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2014 届新课标高三第二轮专题讲解

非谓语动词是高考的重点和热点, 也是我们英语学习中所碰到的难点之一。 非谓语动词 分为三种形式:不定式,V-ing 分词(又分为现在分词和动名词)和过去分词。

1.非谓语动词的语法功能 所能充当的成分 现在分词 V-ing 形式 动名词 不定式(to do) 过去分词(done) 注:常见作独立成分的非谓语动词 to tell you the truth(实话说),needless to say(不用说),to be honest/frank(老实说,坦白 说 ) , to be more exact( 更确切地说 ) , to make things worse ( 更糟的是 ) , not to mention…(更不用说),Generally / Frankly / Roughly speaking (一般说来 / 坦白说 / 粗略地说) 2.非谓语动词的变化形式 非谓 语 形式 构成 时态 一般式 不定 式 进行式 完成式 完成 进行式 一般式 动名 词 语态 主动 to do to have done to be doing to have been doing doing 被动 to be done to have been done / / being done sb. 或 sb’s doing 作主语要用 sb’s doing 复合结构 for sb. to do sth. 或 of sb. to do sth. 否定式
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●







在“to”前加 not 或 never


having done

having been done

在前加 not 特别 注意复合 结构的否定式: sb’s not doing sb’s not having done


现在 分词


在前加 not

特别注意分析句子的结构才能辨别谓语与非谓语。 ①The traffic rule says young children under the age of four and must be in a child safety seat. A. being weighed B. weighs C. weighed D. weighing __ less than 40 pounds

【解析】 容易误选 B 或 C, 将其当成谓语看待。 under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds 用作 children 的定语。动词 weigh 与名词 children 是主动关系, 所以选择 weighing。 ② ______ blood if you can and many lives will be saved. A. Giving B. Give C. Given D. To give

【解析】如果不注意分析句子结构,会误选 A 或 C 项。这是祈使句+and+陈述句的句 型。答案 B。

1.it 充当动词不定式的形式主语或形式宾语 ①It is important for us to learn English very well.对我们来说学好英语是非常重要的。 ②I think it important for us to learn English very well.我认为对我们来说学好英语是非常 重要的。 it 作形式主语使用动名词的句型 ① It is no use/no good/useless+doing sth. It is no use crying.哭没有用。 ② It is fun(a great pleasure, a waste of time) It is a waste of time trying to explain.设法解释是浪费时间。 2.用不定式还是用动名词作宾语有特殊规定 ① I don’t want ____ like I’m speaking ill of anybody, but the manager’s plan is unfair. A. to sound sounded 【解析】want 后要跟动词不定式作宾语,sound 是连系动词不用被动式,与谓语动词

B. to be sounded

C. sounding

D. to have

没有时间的先后,故不可用它的完成式。答案 A。 类似的知识点要记牢。 如: help, hope, ask, refuse, decide, promise, wish, pretend, expect, arrange, learn, plan, demand, dare, manage, agree, prepare, fail, determine, offer, choose, desire, elect, long 等 动词后要用动词不定式作宾语。 ② It is difficult to imagine his ________the decision without any consideration. A. accept B. accepting C. to accept D. accepted

【解析】imagine 要求用动名词作宾语。答案 B。 类似的知识点要记牢。下列常见的这些动词(组)后要用动词动名词作宾语 suggest, risk, devote oneself to(建议冒险去献身) finish, imagine, bear/stand, look forward to(完成想象忍盼望) give up, delay/put off, regret, miss(放弃延期悔失去) insist on/stick to, enjoy/appreciate, feel like, practice(坚持欣赏要实践) pay attention to, excuse, escape/avoid, object to(注意原谅逃/避反对) keep, be/get used to/be accustomed to, mind(保持习惯勿介意) be worth, set about/burst out/get down to, be busy(值得开始将忙乎) 3.用不定式还是用动名词作宾语意义不同 In some parts of London, missing a bus means ____for another hour. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

【解析】此题意为“在英国的一些地方,如果错过了公交车就意味着再等一个小 时。”mean doing sth 意为“意味着什么”,mean to do sth 意为“试图、打算 做什么”。答案 A。 类似的知识点要记牢。 ①动词本身意义不变,跟不定式和动名词意义不同 remember to do sth. 记住要做 remember doing sth.记得过去做过 forget to do sth. 忘了已做过的事 forget doing sth. 忘记要做某事 ② 动词本身意义改变,跟不定式和动名词意义不同 regret to do sth.对马上要或不做的事表示遗憾

regret doing sth.对已发生的事表示遗憾或后悔 mean to do sth.打算,想要 mean doing 意味着,意思是 try to do sth. 努力做某事 try doing sth. 尝试做某事 can’t help doing sth.情不自禁,忍不住 can’t help (to) do sth.不能帮忙做某事 be considered to have done 被认为已经做了 consider…to be 认为是 consider doing 考虑做某事 ③ 动词本身意义不变,跟不定式被动式和动名词意义相同 want,need,require 接动名词表示被动意义,接不定式就要用被动式,这时主语与 动名词之间为动宾关系 These young trees require looking after(=to be looked after). The matter needs thinking over(=to be thought over). ④ 下列动词跟动词不定式做目的状语,跟动名词作宾语 stop to do 停下来,要做另一件事(不定式作目的状语) stop doing 停止做(动名词作宾语) go on to do 接着做另一件事(不定式作目的状语) go on doing 继续做同一件事(动名词作宾语) 4.有些动词后要用“疑问词+不定式”结构作复合宾语 It is said that in Australia there is more land than the government knows _____. A. it what to do with it 【解析】本题考查“疑问词+不定式”和动词短语 do with 的用法。答案 C。 B. what to do it with C. what to do with it D. to do what with

①不定式、动名词与分词作表语的区别。不定式和动名词作表语相当于一个名词作表语, 含义是回答主语“是什么”; 分词作表语相当于形容词作表语, 含义是回答主语“怎么 样”。 Our plan is to keep the affair secret.我们的计划是让这件事成为秘密。

Their job is making wheelchairs for disabled people.他们的工作是为残疾人制造轮椅。 The music they are playing sounds exciting.他们演奏的音乐听起来令人激动。 This beautiful village remains unknown to the rest of the world. 这个美丽的村庄仍未外界所知。 ②现在分词和过去分词作表语的区别。 现在分词和过去分词作表语都是用于回答主语“怎么 样”的。现在分词说明主语的特征,过去分词说明主语的状态。如: This dog is frightening.这条狗让人害怕。 (说明狗的特征) This dog is frightened.这条狗有些害怕。 (说明狗的心理状态) Climbing is tiring and we are completely tired after a day's climbing. 爬山是累人的,爬了一天的山我们都全累坏了。 (tiring 说明 climbing 的特征,tired 说明 我们的状态) 注意:在下列句中,非谓语动词具体的语法功能 What he wanted to suggest is to cut down the price and increase the sales. 他想建议的是降价促销。 (不定式作表语,说明主语“是什么”) My American teacher is to leave China soon. 我的美国老师即将离开中国。 (不定式作表语,表示将来) Her work is taking care of the children.她的工作是照顾小孩。 (现在分词作表语,说明主语 “是什么”) She is taking care of the children.她在照料小孩。 (构成进行时,说明主语正在执行的动作) The cup is broken.杯子碎了。 (过去分词作表语,说明主语所处的状态) The cup was broken by Peter.杯子是被彼得打坏的。 (构成被动语态,说明主语是动作的承 受者)

1.理解下表中所列的关系 非谓语 不定式 现在分词 过去分词 与宾语的逻辑关系 主动关系 ② 不带 to 的不定式表示动作的全过程 主动关系 被动关系

与谓语动作的时间关系 ① 在谓语动词后发生

同时进行 动作已经完成或表示状态

When I came in, I saw her dancing happily. (主动进行) I saw him go to the cinema.(主动,全过程) We heard her singing next door.(主动进行) We heard the song sung by her next door. (被动完成) We heard the song being sung next door. (被动进行) 2.下列动词和短语必须以用不定式作宾语补足语 wish, want, ask, require/request, order, warn, allow/permit, forbid, expect, remind, encourage, inspire, call on, depend on 注意:advise/allow/permit/forbid +宾语+不定式作宾语补足语 advise/allow/permit/forbid +动名词作宾语时 ①What did the librarian _____ out of the library? A. permit to take C. allow to take B. forbid to be taken D. insist being taken

②I don’t allow ______ in my office and I don’t allow my family ______ at all. A. to smoke…smoking C. to smoke…to smoke 答案:BB 3. 在 think, consider, find 等动词后常用 to be +adj. 结构作宾语补足语,有时 to be 省略。 We all discover him (to be) kind and honest. 4.几个特别的结构 ▲have+宾语+do/doing/done ①“ have + 宾语+ do sth ”意为“让/叫/使某人做某事”。此结构中的 have 是使役动 词,宾语后的 do sth 是不带 to 的动词不定式作宾语补足语。 The boss often has them work for 14 hours a day.老板经常要他们一天工作 14 个小时。 ②“have +宾语+ doing”意为“叫/让/使某人做某事或让某种情况发生”。宾语后面用现 在分词作宾语补足语, 表示宾语与现在分词表示的动作之间为主动关系, 且动作正在进 行。 Don’t have the dog barking much, Lilin. 李林,别让狗狂吠不停。 ③“ have + 宾语+done”意为“让/叫/使/请别人做某事”或者是“遭受/遭遇了??, 此时,主语是无意中的受害者,而不是动作的执行者”的意思。宾语后面用过去分词作

B. smoking…to smoke D. smoking…smoking

宾语补足语,说明宾语与过去分词表示的动作之间是被动关系。 We had the machine mende d just now.我们刚才请人把机器修好了。 He had his leg injured while playing football.他在踢足球时腿受了伤。 ▲get+宾语+to do/doing/done 三种结构的意义请参看上述“have+宾语+do/doing/done”的意义解释。 He got his sister to help him with his clothes. 他让姐姐帮他洗衣服。 Can you really get that old clock going again 你真的能让那辆旧钟再走起来吗? Doris got her bad tooth pulled out in the hospital. 多丽丝在医院把坏牙拔了。 ▲catch sb. doing sth 逮住某人干某事 If she catches me reading her diary, she’ll be furious.如果她抓住我偷看她的日记,她会愤 怒的。 ▲make + oneself + done oneself 与其后的过去分词存在着动宾关系,或者说是被动关系 He raised his voice in order to make himself heard. 他提高了嗓门为了使别人听清他的讲 话。

1.理解下表中所列的关系 分类 形式 to do to be done 现在 分词 过去 分词 doing being done done 与被修饰词的逻辑关系 动宾关系 不定式 “the last/next/first...” 后常接不定式作 定语,表示主谓关系 被动关系 主动关系 被动关系 被动关系 与谓语动作的时间关系 在谓语动作后发生 在谓语动作前或者后发生 在谓语动作后发生 与谓语动作同时进行 与谓语动作同时进行 在谓语动作之前发生 存在的状态或情况

It is a good chance to practice your spoken English.这是练习你的口语的好机会。 He was the last one to leave the office. 他是最后一个离开办公室的。 The woman standing over there is our English teacher.站在那边的那个妇女是我们的英语老 师。 The house to be built (=which will be built/which is to be built) next year will be our new library.(将要建的) The house being built (=which is being built) now will be our new library.(正在建的)

The house built (=which was built) last year is our new library now.(已经建成的) I like reading books written by Lu Xun.我喜欢读鲁迅写的小说。 2.动词不定式尾后的介词不能丢 When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person ______. A. to send B. for sending it C. to send it to D. for sending it to

【解析】该题中须用不定式短语作后置定语,排除 B 和 D;答案 A 中,没有 to 就意味 着是把 George 这个人打发走。 本句意思是将该报告送给这个人—George, it 指 这个报告,因此 to 不能少。答案 C。

1.理解下表中所列的关系 非谓语 doing(一般式)作状语 having done(完成式) 作状语 having been done (完成被动 式)作状语 done(过去分词)作状语 与逻辑主语(即句子的主语)的关系 主动关系 主动关系 被动关系 被动关系 与谓语动作的时间关系 (几乎)与谓语动作同时进行 先于谓语动作发生 先于谓语动作发生 已经在过去发生或是 不十分强调时间概念

Waiting (=When I was waiting) to see the doctor, I met with a friend of mine. Having (=Because we have) made full preparations, we are sure to be successful. Having been shown around(=After we had been shown) the library, we were then taken to see the laboratory. Seen (=When the town is seen) from the hill, the town looks more beautiful. Locked (=When he was locked) up in the room, he found himself isolated from the outer world. 2.too…to…, enough to do…, only to…等结构表示结果 The boy is too young to join the navy.这男孩太小参不了海军。 The hall is big enough to hold 1,000 people. 这厅大得足以容纳一千人。 They lift a rock only to drop it on their own feet 他们搬起石头结果却砸了自己的脚。 注意:动词作结果作状语表示未曾预料的结果,而现在分词作结果状语表示自然而然或 必然的结果。 Her husband died in 1942, leaving her with five children.

The bus was held up by snowstorm, thus causing the delay. 3.分词(短语)作状语的附着规则 使用分词(短语)作句子状语时,有一条规则必须遵守:即分词(短语)的逻辑主语应 当与句子的主语一致,否则句子就是错句。 _____from the top of the tower, the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees. A. Seen B. Seeing C. Have seen D. To see

【解析】此处是非谓语动词做状语,逻辑主语是句子的主语,非谓语动词与逻辑主语是 被动关系,用过去分词。答案 A 。 对比:Seeing from the top of the tower, we can find the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees. 主要:已经成为固定用法的非谓语动词(短语)不需要遵守这条附着规则 常见的的有:considering…(鉴于/考虑到??),judging by/from…(从??来看, 依据??来判断),supposing that…(假定??),providing that… (假定??), according to…( 依据??), including…( 包括??), owing to…( 由于??), talking/speaking of…(谈及??) given…(考虑到??), provided that…(如果??) 4.独立主格结构和 with 复合结构 ▲逻辑主语+不定式/现在分词/过去分词 I send you 100 dollars today, the rest to follow in a year. 今天我先给你寄 100 美元。其余的钱一年内陆续寄过去。 Weather permitting, I’ll go to the park with my parents on Sunday. 如果天气允许,星期天我将和爸妈去公园。 All things considered, the planned trip will have to be called off. 考虑到所有的情况,原来计划好的旅行不得不取消。 ▲with(without)+宾语+不定式/现在分词/过去分词 With a lot of difficult problems to settle ,the newly —elected president is having a hard time. 有很多难题要解决新任总统日子可不好过! Without anything to eat, he died of hunger. 由于没有东西吃,他饿死了。 The Yangtze river is very busy with so many boats and ships coming and going every day.

每天长江上各种船只来来往往显得格外忙碌。 Without any more time given, we couldn't finish the task in three weeks. 如果不另给我们时间的话,我们三星期之内完成不了任务。 With everything well arranged, he left the office.一切都安排妥善之后, 他离开了办公室。

不定式的省略我们可以分作两种, 一种是对不定式符号“to”的省略 (如: make sb. do sth 等) ;另一种则是不定式符号“ to ”后省略实义动词的形式。这儿讲的是第二种情况(又 称不定式符号 to 的替代作用) 。 常见情形有: ①would/should like/love to, used to, have to, ought to, be going to, be able to, be willing to 等后面的 to 均 为不定式符号,重复时可省略 to 后该不定式短语。如: — Could you lend me your dictionary? 能把你的词典借给我吗? — I’d like to (lend you my dictionary). 行。 ②动词 afford, agree, expect, forget, hope, intend, manage, need, pretend, refuse, try, want, wish 等后面常 接不定式短语作宾语,重复时可省略 to 后该宾语。如: You may ask him for help if you want to (ask him for help). 如果你愿意,可以请他帮 你。 ③动词 allow, beg, expect, forbid, force, invite, order, permit, tell, persuade 等后面常接不 定式短语作宾语 补足语,重复时可省略 to 后该宾语补足语。如: I’ll go to her birthday party if she invites me to (go to her birthday party). 如果她邀请我参加她的生日聚会,我会去。

一般说来非谓语动词的逻辑主语要么就是句子的主语或宾语,要么就是被它所修饰的 中心词。 但是有时需要明确非谓语动词所表示动作的执行者或承受者, 这时就要标明它的逻 辑主语。 ①当动名词短语作主语、宾语或表语时,具有名词特性,其逻辑主语由“名词所有格 或形容词性物主代词”表示,放在动名词短语之前。当动名词短语不在句首时,也

可由“名词普通格或代词宾 格”表示。 Helen’s/Her being absent made the teacher very angry. 海伦/她没来上课,让老师很生 气。 They insisted on my/me speaking at the meeting. 他们坚持要我在会上发言。 ②形容词+for + 名词或代词 + 动词不定式 形容词通常表示事物的性质 It is necessary for you to finish the work before Friday.你们有必要在星期五前做完这 项工作。 His idea is for us to travel in different cars.他的主意是让我们乘不同的车去旅游。 ③形容词+of+ 名词或代词 + 动词不定式 形容词往往表示人物的性格和特征 How careless it is of him to break such a valuable vase! 他真不小心,把如此贵重的 花瓶打破了。 It’s brave of you to go into the burning building to save the baby! 你真勇敢,冲进着火的大楼里救这个婴儿

(九)关于 there be 的非谓语形式
there be 非谓语形式可在句中作主语、宾语、状语和定语 1.作动词宾语时,通常用 there to be 结构,而不用 there being。能这样用的及物动词为: expect,like,mean,intend,want,prefer,hate 等,如: We don't want there to be any comrades lagging behind.我们不希望有任何同志掉队。 They hate there to be long queues everywhere..他们不愿意处处都要排长队。 We have no objection to there being a meeting here.我们并不反对在这里开会。 2.作状语多用 there being 结构,但若置于介词 for 之后要用 there to be There being nobody else at hand, I had to do by myself. 由于附近没有人, 我只得独自干了。 (原因状语) It’s too early for there to be anybody up.太早了,还不会有人起床。(作程度状语) There having been no rain for a long time,the ground was very dry. 因为好长时间没下雨了,地面非常干燥。(原因状语) 3.作主语时两种结构都可以,但如是用 for 引导则要用 there to be.

It is not uncommon for there to be problems of communication between old and young. 老人与年青人之间存在着沟通问题是很常见的。 There being a kindergarten on campus is a great convenience to female teachers. 校园内有幼儿园对女教师十分方便。

Please do me a favor — ______ my friend Mr. Smith to Youth Theater at 7:30 tonight. A. to invite B. inviting C. invite D. invited

【解析】答案为 C。该题目把祈使句,非谓语动词以及破折号的作用综合到一起来进行考 察查。句意:请帮我个忙——邀请我的朋友史密斯先生今晚 7 点半到青年剧院。 破折号后是一个祈使句。

① I can’t stand _____ with Jane in the same office. She just refuses______ talking while she works. A. working , stopping stop 【解析】答案为 C。stand 在这里表示“忍受”,后面要求用动名词作宾语,而“refuse” 要用不定式作宾语。 ② Isn't it time you got down to______ the papers? A. mark B. be marked C. being marked D. marking B. to work, stopping C. working, to stop D. to work , to

【解析】答案为 D。 “got down to”中的 “to”是介词因而要用动名词作宾语,而动名词 “marking”与其逻辑主语“you”是主动关系。 ③ There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars ____ road conditions need _______. A. that, to be improved C. where, improving B. which , to be improved D. when, improving

【解析】答案为 A。因为“公路状况需要改善”,“need”后接“improving”或“to be improved” 都可以。后面的从句应是“problem”的同位语,应用“that”引导。

④Susan wanted to be independent of her parents. She tried and moved back

alone, but she didn’t like it

A. living

B. to live

C. to be living

D. having lived

【解析】答案为 A。try doing sth.意为“试着做某事”;try to do sth. 意为“尽力去做某事”。 句意:苏姗不想依赖父母。她试着一个人生活,但不喜欢这样,又搬回家去了。 ⑤All the staff in our company are considering______ to the city centre for the fashion show. A. to go B. going C. to have gone D. having gone

【解析】答案为 B。consider doing 意为“考虑做某事”。

① Tom sounds very much ______ in the job, but I’m not sure whether he can manage it. A. interested B. interesting C. interestingly D. interestedly

【解析】答案为 A。“sound”是连系动词,应使用形容词化的分词作表语。C、D 备选项 都是副词,应排除。“interest”的现在分词表示主语所具有的特征,意思是“令 人感兴趣的”;过去分词表示主语所处的状态,意思是“感兴趣的”。 ②Please remain A. seating ;the winner of the prize will be announced soon. B. seated C. to seat D. to be seated

【解析】答案为 B。“seat”是及物动词,“be seated=sit down”。此处“seated=sitting”。 “remain seated” 保持坐着的状态。句意为:请各位在座位上坐着;获奖者很快就会宣布的。

① The teacher asked us _________so much noise. A. don’t make B. not make C. not making D. not to make

【解析】 答案为 D。 在动词“ask”后面用不定式作宾语补足语, 其否定形式是“not to do”。 ② —Excuse me sir, where is Room 301? —Just a minute. I’ll have Bob ____you to your room. A. show B. shows C. to show D. showing


③ A cook will be immediately fired if he was found ________in kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smoked

【解析】答案为 B。“find”后接现在分词作主语补足语。此句中“smoking” 是主语 “he” 的 补 足 语 , 所 以 称 为 主 语 补 足 语 。 表 示 主 动 的 正 在 发 生 的 事 。 根 据 “immediately”可判断出“厨师当场被发现在厨房吸烟会被立即开除”。 ④To learn English well, we should find opportunities to hear English A. speak B. speaking C. spoken as much as we can. D. to speak

【解析】 答案为 C。 此处考查“hear+宾语+do/doing/done”的结构。 因为“English”是“被 说”,故用过去分词(spoken)作宾补,表示被动。

① If there is a lot of work _______, I’m happy to just keep on until it is finished. A. to do B. to be doing C. done D. doing

【解析】 答案为 A。 “work”和“do”虽然存在逻辑上的动宾关系, 但主语“I”和“do” 存在逻辑上的主谓关系,此时用“to do”做后置定语。 ② When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person ______. A. to send B. for sending it C. to send it to D. for sending it to

【解析】答案为 C。该题中须用不定式短语作后置定语,排除 B 和 D 选项;答案 A 项意 为“送乔治这个人走”,显然不符合题意。而应该是将报告送给“乔治这个人” 才符合题意。“it”指这个报告。后面的介词“to”不能少。 ③ —The last one ___________ pays the meal. —Agreed! A. arrived B. arrives C. to arrive D. arriving

【解析】答案为 C。“the last/next/first...” 后常接不定式作定语。 ④ The Chinese are proud of the 29th Olympic Games ______in Beijing in 2008. A. hold B. holding C. held D. to be held

【解析】答案为 D。非谓语动词作后置定语的三种情况:the meeting to be held 意为“即 将召开的会议” ; the meeting held 意为“已经召开的会议”; the meeting being held 是“正在召开的会议”的意思。 很显然当时 (2006 年) “the 29th Olympic Games” 还没有召开,故选 D 项。 ⑤ Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures ______ in your

mind instead of before your eyes. A. to form B. form C. forming D. having formed

【解析】答案为 C。根据本题提供的语境,“看书时有画面在大脑中形成。”而句中有谓 语“there are ”, 所以本应填非谓语动词, 可排除 B 项。 又因为“看书的同时就会形成”, 排除 A、 D 选项,故 选 C 项作定语。 ⑥ At the beginning of class, the noise of desks ____ could be heard outside the classroom. A. opened and closed C. being opened and closed 【解析】答案为 C。参看上面的例④ 。 ⑦ The Town Hall ______ in the 1800’s was the most distinguished building at that time. A. to be completed C. completed 【解析】答案为 C。参看上面例④ 的简析。 ⑧ —Can those A. seat at the back of the classroom h B. sit C. seated —No problem. D. sat B. having been completed D. being completed B. to be opened and closed D. to open and close

【解析】答案为 C。“sit”为不及物动词,可用“sitting”作定语;“seat”为及物动词,常与反 身代词连用或用“be seated”形式。这里“seat”与“those”构成逻辑上的被动关系, 故用其过去分词作定语=those who are seated…。

① He hurried to the booking office only _____ that all the tickets has been sold out. A. to be told B. to tell C. told D. telling

【解析】答案为 A。“only”后接不定式表示出人意料的结果。 ② Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year, ______ a record US $57.65 a barrel on April 4. A. have reached B. reaching C. to reach D. to be reaching

【解析】答案为 B。从句意来分析, 主句部分表示油价上涨了百分之三十二,逗号后面的 内容为油价上涨后的必然结果“达到??记录” 。

③ The storm left ,_____ A. caused

a lot of damage to this area . B. to have caused C. to cause D. having caused

【解析】答案为 D。因“The storm”与“cause”存在逻辑上的主动关系,故排除选项 A;不 定式作状语,前面通常不用逗号,排除 B、C 选项;因暴风雨给这个地区“造成损 失”是在“结束”之前, 所以用完成式。 ④ “You can’t catch me!” Janet shouted, _________ away. A. run B. running C. to run D. ran

【解析】答案为 B。“running away”在此作“shouted”的伴随状语, 由珍妮特发出这一动作, 故用现在分词。 ⑤ A. Fail to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead. B. Failed C. To fail D. Having failed

【解析】答案为 D。非谓语动词与主语构成主谓关系。且“没有打动电话”在“发电子邮 件” 前已经发生。用现在分词主动式的完成式作时间状语。 ⑥ around the Water Cube, we were then taken to see the Bird’s Nest for the 2008 Olympic Games. A. Having shown B. To be shown C. Having been shown D. To show

【解析】答案为 C。“show”与“take”之间有明显的时间先后关系,且句子的主语与“show” 构成逻辑上的动宾关系,故该空格处用完成式的被动形式。 ⑦_____ in a white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressed B. To dress C. Dressing D. Having dressed

【解析】答案为 A。“dress”是及物动词,其用法为“dress sb./oneself(表动作) 、be dressed in(表状态)”。 “dress”与“he”之间存在逻辑上的被动关系, 故用过去分词。 ⑧______ into use in April 2000, the h otline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns. A. Put B. Putting C. Having put D. Being put

【解析】 答案为 A。 句子的主语是“the hotline”与“投入使用”存在着逻辑上的被动关系, 而且表示过 去的事情, 所以排除 D 项。


① Faced with a bill for $10,000, _______. A. an extra job has been given to John C. an extra job has been taken B. the boss has given John an extra job D. John has taken an extra job

【解析】答案为 A。根据“分词作状语其逻辑主语应与句子主语一致”的原则,只有 A 项 才对。 ② _________, the more expensive the camera, the better its quality. A. General speaking C. Generally speaking B. Speaking general D. Speaking generally

【解析】答案为 C。分词短语独立成分。现在分词短语作为习语不遵守分词的附着规则。 ③ ___ _ with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared

A. Compare

【解析】答案为 D。分词的逻辑主语为“the biggest ocean”,它不能发出“compare”动作。 从“compare A with B”的结构我们可以推断,它们之间存在逻辑上的被动关系,应 用过去分词。如选 B 或 C 项,则就是“垂悬分词”。

① It was foolish ______you to give up what you rightly owned. A. for B. of C. about D. from

【解析】答案为 B。本句可以改成:You were foolish to give up…。形容词与非谓语动词之 间有逻辑上的主谓关系。 ② To fetch water before breakfast seemed to me a rule_____. A. to never break C. never to have broken B. never to be broken D. never to be breaking

【解析】答案为 B。动词不定式的否定式是在“to”前加“not”或“never” 。 “规则被打 破”要用被动式。 ③ The patient was warned ______oily food after the operation. A. to eat not B. eating not C. not to eat D. not eating

【解析】答案为 C。动词不定式的否定式是在“to”前加“not”或“never” 。

① —What’s the matter with Della? —Well, her parents wouldn’t allow her to go to the party, but she still _ A. hopes to B. hopes so C. hopes not _. D. hopes for

【解析】答案为 A。在不定式作简略回答时,常常将不定式“to”之后的内容省略。 ② —Would you like to join me for a quick lunch before class? — , but I promised Nancy to go out with her. B.I like it C.I don’t D.I will

A. I’d like to

【解析】答案为 A。简略答语中省略动词,只保留动词不定式符号。 ③In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than A. that used to be B. it is used to C. it was used to . D. it used to be

【解析】答案为 D。表示 “过去常常??”用“used to do”。本题中“be”为连系动词,不 是实义动词,不能省略。

①It is said in Australia there is more land than the government knows______ . A. it what to do with it 【解析】答案为 C。“疑问词+不定式”作动词“knows”的宾语,而 to do with sth.意为“处 置、对付”是固定搭配。“it”是“with”的宾语指“the land”。“what to do with it” 当于宾语从句“what the government should do with it”。 ②I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good A. to be breathed B. to breathe C. breathing . D. being breathed B. what to do it with C. what to do with it D. to do what with

【解析】答案为 B。在 “主语+be+adj.+to do”句型中,动词不定式用主动形式表被动意义。 ③—Is Bob still performing? —I’m afraid not. He is said________ the stage already as he has become an official. A. to have left B. to leave C. to have been left D. to be left

【解析】答案为 A。在“Sb./Sth. is/was+过去分词+不定式”句型中,如果不定式所表示的 动作在谓语动词前面发生,动词不定式要用完成式。 ④The flu is believed _____ by viruses that like to reproduce in the cell inside the human nose and throat.

A. causing

B. being caused

C. to be caused

D. to have caused

【解析】答案为 C。在“Sb./Sth. is/was+过去分词+不定式”句型中,如果不定式所表示的 动作在谓语动 词后面发生,动词不定式要用一般式。

① _____the meeting himself gave them a great deal of encouragement. A. The president will attend C. The president attended B. The president to attend D. The president’s attending

【解析】答案为 D。此题为动名词的复合结构在句中作主语,句中“the president’s”为名词 所有格充当动名“attending”的逻辑主语。 ② — They are quiet, aren’t they? —Yes. They are accustomed________ at meals. A. to talk B. to not talk C. to talking D. to not talking

【解析】答案为 D。词组“be accused to (习惯于)”,其中“to”是介词,后跟名词或动名 词。动名词的否定式在其前加“not”。 ③ The news of _______ greatly made us surprised a lot as he was indeed very excellent. A. not his having elected C. his not being elected B. not his being elected D. his not having elected

【解析】答案为 C。如果将 D 选项改成“his not having been elected”也对。 注意:现在分词的否定式也是在其前加 not。 _______the program, they have to stay there for another two weeks. A. Not completing not completed 【答案】C。 B. Not completed C. Not having completed D. Having

5.独立主格结构与 with 复合结构
① The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent ___ _____at the end of last March. A. has been launched C. being launched B. having been launched D. to be launched

【解析】答案为 B。独立主格结构作状语,排除谓语动词形式,即 A 项。“the most recent”

与“launch”为逻辑上的被动关系,且“launch”在谓语动词之前发生。 ② The children went home from the grammar school, their lessons _______ for the day. A. finishing B. finished C. had finished D. were finished

【解析】答案为 B。根据句子结构判断,此处为独立主格结构,且功课是被完成,因此用 过去分词。 ③ —Come on, please give me some ideas about the project. —Sorry. With so much work _______ my mind, I almost break down. A. filled B. filling C. to fill D. being filled

【解析】答案为 B。“so much work”与“fill”之间存在逻辑上的主谓关系, 并且强调此时状 态, 故用现在分词。 ④ John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work ______, he gladly accepted it. A. finished B. finishing C. having finished D. was finished

【解析】答案为 A。“his work”与“finish”之间逻辑上存在被动关系,用过去分词表示被动 且已经完成。

2009 年 1.(全国卷 I)The children all turned A. looked at 【答案】B 【解析】句意:当那位著名的女演员进教室的时候,孩子们一下子都转过去看她。不要 把“to”和“turn”联系在一起理解为“turn to (转向,求助)”的词组,该词组中 的“to”是介词。本题是不定式作目的状语。 2. ( 全 国 卷 I ) Now that we’ve discussed our problem, are people happy with the decisions A. taking 【答案】C 【解析】句意:既然我们讨论了我们的问题,那么人们满意所作的决定吗?The decisions 和 take 之间是被动关系,故用过去分词。 3.(全国卷 II)They use computers to keep the traffic

the famous actress as she entered the classroom. C. to looking at D. look at

B. to look at

? B. take C. taken D. to take


A. being run

B. run D. running【答案】D




【解析】 这儿构成 “keep sth. doing” 固定用法。 现在分词作动词 keep 的宾语补足语。 traffic 与 run 之间是主动关系,所以用现在分词。 4.(北京卷)For breakfast he only drinks juice from fresh fruit ___ on his own farm. A. grown 【答案】A 【解析】fresh fruit 与 grow 的关系是被动和完成,所以用过去分词做定语。 5.(北京卷)All of them try to use the power of the workstation ___ information in a more effective way. A. presenting 【答案】D 【解析】 通过句意可知要用不定式作状语表示原因。 为了更好的展示信息。 所以答案为 D。 6.(北京卷)_______ twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we changed our dog. A. Being bitten 【答案】B 【解析】The postman 与 bite 之间是被动和完成的关系,所以答案为 B。 7.(上海卷)A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city, _____all four people on board. A. killed 【答案】B 【解析】飞机撞到山上与杀死飞机上的所有乘客之间是因果关系,所以用现在分词作状 语表示结果。 8.(上海卷)With the government’s aid, those _____ by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements. A. affect 【答案】C 【解析】Those 与 affect 之间是被动和完成的关系,所以用过去分词作定语。 9.(上海卷)Bill suggested _____ a meeting on what to do for the Shanghai Expo during the vacation.

B. being grown

C. to be grown

D. to grow

B. presented

C. being presented

D. to present

B. BittenC. Having bitten

D. To be bitten

B. killing

C. kills

D. to kill

B. affecting

C. affected

D. were affected

A. having held 【答案】C

B. to hold

C. holding

D. hold

【解析】suggest 后接 doing sth.作宾语。 10.(上海卷)David threatened A. to be reported 【答案】C 【解析】threaten to do sth.威胁要做某事。因为该句是主动关系所以答案为 C。 11.(天津卷)______ the project in time, the staff were working at weekends. A. Competing completed B. Having completed D. To complete【答案】D C. To have B. reporting his neighbour to the police if the damages were not paid. C. to report D. having reported

【解析】句意:为了按时完成工程,全体员工周末正在工作。动词不定式用于作目的状 语,表将来。 故选 D 项。 12.(天津卷)_____ by the advances in technology, many farmers have set up wind farms on their land.A. Being encouraged Encouraged B. Encouraging C.

D. Having encouraged【答案】C

【解析】句意:由于受到鼓励,许多农民在他们的土地上建起了风电场。过去分词表示 被动和原因的。 故选 C 项。 13.(重庆卷)Michael’s new house is like a huge palace, A. comparing 【答案】D 【解析】表达“与某物或某人相比”用 compared with/to sb/sth. 14.(重庆卷)With the world changing fast, we have something new ourselves every day.A. deal dealing 【答案】C 【解析】不定式做定语,deal with 的动作发出者是句子的主语,所以要用主动表示被动。 15.(安徽卷)The play A. produced next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture. B. being produced

with his old one. D. compared

B. compares

C. to compare

with all by D.

B. dealt

C. to deal

C. to be produced

D. having been

produced 【答案】C 【解析】非谓语动词作定语,句中已明显给出将来时间的标志 next week,因此作定语应该 选择动词不定式来表达将来。 16.(福建卷) A. Reminding reminded 【答案】B 【解析】非谓语动词做状语,逻辑主语是句子的主语 the manager,非谓语动词与句子主 语是被动关系,且其表示的动作在谓语动词 set out 之前已经发生,非谓语动词 用过去分词,选 B 项。 17.(福建卷)In April, 2009, President Hu inspected the warships in Qingdao, anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy. A. marking 【答案】A 【解析】非谓语动词做状语,其后有宾语,故与逻辑主语是主动关系,且表示的动作与 谓语动词的动作同时进行,用现在分词,选 A 项。 18.(湖南卷)When he would open 【答案】D 【解析】句意:当他要打开门的时候,他发现他的钥匙不见了。动词不定时表示将要发生 的动作。 19. (湖南卷) At the age of 29, Dave was a worker, ______ what to do about his future. A. living; wondering wondered 【答案】A 【解析】句意:29 岁的大卫,是一个工人,住在一间小公寓在波士顿附近,不知怎么办关于 他的未来。现在分词作定语修饰 a worker,and 为并列连词,连接相同的成份。 20.(湖南卷)Nowadays people sometimes separate their waste to make it easier for it

not to miss the flight at 15:20, the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. B. Reminded C. To remind D. Having

the 60th

B. marked

C. having marked

D. being marked

the door, he found his keys were nowhere. C. had opened


B. opened

D. was to open

in a small apartment near Boston and

B. lived; wondering

C. lived; wondered




A. reusing 【答案】D

B. reused

C. reuses

D. to be reused

【解析】句意:现在人们有时把他们的废物分开,以便很容易被重复利用。重新再利用 是指将来发生的 动作,而且是被动的。故选 D 项。 21.(江苏卷)Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, pressures. A. help 【答案】C 【解析】 China are expected to help reduce unemployment pressures. to help 与 to hire 位 置相同。 22. (江西卷) _________ the right kind of training , these teenage soccer players may one day grew the international stars. A. Giving 【答案】D 【解析】 如果把句子补充完整就不难看出: If they are given the right kind of training , 可 知主语 they 即 these teenager soccer players 与 give 之间 是被动的关系,所以 用过去分词。根据主、从句主语一致可省略从句主语的原则,连词 if 也可省, 所以得出 given the right kind of training , these teenager soccer players…… 23. (江西卷) The government plans to bring in new laws _____ parents to take more responsibility for the education of their children. A. forced 【答案】B 【解析】现在分词短语作后置定语,修饰 new laws ,相当于 which forces …… 24.(辽宁卷)When we visited my old family home, memory came ______ back A. flooding 【答案】A 【解析】现在分词作伴随状语。flooding 伴随 came 意思为“记忆洪水般地涌现”,选 A 项恰当。

reduce unemployment

B. to have helped

C. to help

D. having helped

B. Having given

C. To give

D. Given

B. forcing

C. to be forced

D. having forced

B. to flood

C. flood.

D. flooded

25.(辽宁卷) A. Being a winner winner 【答案】B

, you need to give all you have and try your best. B. To buy a winner C. Be a winner D. Having been a

【解析】不定式作目的状语。根据后句你需要付出你的一切和努力,前面应该是后句的 目的,意思“为了去当冠军,”buy 意思是“obtain at a sacrifice”符合句意,选 B 项。 26. ( 宁 夏 卷 ) Now that we’ve discussed out problem, are people happy with the decisions A. taking 【答案】C 【解析】考查 with +宾语+宾语补足语的用法。句意为:现在,我们已经讨论了问题,是人 们最满意的决定? take 与 the decisions 之间存在的关系是动宾关系,故用过去 分词表示被动。 27.(山东卷)We are invited to a party _________in our club next Friday. A. to be held 【答案】A 【解析】由 next month 可知时间是在将来,party 是被举行,故选 A 项。 28.(陕西卷)I still remember A. to take 【答案】D 【解析】此处非谓语动词做 remember 的宾语,而 remember 后用非谓语动词做宾语时, 可以用 v-ing 形式,v-ing 表示的动作已经完成,也可用动词不定式,表示的动 作还未发生,根据后文的 saw 可知此处非谓语动词动作已经完成,且与逻辑主 语是被动关系,用 v-ing 的被动式,选 D 项。 29.(四川卷)He told us whether _________ a picnic was still under discussion A. to have 【答案】B 【解析】分析句子可知 whether +to do sth. 做了宾语从句的主语, He told us 后省略了宾 语从句的引导词 that。

? B. take C. taken D. to take

B. held

C. being held

D. holding

to the Famen Temple and what I saw there. C. taking D. being taken

B. to be taken

B. having

C. have

D. had

30.(四川卷)Ladies and gentlemen, please remain __________ until the plane has come to a complete stop. A. seated 【答案】A 【解析】remain 后可接 adj, v-ing, v-ed 和 to be done 等多种形式做表语,在该题中可以 把 seated 视为一个形容词,所以正确答案为 A 项。 31.(四川卷)________ many times, he finally understood it. A. Told told zxxk 【答案】D 【解析】tell 与主语之间的关系是被动和完成的关系,所以用 having been done 来表示被 动和完成。 32.(浙江卷)There is a great deal of evidence the brain. A. indicate 【答案】B 【解析】evidence 与 indicate 之间是主动的关系,所以用现在分词作定语,可以恢复为 which indicates。 33.(浙江卷)and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. A. To be tried tired 【答案】B 【解析】本提的突破点在主语 Andy and Ruby 和 tired 的关系,前句是省略的让步状语 从句,它的主语仍然是 Andy and Ruby,此处可知意思是感到疲乏 ,选 B 项。 2010 年 1.(全国 I 卷)Mrs. White showed her student some old maps _________from the library. A. to borrow 【答案】C 【解析】题干中空格划在名词 maps 后,空格后部分是对 maps 解释说明,因此此题考察 非谓语动词做定语。非谓语动词做定语,首先判断动词与所修饰名词的主动还是

B. seating

C. to seat

D. seat

B. Telling

C. Having told

D. Having been

that music activities engage different parts of

B. indicating

C. to indicate

D. to be indicating

B. Tired

C. Tiring



B. to be borrowed

C. borrowed

D. borrowing

被动关系, borrow 和 maps 是被动关系, 被动关系时非谓语动词形式有三种: to be done 表示动作将要发生, being done 表示动作正在发生, done 表示动作已经完成, 根据句意 borrow 的动作已经完成,因此选择 C。句意:怀特夫人向学生们展示 了从图书馆借来的一些老地图。 2.( 全国 I 卷 )With Father’s Day around the corner, I have taken some money out of the bank______ presents for my dad. A. buy bought 【答案】B 【解析】句意:父亲节即将来临,我从银行里取出一些钱,准备买个礼物送给爸爸。由句 意可知此处取钱的目的是为了买一些礼物送给父亲,故用动词不定式表示目的, 即 B 项正确。 3.(全国卷 II)Though ______ to see us, the professor gave us a warm welcome。 A. surprise surprised 【答案】C 【解析】省略结构和非谓语动词考查。补完整为:Though he was surprised,跟后面句子 的主语一致,可以省略主语和系动词。 4.(安徽卷)He had wonderful childhood, _____with his mother to all corners of the word. A. travel traveling 【答案】D 【解析】主语(he)与动词 travel 之间存在主动关系,故用 traveling 作伴随状语。 5.(北京卷) A. Looking Looked 【答案】A 【解析】look 与其逻辑主语 I 为主动关系,因此用 looking。 6.(北京卷)I’m calling to enquire about the position

B. to buy

C. buying

D. to have

B was surprised

C. surprised

D. being

B. to travel

C. traveled


at my classmates' faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. B. Look C. To look D.

in yesterday’s China Daily.

A. advertised having advertised 【答案】A

B. to be advertise d

C. advertising


【解析】 the position 肯定是被 advertise 的, 此处的过去分词相当于一个定语从句: which was advertised。 句意:我打电话来咨询一下昨天中国日报上刊登职位的信息。 7.(福建卷)Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock , Yushu, Oinghai province after the earthquake. A. sending sent 【答案】A 【解析】现在分词短语作伴随状语。 8.(福建卷)In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained cloud.A. sticking to have stuck 【答案】B 【 解 析 】 非 谓 语 动 词 与 它 的 逻 辑 主 语 thousands of holidaymakers thousands of holidaymakers 之间存在被动关系,且该动作已经完成(被阻止??) 。 9.(湖南卷)Listen! Do you hear someone __________for help? A. calling 【答案】A 【解析】该空在句中为非谓语动词作宾补,根据 someone 与 call 的主动关系排除 D 项。 hear 后接不定式作宾补时应省略 to,由此排除 C 项。由 listen 可判断此处表示 正在求救,故选 A 项。 10.(湖南卷)Dina, _______ for months to find a job as a waitress, finally took a position at a local advertising agency. A. struggling to struggle 【答案】C 【解析】该空是分词短语作时间状语,其逻辑主语 Dina 与 struggle 为主动关系,故排除

supplies to

B. to send

C. having sent

D. to have

abroad due to the volcanic ash C. to be stuck D.

B. stuck

B. call

C. to call

D. called

B. struggled

C. having struggled

D .

B 项。由剧中的 finally 可知非谓语动词表示的动作发生在句中谓语 took a position 之前,故用现在分词的完成主动式。 11.(湖南卷)So far nobody has claimed the money ___________________in the library. A. discovered having discovered 【答案】A 【解析】 该空在句中作后置定语修饰 the money, 根据 the money 与 discover 的被动关系, 排除 C、D 两项。B 项表示的是“将要被发现”的意思,根据句意“到目前为止还 没有人来认领在图书馆所发现的钱”可判断选 A 项。 12.( 江苏卷 )The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu, ________ the students to return to their classrooms.A. enabling enabled 【答案】A 【解析】现在分词短语作结果状语。即:在他捐献后的结果。 13.(江西卷)The lady walked around the shops, A. keep keep 【答案】C 【解析】句子主语 lady 和 keep 之间是主动关系, 而且 walk 和 keep 同时发生,现在分 词短语作伴随状语。 14.(江西卷)There were many talented actors out there just waiting A. to discover discovered 【答案】B 【解析】演员等待被发现,用被动, “发现”发生在等待之后,所以用不定式。 15.(辽宁卷)We were astonished _______ the temple still in its original condition. A. finding found 【答案】B

B. to be discovered

C. discovering




C. to enable

D. to have enabled

an eye out for bargains. C. keeping D. to

B. kept

. D .being

B. to be discovered

C. discovered

B. to find

C. find

D. to be

【解析】be astonished 后应该跟动词不定式做状语。句意:我们吃惊地发现那座庙仍然 还是原来的状况。 16.(辽宁卷)Alexander tried to get his work _______in the medical circles A. to recognize recognized 【答案】D 【解析】 宾语 work 和 recognize 之间存在被动关系, 所以用过去分词作宾语补足语。 =have+ 宾语+done 的结构。句意:亚历山大试图让他的工作在医学圈内得到认可。 17.(山东卷)I have a lot of readings _____ before the end of this term. A. completing completed 【答案】B 【解析】 句意应为“这个学期结束前, 我有很多阅读练习要做。 ”由于时间状语 before the end of this term 表达未来的时间,所以空格处使用动词不定式表示将来,充当 readings 的定语。注意不是 have+宾语+done 的结构。 18.(山东卷)The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______ for a meal to be cooked. A. laid laid 【答案】A 【解析】非谓语动词作定语。table 与“放置”这个动作之间主存在逻辑上的被动关系。桌 子应该是被放置,选择 laid。 19.(陕西卷)________from the top of the tower, the south foot of the mountain is a sea of trees. A. Seen see 【答案】A 【解析】此处是非谓语动词做状语,逻辑主语是句子的主语,非谓语动词与逻辑主语是 被动关系,用过去分词,选 A 项。 20.(陕西卷)His first book A. published next month is based on a true story. B. to be published

. D.

B. recognizing

C. recognize

B. to complete

C. completed

D. being

B. laying

C. to lay

D. being

B. Seeing

C. Have seen



C. to publish

D. being

published 【答案】B 【解析】非谓语动词做后置定语,由时间状语 next month 可知所填非谓语动词表示将来 的动作,用动词不定式,其逻辑主语是所修饰的名词 book,不定式与逻辑主语是 被动关系,故用不定式的被动式,选 B。 21.(四川卷)In many people’s opinion,that company,though relatively small,is pleasant . B. dealing with C. to be dealt with D. dealt

A. to deal with with 【答案】A

【解析】考查不定式句型 sb./sth. is adj./n. to do。该句型相当于 to do sth. is adj./n.。命 题人在该句型中插入了 though 状语,有一定的干扰。此题实际是 that company is pleasant to deal with= to deal with that company is pleasant。 22.(四川卷)A great number of students A. to question questioning 【答案】C 【解析】question 与 students 存在被动关系,question 表示的动作也已完成,故用过去分 词。 23.(四川卷)The lawyer listened with full attention, A. not trying try 【答案】B 【解析】句中 listen 和 try not to miss 为同时进行的动作,故用现在分词的一般式做伴随 状语。又动词不定式的否定式要在其前加 not.故选 B。 24.(天津卷)I rained heavily in the south, _______ serious flooding in several provinces. A. caused cause 【答案】C 【解析】空格后 serious flooding 是 rained heavily 的后果,而且句子主语 it 和 cause 之间

said they were forced to practise the piano. C. questioned D.

B. to be questioned

to miss any point. C. to try not D. not to

B. trying not

B. having caused

C. causing



存在主动关系, 所以此处要用动词的 ing 形式作结果状语。 句意: 南方下了大雨, 造成好几个省分的严重洪灾。 25.(重庆卷)The news shocked the public, A. having led lead 【答案】C 【解析】The news 和 lead 之间是主动关系,并作 shocked 的伴随状语,所以用 leading。 句意:这个消息使公众震惊,也引起了人们对学生在校安全的关注。 26.(重庆卷)Many buildings in the city need repairing, but the one A. repaired repaired 【答案】D 【解析】 the one 指代前面提到的 buildings 与 repair 是动宾关系, 由前半句房屋需要修缮 可知修缮这个动作发生在 need 之后,所以用 to be repaired。 25.( 浙江卷 )The experiment shows that proper amounts of exercise, if improve our health. A. being carried out carry out 【答案】C 【解析】=if proper amounts of exercise are carried out。句意:这个实验表明合理的运动 量可以促进我们的健康,如果运动量有规律的进行的话。 27.(浙江卷)The traffic rule says young children under the age of four and pounds must be in a child safety seat. A. being weighed weighing 【答案】D 【解析】 根据句 子结构: 主语: the traffic rule; 谓语动词: says; 宾语从句: young children under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat。 宾语从句中的主干为: young children must be in a child safety seat。 under the age of four and ____ less than 40 pounds 用于修饰宾语从句主语 children。 动词 weigh

to great concern about students’ safety at school. C. leading D. to

B. led

first is the library. D. to be

B. being repaired

C. repairing


regularly, can

B. carrying out

C. carried out

D. to

__ less than 40

B. to weigh

C. weighed


与名词 children 是主动关系,所以选择 weighing。 句意:交通法则规定四岁以下并且体重不超过四十磅的婴儿必须坐在婴儿安全座 上。 29.(上海卷)I had great difficulty A. find finding 【答案】D 【解析】have difficulty(in)doing sth.的结构:做某事有困难。 30.( 上海卷 )Lucy has a great sense of with her stories. A. amused amused 【答案】A 【解析】 过去分词作宾语补足语。 与它所修饰的 her colleagues 存在被动关系。 (be) amused with… 31.(上海卷) A. Approaching approached 【答案】A 【解析】现在分词作时间状语,此时分词的逻辑主语就是主句的主语。 32.(上海卷)Thai is the only way we can imagine bathrooms. A. reducing re duce 【答案】B 【解析】此处应该用不定式 the way to do sth 表示做……的途径、方式。the only way to do……,we can imagine 做定语,前面省略了 that。 2011 年 1.(新课标卷)The next thing he saw was smoke ______ from behind the house. A. rose B. rising

the suitable food on the menu in that restaurant. B. found C. to find D.

humour and always keeps her colleagues_______

B. amusing

C. to amuse

D. to be

the city centre, we saw a stone statue of about 10 metres in height. B. Approached C. To approach D. To be

the overuse of water in students'

B. to reduce

C. reduced


C. to rise

D. risen

【答案】B 【解析】rise 升起来和 see 看到这两个动作是同时发生的,因此选择进行式表示非谓语动 词动作和谓语动词动作同时发生。选 B。句意:接下来我们看到的是从屋子后面 冒出来的烟雾。 2.(大纲卷)The island, ______ to the mainland by a bridge, is easy to go to. A. joining 【答案】B 【解析】join… to…表示“把??连接起来”,joined 在句中是过去分词作定语,相当于 定语从句 which is joined…。句意:因为那个岛屿与大陆有座桥连接,所以很容 易到达。 3.(大纲卷)Sarah pretended to be cheerful, ______nothing about the argument. A. says 【答案】D 【解析】A 和 B 项是谓语动词形式,句中没有连词,故排除;C 项是作目的状语的,而 句中所需要的是伴随状态,故选 D。句意:Sarah 假装开心,对那次争论什么也 没说。 4.(北京卷)It’s important for the figures _________ regularly. A. to be updated updated 【答案】A 【解析】B 和 D 项表示发生过的某件具体的 事,但句尾的 regularly 表示经常发生的事, 故用一般现在时。for 引出的逻辑主语 the figures 与 update 存在着被动关系, 故选 A。句意:经常更新这些数值很重要。 5.(北京卷)33. Sit down, Emma. You will only make yourself more tired, ________ on your feet. A. to keep kept 【答案】B 【解析】A 项 to keep 是表示将来。C 项 having kept 和 D 项 to have kept 表示动作先于 谓语动词发生。make yourself more tired 与 keeping on you feet 同时进行,故选

B. to join

C. joined

D. having joined

B: said

C. to say

D. saying

B. to have been updated

C. to update

D. to have

B. keeping

C. having kept

D. to have

B。句意:Emma,你坐下吧。老这么站着你会累的。 6.(上海卷)It’s no use ____________ without taking action. A. complain complained 【答案】B 【解析】考查固定句型。It’s no use doing sth.做某事是白费力气。句意:不去行动只是抱 怨是没有用的。 7.(上海卷)The rare fish, _____ from the cooking pot, has been returned to the sea. A. saved saved 【答案】A 【解析】“鱼”和“救”是被动关系,排除 AD 选项。根据句意“鱼”已经被救起来了。 用过去分词表示“被动的和完成的”。句意:这条稀有的鱼被从蒸煮的锅里救了 出来,已经把它放归了大海。 8. (上海卷) At one point I made up my mind to talk to Uncle Sam. Then I changed my mind, ____ that he could do nothing to help. A. to realize realized 【答案】C 【解析】“I”与“realize”是主动关系,故排除 BD 选项。A 项表示将来,不符合题意。句 意:当时我决定跟山姆叔叔谈谈。接着当我意识他帮不了忙时,我就改变了主意。 9.(上海卷)Today we have chat rooms, text messaging, emailing… but we seem _____ the art of communicating face-to-face. A. losing lost 【答案】B 【解析】“seem”跟动词不定式。跟不定式的进行式表示正在进行的动作。句意:现今, 我们拥有聊天室,短信,电子邮件,但是看上去我们正在丧失面对面交流的艺术。 10.(山东卷)Look over there—there’s a very long, winding path______ up to the house.

B. complaining

C. being complained




B. saving

C. to be saved



B. realized

C. realizing



B. to be losing

C. to be lost



A. leading 【答案】A

B. leads

C. led

D. to lead

【解析】leading 作为 path 的后置定语,相当于 which leads。选 A。句意:看那儿,有 一条长长的蜿蜒小路向上延伸到那座房子。 11.(江西卷)On receiving a phone call from his wife _____ she had a fall, Mr Gordon immediately rushed home from office. A. says 【答案】C 【解析】非谓语动词修饰 phone call,前后动词的动作在同一时间发生,表主动进行用现 在分词的形式。选 C。句意:在接到妻子的电话说她摔倒后,Gordon 先生立刻 从办公室冲回家。 12.(江苏卷)Recently a survey _____ prices of the same goods in two different supermarkets has caused heated debate among citizens. A. compared compared B. comparing C. compares D. being B. said C. saying D. to say

13.(安徽卷)Tom asked the candy makers if they could make the chocolate easier _____ into small pieces. A. break 【答案】D 【解析】该句中的形容词 easier 为宾语补足语,相当于表语的作用,其后应该使用不定 式结构,类似于 It is + adj. + to do…结构,故选择 D 项。句意:汤姆问糖果制造 商他们能否把巧克力制作地更易弄碎。 14.(浙江卷)Even the best writers sometimes find themselves ______ for words.

B. breaking

C. broken

D. to break

A. lose lost 【答案】B

B. lost

C. to lose



【解析】lose 是及物动词,ACD 选项都是主动式,空格后又没有 lose 的宾语,故用过去 分词作 find themselves 的宾语补足语。句意:甚至最优秀的作家有时也会发现 他们难以用文字来表达自己。 15.(浙江卷) Bats are surprisingly long-lived creatures, some _________a life span of around 20 years. A. having 【答案】A 【解析】考查独立主格结构。had 和 have 是谓语动词形式,题中没有连词,无法并存两 个句子。to have 表将来;having 表伴随,因此,选 A。句意:令人惊讶的是,蝙 蝠是长寿的动物,有些能活 20 年左右。 16.(浙江卷)If they win the final tonight, the team are going to tour around the city ______ by their enthusiastic supporters. A. being cheered cheered 【答案】C 【解析】A 项 being cheered 正在进行;B 项 be cheered 是谓语原形;D 项 were cheered 也是谓语,但句中已有谓语 are going to;C 项 to be cheered 表示将来,同时也表 示被动。根据语境,选 C。句意:如果他们赢了今晚的决赛,队员们将会巡游全 城,接受热心支持者的欢呼。 17. (福建卷) Tsinghua University, ____ in 1911,is home to a great number of outstanding figures. A. found founded 【答案】C 【解析】 Tsinghua University 与 found 之间存在着被动关系, to be founded 不定式表将来。 founded 过去分词表被动,也表动作已完成,故选 C。句意:建于 1911 年的清华 大学培养了一大批杰出的人士。 18.(福建卷)The difference in thickness and weight from the earlier version makes the iPad 2

B had

C. have

D. to have

B. be cheered

C. to be cheered



B. founding

C. founded




more comfortable _______. A. held 【答案】D 【解析】在用 easy, difficult, hard, comfortable 等形容词构成的复合宾语时,用不定式作 状语。hold 与前面的 the iPad2 有逻辑上的动宾关系,故用主动式。因此,选 D。 句意:与与早期的版本厚度与重量的不同使得 iPad2 拿着更舒服。 19.(四川卷)Lydia doesn’t feel like_____ abroad. Her parents are old. A. study 【答案】B 【解析】feel like doing sth.想要做某事,习惯表达法。因此选 B。句意:Lydia 不想去国 外留学,因为她的父母年纪大了。 20.(四川卷)Simon made a big bamboo box _______ the little sick bird till it could fly. A. keep 【答案】D 【解析】make a big bamboo box 的目的是为了 keep the little sick bird,因此选 D 表示目 的状语。A 项构成使役用法,大竹盒无生命力,不能执行这个动作;B 项是谓语 词,与句中 made 冲突;C 项是伴随状语,表示 made 与 keep 同时进行。根据句 意选 D。句意:Simon 制作了一个大竹盒来养这只生病的小鸟,直到它会飞。 21. (四川卷) _________ an important role in a new movie, Andy has a chance to become famous. A. Offer 【答案】C 【解析】offer sb. sth.(主动)提供某人某物。句中 Andy 与 offer 之间存在着被动关系,故 选 C。句意:Andy 在一部新影片中扮演重要角色,这就有了成名的机会。 22.(辽宁卷)______ around the fire, the tourists danced with the local people. A. Gather gathering 【答案】C 【解析】Gathering around the fire 为现在分词短浯作状语,表示伴随的情况。由于 the tourists 和 Gathering 之间为逻辑上的主动关系,所以选 C。句意:游客们和当地 人围着篝火跳起了舞蹈。

B. holding

C. be held

D. to hold

B. studying

C. studied

D. to study

B. kept

C. keeping

D. to keep

B. Offering

C. Offered

D. To offer

B. To gather

C. Gathering




23.(天津卷)Passengers are permitted _____ only one piece of hand luggage onto the plane. A. to carry carried 【答案】A 【解析】该题考查 permit 的固定搭配 be permitted to do sth.(被允许做某事)的用法。 动词不定式在 permit sb. to do 中作宾语补足语,但在 be permitted to do 中作主 语补足语。可排除 B、D 选项。to carry 是动词不定式的一般式的主动形式,而 to be carried 则是动词不定式一般式的被动形式。根据 carry 与 passengers 之间 的主动关系可确定选项为 A。句意:乘客只被允许带一件手提行李登机。 24. (天津卷) ______ into English, the sentence was found to have an entirely different word order. A. Translating translated 【答案】B 【解析】translating 作状语,表示该动作与句子主语间的关系是主动关系,不符合本题题 意;translated 作状语,表示该动作与句子主语之间的关系是被动关系,符合语 意及语法要求;to translate 为不定式作状语,往往表示一种目的或结果状语,而 having translated 作状语,则强调该动作先于句子谓语动词所表示的动作发生, 均不符合语境。句意:被翻译成英语时,这个句子的词序完全不同。 25.(陕西卷)Claire had luggage _______ an hour before her plane left. A. check 【答案】D 【解析】have sth. Done“让??被做”。逻辑主语是 her luggage,和 check 的关系 是被 动关系,所以选择 D。句意:Claire 在登机前一小时她携带的行李接受了检查。 26.(陕西卷)More highways have been built in China, ___________it much easier for people to travel form one place to another. A. making made 【答案】A 【解析】空格后面是 it,说明是主动关系,排除 B;不能选择 C 的原因是 to do 做目的状 语,不符合句意;答案选择 A,表示结果。句意:中国修建了越来越多的高速公

B. carrying

C. to be carried



B. Translated

C. To translate



B. checking

C. to check

D. checked

B. made

C. to make

D. having

路,使得人们从一个地点到另外一个地点更加方便。 27. (重庆卷) More TV programs, according to government to officials, will be produced _______people’s concern over food safety. A. to raise raised 【答案】A 【解析】raising 表示伴随;to have raised 表示动作已发生;having raised 表示动作先发 生;to raise 表示目的状语,事情还没有发生,是前面“将制作更多的电视节目” 的目的,因此,选 A。句意:据政府官员说,为了唤起人们对食品安全的关注, 将制作更多的电视节目。 28.(重庆卷)Michael put up a picture of Yao Ming beside the bed to keep himself ________ of his own dreams. A. reminding 【答案】C 【解析】 remind 和 himself 构成动宾关系, 即 remind sb of sth; 故用 reminded。 reminded 作宾语补足 语。句意:Michael 把姚明的像片挂在床边以提醒自己不要忘了自己的梦想。 29.(湖南卷)The ability _____an idea is as important as the idea itself. A. expressing expressed 【答案】C 【解析】express 修饰的是 ability, 为主动关系,排除 B 和 D 表示被动的选项;ability 作 为一个抽象名词,通常使用动词不定式做定语,联系到短语 be able to do sth, 不难推断正确选项为 C。句意:想法重要,提出想法的能力也同样重要。 30.(湖南卷)The players ______from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game . A. selecting selected 【答案】C 【解析】select 修饰 players, 为被动关系,只有 C 选项表被动。故选 C。句意:人们期待

B. raising

C. to have raised



B. to remind

C. reminded

D. remind

B. expressed

C. to express




B. to select

C. selected

D. having

着从全国各地挑选出来的运动员能在今年夏季的赛事中给我们带来荣誉。 31. (湖南卷) Do you wake up every morning __________ energetic and ready to start a new day? A. feel 【答案】C 【解析】wake up 作句子的谓语,句中没有连词,排除谓语动词 feel。to feel 表将来,与 wake up 组成一先一后的动作关系,felt 作为过去分词表被动,与 you 这个逻辑 主语矛盾,故选 C,feeling 作伴随状语。句意:每天早上醒来后,你是否感到精 力充沛,并为新的一天作好了准备? B. to feel C. feeling D. felt

1.—What do you do yesterday afternoon? —I went to the bookstore,___ some books and visited my uncle. A. to buy 【答案】B 【解析】went,bought,visited 是几个连续发生的动作,为谓语动词。 2.________ a pleasant, small conversation with someone you don’t know, and people will feel relaxed and enjoy your company. A. Starting 【答案】C 【解析】题干为“祈使句+and+并列句”结构,因此空白处应填动词原形。句意:和陌 生人开始一段友 好而简短的谈话,人们会感到放松并乐意与你相处。 3.Shella forgot all about the dog and the TV set, ________ in the new magazine that had come in the mail. A. deeply lost 【答案】A 【解析】句意:雪莉完全忘了狗和电视,深深地沉浸于刚给她邮来的新杂志里。=who was deeply lost。 4. Can you imagine what difficulty people had this year ________against the severe natural disasters? A. fighting 【答案】A 【解析】考查固定句式的用法。“sb. have some difficulty in doing sth.”是固定句式,意思 是“某人做某事有困难”,其中的介词 in 可以省略。

B. bought

C. Buy

B. To start

C. Start

D. Having started

B. deeply losing

C. was deeply lost

D. and deeply lost

B. to fight

C. fought

D. fight

5.With everything she needed A. bought 【答案】A B. to buy

,she went out of the shop. C. buying D. buy

【解析】 分析句子结构可知, she needed 为 everything 的定语从句, 可忽略不管。 Everything 与 buy 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,因此用过去分词。with everything to buy“有 东西要买”,不符合句意。故选 A 项。 6.In common practice, an Englishman starts a conversation ________ with “What a good day!”and ________ it with phrases like “See you.” or “Bye.” A. beginning; ending 【答案】C 【解析】考查非谓语动词和句子结构。beginning with “What a good day!”是分词短语作 后置定语,修饰 conversation;根据句中的并列连词 and 可知第二个空格处与前 面的谓语动词 starts 并列,故用一般现在时。 7.—What are you going to do this evening? —We are considering A. going swimming;to be C. going swimming;being 【答案】A 【解析】 第一个 consider 是“考虑”的意思,后接动名词;第二个 consider 是“认为”的意 思,后接 to do(to be)。 8.—How is he getting along with his swimming? — Considering 【答案】D 【解析】considering…(鉴于/考虑到??)已经成为固定用法的非谓语动词(短语)不需 要遵守附着规则。 9.Almost everyone, teenagers in particular, enjoyed using text messaging, and they began to create a new language for messages ________“texting”. A. to call called 【答案】C 【解析】非谓语动词形式作定语用法。language 与 call(称为)之间是动宾关系,因此 call 应使用被动式,表示“该语言被称为”,故选 C 项。 10.All passengers ________ injured in the accident were sent to the nearby hospital in no time.

B. begins; ending

C. beginning; ends

D. begins; ends

and it is considered

a good idea. B. to go swimming;being D. to go swimming;to be

he’s only been learning for a week, he’s doing really well. B. Being considered C. To consider D.

A. Considered

B. calling

C. called



A. to find 【答案】D

B. being found

C. to be found

D. found

【解析】过去分词 found 作后置定语修饰 passengers。B 项表示正在进行时,C 项表示将 来时,都与句子的时态不相符。 11.The early warning of floods,________over the radio and on TV, spread quickly through the area. A. having broadcast broadcast 【答案】C 【解析】broadcast 与句子主语 the early warning 之间存有逻辑上的被动关系,所以应选 用过去分词 broadcast。 12.Carbon dioxide ________ from burning fuels is the most common of the socalled greenhouse gases. A. producing C. to be produced 【答案】D 【解析】由句意知空中填一个非谓语动词做后置定语,与其前的 carbon dioxide 为动宾关 系,故选 produced 表被动。 13.In his victory speech, ________ before a huge crowd of his supporters, Obama declared that change has come to America. A. having delivered 【答案】D 【解析】据句意知选 delivered 作后置定语,表被动和完成。 14.The win in the 100meter butterfly gives the American swimmer Michael Phelps eight gold medals in Beijing, ________ the record set by American legend Mark Spitz at the 1972 Munich Games. A. breaking broken 【答案】A 【解析】据句意,应为现在分词作结果状语,表示一种自然结果,故选 A 项。 15.—He didn’t feel a bit nervous when ________. —No. He’d had a lot of time ________ for it after all. A. interviewing; to prepare C. interviewing; preparing 【答案】B 【解析】第一空为 when (he was) interviewed 省略形式,表被动;第二空为不定式作定语

B. broadcasting

C. broadcast




B. having been produced D. produced

B. to be delivered

C. delivering

D. delivered

B. broken

C. to break



B. interviewed; to prepare D. being interviewed; preparing

修饰 time,所以选 B 项。 16.The psychological consultation centers have seen a sharp rise in the number of students looking for help, most ________ they were confused and depressed. A. said 【答案】D 【解析】句意:心理咨询中心发现寻求心理帮助的学生在急剧增加, (他们)大多数都说自 己感觉困惑和沮丧。most 与 saying 构成独立主格结构,为逻辑的主谓关系,故 选 D 项。 17.The boy is looking forward to________ if his mother is coming. A. see 【答案】A 【解析】我们一看到题,很容易想到 look forward to doing“盼望做某事”,故就错选 B 项。 但此题根据句意应为“孩子在往前张望,看看妈妈是否来了”,to see 是目的状语。 综上分析,应选 A 项 18.While shopping, people sometimes can’t help really need. A. to persuade persuaded 【答案】C 【解析】can’t help doing“禁不住做某事”,其被动形式为 can’t help being done。句意:在 购物时,人们 有时禁不住地被说服买一些他们不是真正需要的东西。 19.—Have you seen Mr. Li today? —No, he is said A. to go to 【答案】C 【解析】本句话的意思为“据说他到武汉出差了”,说明人不在这里了,所以使用 have gone to,而 have been to 表示曾经去过某地。 20.The foreigner explained again and again but he still couldn’t make himself A. understand understanding 【答案】B 【解析】该句中 himself 与 understand 显然是被动关系,因此应用过去分词作补语。 21.It rained for two weeks on end,completely A. ruined B. to ruin

B. to say

C. say

D. saying

B. seeing

C. seen

D. saw

into buying something they don’t C. being persuaded D. be

B. persuading

Wuhan on business. B. to have been to C. to have gone to D. to has

. D.

B. understood

C. be understood

our holiday. C. ruining D. ruins

【答案】C 【解析】不定式与现在分词都可以作结果状语,不定式表示出人意料的结果,而现在分词 表示自然而然的结果。由句意“雨连续下了两周”可知应选 C 项。 22.Madame Michel found herself in an _______ position, and therefore she felt rather _______. A. embarrassing; embarrassed C. embarrassing; embarrassing 【答案】A 【解析】表示事情的性质或特征,用现在分词。embarrassing position 意为“令人尴尬的 情形”;第二个空表示人的心理感受, “她感到尴尬” ,用过去分词形式。 23.I expected ________many students in the classroom,but in fact no one was in it. A. to have 【答案】D 【解析】句意:我预计教室里会有很多学生,但事实上一个都没有。expect there to be 表 示“预计有;估计有”。 24.Quite a few people ________ that disaster was sure to strike if a mirror was broken. A. were used to believe C. used to believe 【答案】C 【解析】人们过去常常做某事用“used to do”结构表达。 25.All along the way to the tourist destination, he would sometimes slow down the car________ sure if we were going the right way. A. making making 【答案】B 【解析】动词不定式作目的状语。在 slow down 动作后面发生,故不用进行式。 26.When I came there, I found him ________at the back of the hall with his eyes ________on a book. A. seating; fixing fixing 【答案】B 【解析】seat 是及物动词要用过去分词作宾语补足语=sitting;第二空是 fix one’s eyes 的变 形。

B. embarrassed; embarrassed D. embarrassed; embarrassing

B. there was

C. there to have

D. there to be

B. were used to believing D. used to believing

B. to make

C. made




B. seated; fixed

C. seating; fixed



27._______ Sunday, rather than _______ at home, I preferred _______. A. It being; stay; to travel C. shavings been; stay; travel 【答案】A 【解析】It being Sunday 是独立主格结构,相当于 Because it was Sunday 作原因状语;后两 空考查 prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.的倒装结构。另外,此处独立主格结构中的 it 作逻辑主语不可以省略。 28. A. Caught 【答案】C 【解析】be caught in 在句子中作主语,所以用动名词的形式。 29.A powerful earthquake struck Haiti’s capital,________tens of thousands homeless and buried in ruins. A. left 【答案】D 【解析】从语意可知,海地首都发生强烈地震,造成了成千上万的人无家可归和被埋在废 墟中,现在分词短语作状语,表示结果。 30.When the minister came to the snow-stricken area, he was happy to see the disaster victims well________. A. take care of care of 【答案】C 【解析】从句子的结构和语意可以看出 victims 与 take care of 存在逻辑上的动宾关系, 因此使用被动形式,在句中充当宾语补足语。 31.A few days after the interview I received a letter ________my admission to the university. A. offering offered 【答案】A 【解析】offer 和其逻辑主语 a letter 之间是主谓关系,所以要用现在分词表主动,相当于 which offered。语意为:面试后的几天,我收到了这所大学录取我的信。 32.Cao Cao’s tomb is reported ________in Anyang, which attracts nationwide attention. A. being found been found 【答案】D 【解析】句意:据报道,安阳发现了曹操墓,引起了全国 ( 民众 )的关注。前半句是 “It’s

B. Being; to stay; to travel D. It was; to stay; travelling

in a heavy traffic jam is quite an unpleasant experience. B. Having caught C. Being caught D. To catch

B. to leave

C. being left

D. leaving

B. took care of

C. taken care of



B. offered

C. having offered




B. to be found

C. having been found

D. to have

reported that Cao Cao’s tomb has been found in Anyang”的另外一种表达方式, 表示该动作已经发生,所以用不定式的完成形式。 33.After suffering a heart attack, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead, ________a tragic end to the world’s most popular entertainer. A. marking marked 【答案】A 【解析】根据语境知,迈克尔· 杰克逊在心脏病突发后死去,这标志着世界上最受欢迎的艺 人的悲惨结局。 现在分词在此作结果状语。 34.You can hardly imagine the efforts I have made ________the goal. A. to achieve achieved 【答案】A 【解析】句意:你简直无法想像我为了实现目标所付出的努力。动词不定式作目的状语, 故 A 项正确。 35.—Be careful!Don’t forget you are on a ladder. —But you are holding it for me, nothing________. A. worry about about 【答案】B 【解析】句意: “小心点。别忘了你在梯子上。 ” “但有你扶着呢,没什么可担心的。 ”不定 式 to worry about 作后置定语。 B. to worry about C. is worried about D. worrying B. of achieving C. to of achieving D. to have B. to mark C. marked D. having



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高考英语语法精讲精练-非谓语动词高考英语语法精讲精练-非谓语动词隐藏>> 非谓语动词是高考的重点和热点, 也是我们英语学习中所碰到的难点之一。 非谓语动词 分为...


高考英语语法专题精讲精练-非谓语动词。语法专题: 语法专题:非谓语动词(一)动词...2014年高考语文新课标I卷... 2014年高考语文北京卷真... 2014年高考理科数学...


2012届高考英语语法精讲精练-非谓语动词[学生版] 隐藏>> 2012 届新课标高三第二轮专题讲解 非谓语动词是高考的重点和热点,也是我们英语学习中所碰到的难点之一。...

2012届高考英语语法精讲精练学生版(第九讲 非谓语动词)

2012届高考英语语法精讲精练学生版(第九讲 非谓语动词) 隐藏>> 江苏省东方中学高三英语语法专题复习讲义七、非谓语动词(主备人: 陈道传) 非谓语动词是高考的重...


2012届高考英语语法精讲精练-非谓语动词[教师版]_英语_高中教育_教育专区。2012 届新课标高三第二轮专题讲解 非谓语动词是高考的重点和热点, 也是我们英语学习中所...


2014年高考理科数学北京...1/2 相关文档推荐 2013届高考英语语法精讲... 47...1.非谓语动词的语法功能 所能充当的成分 现在分词 V-ing 形式 动名词 不定式...


2012届高考英语语法精讲... 10页 2下载券 高考英语语法精讲精练-非... 74...非谓语动词是高考的重点和热点, 也是我们英语学习中所碰到的难点之一。 非谓语...


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