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Task- based Reading
— strategy analysis


What abilities are tested in taskbased reading?


2008江 苏高考

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捕捉信 息题 组织信 息题





? 5

4 2

3 2

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3 1

? 3 2 ?

综合概 括题

71. bother / annoy 72. anxiety / concern / worry 73. considerate / aware / conscious 74. loyal / faithful / devoted / committed 75. difference 76. positively 77. success / achievements 78. strongly 79. determined / decided 80. chances / possibilities / opportunities

Para1… Many leaders bother their assistants with frequent meetings or flood their in-boxes with urgent demands. bother assistants Many leaders

praise Wolfgang remind discuss a team member managers employees


considerate / aware / conscious 73. He was ________________________________ of his assistants’ feelings.

Para.2…Wolfgang’s emphasis on developing positive leadership kept his managers actively ______________________________ _________________________ involved and loyal as they successfully transformed the company into a global one. ____________________________ have a great influence on… 75. Positive leadership could difference make a big ____________to employees’ performance.

捕捉信息题(原词): 71,72,74,77,80 组织信息题(词性转换、同反义词、同义句转换):



1…there needs to be a good, strong reason. Leaders will publicly apologize if and when…(2011江苏高考 ) _____ ?There needs to be a sufficient reason for a leader public to apologize in (78)__________. 2. Leaders may also be afraid that admission of a mistake will damage or destroy the organization for _____ which they are responsible. (2011江苏高考 ) ?Admission of a mistake or wrongdoing will probably damage/ harm do (80)___________________ to their organization. 3. So a little magnetic needle that_____freely lines swings itself with the big earth magnet to point north and south.(2010江苏高考) ? Our earth is a big magnet and a little freely (71) swinging _____________ magnetic needle lines itself with the earth magnet to point north and south.

4. Many birds _____twice a year between their migrate summer homes and winter homes.(10江苏高考) ? One piece of evidence is the (73) migration _______________of many birds between their summer homes and winter homes. 5. …we experience _______________ in the centrality of our selves communication. (2009江苏高考) ? We are always (71) self-centered in ________________ communication with others. 6…considers what the other person needs and expects _____ when selecting messages to share. (2009江苏高考) expectations ? Needs and (74) _________________ of others should be considered.

7.…be_________for your own learning, responsible though it is by no means unwise to…(2008江 苏高考) responsibility ? Take (76) __________________ for one’s own learning. ________ 8. A format for exchanging information (e.g., photocopies of notes, oral discussion, etc.) is also important,…(2008江苏高考) ?(79) __________________ your information Exchange/ Share with others via proper format. 9…make an ________of the team’s evaluation effectiveness---(2008江苏高考) ?(80) ____________effectiveness Evaluate

1. The boy who is ________ is the witness. 7 years old aged ?The boy _______ 7 is the witness. 2. The food _______________ vitamins. doesn’t contain much rich/abundant ?The food isn’t _______________ in vitamins. 3. Most workers supported the decision. _______ favor ?Most workers were in _________ of the decision. 4. Many college students jumped into the river though _____ the water was cold. ?Many college students jumped into the river despite ___________ the cold water..

5. Many facilities have been sent to the schools in poor areas _____ for free. ?Many facilities have been sent to the schools in poor areas free of __________. charge 6. You should walk fast enough to cause you to breathe ___ hard. ?You should walk fast enough to cause you to breathe with ______________. difficulty 7. _________ killings occurred in schools in the More and more USA. increasing ?A(n) ________________ number of killings occurred in schools in the USA. 8. He seems to be from Guangzhou________ his according to accent. ? _____________ from his accent, he seems to be Judging from Guangzhou

9. Everything in the house was neat and tidy. But the ________

naughty boy ______________ changed it thoroughly. ?The naughty boy left everything in the house in a_________. mess 10. He _________________ for his tuition fee. hasn’t enough money to pay afford ? He can’t _________ his tuition fee. 11. She bought the new dress with the 80 yuan___ left. ? She bought the new dress with the remaining _____________ 80 yuan . 12. It’s likely that your timing was just off. ___ ?…_____________ are that your timing was just off. Chances

1. But when we’re acting as leaders, the circumstances are different…. Refusing to apologize can be smart, or it can be stupid. (2011江苏高考) easy ?It’s no (72)_______ job to strike a balance between apologizing or not. 2…while an apology that is too little, too late, or too obviously strategic can bring on individual and institutional ruin. (2011江苏高 考) properly/appropriately ?Apologies not (73)______________________ /successfully _______________offered can bring on individual and institutional ruin.

3. When people discovered that idea about a thousand years ago and invented the compass,it allowed sailors to navigate (航 海)on ocean voyages, even under cloudy skies. (2010江苏高考) Based ?(72) _________on the idea above, the navigating compass was invented.

4. We are continually picking up meanings from others’ behaviors and we are constantly providing behaviors that have communicative value for them. (2009江苏高 考) expressing / ?We are constantly (78) _______________ conveying meanings by what we do. _____________ 5.…which helps you trace back to the origin of the problems that may happen unexpectedly. (2008江苏高考) ?Keep records of the sources just in (78) case ___________.

Summary 1. 表导入、定义: 2. 表因/果: 3. 表主题: 4. 表对比或对应: 5. 表目的: 6. 表方式、方法、措施: 7. 表建议、要求: 8. 表态度、观点: 9. 表概括、总结:

表导入、定义:introduction, definition 表因/果: reason (for), cause (of)

effect / affect, influence, impact, result, consequence 表主题: theme, title, topic

advantage / disadvantage ; majority / minority; positive / negative ; difference / similarity ; strength / weakness ; danger / safety optimistic / pessimistic ; simple / complex; success / failure ; temporary / permanent ; comedy / tragedy ; abstract / concrete ; servant / master ; urban / suburban /rural past / present / future ; former / latter…

表目的: purpose, aim, goal , target 表方式、方法、措施:means, way, method ; solution, approach, measure / step / action 表建议、要求: suggestion, tip , advice demand, need, requirement 表态度、观点:attitude, idea, opinion, view 表概括、总结: conclusion / summary

1. improve 2. benefiting 3. enable 4. lacking 5. greater 6. reputation/fame 7. selfish 8. others’ 9. Conclusion 10.master

1.审文章提示 2.审结构表达
①.字数的限制 ②.是否可以用原文中的单词。 ①.整个文章结构 (大小标题) 短语类 ②.内容表达 句子类 同栏表达一致 ①.字母大小写 ②.名词的数和格 ③.动词的形式 ④.形容词副词的比较级最高级 ⑤. 连词,介词 ⑥. 时态语态,主谓一致, 第三人称等

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