?

? Work for Life ? Work for pleasure

Try to locate the useful expression in the text!

1跟上,赶上 2与其 毋宁 3算出,估计出 4对某事做出反应 5深呼吸 6设想 7另一方面 8毫无疑问 9大量需要 10发生 11根据 12代替,而不是

keep up with rather than work out respond to take a deep breath get a sense of on the other hand without doubt in great demand take place according to instead of

13 也,同样地 14 不是…….而是 15 尤其重要的是 16 落后了 17 万一,以防万一 18 开始做自己的 生意 19 首先 20 能独立工作 21 考虑提高自己的 计算机技能

as well not… but above all get left behind in case start their own businesses first of all work on their own consider improving your computer skills

Difficult sentences in the text.
1.It is sometimes difficult to work out the patterns of change.
2.Take a deep breath and try to get a sense of the good things the future has to offer. 3.Without doubt, the number of jobs in information technology will multiply.
5. In the future, people will organize their working life around a variety of jobs, instead of working just for one division or branch of a company. 6. Similarly , companies will operate in different ways. People will more around to do different jobs, rather than moving up in the company as before.

7. So don’t bother learning Russian or Spanish 8. Dynamic companies which can respond quickly to changes in the market. 9.New technology is the driving force behind these rapid changes.

10.Work with more than one program in case you have to use them at work.





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