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We need two more chairs for theneeting. You can go to Room 502 to fetch______Iherere plenty there A.both B few C two D one Combining advanced technology with scientific management can ______an increase in production. The new bridge under construction ——twice as long as the old one ,is due to be completed next month A,measures B,measuring C,measured, D to measure 英语知识运用 单项填空 25 ,There lay a___box on the desk A, little round black wooden B,black little round wooden C,round biack wooden D,wooden round blagk little 29 ,When he got to the cinema, the film___for half an hour A,was already begun B, had already begun C,was been

D,had been

30, The suike is----begin on Tuesday ,No one knows how long it willlast? A,dating to B,according to C,owing to D,due to 31,Mr. Green was much annoyed to see his refrigerator he had had____broke down again A,it B,it repsired C,repaired D,to be repaired 33,The magician thanked her for letting him stay for the night by granting(允准) her wish that anyone who was not kind to her------not be able to live well A,could B,should C, might D,must 34,Don”t___learning English as easily as you play the computer games。Yon have a long way to go. A,want B,suggest C,Like D,fancy 35,The doctor insisted that the boy____wounded badly and that he____on immedeiately。 A,was,be operated B,was ;must be operately C,should be; must be opereated D,should be;be operated 21,__ Are you sure Brian will come? _ __ A,I`m afraid so B,Yes ,I do believe so

C,Sorry ,I won`t be sure D,Yes I don`t

23,I__while watching TV. Luckily,my sister woke me up in time and I didn`t miss my favorite part of the play, A,had fallen asleep B,have fallen asleep C,fellasleep D,fall asleep 25,Not until__he remember his appointment with the lamyer, A,did he arrive home B,he arrives home did C,he arrived home did D,he arrived home that did 26,Don`t you think a shower can___you after your long journer? A,recover B,refresh C,relieve D,relax 27,Nearly every building here is built___south。 A,to face B,facing C,to have faced

D,being facing

31,After __seemed a long time the wounded soldier cane to and opened his eyes。 A,it B,what C,where D,that 32,I couldn`t help but___that it was a mistake to offer him the chance。 A,think B,thought C,to think D,thinking

23,Your children won`t feel comfortable and fashionable___back and forth in the crowded street with a heavy backpack on their shoulders. A,to ride B,ride C,rode D,riding, 25—You should have known all the details of the mine disaster. —No wonder,I happened___it then。 A,to be covered with B,to have listened C,to be listening

D,to be covering

26___a severe shortage of food ,clothing,fuel and almost everything,people in Haidi had to cope with crimes of violence following the earthquake. A,As far as B,As well as C,As long as D,As soon as 27,Each time the so-called theme park expands, so do your__to spend money. A,opportunities B,hopes C,chances D,capabilities 31—Is Johnson going abroad? -—I think so. He had hoped for abetter Job,but he___to get at。 A,made no attempt B,failed C,missed D,forgot 34,Twice a week____to discuss the town`t important issues。 A,do they gather B,they gather C,gather they D,they do gather 35,Never fill your heart with hopelessness,when our good times are_____

A,in the comer

B,at the comer

C,behind the comer

D,around the comer

21,We have been searching every comer of the shaking hospital,Where on earth___the old patient be lying? A,must B,can C,should D,would 22,More and mqre disaster films are taying to show us what will___the earth and its residents in the near future A,happen on B,happen in C,become of D,become to 语法和词汇知识 题卡上将该项涂黑 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答

22—Look before you leap or it__risking__your company。 A, means,destroying B, meaning, is destroying C, means, destroy D, meaning to is to destroy 24,—I bought the watch in the department store。 —How much did they___for it? A,pay B,spend C,cost D,take 26,—Has he gained weight? __He would gain weight ,but he___much。 A,doesn`t eat B,didn`t eat C,hadn`t eat 27—Let`s hurry ,Listen! There___ —Oh,yes。Has the teacher come yet? —Look ,here___ 28,___with me,I`d be very glad, A,If you goes BWere he go C,Should he go

D,couldn`t eat

D,If he has gone

31There are___more exercisesto do,so the students now have__less time to play and rest。 A,many;much B,many;more C,much ;much D,much;many 32____me most was___the girl smoking。 A,What surprising;seeing B,That surprising;to see D,What surprised;to see。 阶段评估监测(二)(必修 2) 单项填空 21.(长沙模拟)—Sir ,you seem to have lost your way,____? —I`m looking for the sailing spot of the Olympics。 A,what are you looking for B,why so C,need help D,where are you going

C,That surprised;seeing

27, 2012 沈阳模拟) looking at a problem in as many ways as possilble。 ( By Creative thinkers can find solutions that would__remain invisible. A,otherwise B,yet C,therefore D,forever 31,I don`t know who invented__electric car ,but it`s really___most wonderful invention。 A,the;a B,不填;the C,a;the D,不填;a 阶段评估(三) (必修 3) 单项填空 21, (2012 厦门模拟)Much to the disappointment of the neighboring countries,the Japanese government refuses to admit___crime they did in___World War II. A,the;the B,/;the C,/;/ D,the;/ 27,___,she kept silent over the matter。 A,So as not to lose the jop, C,In order not to lose the jop

B,So as to not iose the jop D,In order to not lose the jop

八中 2013 届高三一模适应性考试 语法和词汇知识 21,Frank studied___Chinese language in Beijing for four years,so he gets__good knowledge of Beijing。 A,a; the B,/;/ C,/;a D,the;a 25,---David has been in high spirits these days ---__He should have passed in the tough math test. A,How come? B,How is it? C,Guess what?

D,No wonder.

27,The temperature will fall sharply the after tomorrow,when snorr,when snowstorm__to strikeour area A,expects? B,has expected C,is expected D,will be expected 29,She had experienced many hardships___their journeys, but she was amazed at the sight of the beautiful scene。 A,in view of B,in terms of C,in the case of D,in the course of 32,Exciting as its special effects are___,there is too much violence in the film。 A,to watch B,to be watched C,watching D,being watched 34,The serious accident and he suffering ___has caused have a great influence on the whole company A,they B,which C,it D,what

高三教学质量检测 单项填空 24,-Students should devote most of their time to studying rather than playing computer games -___.No pains,no gains。 A,Really B,Obviously C,Actually D,Exactly 28,Time should be made good use of___our lessons well。 A,to learn B,learning C,learn D,learnt 32,Luskily__to be no one under the tree when it broke down。 A,it happened B,there happened C,there used

D,it had

合肥八中 2013 届高三连考试卷(二) 单项选择 21,Oranges are usually sold by__weignt and eggs are sometimes sold by__dozen。 A,the;the B,/;the C,/;a D,the;a 26,___Why didn`t you go to help her when she needed your help badly? ___Iwould have,bue I___as busy as a bee then. A,would be B,had been C,was D,were 27,___What shall I di if I get lost in a strange town? ___Ask whoever is available in the street for help, just as you____do inyour own tuwn。 A,should B,must C,might D,will 29,____What did you say, ___So you____to me A won `t B, didn`t listen

C, haven· listened t

D,weren`t listeneing

四校联考英语试卷 英语知识运用 26,The foreign students may remain___when __the teachers` QUESTIONS。 A,to be seated ;answering B,seated;answering C,seating;answered D,seating;to answer 33,Actually,___works hard can be____they want to be ,whether it is apilod ,an engineer or amanager A,whoever,whatever B,no matter who;whoever C,whoever;no matter what D,anyone;whoever 34,It all depends on____you can speak Spanish fluently。 A,that B,it C,it that D,不填 合肥八中 2013 届理科实验班高三英语强化训练(三) 单项填空, 30, After___seemed to be a iong time ,the first rays of sunlight stretched across the sea. A,it B,that C,which D,what

33,—What`s your English tercher like?—___ A,He likes students very much B,Teaching ,I think C,he feels like coffee D,he`s sunny and often jokes a lot inciass 合肥八中英语测验 24,Proper drinking produces few Harmful effects but drunkenness and alcoholism can have terrble_____ A,cunsequences B,troubles D,dissenness C,ham 27As we all know,the Chinese____prefer tea to coffee. A,mostly B,nearly C,most D,almost 29,Living in the eastem part of the city has ist problems,___ _shopping is not the least A,with which B,of which C,for which D,which 32,I wonder how it___that she lost her temper so easily。 A,camt out B,came across C,came over 35,—Have you seen Sean recently ? —No,but ___dinner with him on Friday。 A,had B,have had C,am having

D,came about

D,was having

合肥八中 2013 届理科实验班高三英语强化训练(四) 单项填空 33,—Sorry for the delay,I got lost in the mountain. —that`s OK。You`re safe and that`s what___ A,does B,works C,stays D,counts A 安徽名校联盟 安徽第一卷.2013 届安徽省高三年级第一次联考 单项填空 21We Chinese have a dream—____dream to turn a well-off life into_____reality by 2020 A,a;/ B,the;/ C,a;a D,the;the 23,—May I speak to Mr Smith? —I am afraid not ,He is at a meeting now ,It`s not___ A,reliable B,convenient C,beneficial D,available 24____their young ages,they`ve done a good jop, though it`s not perfect。 A,Included B,Thinking C,Taking D,Given 25—Johe can`t concentrate on his studies recently -—Yes ,that might ___why he did so badly in the last exam。 A,answer for B,apply for C,account for D,call for

26,North Korea threatens to___from six-party talks unless its proper rights are to be satisfied, A,escape B,flee C,withdraw D,retire 27—Tom,please put the books where they____after reading A,were B,are C,are been

D,have been

31,Lucy is a hard-working and physically-active student____has both marks and a fit body. A,one who B,the one C,whom the person 33,—Also in New York? How unbelievable! —Yes,It is nearly twenty years ____we last saw each other,though we are in the same city! A,before B,after C,until D,since 合肥八中 2013 届理科实验班高三英语强化训练(—) 24,Father`s Day was a day for everyone to___and thank that group of men,who make a living not for himself done but for an entire family。 A,think of B,inform of C,dream of D,make fun of 28,So farthe agreement___by both parties . They acted according to what they____。 A, is observed,hanes promised B,has opserved promised C,has been observed,had promised D,observed;had been promised .,29,—Are you sure you won`t have another cup of coffer? —Okay,______ A,I`m afraid not B,Id tather ot C,go on then

D,stop it then

31Global policymakers held an emergency conference on Sunday to discuss the debt crises in Europe and the United States that are causing ____market fears A,unnecessary B,sudden C,nationwide D,sworldwide 合肥八中 2013 届理科实验班高三英语强化训练(二) 单选填空 28,__is known to us all is that the2012;Olympic Games took place in London。 A,As B,What C,That D,It 29,I___sooner but I didn`t,know that they were waiting for me。 A,had come B,was coming C, would come D,would have come 30,About270 million people in rural areas in China have no __to safe drinking water。 A,entrance B,access C,solutions D,sources

31,I will never understand how it___that you were an hour late on such a short journey。 A,came about B,came across C,came out D,came up with

合肥八中 2012—2013 学年度高三第二次月考 单项填空 21,It is___world of wonders ___world where anything can happen。 A,a;the B,the ;a C,a;a D;/;/ 22,__Can you shoot that bird at the top of the tree? ____No,it`s out of____。 A,range B,reach C,control D,order 23,The fierce competition of this international tennis tournament ended in a tie,3-3,so the two sides are___neck and neck A,lingtly B,slightly C,continuously D,fundamentally 24,I___my homework to make sure that nothing had been missed. A,went through B,got through C,broke through D,looked through 30,I think should ___as much emphasis on preventing the disease as we do on curing it。 A,lay B,lie C,fix D,spend



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