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2014 宝山中学高一上学期第一次月考试卷 25 While he was walking in the street, he _______(knock) down by a car. 26 If he accepts the job, he ________(get) more money soon. 27 This is the first time that I ____

___(visit) China. 28 “Good medicine______(taste)bitter to the mouth,”as the saying goes. 29 In the past two decades, research______(expand) our knowledge about dreams. 30 He ______(dress) in a dark blue suit when I saw him for the first time. 31Michelangelo shut himself up in the chapel, let no one come near him, and ______(get)ready to work alone. 32 ------ why, Jack , you look so tired! ------Well, I _________(paint) the house and I must finish the work tomorrow. 33 This kind of cell phones________(sell) well. 34 Watch out! These boxes ________(fall)! 35 --------“Oh, it’s you! I _________ (not recognize) you.” ----------“ I’ve just had my hair cut and I am wearing new glasses.” 36 By the end of last year, another new gymnasium__________(complete) in the city 37The small island________(belong) to our country since it existed. 38By the time Tony_________(graduate) from university, he will have built himself a lab. 39The worker insisted that there________(be) something wrong with the old machine. 40 It will take the actors and actresses two months________(finish)making the film.

A means Hwomen

Balone Ipeace

C welcome J different

D together K traditional

E farms


G much

There are some special traditions in Hawaii. People are very friendly and always____41____ visitors . They give visitors a lei , a long necklace of beautiful fresh flowers . Men wear bright flowered shirts , and______42____often wear long flowered dresses . There are _____43____ Chinese , Japanese and Filipino holidays and all the holidays from the United States . They call Hawaii the Aloha State.Aloha means both hello and good-bye.It also ___44_____ “I love you”. Usually when people from_____45_____ countries , races and traditions live ___46____ , there are serious problems . There are a few problems in Hawaii , but in general , people have learned to live together in _____47____. Hawaiians ____48____ most of their money from travellers , and most of the tourists come from the mainland and from Japan . There are so many people livi ng in Hawaii now that there are residential areas where there used to be____49___ . Some of the big sugar and pineapple companies have moved to the Philippines where they do not have to pay workers as___50___ money.The families of the first people who came from the U. S. mainland own the major banks and com- panies. Japanese are also buyin g or starting businesses.

It is very important to have healthy teeth. Good teeth help us to chew our food. They also help us to look nice. How does a tooth go bad? The ___51___ begins in a little crack in the enamel (珐琅) covering of the tooth. This happens after germs and bits of food have__52___there. Then the decay slowly spreads inside the tooth. In the end, poison goes into the blood, and we may feel quite ill. How can we keep our teeth _____53___? First, we ought to visit our dentist twice a year. He can fill the small holes in our teeth before they destroy the teeth. He can _____54___ our teeth to check that they are growing in the right way.____55____, many people wait until they have toothache before they see a dentist. Secondly, we should brush our teeth with a toothbrush and fluoride (氟化物) toothpaste at least___56___ a day-once after breakfast and once before we go to bed. We can also use wooden toothpicks to___57____between our teeth after a meal. Thirdly, we should eat food that is ___58___ to our teeth and our body, milk, cheese, fish, brown bread, potatoes, rice. raw vegetables and fresh fruit. Chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes are bad, especially ___59____ we eat them between meals. They are harmful because they ___60___out teeth and cause decay. 51. A. destruction B. decay C. fault D. hurt 52. A. stored B. collected C. laid D. piled 53. A. healthy B. complete C. effective D. painless 54. A. observe B. skim C. watch D. examine 55. A. Unexpectedly B. Certainly C.Unfortunately D. Generally 56. A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times 57. A. drill B. dig C. clean D. explore 58. A. rewarding B. demanding C. beneficial D. meaningful 59. A. what B. how C. whether D. when 60. A. stick to B. make up C. belong to D. consist in

Cara Lang is 13. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, in the US. Last Thursday, she didn’t go to school. She went to work with her father instead. Every year, on the fourth Thursday in April, millions of young girls go to work. This is Take Our Daughters to Work Day. The girls are between the ages of 9 to 15. They spend the day at work with an adult, usually a mother, aunt, or uncle. They go to offices, police stations, laboratories, and other places where their parents or other family members work. Next year, the day will include sons, too. The Ms. Foundation, an organization for women, started the program about ten years ago. In the US, many women work outside the home. The Ms. Foundation wanted girls to find out about many different kinds of jobs. Then, when the girls grow up, they can choose a job they like. Cara’s father is a film director. Cara says, “It was very exciting for me to go to the studio with my dad. I saw a lot of people doing different jobs.” Many businesses have special activities for girls on this day. Last year, Cara went to work with her aunt at the University of Massachusetts. In the engineering department, the girls learned to build a bridge with toothpicks and candy. In the chemistry department, they learned to use scales. They learned about many other kinds of jobs, too.

Right now, Cara does not know what jobs she will have when she grows up. But because of Take Our Daughters to Work Day, she knows she has many choices.

61. What is Cara’s father?

A. An engineer. B. An official. C. A moviemaker. D. A professor.

62 According to the passage, Take Our Daughters to Work Day is __________.

A. on every Thursday in April B. a holiday for girls of all ages C. a day for girls to know about jobs D. a day for girls to get a job easily

63 On this special day, Cara has done all the following EXCEPT that __________.

A. she learned to use scales B. she worked as an actress C. she went to work with her aunt D. she used toothpicks and candy to build a bridge

64 What is probably the best title for the passage?

A. Cara Lang, a Fortunate Girl B. Take Our Daughters to Work Day

C. Children’s Day and Work Day D. Ms. Foundation, an Organization for Women

Holidays Holiday News Vacancies ( 空位 ) now and in the school holidays at a country hotel in Devon. This comfortable, friendly home-from-home lies near the beautiful quiet countryside, but just a drive away from the sea. The food is simple but good. Children and pets are welcome. Reduced prices for low season. The Snowdonia Center The Snowdonia Center for young mountain climbers has a mountain 1068.The beginners’ costs are £57 for a week, including food and rooms. Equipment is included except walking shoes, which can be hired at a low cost. You must be in good health and prepared to go through a period of body exercises. This could be the beginning of a lifetime of lifetime of mountain climbing adventure. The World Sea Trip of a Lifetime Our World Sea Trip of 2008 will be unlike any holiday you have ever been on before. Instead of one hotel after another, with all its packing and unpacking waiting and traveling, you just go to bed in one country and wake up in another. On board the ship, you will be well taken care of. Every meal will be first-class and every cabin like your home. During the trip, you can rest on deck(甲板), enjoy yourself in the games rooms and in the evening dance to our musical team and watch our wonderful play. You will visit all the places most people only dream about – from Acapulco and Hawaii to Tokyo and Hong Kong. For a few thousand pounds, all you’ve ever hoped for can be yours. 65 What can you do if you like to go on holidays with pets? A.Choose the holiday in Devon. B.Go to the Snowdonia Centre C.Join the World Sea Trip of 2008 D.Visit Acapulco and Hawaii 66 In what way is the Snowdonia Centre different from the other two holidays? A It provides chances of family gatherings B It provides customers with good food. C It offers a sport lesson D It Offers comfortable room 67 What is special about the World Sea Trip of 2008? A You can have free meals on deck every day. B You can sleep on a ship and tour many places. C You will have chances to watch and act in a play D You have to do your own packing and unpacking.

If you want to stay young, sit down and have a good think. This is the research findings of a team of Japanese doctors, who say that most of our brains are not getting enough exercise, and as a result, we are ageing unnecessarily soon. Professor Taiju Matsuzawa wanted to find out why quite healthy farmers in northern Japan appeared to be losing their ability to think and reason at a relatively early age, and how the process of aging could be slowed down. With a team of partners at Tokyo National University, he set about studying brain volumes of a thousand people of different ages and various jobs. Computer technology enabled the researchers to get exact measurement of the volume of the front and side section of the brain, which relate to intellect(智能)and feeling, and determine the human character. The back section of the brain, which controls functions like eating and breathing, does not connect with age. One can continue living without intellectual or feeling abilities. Contraction(收缩) of front and side parts, as cells die off, was observed in some subjects in their thirties, but it was still not obvious in some sixty and seventy-year-olds. Matsuzawa concluded from his tests that there is a simple cure for the contraction normally connected with age using the brain. The findings show in general conditions that contraction of the brain begins sooner in people in the country than in the towns. Those are at least at risk, says Matsuzawa, who are lawyers, followed by university professors and doctors. White collar workers doing regular work in government offices are, however, as likely to have shrinking brains as the farm workers, bus drivers and shop assistants. Matsuzawa’s findings show that thinking can prevent the brain from shrinking. Blood must flow through a circle properly in the head to supply the fresh oxygen the brain cells need.” The best way to keep good blood movement is through using the brain,” he says.” Think hard and engage in conversation. Don’t depend on pocket calculators. 68 The team of doctors wanted to find out______ A at what point people grow mentally old B how to make people live longer C the size of certain people’s brains D which people are the most clever 69 Their research finding is based on________ A an examination of farmers in northern Japan B tests performed on a thousand old people C the study of brain volumes of different people D the latest development of computer 70 According to the passage, which people seem to age slower than the others? A Lawyer B Clerks C Farmers D Shop assistants 71 The most possible conclusion of the passage is that _______ A most of us should take more exercise B It’s better to live in the town. C the brain contracts if it is not used D the more one uses his brain, the sooner he gets old.

There is a new trend that has started in some Italian cities. It is called “Citta Slow”. “Citta” in Italian means city. The concept of “Citta Slow” aims to improve people’s quality of life by creating a more caring and ecologically correct environment through the enjoyment of food art, theatre, community gathering places and so on. Slow cities are characterized by a way of life that enables people to live slowly. Traditions and traditional ways of doing things are valued. Slow cities have less traffic, less noise and fewer crowds. These cities stand up against the fast pace of life often seen in other cities throughout the world. Towns in Italy have banded together to form an organization called the Slow City Movement. The global organization hopes to help the world by deciding which cities can call themselves Slow Cities and which cities cannot. The principles of the Slow City Movement are those we would like all cities to live by. Hopefully the movement will continue and cities that cannot meet the strict criteria will continue to work towards these principles. The Slow City Movement is already very popular around the world. London is one of the cities that are taking part and it has its own website. The website says: “There are people in cities all over the world who have found all sorts of ways to bring a sense of relaxation to places where it can often be stressful to live. Slow London provides a place for these people to meet and share their ideas.” NO MORE THAN EIGHT WORDS 72 People usually enjoy _______________________________________ to improve the quality of life. 73 Slow cities have __________________________________ than other cities. 74 Who may help to decide whether a city can be called Slow City or not? ___________________________________________________________________________

1 你能想象有一天住在月球上吗?(imagine) 2 好习惯对学习有积极影响。(impact) 3 接受这次机会需要在农村住半年时间。(involve) 4 当我看到他再破世界纪录时禁不住钦佩他。(can’t help) 5 即使这个节目已经过时了,它仍然吸引了很多观众。(Even if)



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