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动词非谓语 160 例 1. To cooking is not easy. 2. China is a developed country 3. The window is breaking. 4. Things keep changed. 5. The classroom needs cleaned. 6. Tell Pam come back tomorrow. 7. Before listened to the radio, he read newspapers. 8. Do you love laying in bed? 9. I find this book interested. 10. It is time to sowing wheat. 11. My brother is here for study English. 12. When was the has built house? 13. He made me to do it again. 14. I heard him says so . 15. The pen laying on the table belongs to me. 16. I'm hungry. Get me something eat. 17. He is too tiring to walk any longer. 18. Who taught you drive a car? 19. They want the job to be done by the end of the week. 20. She enjoys listen to light music. 21. She wants me for read her a story. 22. I've got something tell you. 23. Poor Bill couldn't help coughed day and night. 24. I heard them talked in the room yesterday. 25. He was made go to the party. 26. He kept me wait for many hours. 27. Master Wu teaches us how run the machine. 28. I saw the boy ran out a moment ago. 29. She let the children to go out to play. 30. We’ll have a new hospital build over there. 31. Have you any other question for ask? 32. My father wants me study engineering. 33. These young trees require looked after carefully. 34. You must make them doing their homework. 35. Please tell him not work too hard 36. My brother keeps helped do my work. 37. I hope to seeing him as soon as possible. 38. He is always thinking of help others. 39. I am sorry t hearing he news. 40. Joe wants us go along with him. 41. That movie is worth to see.

42. Please ask Bill come and see me. 43. Her father didn't let her to go out with him. 44. Don't you see him ran towards us now? 45. I heard some very excited news this morning. 46. The teacher told them not make so much noise. 47. The room needs cleaned before we move in. 48. My little brother is so young to dress himself. 49. The police make us to move our car. 50. I wrote to him ask for his help. 51. Do you know how to making the repairs? 52 .Master a foreign language needs hard work, 53. George helped me to passing the examination. 54. I've heard him spoke about you often. 55. He ordered the room be swept. 56. I hope you don't mind go on foot this evening. 57. This room is quite comfortable to live. 58. The coffee was so hot for him drink. 59. 59. He didn't know_whether go or stay at home. 60. He is always the first one going to school. 61. It is a pleasure to watch the face of the asleep baby. t 62. Who is the girl answered the teacher's question? 63. They keep on send us letters. 64. I made him to repeat what I had told him. 65. A secretary's job isn't always easy to doing. 66. He had a curious way of made his classes' lively and interesting. 67. I arm going to have my radio to fix. 68. The girl riding on the bicycle is Jane. 69. This dish-cloth is so_wet for me to- dry the dishes. 70. It's dark without the lights. Let's to turn them on . 71. She needs the work be done before tomorrow. 72. Many things considering impossible in the past are common today. 73. He has a strong desire becoming a member of the Communist Party. 74. Before we know what to make rain, we must know why it rains. 75. My husband never lets me to travel alone. 76. I haven't got a chair to sit . 77. Ask him to go to the post office getting some stamps. 78. He was so tired to go any further. 79. That's really kind for you to say so . 80. The paddyfield machines producing by this factory are small in size. 81. He came home drank last night .

82. My watch is broken. I must have it_repairing . 83. You must pay attention to read the works of Lu Xu. 84. I wanted_to meeting your friend, but my car broke down on the way. 85. Is it necessary of him to return the book immediately? 86. Tim sat so near the fire to get warm. 87. English is not too difficult to learn. 88. Edison was interesting in scientific experiments. 89. He was very busy to help me at the moment. 90. The book wrote by the famous writer is being printed at the factory. 91. She desires not to being disturbed for an hour. 92. Don't make him doing it if he doesn't want to. 93. Although he doesn't like most sports, he enjoys swimming and golfing ___. 94. In a shop it is important pleasing customers. 95. Many parents allow their children making their own decisions. 96. I don't want that anybody to see me. 97. There is no use calling him at this hour. 98. Tom is waiting to seeing the doctor. 99. I don't like they shouting at me. l00. The two men stood over there heard every word we said. 101. I don't remember to see the letter but perhaps I read it. 102. Our aim is to make the electricity to serve the people better. l03. He will not as old enough to vote in this year's election. 104. It is no use to learn theory without practice. 105. There will be a lot of difficulties of us to overcome . 106.I'd never allow my children behave like that. 107. I've just finished to do my shopping. 108. We are interested in hearing him to tell us the news. 109. There's time enough think it over. 110. He wants this. Harvester being repaired as soon as possible. 111. Jack was absent this morning because he had his bike repairing . 112. I'm not sure which restaurant to eat . 113. The peasants have finished to transplant _the rice seedlings. 114. I saw her picked up your book. 115. You will find him worked in the fields right now. 116. There's something wrong with the table. Yes I can feel it moved. 117. He has a strong desire to becoming a university student. 118. Why do you stand and watch the milk boiled over? 119. This is one of the experiments_ being make in our laboratory. 120. We haven't got a record player. Let's to borrow Mary's. 122. Send him to the baker's for to buy

123. Revolution means to liberate the productive forces. 124. Turn to the left, you will see the building. 125. They saw their son stood by the window. 126. Electricity makes trains to run on the railways. 127. Today we use machines helping us do most of our work. 128. They found their new bikes_ stole. 129. The teacher asked him to repeat the sentence again . 130. Look around when cross the street. 131. I don't like your arrive late. 132. We're going to help watering the trees. 133. She told me that she had decided not be late again. 134. He couldn't help notice that his wife was worried. 135. He likes hearing his own voice. He never stop to talk . 136. You'd better have your television set repairing . 137. Mother warned him not touch the electric lamp. 138. I spoke to him kindly so as not frighten him. 139. Would you be good enough as to show me the way to the City Hall? 140. Ellen was absent this morning because she had her tooth to fill . 141. To answer correctly is more important than finish quickly . 142. I know it isn't important but I can't help think about it. 143. The six blind men stood begged by the side of the road. 144. What did the teacher want do to the noisy children? 145. The book is said to have translated into many foreign languages. 146. I said that he wouldn't mind wait for us . 147. I want-work is done immediately. 148. Never stop to look for the laws which control facts. 149. We have heard of your haying done something for our class. 150. Did you notice the little boy aking the candy and run away? 151. I heard someone sing a revolutionary song when the school was over yesterday afternoon. l52. Peter's father will not let his little boy watching TV every evening. 153. That building being repairing is our library. 154. If you want me help you, you only have to ask me. 155. Snow was falling when they went along a mountain path led to the front. 156. The driver has been trying start the car for nearly an hour. 157. The boy was seen play on the sportsground. 158. She’s going to the photographer's to have her photograph taking.. 160. We are both looking forward to be going on vacation next week.



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