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2014~2015 学年度高二第一学期期末全市统考复习
必修五 Unit1 一、 1. This new e ___________for the car works well. 2. She has a strong c___________. 5. The meeting c________________at eight o'clock. 3. The farmers in this area had a good harvest last year thanks to the s______________farming. 4. The doctor had my eyes e_____________for weakening. 6. They were d _______________ in their attempt(企图)to reach the top of the mountain. 7. The little brave girl e _________________ the crime( 罪行)of the criminal(罪犯). 8. He was a________________in the book . 10. I think you are too s__________ 9. He b __________________ me for my negligence( 疏忽大意). 11. He finished his work in a_____________(积极的) way. on the boy.

12. We must try to _________(分析)the causes of the strike. 13. He became____________(狂热的) about classical music. 14. He has___________(完成)the whole job already. 15. In the factory the workers______________(纺成线)wool into thread. 16. Be c_________when you cross the street.17. You should not r__________the invitation from your old friend. 18. What is your v_________on Chinese education? 19. The police are watching the man's m_________secretly. 20. The class needs a s_____________teacher. 21. Kindness is one of the prime minister's ____________(特征). 22. Britain____________(议定) a trade agreement with China. 23. Don't ___________(暴露) your skin to the sun or you will be burned. 24. The _____________(贵重的) culture relics will be on show in Guangzhou Art Museum in October. 25. The famous Korean play actor got an________(热情的) reception in Hong Kong. 26. The most important thing is not to admit ______________( 失败)27. Water and salt are _____________(吸收) into our blood stream everyday. 28. If a doctor or a medical treatment c__________someone's illness, they make the people well again. 29. A v_________________is a kind of germ that can cause disease. 30. If you a____________something, you consider it carefully or use some methods in order to fully understand it. 二、1. 除了这些理由以外,他无话可说了______________ 3.让我们一起去听来自北京大学的李教授的演讲 Let's ________the lecture by professor Li from Beijing University. 4. 他的粗心大意的驾驶导致了这起严重的交通事故。 His careless driving _________ ____________the serious traffic accident. 5. 他捐赠食物和衣服给红十字会。 He _____________food and clothing __________the Red Cross. 三、1.He also presented me with two notebooks as well as the pen. →________ ________the pen,he also presented me with two notebooks. 2.He was turned down by the club because of his overage. →He ________ ________ by the club because of his overage. 3.I can’t understand the meaning of the sentence even if the teacher has explained it to me once again. →I can’t ________ ________ ________ the sentence even if the teacher has explained it to me once again. 4.Who will you have fix the computer? →Who will you ________ the computer ________ ________? 5.An car accident near the traffic lights,and five people were injured. →An car accident near the traffic lights ________ ________ ________ ________. John Snow,a well-known doctor in London,became ______1______(inspire)when he thought about helping ordinary people who ______2______(expose) to cholera , a ______3______(dead)disease of his day.Many ___________these reasons, he said nothing. __________ ___________us. 2. 我们的英语老师对我们要求严格。Our English teacher_____________


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thousands of people died every time there was an outbreak ______4______ no one knew the cause of it.John wanted to help solve ______5______ problem. He got interested in two theories ______6______ (explain) how cholera killed people.He believed in the second theory ______7______ suggested that people absorbed the disease with their meals.In 1854 , ______8______ another outbreak hit London, he was ready to test the two theories.______9______ the help of the map ______10______ made,he got a valuable clue about the cause of the disease and was able to announce that the water was to blame. 一、 1. engine 2. character 3. scientific absorbed 9. blamed Cautious 17. reject valuable 10. Severe 4. examined 5. Concluded 6. defended 7. exposed 8. 11. positive 12. analyse 13. enthusiastic 14. completed 15. spin 16.

18. view 19. movement

20. strict 21. characteristics 5. contributed to

22.concluded23. expose 24.

25. enthusiastic 26.defeat

27. absorbed 28. cures29. virus 30.analyse 3. attend 4. led to

二、1. Apart from 2. is strict with 答案:1.inspired 2.were exposed

三、1:Apart from2:was rejected3:make sense of4:have;fixed by5:with five people injured 3.deadly 4.because5.the 6.explaining 必修五 Unit2 一、1. The common interests u_________the two countries. 2. The class ______________of (组成)56 members. 3. Our class is d________into two groups during the discussion.4. What he said in the meeting p________all of us. 5. The bad ______________(影响)of the flood is that no people are deard to swim in that river. 6. The c_______________of transportation in this area brings hope to this mountain village. 7. Her beautiful singing drew the a________of the professor.8. The film"Hero"has much a_________for the youth. 9. The habit of c____________________stamps benifit him a lot. 10. The______________(工业) area of this area made more pollution to the air compared with agricultural area. 11. If something is done for your c_____________, it is done in a way that is suitable or useful for you. 12. An a_____________is something that people can go for interest or enjoyment, for example a famous building. 13. A p_________is a question, game or toy which you have to think about carefully in order to answer it correctly. 14. U__________is a particular type of clothing worn by all the members of a group or organization such as the police, the army, etc. 15. Most advertisements work through________________(暗示). 16. We are_____________(感到激动) to hear a wonderful piece of news that the people lived in the mainland can go to visit Taiwan in the near future. 17. The second Children's Palace of Guangzhou sits in ____________( 极好的)location by the side of Pearl River. 18. The government is__________(辩论) the new adjustment of Guangzhou's district. 19. Some parents considered that some of their children's friends to be a bad__________(影响) to their children. 20. There are plans to__________(建造) a new road bridge across the river to ease the traffic problems in this area. 二、1. Why you debate this wonderful opportunity so carefully is a ______( 困惑) to me. 2. The ________ _______ ________tigers (老虎保护工程)will be launched after the meeting. _________( 垮下来). 3. She is good at ____________flowers(插花). 4. If you continue working like that, your body will________ 5. Their____________(婚礼) will__________ _____________(举行) in May. ____ the right answe ______of Britain, 7.that 8.when 9.With 10.he

6.这道数学题把小明给难住了,无论他怎么努力也无法计算出正确的答案. This maths problem ________Xiaoming. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't _______ 7.世界上最著名的教堂之一西敏寺是英国的旅游胜地。 Westminster Abbey, _______is one of the most famous churches in the world, is the ________ 8.陈水扁想把台湾从中国分裂出去的企图永远不可能得逞。 Chen Shuibian's attempt to __________Taiwan ________ ___________China could not be achieved forever.


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9.未来,地铁将会逐步取代公共汽车成为人们的主要交通工具。 The underground will______ ______ ____ ____the bus to become the main vehicle for the people in the futu 10.国际社会正在讨论关于如何惩治伊拉克前总统萨达姆(Sadamm)。 The international society ______ _________ ________ the punishment for the former Iraqi president Sadam. 11.初升的朝阳看起来很美但是西下的夕阳看起来更美。 The_________sun looks beautiful and the sun________ in the west looks even more beautiful. 12.十年以后他们第二次来广州,发现广州变化很大。 Ten years later they came to Guangzhou ___ Xiao Li _________ ____ ____ ________ and found Guangzhou greatly changed. 13.小李环顾四周,发现有一个人正把手插入一个乘客的口袋里。 _________and caught a man _________ his hand into the pocket of a passenger. _________. 14.在我四周的范围内,除了沙漠以外没有任何的东西,只能看见一棵树。 For miles around me, there was nothing but a desert, with a single tree ______ 15.在我们搬近新房子以前,我们准备(请人)安装电话。 Before we______ _______ the new house, we are going to get our telephone __________.. 16. 我们没有必要再浪费时间讨论去哪儿度假了,因为计划已取消了. There is ____ ____ that we'll waste time discussing where to go for our holiday, for the plan has been __________. 17. 绍兴被人称作中国的威尼斯。 Shaoxing is __________ _____________ as China's "Venice". 18. 很使我感到高兴的是,父亲给我买了一台电脑作为生日礼物。 __________ to my joy, Father bought me a computer _______ a birthday gift 19. 托尼踢足球时,他的腿受伤了。 Tonny ________one of his legs _______when playing football. 20. 今天下午教室里竟然一个人也没有,真是奇怪。 _______ _______ __________that there shouldn't have been any student in the classroom. Great Britain consists ______1_______four countries: England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland.In the 13th century Wales ______2______ (link) to England.In 1603 , they were joined to Scotland.They were united ______3______ peace instead of by war.However, just as they were going to get Ireland ______4______ (connect) to form United Kingdom,the southern part of Ireland broke away,______5______ only Northern Ireland joined with England. England is the largest of the four countries and for______6_______ (convenient) it was divided into three zones: the South of England,the Midlands and the North.Most of the population ______7_______ (settle) in the South,______8______ most of the industrial cities are located in the Midlands and the North. London is the capital city with the great ______9______ (history)treasures.It has the oldest port ______10_______ (build) by the Romans in the 1st century AD, the oldest building begun by the Anglo?Saxons in the 1060s and the oldest castle constructed by later Norman rulers in 1066. 一、 1. united 2. consists 3. divided collecting Thrilled work out 10. industrial 4. puzzled 5. influence 6. Convenience 13. puzzle 7. attention 8. attraction 9. 16. 11. Convenience 12. attraction 14. uniform 5. wedding 15. suggestion take place

17. splendid 18. debating 19.influence 20. constract 6. puzzle ; 7. which; tourist attraction 12. for the second time 17. referred to 8. break away from 9. take the place of 10. are debating about 11.

三、 1. puzzle 2. project of protecting 3. arranging 4. break down rising; setting no need; cancelled

13. looked around; putting 14. in sight 15. moved to; installed 16. 7.are settled 8.while 9.historical 10.built

18. Much; as 19. had hurt 20. It was strange 必修五 Unit3

答案:1.of 2.was linked3.in 4.connected 5.so 6.convenience


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一、1. She r___________me that I hadn't written to mother. 2. We have s________experiences, but your end result is quite different.3. Liu Huan is a w_________singer. 4. The t___________of goods by air is very expensive. 6. As is known,it takes years to m________a new language. 5. There is no such car in the s__________area. 7. Why is the driver f_______his lights at me?

8. The flowers died for 1_________of water. 9. Everyone who enters the chemical factory must wear a m_______. 10. His head a__________, which stopped him from going to the party. 11. It's said that she is a girl of e_______beauty. 15. This suggestion r__________careful thought. 17. He has built an e_________house 19. The new plane goes at an a_______speed. 12. Good glasses can a__________you to read. 16. The teacher is in a bad m_______today. 20. You can't i_____Jack living on the lonely island alone. 13. I got this job through an employment a___________.14. The little boy s__________along at his mother' s side. 18. James can i__________his father's speech perfectly.

21. Your i________of a person or thing is what you think they are like, usually after having seen or heard them. 21. A s_________is a place where people have come to live and have built homes. 23. Your p________things belong only to you, or may only be used by you. 24. If you describe something as e_______, you mean that it is very unusual or surprising. 25. We are___________(乐观的) that the mainland and Taiwan will unify in the near future. 26. He can hardly find a job in the canteen, because he has had no ______(先前的) experience of this kind of job. 27. All the passengers are_______(需要) to show their passports when they leave the country. 28.After a big flood, thousands of volunteers went to Hunan to ________( 协助) in rebuilding the disaster area. 29. The government decided to explore the ________(周围的 ) countryside to build a new industrial park. 30. The people in Iraq lived a hard life, because it was _______(不断的) hit by war. 二、1. Suddenly the driver began to ___________ 2. His leaving ___________ 3. Who________ _____________( 加速) ______________(增加了 ) our difficulty. _______________(不再).

_______________(究竟) is the man you spoke to?

4. I __________seen him __________

5. We still need ____________ ___________(另外五个) students to finish the work. 6.餐厅里响起了那首动听的歌,它使我回想起我快乐的童年。 The fair-sounding song playing in the restaurant __________ me_______my happy childhood. 7.人只有鼓起勇气,告别海岸,才能发现新的海洋。 Man cannot ________new oceans unless he has ________ to lose sight of the shore. 8.拿起扫帚把地上的纸屑和碎玻璃打扫干净,行吗? Get a broom and ______ ________the bits of paper and broken glasses on the floor, will you? 9.这本书会提供一些好的消息来源帮助你做出最好的选择。 This book will provide you some good source of information to ______ you _____ making the best choice. 10.一些公司把新闻媒体用作他们为自己的产品做广告的工具。 Some companies used the press as a vehicle for _____________ their products. 11.由于大雾天气的影响,今天广州新白云国际机场的全部航班都必须取消。 Today all flight at the New Baiyu International Airport of Guangzhou have to be cancelled, _____ _____ _______ _________foggy weather. 12.一项研究表明经历过南京大屠杀的人们仍然在焦虑和战争的痛苦记忆中扎。 A study shows that people who ______ painful flashback from the war. 13.谁都不愿意别人怀疑自己的话。 One does not like to have his word ____________. 14.第一本为把英语作为外语教学用而写的教科书是在十六世纪出版的。 __________ the massacre of Nanjing still struggle with anxiety and


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The first text book written for teaching English as a foreign language _______ 15.现在才去清理受到这么严重污染的河流可能已经太迟了。 Having suffered such heavy pollution already, it may be now too late to ______ __________ the river. Li Qiang couldn’t believe that he ______1______(travel) to the year AD 3008 in a time capsule.______2______ this was his first time trip,he was worried and ______3______(settle) so that he suffered ______4______ “time lag”. Besides, he was hit by the lack of fresh air.His guide, Wang Ping, who was very ____________(understand), gave him some green tablets and a mask,______6______ helped him overcome the problems.However,Li Qiang experienced something new.He flew ______7______ the ground in a hovering carriage.____________(arrive) home,he was shown into a large bright,clean room with a wall of trees.____________ eating something,he fell fast asleep in the bed that ______10______(produce) from the floor. 一、 1. reminded 9. mask 2. similar 3. well-known 4. transportation 5. Surrounding 21. impression 4. haven ’t 22. settlement 6. master 7. flashing 8. lack 10. ached 11. extraordinary 12. Assist 20. imagine 3. on earth 13. agency 14. skipped 15. requires 16. mood 17. 23. private 24. extraordinary 30.constantly any more 5. five; more 15. clean up 6.which 7.above 8.Arriving __________ in the 16th century.

enormous 18. imitate 19. amusing 25. optimistic 二、1. speed up 2. added to

26. previous 28. assist

29. Surrounding 8. sweep up

6. reminded; of 7.discover ; courage 11. as a result of 12. went through 答 案 : 1.had traveled 9.After 10.was produced 2.Because

9. assist in 10. advertising 14. came out 4.from5 . understanding

13. doubted 3.unsettled

必修五 Unit4 1. After graduation he took an o_______as a teacher in the city. 2. The a_________offered by the manager is difficult for him to finish. 3. An expert is a man who is engaged in p_________ business. 4. All his c_________who work with him in the same factory are all ready to help others. 5. You should c_________on your work when you study. 6. In the________(案子) of Ma Haitao, he was treated unfairly. 7. We also can a______________knowledge during playing. 8. He hit me on the head with a ball d_________which made me very angry. 9. He felt g___________after he stole some money from the old couple. 10. His_________(简练) introduction of the product got great interest of the people. 11. He worked as a e_________in that newspaper. 12. She graduated from English d__________of Beijing University. 13. Don't just say almost, nearly... , what we need is a________number. 14. My shoes are so dirty that they need to be P________. 15. I can't understand your meaning, can you give me a little h________. 16. Before marrying, they always made an a ___________ in that park. 17. If I've hurt your feelings, it was quite without___________( 有意). 18. Her father will never a__________(同意) of her marriage to you. 19. I don't want a ________(否定的) answer to my question. 20. In harvest time, he has to________(雇佣) more people to work for him. 21. A p_____________is a type of job that required advanced education or training. 22. If you have an a__________with someone, you have arranged to see them at a particular time, usually in connection with their work. 23. An i___________that you have is an idea or plan of what you are going to do.


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24. Your o__________is your job. 25. Industrial development is being_______(集中) in the west of China. 26. He had to rewrite his essay, because his teacher said it needed some _____________( 润饰) in language. 27. The little boy cried___________(故意地) to draw his mother's attention. 28. An __________(精确的) instrument is able to give you information that is correct to a detailed level. 29. Some smoking and alcoholic drinks are an _________ ( 获得的) taste and are not in born. 30. The busy mother feels really _________(内疚的) at forgetting her daughter's birthday again. 1. We should_________(保卫) ourselves against the coming flood.2. They found that cave___________(意外地). 3. It's necessary for young people to receive_________ _________( 正规教育) 4. They are all________ ____________that idea(反对). 5. You should concentrate yourselves on the class and avoid ________ ________. 6.消费者利益保护委员会的创立旨在保护顾客的权益,使其免受奸商的欺诈。 The Consumer Council exists to__________ the customers' right and interests ___________ unscrupulous traders. 7. 那个著名的教授被指控偷取学生的理念并将它们发表。 The famous professor has been __________ _________ stealing his student's ideas and publishing them. 8.政府今年所做的事情对所有的广州市民都很有利。 What the government has done this year will be of________ _______ all the citizens living in Guangzhou. 9.经理决定今年冬天公司的全体员工去安徽的黄山游玩。 The manager has decided all the _______ of the company will go on a ________ to the Yellow Mountain in Anhui province this winter. 10.那个女记者冒着生命的危险为凤凰卫视报道了伊拉克的情况。 The woman reporter ________ _______ _______ to cover the situation in Iraq for Phoenix TV. 11. 如果你想开一家餐馆,最好向 Mary 请教,她对这行的诀窍很清楚。 If you want to open a restaurant, you should ask Mary's advice. She knows all the __________of the trade. 12.我看到报纸上说失业情况有所改善,但事实上完全弄错了——失业率仍在上升。 I read in the newspaper that the____________figures had improved but it has got hold of the wrong end of the stick--unemployment is still ___________. 13.人类都有这样的一个天性,就是不到失去的时候都不懂得珍惜自己所拥有的东西. Such is human nature that many people don't _______ the things they process until they have lost them. 14.他们刚赶到机场飞机就起飞了。 ___________ had they got to the airport __________the plane took off. 15.只有当你掌握了良好的语法知识的时候,你才能写出正确的文章。 Only when you have acquired a good ________ of grammar can you write _______. Zhou Yang will never forget his first assignment ______1______ a reporter in China Daily.At the office his talk with his new boss influenced his life strongly.His boss told him not to go out to cover an event ______2______ a professional photographer. During the interviews,he had to listen to a lot of facts in detail ______3______ getting well prepared for the next question based on ______4______the person said.If the person ______5______(interview) agreed,he should use a recorder to record what the interviewee said.The boss also gave him ______6______ example of the importance of a recorder.Once a footballer was accused of taking money for ______7______ (deliberate) not scoring goals.He admitted that someone ______8______(try) to bribe him,but denied taking the money.With the recording,______9______ was proved that he was guilty.He was angry and tried to stop it ,______10______ failed. 一、1. occupation 2. assignment 3. professional 4. colleague 5. Concentrate 6. case 7. acquire 8.


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deliberately 9. guilty 10. concise 11. editor 12. department 19. negative 20. employ 13. accurate 14. polish 15. hint 16. appointment 17. intention18. approve 二、1. defend against 2. by accident/chance benefit to 3.when 21. profession 22. appointment 23. intention 30. guilty 6. defend ; 5. losing mind

24. occupation 25. concentrated 26. polishing 27. deliberately 28. accurate 7. accused of 8. 9. employees; visit 5.interviewed 必修五 Unit5 一、1. The lung is an o___________and so is the heart. 5. Her ankle s_________after the fall.

29. acquired

3. normal education 4. opposite to

10. risked her life 11. tricks 12. unemloyment 6.an 7.deliberately 8.had tried 9.it 10.but

13. value 14. Hardly; when 答案:1.as 2.without

15. knowledge; correctly 4.what

2. He tried to kill himself by taking p____________.

3. He has gone to the hospital for special t____.4. I was only m_____interested in the story I read in the newspaper 6. Her foot was very s__________after the accident. 8. What is the typical s_______________of SARS? 10. She is suffring from a lung i_____________. 7. I can't s___________toothpaste out of the tube.

9. Would you like me to____________your shirt for you? 13. He is a______________(勇敢的) soldier.

11. He_________ (颁发)a silver cup to the winner.12. Did you attend your uncle's wedding_____________( 仪式) 14. The __________(压力)of the water can turn this wheel. 15. We have to write an____________(文章) about the film we saw yesterday. 16. You should have your own _______________ (毛巾). 17. Have you worked out your _____________ (方案)? 18. I saw an_____________(救护车) passing by. 19. I'm______________(自豪)of my son. 20. _______(祝贺)to you on your success!21. An a__________ is a vehicle for taking people to and from hospital. 22. R_____________is energy, often in waves of heat or light that comes from a particular source. 23. A b_______ is a long strip of cloth which is covered around a wounded part of someone's body to protect or support it. 24. If there is p______on someone to do something, someone is trying to persuade them to do it. 25. An o_________is a part of your body that has particular purpose or function, for example your heart. 26. Fever is a ____________(征兆) of many illnesses. 27. The bell rang, the naughty boy __________(挤) his book into his bag and went out of the classroom. 28. The streets in the centre of the city were______(塞) up with traffic because of an accident. 29. The storm did a lot of ______________(毁坏) to the building and crops in Hunan province. 30. A bee has stung my hand and it is _____________( 膨胀) up. 二、1. He suddenly________ _________ __________ _______( 昨晚他突然病了). 2. Sunglasses can_______ ________ ________ _________ the sun' s rays ( 保护我们的眼睛免受...... ). -______ ______ 3. You may __________ ______________(烫伤) by hot liquids. 4. These burns are not serious and they should______ ______ ________ _______ ___________(一天之内就会好许多)。 ___________when they are pressed( 变成白色). 5. First degree burns __________

三、1.I’ve ____________________(反复告诉你) not to do that but you won’t listen. 2.Living in a polluted environment,people may ____________________(生病) easily. 3. He always donates money to a poor village school, which ____________________(对那里的孩子有重大 影响) who can go on receiving education. 4.My writing career ____________________(成功;走红) when I discovered my own style. 5.We took a trip to Beijing last week and my cousin ____________________(担任我们的向导). There are three types of burns.Burns ______1______ (call) first ,second or third degree burns,depending on ______2______layers of the skin are burned. First degree burnsThese affect only ______3______ top layer of the skin.These burns are not serious and should


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feel better ______4______ a day or two.Examples include mild sunburn and burns caused by ______5______ (touch) a hot pan,stove or iron for a moment. Second degree burns These affect ______6______ the top and the second layer of the skin.These burns are serious and take a few weeks ______7______(heal).Examples include severe sunburn and burns caused by hot liquids. Third degree burns These affect ______8______three layers of the skin and any tissue and organs ______9______ the skin.Examples include burns caused by electric shocks,burning clothes,or severe petrol fires.These burns cause very severe ______10______(injure) and the victim must go to hospital at once. 一、 1. organ infection Ambulance 2. poison 3. treatment 4. mildly 5. swelled 13. brave 6. Swollen 7. squeeze 8. symptom 9. iron 15. essay 16. towel 17. scheme 10. 18. 11. presented 12. Ceremory 14. pressure 28. choked

19. proud 20. Congratulations 21. ambulance 22. Radiation 23. bandage 26. symptom 27. squeezed 5. turn white 5.touching 6.both 必修六 Unit1 7.to heal 8.all 9.under 10.injuries 29. damage30. swelling 2. protect our eyes from 3. get burnt

24. pressure 25. organ 二、1. fell ill last night

4. feel better within a day or two 答案:1.are called 2.which

1.told you over and over again2.fall ill3.makes a great difference to the children there4.took off5.acted as our guide 3.the 4.within

一、1.She gave us a ________(现实的) description of our life. 2.His theory is so ________ (抽象的) that few people can accept it. 3.Mr Foster has never been to Tibet, and ________ (所以) he knows very little about it. 4.The public have lost ________ (信任) in what the government is doing. 5.Internet connections through ________ (常规的) phone lines are fairly slow. 6.The weather at the moment is not ________ (典型的) for July. 7.Taylor scored a(n) ________ (极好的) goal at the end of the first half. 8.It was ________ (荒谬的) that this should be so difficult to say. 二、1.She does exercise every morning to keep her ________ (身材). 2.The statue was ________(雕刻) out of wood.3.Be careful with that china teacup. It's very ________ (脆弱). 4.I'm a________ to some flowers. 5.She will have an e________ of her pictures next week in Shanghai.

6.He bought his girlfriend a b________ of flowers on Valentine's Day. 三、1.很抱歉,我讨厌鱼味。I'm sorry to say I ________ ________ ________ the fish smell. 2.我要见经理本人。I want to see the manager ________ ________ ________. 3. 在她生日那天, 他买了一束花给她。 He bought ________________ ________ flowers for her on her birthday. 4. 如果我是你, 我就不会提出这样的问题。 ______ _____ _______ ____, I wouldn't put forward such a question. 5.我希望毕业后能在上海找到一个好工作。 I wish that ________ ________ ________ ________ good job in Shanghai after graduation. 四、1.The forest was cool and ________ (香的),and the walk through it calmed my spirits. 2.I'm not very impressed by the works of many ________ ( 当代的) artists. 3.The car accident has caused ________ (永久的) damage to her eyesight. 4.Firemen from all the surrounding ________ (区) helped to fight the fires in the city. 5.The ________ (委员会) has decided to close the restaurant. 6.The Smiths had lived at 27 Park ________(大街) before they moved here.


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7.Most of the exhibits are too ________ (易碎的) to be sent abroad. 8.He did not have a good ________(声誉) in his home town. 9.It is generally accepted that the Chinese ________ (文明) is one of the oldest in the world. 10.Television news brings us ________ (视觉的) images from around the world. At the time they were created,the Impressionist paintings were controversial,but today they are accepted as the beginning of what we call “modern art (20th century to today)”.This is ______1_______ the Impressionists encouraged ______2______ (art) to look at their environment ______3_______ new ways.There are scores of modern art styles,______4______ without the Impressionists,many of these painting styles might not exist. On the one hand,some modern art is abstract;that is,the painter does not attempt ______5______ (paint) objects ______6_______ we see them with our eyes,but instead concentrates ______7______ certain qualities of the objects,______8_______ (use) colour,line and shape to represent ______9______. On the other hand,some paintings of modern art are so realistic that they look like photographs.These styles are so different.Who can predict ______10______ painting styles will be in the future? 一、1.realistic 二、1.figure 2.abstract 2.carved 3.consequently 4.faith 5.conventional 6.typical 7.superb 8.ridiculous 3.delicate 4.allergic5.exhibition 6.bunch 3.a bunch of 4.If I were you 5.I would get a 6.Avenue 7.fragile 4.but 5.to paint 6.as

三、1.am allergic to 四、1.fragrant

2.in the flesh

2.contemporary 3.permanent4.districts 5.committee 10.visual 答案:1.because 2.artists 3.in

8.reputation 9.civilization

7.on 8.using 9.them 10.what 必修六 Unit2 1.In any system, the most ________ (灵活的) person has the control. 2.The cloth has a ________ (图案) of red and white squares. 3.The hours of waiting seemed ________ (无休止的). 4.The teacher doesn't think that the ________(译文)of the Tang poem is very good. 5.Economic development and environmental protection are not necessarily ________ ( 引起矛盾的). 6.At school the other children always t________ him because he was poor. 7.A colour like red c________ a sense of energy and strength. 8.Some people dream of moving to quiet country c________ after retirement. 9.She will probably be late but she'll come e________. 10.The company has been t________ from a family business into one with 5,000 workforce. 二、1.Our teacher's suggestion is that we ____________(practise) reading English every morning. 2.If I had not made many mistakes, I ________ (pass) the test. 3.If you had gone to see the doctor earlier, you ______________ (not fall) serious illness. 4.If you had arrived the bus stop ten minutes earlier, you ______________ (not miss) the flight. 5.It looks as if he __________________ (not have) a meal for a week. 6.If only I __________________ (see) the film yesterday. 三、1.His suggestion is that ______________________(我们推迟运动会) till tomorrow. 2.She ____________________(建议我们把那一点写进合同)into the contract. 3.You look ____________________(好像玩得很开心). 4.The people expressed their desire __________________(结束战争). 5.I insisted that __________________ (我听到有人) in the next room.


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6.______________________(重要的是他要静躺) for some time. 7.It is strange that she ________________________(竟然拒绝) come to the party. 8.______________________ (我本打算通知你开会的事), but I didn't know your telephone number. 四、1.He sold his cow in ________ (交换) for the money for his son's education. 2.Unless he can find a ________ (赞助人), he will be forced to retire from the athletic. 3.The clouds moved across the moon, leaving us in total ________ ( 黑暗). 4.It is not ________ (合适的) to ask such personal questions in an interview. 5.Don't go against the rules of nature ________ (永远). 6.The horse had a heavy ________ (负担) of goods. 7.They've held the ________ (冠军) for the past two years. 8.Fill in the ________ (空白) in the following sentences. 9.Do you know who invented the ________ (指南针)? 10.Be good to each other and you will feel the ________ ( 温暖) of mankind. Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way ______1_______ will give the reader a strong impression.Others try to express certain emotions.Poets use different forms of poetry to express ______2______. For example, the language of nursery rhymes is concrete but ______3______ (imagine), and they delight small children because they have strong rhyme and a lot of ______4______ (repeat). And list poems have a flexible line length and a rhythm to the poem.______5______ simple form of poem is the cinqua in , ______6______ is made up of five lines and can convey strong ______7______ (feel) in just a few words.Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that is made up of 17 syllables.And of course there are Tang poems from China which you may enjoy ______8______ particular.______9______ so many different forms of poetry to choose from, students may ______10______ (eventual) want to write poems of their own. 一 、 1.flexible 2.pattern 3.endless 4.translation 5.contradictory 6.teased 7.conveys 8.cottages 9.eventually 10.transformed 二、1.(should) practise had 6.had seen 三、1.we put off the sports meet (should) come to an end 四 、 1.exchange 9.compass10.warmth 答案: 1.that/which 9.With 10.eventually 必修六 Unit3 一、1.I felt ________(感到羞耻的)of my son's bad manners. 2.She never gets any exercise—she must be really ________(不健康). 3.Stress has an effect on both your physical and ________ (心理)health. 4.Dad seemed more ________ (失望) than angry. 5.The deer was so desperate for water that it ran ________ (拼命) towards the lake in the distance. 6.Do some relaxation exercises every time you feel ________ ( 紧张). 7.The company faces ________ (困难的)competition at present. 2.themselves 3.imaginative 4.repetition 5.Another 6.which 7.feelings 8.in 2.suggested that we write it 3.as if you had a good time 4.that the war 2.would have passed 3.would not have fallen 4.would not have missed 5.hadn't

5.I heard someone 3.darkness

6.It is important that he (should) lie quietly 4.appropriate5 . forever 6.load

7.(should) refuse to 8.blanks

8.I had intended to inform you of the meeting 2.sponsor 7.championship


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8.They had to ________ (使……习惯于……)themselves to the hot weather. 9.Harry is so ________ (沉溺于) to alcohol that he'd sell his soul for a bottle of whisky. 10.The doors opened ________ (自动) as we approached. 二、1.Don't be ________(失望).You will have another chance. 2.Climbing top of the hill, we all became ________ (气喘吁吁). 3.Lisa, there is a ________ (包裹) for you in the post office. 4.Today, I'll give you a talk on how to improve your reading ________ ( 理解力). 5.Do you think the ________ (附录) are necessary? 6.As we know, both selling drugs and transporting drugs are i________. 三、1.The old man is a (幸存者)________ of the past age. 2.She has a p________ against modern music; she seldom listens to it. 3.I realized that they wanted to be alone so I felt ________ ( 尴尬的). 4.A j________ is an opinion that you have or express after thinking carefully. 5.HIV s________ through blood or the fluid that the body makes during sex. 6.Things can easily go wrong when people are under ______ (压力). 7.He saved the boy at the r________ of his own life. 8.I'm always an ________ (笨手笨脚的) dancer. 四、1.疾病正在流行,所有的幼儿都有危险。 The disease is spreading, and all young children are________ ________. 2.这里有些方法能让你登山时保证安全。 Here are a few ways to________ ________when you hike in the mountains. 3.与布兰达第一次邂逅相遇时,她让我帮她拿一下眼镜。 ________ ________ ________I saw Brenda, she asked me to hold her glasses. 4.当我凑近细看那表时,才发觉到它是何等奇特。 It is________ ________I see the watch at close quarter________ ________ ________how unusual it is. 5.我担心他们两人都不会同意这样的安排的。 I'm________ ________either of them will not________ ________this arrangement. 6.大部分现代文学也同样的不值地批评。 ________ ________ ________ ________, most of modern literature is not worth criticizing. 五、1.如果他们想多赚钱,他们就必须冒险。(take risks) If they want to make more money, ________ ________ ________ ________ ________. 2.他染上了吸毒的习惯,这使他的父母很担心。(get into the habit of) He ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ drugs, which worried his parents. 3.和他谈是没有用的。(It is no use doing sth.) ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ to him. 4.尽管遇到过困难他从没消极悲观过。 He never gave himself up to pessimism ________ ________ ________ difficulties. It ’ s easy for you to start smoking , but ______1_______you become addicted to it , you may find ______2______ difficult for you to quit.Firstly,you may become ______3______(physical) addicted to nicotine, one of the hundreds of harmful chemicals that consist in cigarettes.Secondly,you may develop the habit of smoking and finally become mentally addicted to it.You may believe that you will only feel good when you smoke


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and may find all kinds of negative emotions ______4______ you when you stop smoking. Smoking may have all kinds of harmful effects on the health of both the smokers themselves and non ? smokers around them.It not only affects your physical ______5______ (fit) , but also does harm ______6______your heart and lungs and causes a variety of diseases.Being a smoker,the offensive smell and appearance of you may drive people around you away.So ,it’s important ______7______ one quit smoking and live a healthier life. To quit smoking,you should be wellprepared and make ______8______list of all the benefits you may get after quitting.Developing some new habits like listening to music ,reading novels or ______9______ (do) housework may distract your attention ______10______ help you to forget your need for a cigarette.But if you really feel bad,you should consult a doctor or chemist to get some professional help.Remember ,if you keep trying,you will eventually succeed. 一 、 1.ashamed 9.addicted 2.unfit 3.mental 4.disappointed 5.desperately 6.stressed 7.tough 8.accustom 5.appendixes 10.automatically 二 、 1.disappointed 2.prejudice 3.embarrassed 3.The first time 2.breathless 4.judgement 3.package4 . comprehension 5.spreads

6.illegal 三、1.survivor 四、1.at risk 2.stay safe

6.stress 7.risk 8.awkward 6.For the same

4.only when; that I realize

5.afraid that; agree to

reason 五、1.they have to take risks 答案:1.once

2.got into the habit of taking 5.fitness

3.It is no use talking

4.in spite of

2.it 3.physically 4.in

6.to7.that 8.a 9.doing 10.and

必修六 Unit4 一、 1. He took a ________(扫视)at the newspaper headlines.2. We care more about quality than ________(数量). 3.He ________(陈述)his views on the question at the meeting. 4.Most of the students are in the 17-20 age ________(范围). 5.We are making slow but ________(平稳的)progress. 6.The kids soon ________(吃完)all the food on the table. 7.In ________(结果)of the fire, many people became homeless. 8.You shouldn't make a ________(任意的)guess on this matter. 二、1.There is a ________(趋势)towards regional cooperation .2.The earthquake caused ________(分布广的) damage to the country. 3. My mother is an ________(节俭的)housewife. 4. The graph shows the ________(平均的) temperature of April. 5.So far no evidence has been found to support the e________ of any living thing on the moon. 6.It is a happy marriage on the w________. 三、1.在我们这个公司,工人的工资平均在 3000 元。 In our company,the workers' wage is 3000 yuan ________ ________. 2.大体上说,这是一篇好作文。________ ________ ________,this is a good composition. 3.自从三个月前到现在,我国的西南部大面积持续干旱。 ________ ________ ________ has kept on since three months ago. 4.宇航员能够看到外太空里数百万的星星。 The astronauts could see millions of stars ________ ________ ________ at night. 5.我们已经意识到恐龙的存在。We have realized ________ ________ ________ dinosaurs. 四、1.He ________(提倡) reducing military spending. 2.In no c________can you leave your position. That is you must stick to your position. 3.He felt quite r________ after a glass of tea, so he went on writing his book.


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4.His ________(漫不经心的) manner annoyed his girlfriend. 5.The students in this class range from 8 to 15. But the a________age is 10. 6.The ________(数据) we have collected are not enough to be convincing. 7.Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for his c________to Quantum Theory. 8.You can cook using a m________ instead of using gas. It is more convenient. 9.There are some d________ whether the disease is curable. 10.You can ask him to help you repair the radio,for he is an e________ engineer. 五 1.他主张在遥远的山村建立更多的医院。 He ________ ________ ________ more hospitals in the faraway villages. 2. 在长时间的散步后, 一个小时的睡觉使我恢复了精神。 An hour's sleep ________ ________ after a long walk. 3.我母亲不能前来,我代表她向你们致谢。 4.My mother could not be here, but I want to thank you ________ ________ ________. 4.我不知道他的父母是如何忍受他不讲礼貌的。 5.I don't know how his parents ________ ________ ________ his bad manners. 5. 只要你说实话, 我会尽力帮助你。 ________ ________ ________ you tell me the truth, I'll try to help you. 6.你绝不可以离开你的岗位。________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________your position. 7.如果你那样做,影响就大了。If you do so it will ________ ________ ________ ________. 8. 这个班的学生平均年龄是 15 岁。 ________ ________ ________ ________ the students in this class is 15. There is no doubt ______1_______the earth is becoming warmer but there is fierce debate over whether it is human activity that has caused this global warming or whether it is just a natural phenomenon. Many scientists like Dr.Janice Foster believe that people have caused the increase in the earth’s temperature ______2______ burning of fossil fuels like coal,natural gas and oil to produce energy ______3______byproducts are called “greenhouse” gases,the most important one ______4______carbon dioxide.These gases trap heat from the sun and therefore warm the earth,without which the earth ______5______(be)about thirty?three degrees Celsius cooler than it is.But increased amount of carbon dioxide means that ______6______ heat energy is trapped in the atmosphere,______7______(cause)the global temperature to go ______8______. On ______9______other hand,scientists like George Hambley believe that any warming will be mild with few bad ______10______ (environment) consequences and more carbon dioxide is actually a positive thing. 一、1.glance 2.quantity 3.stated 二、1.tendency 2.widespread 三、1.on average 四、 1.advocated 9.disagreements 4.range 5.steady6.consumed 4.average 7.consequence 8.random 3.economical 5.existence 6.whole 4.in outer space 5.average 6.data 5.the existence of 7.contributions 8.microwave

2.On the whole 2.circumstances 10.electrical

3.A widespread drought 3.refreshed 4.casual

五、 1.advocated setting up circumstances must you leave

2.refreshed me

3.on her behalf

4.put up with

5.As long as

6.Under no

7.make a great difference 8.The average age of 8.up 9.the 10.environmental

答案:1.that 2.by 3.whose 4.being 5.would be6.more 7.causing 必修六 Unit5 一、1.Beauty cannot be measured by any ________(绝对的) standard.

2.When the train began to move slowly, Helen excitedly w________at her friends on the platform. 3.I've seen the stream of lava from a v________. 4.The car drew up a________ the policeman who signaled to the driver to stop.


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5.The company decided to a________ Mr. Clark as manager. 6.Bruce recognized the ________(潜在性) for error in the method being used. 7.The ________(飓风) destroyed the seaside town. 8.The manager asked me to draw a(n) ________(图表) to show how the machine works. 9.These policemen usually wear ________(头盔) to protect themselves when they are on duty. 10.The parks of this city are famous for their beautiful ________(喷泉). 二、1.买票之后我们走进了戏院。 ________ ________ ________ ________,we went into the theatre.(buy) 2.他向加油站驶去。He ________ ________ ________ ________ the filling station.(make) 3.他随身携带街道图。He ________ ________ ________ a street plan.(equip) 4.我们正要出发突然下起雨来。We ________ ________ ________ ________ when it began to rain.(start) 5.由于没有上课,他们昨天去公园了。 ________ ________ ________ ________, they went to the park yesterday.(there) 三、1.由于生病,我不得不待在家里。________ ________,I had to stay at home. 2. 他把咖啡杯掉在地上, 摔得粉碎。 He dropped the coffee cup, ________ ________ ________ ________. 3.从山上看,我们发现这湖泊更加漂亮了。 ________ ________ ________ ________,we find that the lake looks more beautiful. 4.听到这个消息我们都高兴得跳了起来。________ ________ ________,we all jumped with joy. 5.杰克完成作业后,外出散步。________ ________ ________ ________,Jack went out for a walk. 四、1.________________(warn) against the earthquake, the villagers moved outside to see a film. 2.________________(be) still five years old, he went to Japan with his parents. 3.________________(open) the window, you will see the garden below. 4.He sat at the desk,________________(read) a newspaper. 5.________________(not know) her phone number, we couldn't get in touch with her. 6.While ______________(watch) TV, we heard the doorbell ring. 7.My cousin came to see me from the country, ________________(bring) me a full basket of fresh fruits. 8.Weather ________________(permit), we'll go for a picnic the day after tomorrow. Mount Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii.The ______1_______(erupt)of it is always taking people ______2______ surprise.It is so quick and severe ______3______the places where it flows are ruined and many houses ______4______(burn)to the ground.It is an absolute disaster for people ______5______ live in the paths of the lava.They often get into a panic when they are warned ______6______ it.But many people who are enthusiastic about it would like to watch it with their own eyes.______7______(fortune),when they are amazed at the fantastic sight of it,they always fail ______8______(notice)the coming boiling lava.So after that, they must make ______9______effort to escape from it.Is ______10______ necessary to take risks? 一、 1.absolute 2.waved 3.volcano 4.alongside 5.appoint 6.potential 7.hurricane 8.diagram 9.helmets 3.equipped himself with 4.were 10.fountains 二、1.Having bought our tickets about to start 2.made his way towards/to

5.There being no classes 三、1.Being ill

2.breaking it into pieces

3.Seeing from the hill 2.Being 3.Opening

4.Hearing the news

5.Having finished his homework 四 、 1.Having been warned 6.watching 7.bringing8.permitting 6.of 7.Unfortunately 8.to notice

4.reading 5.Not knowing 答案:1.eruption

2.by 3.that 4.are burnt 5.who

9.an 10.it


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