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Book 4 Module6

A Trip Along the Three Gorges 导学案
------- Language Points

【Learning goals】:
Teaching Goals:

br />1. To learn the important language points of M6 【Instructions】 : 1. 通过课前预习,独立完成导学案题目。 2. 通过课前及课上小组讨论,探讨正确答案,并分小组进行展示。

Part I 【课前自主探究】
1. 脚印;足迹 _____ 2. 吓人的 ______3. 锋利的,尖的 __________ 4. 神秘的 _______ 5. 声称___________6. 表面;水面 ______________ 7. 怀疑的,不相信的 _______ 8. 不可能的________9. 火山的________ 10. 适应;适合 _____11.不见,消失 ________ 12. 绝种的_________ 13. 阐明某事_______14. 开门见山____________15. 正面的 ________

Part II 【课堂互助生成】
1. the “Monster of Lake Tianchi” …is back in the news… back: n.背;背部 the back of the hand _________________________ lie on one’s back ____________________________ back in the news 再次成为新闻 adj. 背面的;后面的 a back street ______________________________ a back answer _____________________________ adv. 向后 talk back _____________________________ hold back one’s tears ___________________________ v. back sb. up 支持某人 vi. 后退 他后退了三步。___________________________________________ 他往后退离开警察。_______________________________________ 2. …the monster, which seemed to be black in colour… seem to do seem to be doing seem to have done seem to be done

It seems that… It seems as if/though… It seems like…(后加名词) There seems to be… 这个婴儿似乎正在吃东西。 _____________________________________________________ 他似乎已经被告知这个消息了。 ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ 看样子他好像曾在犯罪现场。 _____________________________________________________ 我们似乎好几年不见了。 ______________________________________________________ 3. He claims to have seen a round black creature moving quickly through the water.(不定式完成式) 你好像已经知道了这个好消息。 ________________________________________________ 她假装看过这部电影。 _________________________________________________ 归纳拓展 不定式通常有三种形式: (1)一般式: to + 动词原形。表示与主动词同时发生或发生在主动词 后的动作。 (2)进行式: to be doing。 表示与主动词同一时间发生,并且正在进行的 动作。 (3)完成式: to have done。表示该动作发生在主动词之前。 活学活用——用所给动词的适当形式填空 (1)In the e-mail, I wrote “I expect _______ you, my old friend”. (see) (2)He seemed _______________ a novel when I came into the classroom. (read) (3)Bob isn’t performing. He is said ___________ the stage as he has become an officer. (leave) 他声称他已经做完了工作,但是我不相信他。 _______________________________________________________

Experience is the best teacher. 经验是良师

Everybody's business is nobody's business. 众人负责等于无人负责。

4. There have been reports of monsters in Lake Tianchi... There be 有…… 很久以前那座城市里就有一个旧教堂了。 _____________________________________________________ 从前这儿有一座寺庙。 _____________________________________________________ 似乎有过一场争吵。 _____________________________________________________ 在世界的其他湖里有可能也存在着类似的动物。 _____________________________________________________ 从前有一个国王, 喜欢新衣服胜过任何东西。 _____________________________________________________ 存在着这样一个事实, 即离开他的父母他无法生存。 ______________________________________________________ 5. A third report came from Li Xiaohe, who was visiting the lake with his family. 序数词前用不定冠词 a 修饰,表示“又一;再一”。 The cakes are delicious. He’d like to have _______ third one because _______ second is rather too small. A. a; a B. the; the C. a; the D. the; a She started attacking the burglar with a piece of wood. _________________________________________________ The professor died of a heart attack yesterday. _________________________________________________ The soldiers made a strong attack on the enemy. _________________________________________________ 归纳拓展 launch / make an attack on 攻击 under attack 在攻击下; 受到攻击 air attack 空袭 a heart attack 心脏病突发 be attacked with a disease 患病,害病 open an attack 开始进攻 have an attack of (疾病)发作

活学活用 After he became conscious, he remembered ____ and ____ on the head with a hammer. A. to attacked; to be hit B. to be attacked; to be hit C. attacking; be hit D. having been attacked; hit 7.It is 2189 meters high and covers an area of about ten square kilometers. cover an area of 占地面积 The temple covers an area of 2000 square meters. _______________________________________________________ China covers an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. _______________________________________________________ 8.If you can adapt to something, you can change in order to make the situation better. adapt vt. 使适应;改编 Children can adapt quickly to new surroundings. _______________________________________________________ The film is adapted from a novel. ______________________________________________________ 归纳拓展 adapt to (doing)适应(做) adapt for 使适合于;使……适应 adapt from 根据……改写 / 改编 adapt oneself to sth. 使某人适应/习惯于…… adapt sth. to 使某事物适应或适合 be well adapted to 特别适应 活学活用 Most students have little difficulty ____ college life. A. to adapt B. adapting C. adapting to D. adapted to

Part III 【课后巩固检测】
Exercise 1---Translate the following phrases 1. 伸出;突出 _____________________ 2. 在…表面 ______________________ 3. 声称做某事 _________________________ 4. 不可能做 ___________________________

Do not keep all the eggs in one basket. 不要孤注一掷

Courtesy costs nothing. 礼多人不怪。

5. 占有…… 面积 ____________________ 6. 讲实话/说谎 _____________________ 7.潜入 __________________________ Exercise 2---Choose the best answers 1. You must have studied English for many years, _____ you? A. mustn’t B. didn’t C. aren’t D. haven’t 2. You must have been told about it that day, ___ ? A. mustn’t you B. haven’t you C. weren’t you D. didn’t you 3.--- We didn’t see him at the lecture yesterday. --- He _____ attended it. A. mustn’t have B. would have not C. couldn’t have D. needn’t have 4.----_______ he have been chosen as captain of the football team? ----- Yes, he______. A. Can ; must have B. Must; must have C. Can; must D. Must; must 5. You _____ have the book as soon as I get it. A. shall B. must C. will D. would 6._____ breaks the law shall be punished. A. Those who B. Anyone C. Who D. Whoever 7. After her husband’s death, the old lady _____ sit by the window sadly. A. would B. could C. was used to D. might. 8. He claims _____ the President, but I don’t believe him. A. meeting B . having met C. to meet D. to have met 9. Mary seems ______about the bad news, for she looks nice and happy. A. not to have learned B. not to be learning C. not having learned D. not to be learned 10. Enemy forces have _____ an attack on the city. A. made B. given C. brought D. taken 11. He is disappointed. He appeared ____ the maths exam. A. to not fail B. not failing C. not to fail D. to have failed 12. I ______ escape from the big fire with his help that day. A. was able to B . can C could D. am able to 13. Dinosaur ______ millions of years ago. A. died away B. died down C. died out D. died off

14. It’s nine o’clock in the evening . He _____ to bed, for the lights are out. A. must have gone B. must go C. can’t go D. can have gone 15. _____ second experiment failed. Can you have ____ third try? A. A; the B. A; a C. The ; a D. The ; the



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