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江苏省兴化市板桥高级中学高二年级英语寒假作业 五:Unit2 牛津译林版选修6

(模块六 单元二)
(作业用时:100 分钟 ) 一、单项选择 (共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1. _________ the fact that none of the trapped miners might be rescued, people knew nothing about the situation. A. Apart from B. Besides C. In response to D. Rather than 2. Joan is such an efficient girl that she can _______ more in a day than any other one. A. accomplish B. arrange C. adapt D. allocate 3. —How long can you ________ under water? Three minutes or five minutes? —Only two minutes, otherwise I’ll die. A. hold to B. hold out C. hold back D. hold breath 4. At the sad news, the woman __________ crying. A. burst into B. burst out C. burst in D. burst on 5. ________ team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships. A. No matter what B. No matter which C. Whatever D. Whichever 6. ________ he was very young, he knew a lot because his father was a college professor and had taught him a lot. A. When B. Since C. Because D. While 7. —I’m afraid Mr Wood can’t see you until 4 o’clock. —Oh, _______ I won’t wait. A. no doubt B. after all C. in that case D. in this way 8. The salesman _______ the air conditioner for at least 8 years, but it went wrong only one year after we bought it. A. ensured B. promised C. protected D. guaranteed 9. By the time he arrives, all the work _________ with _________ our teacher will be content. A. will have been accomplished; which B. will be accomplished; that C. will have accomplished; it D. had been accomplished; him 10. When he was young, he used to ________ hard at his lessons. A. devote to working B. devote himself to work C. be devoted to work D. be devoted to working 11. They are newcomers after all, so we must help them to _______ themselves to the situation of our school. A. adopt B. adapt C. avoid D. admit 12. The boy’s bad behaviour _______ his mother many sleepless nights. A. cost B. made C. caused D. brought 13. I’ve worked with children before, so I know what ______ in my new job. A. expected B. to expect C. to be expecting D. expects 14. You can’t imagine the effect _____ computer games _____ on the children. A. which; make B. that; have C. /; get D. where; give 15. When the old man ______ to walk back to his house, the sun _____ itself behind the mountain. A. started; had already hidden B. had started; had already hidden C. had started; was hiding D. was starting; hid 二、完型填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Keep On Singing When Karen found out that another baby was on the way, she did what she could to help

her 3-year old son, Michael, prepare for a new sibling (兄弟姐妹). They 16 that the new baby was going to be a girl, and Michael 17 to his sister in Mummy’s stomach now and then. 18 , Michael’s little sister was born. But she was in 19 condition and was put into the intensive care unit at the hospital. The days 20 by. The little girl got worse. The doctor told the parents, “There is very little 21 . Be prepared for the 22 .” Michael, kept begging his parents to let him 23 his sister. “I want to sing to her,” he said. Kids were 24 allowed in Intensive Care, but Karen made up her mind to 25 Michael whether the staff liked it or not. 26 he didn’t see his sister now, he might never see her. She 27 him in an oversized clean suit and marched him into ICU. He looked like a 28_ laundry basket. Karen towed (拉) Michael to his sister’s 29 . He gazed at the tiny infant who was losing the battle to 30 , and he began to sing. In the 31 voice of a 3-year-old, Michael sang, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray ...” Instantly the baby girl 32 . Her pulse rate became calm and steady. Keep on singing, Michael. The baby’s ragged, strained 33 became as smooth as a kitten’s purr (猫的呼噜声). Keep on singing, Michael. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshin e. Please don’t take my sunshine 34 .” The very next day, the little girl was 35 enough to go home! 16. A. made out B. figured out C. found out D. checked out 17. A. sang B. talked C. spoke D. clapped 18. A. Actually B. Accidentally C. Instantly D. Finally 19. A. fatal B. serious C. sound D. tight 20. A. inched B. slipped C. passed D. moved 21. A. sense B. problem C. difficulty D. hope 22. A. least B. best C. worst D. last 23. A. accompany B. see C. comfort D. save 24. A. never B. still C. always D. almost 25. A. cheer B. include C. accept D. take 26. A. Until B. If C. Once D. Since 27. A. wrapped B. hid C. dressed D. put 28. A. walking B. frightening C. falling D. standing 29. A. unit B. bedside C. corner D. section 30. A. recover B. return C. continue D. live 31. A. heavy B. pure C. warm D. simple 32. A. responded B. cried C. smiled D. improved 33. A. struggling B. moving C. sneezing D. breathing 34. A. along B. up C. away D. off 35. A. well B. strong C. happy D. old 三、阅读理解 (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分)

Are you happy? Do you remember a time when you were happy? Are you seeking happiness today? Many have sought a variety of sources for th eir feeling of happiness. Some have put their heart and efforts into their work. Too many turned to drugs and alcohol. Meanwhile, untold numbers have looked for it in the possession of expensive cars, exotic (异国的) vacation homes

and other popular “toys”. Most of their efforts have a root in one common fact: people are looking for a lasting source of happiness. Unfortunately, I believe that happiness escapes from many people because they misunderstand the journey of finding it. I have heard many people say that, “I’ll be happy when I get my new promotion” or “I’ll be happy when I lose that extra 20 pounds”. It is dangerous because it accepts that happiness is a “response” to having, being or doing something. In life, we all experience stimulus (激励) and response. Today, some people think that an expensive car is a stimulus. Happiness is a response. A great paying job is a stimulus. Happiness is a response. This belief leaves us thinking and feeling: “I’ll be happy when ...” It has been my finding that actually the opposite is true. I believe that happiness is a stimulus and response is what life brings to those who are truly happy. When we are happy, we tend to have more success in our work. When we are happy , we more naturally take better care of our bodies and enjoy good health. Happiness is not a response but a stimulus. Happiness is a conscious choice we make in daily life. For unknown reasons to me, many choose to be upset and angry most of the time. Happiness is not something that happens to us after we get something we want—we usually get things we want after we choose to be happy. 36. From the sec ond paragraph, we know to some people ____________. A. they are not happy when they work hard B. they are not happy when they drink or take drugs C. they are happy when they possess their own expensive cars D. they are happy when they are looking for happiness 37. Generally speaking, most people feel happy because ____________. A. they think happiness is rooted in their deep hearts B. they get what they want to have C. they get a great paying job D. they get an expensive car 38. In the author’s opinion, which of the following is the most important if you want to be happy? A. Losing weight. B. Having an expensive car. C. Being successful in work. D. Feeling happy. 39. Which of the following is TRUE according to the author? A. If you want to get what you want, you should choos e to be happy first. B. We should try to get more and then we’ll be happy. C. Most people today are happy. D. Work is a necessary part in our daily life. 40. From the viewpoint of the author, happiness is ____________. A. based on our needs B. unconditional C. out of reach D. limited B Two years ago, the Funk family of suburban Chicago adopted a Chinese baby girl who had been abandoned on a sidewalk near a Yangzhou textile factory. Last year and halfway across the United States, the Ramirez family of suburban Miami adopted a girl who had been abandoned a week later on the same spot. Both families named their daughters Mia. It turns out, a first name and Chinese heritage aren’t the only things the three-year-olds have in common. The girls’ mothers—Holly Funk and Diana Ramirez—met on a website for parents who had gone through international adoptions. After a flurry of emails comparing photographs and biographical details, DNA testing proved the families’ suspicions: The girls are probably fraternal (手足的) twins. “I was in shock,” said Ramirez, who lives with her husband Carlos in Pembroke Pines, Florida. “Well, now this is for real.” The Internet and Web groups revolving around international orphanages are increasingly being used to link adopted children with biological kin (亲属). The site that the Funks and

Ramirezes used has a membership of 137 people, with 15 sets of twins and seven sets of siblings whose relationships have been confirmed. At a reunion on Friday at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, Mia Diamond Funk and Mia Hanying Ramirez shyly surveyed each other, then reached for each other’s hand. DNA tests established an 85 percent probability that the girls are at least half sisters. Scientists did not have a biological parent to test and reach a greater certainty, but given their ages and physical similarities, experts say it is likely they are fraternal twins. Douglas and Holly Funk hope to take Mia to Miami in October. Both sets of parents say they are committed to staying in touch and often let the twins talk to each other on the phone. 41. Why did the girls’ mothers meet on the Internet? A. To compare photographs of the two girls. B. To communicate with other people who had adopted children abroad. C. To test their suspicion. D. To exchange experiences on adopting children. 42. Experts are still not 100 percent sure that the two girls are fraternal twins because ______ __. A. DNA tests are still not accurate enough B. the two girls were born by different parents C. the DNA of a biological parent is still missing D. one girl is born a week later than the other 43. What would be the best title of the passage? A. Adopted Twins Reunited on the Internet B. Adopted Twins Live Happily in the US C. Suspicion Turned into Reality D. The Story of Adopted T wins and Their Parents C Sadness is unpleasant, and in a society where personal happiness is prized above all else, there is little tolerance for falling in despair. Especially now we’ve got drugs for getting rid of sad feelings—whether it’s after losing a job, the break-up of a relationship or the death of a loved one. So it’s no surprise that more and more people are taking them. But is this really such a good idea? A growing number of voices from the world of mental health research are saying it isn’t. They fear that the increasing tendency to treat normal sadness as a disease is playing fast and loose (行为轻率). Sadness, they argue, serves a useful purpose—and if we lose it, we lose out. Yet many psychiatrists (精神病医生) insist not. Sadness has a nasty habit of turning into depression (抑郁), they warn. Even when people are sad for good reason, they should take drugs to make themselves feel better. So who is right? Is sadness something we cannot live without or something horrible never to touch? There are lots of ideas about why feeling sad should become part of human life. It may be a self-protection strategy, as other primates (灵长类) also show signs of sadness. A losing monkey that doesn’t show sadness after it loses a fight may be seen as continuing to challenge the winning monkey—and that could result in death. In humans sadness has a further function: we may display sadness as a form of communication. By acting sad, we tell other community members that we need support. Then there is the idea that creativity is connected to dark moods. There are plenty of great artists, writers and musicians who have suffered from depression or disorder. Scientists found that people with signs of depression performed better at a creative task, and negative moods make people think deeply over the unhappy experience, which allows creative processes to come to the front. There is also evidence that too much happiness can be bad for your career. A doctor found that people who scored 8 out of 10 on a happiness test were more successful in income

and education than 9s or 10s. The happiest people lose their willingness to make changes to their lives that may benefit them. 44. The underlined word “this” refers to ________. A. taking medicine B. falling in despair C. losing a job D. feeling sad 45. Some animals show their sadness in order to ________. A. cheat their enemies B. protect themselves C. comfort the loser D. challenge the winner 46. We can infer from the last paragraph that ________. A. people with great creativity tend to be happier B. unhappy experiences contribute to a greater career C. too much happiness can be bad for your career D. the happiest people are the most successful ones D There were smiling children all the way. Clearly they knew at what time the train passed their homes and they made it their business to stand along the railway, waved to complete strangers and cheer them up as they rushed towards Penage. Often whole families stood outside their homes and waved and smiled as if those on the trains were their favorite relatives. This is the simple village people of Malaysia. I was moved. I had always traveled to Malaysia by plane or car, so this was the first time I was on a train. I did not relish the long train journey and had brought along a dozen magazines to read and reread. I looked about the train. There was not one familiar. I sighed and sat down to read my Economics. It was not long before the train was across the Causeway and in Malaysia. Johore Baru was just another city like Singapore, so I was tired of looking at the crowds of people as they hurried past. As we went beyond the city, I watched the straight rows of rubber trees and miles and miles of green. Then the first village came into sight. Immediately I came alive, I decided to wave back. From then on my journey became interesting. I threw my magazine into the waste basket and decided to join in Malaysian life. Then everything came alive. The mountains seemed to speak to me. Even the trees were smiling. I stared at everything as if I was looking at it for the first time. The day passed fast and I even forgot to have my lunch until I felt hungry. I looked at my watch and was surprised that it was 3:00 pm. Soon the train pulled up at Butterwi. I looked at the people all around me. They all looked beautiful. When my uncle arrived, I threw myself at him to give him a hug. I had never done this before. He seemed surprised and then his weather-beaten face warmed up with a huge smile. We walked arm in arm to his car. I looked forward to the return journey. 47. The author had expected the train trip to be . A. adventurous B. pleasant C. exciting D. dull 48. What did the author remember most fondly of her train trip? A. The people in the villages. B. The mountains along the way. C. The crowds of people in the streets. D. The simple lunch served on the train. 49. can best take the place of the word“relish”in the second paragraph. A. Choose B. Enjoy C. Prepare for D. Carry on 50. What can we learn from the passage? A. Comfort in traveling by train. B. Pleasure of living in the country. C. Reading gives people delight. D. Smiles brighten people up. 四、单词拼写 (共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 51. What I have achieved in the past few months i___________ me with confidence.

52. We should learn to stay o__________ no matter what difficulty we may have in our lives. 53. Many students are not a___________ prepared for higher education. Why should they be
forced to do that currently? 54. He is j to me in the company, though he is older than me. 55. If you a someone, you help them to do a job or task by doing part of the work for them. 56. Doctors and medical supplies were __________ (紧急送往) to the scene of the accident. 57. I don’t like riding. I do it ____________ (仅仅) to get some exercise. 58. He is _____________ (无法忍受的) when he is in a bad temper. 59. You are not alone in your fight for freedom. Our (同情) are always with you. 60. Tickets are limited and will be ___________ (可以得到) to those who apply first. 五、任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请认真阅读下面短文,并根据所读内容在文章后图表的空格里填上最恰当的单词。 Host family accommodation means that hosts treat the students as a full member of the household, eating together with the students and sharing the common living areas with him/her. No more than three adult students or four junior students will be accommodated in host family accommodation at one time. Host family accommodation remains popular among international students. It is the most economical and beneficial accommodation for any student. It is also the best way to practice English and learn new cultures. As a result, it is often seen as the number-one choice for its advantages in language study, cultural communication a nd cost of living. Staying alongside host family enables students to get enough practice during the short time of their study so that their language acquisition is likely to become faster. Living in host families, students are able to spend a lot of time communicating with their “host parents”, who are often very hospitable and friendly, and get to know the lacal way of life, people and culture. Most host families are always ready to help students out in any situation. Often the bonds that are made between international students and their host families endure many years, and are maintained through letters and e-mails. Another advantage is that host family accommodation can sometimes be the least expensive. It attracts students as it ensures them a family type of living at a low cost. The advantages, however, have not prevented host families,from worrying. On the one hand, some host families are losing their unique selling points. One problem is that the majority of hosts in big cities, now generally single and young, have less time available for international students, but the selling point for host family accommodation is communication practice. On the other hand, students’ expectations have risen. They are becoming more demanding and asking for more than ever from their accommodation, as they come mainly from high socio-economic groups in their own countries. To get out of the difficult situation, host families are now making efforts to improve the quality of service. They are trying to make living conditions better, including broadband Internet service, private bathroom, and access to plenty of hot water for long showers. Ther are also providing students with structured family activities. It is believed that host family accommodation will keep the popularity vote with international students. Title: Host Family Accommodation (61)________ Host family accommodation refers to a kind of accommodation in which the student is treated as a full member of the host family, eating together and sharing the living areas with the hosts. Language study Students learn the language faster because they (63)_______ frequently enough.



It is more convenient for students to communicate and get to know the local (64)_______ , people and culture. Cost of (65)________ Sometimes it is the least expensive and enables students to live at a low cost. Loss of the selling Hosts (66)_______ enough time to communicate with Problems point students. Rise in (67)_______ Students are demanding more from their host families. (68)_______ Improvement of Hosts are (69)_______ living conditions. They are taken service quality offering students structured (70)_______ activities. Conclusion Host family accommodation will keep the popularity vote with international students. 六、书面表达 (20 分) 人类已经进入一个崭新的世纪,不同的人有不同的幸福观.An Express Way to English 正 在中学生中进行幸福观的讨论,请你根据下表的提示,用英语写一篇短文,表达自己的观 点,以便向该刊投稿. Students Possessions Benefits Some Money Buying and doing anything Some Health Enjoyment Some Wealth from parents Free from work 注意: 1、必须阐明自己对个别观点的看法; 2、不能照抄表中内容; 3、 注意行文流畅; 4、词数 120 左右.

Cultural communication

Happiness means different things to different people.


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