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江苏牛津版高一英语模块 4 导学案

江苏牛津版高一英语模块 4 第 3 单元 Project 导学案(02)
内容:M4U3 课题: Project- Journey to the Centre of the Earth The Time Machine 学习要求: 自主学习: 1.【原句再现】They came across huge insects and many strange creatures. (P58) come about come down 发生 下跌/下落/传下来 come at 扑向 project Journey to the Centre of the Earth The Time Machine 课时: Project2

come on 加油/ 快点

come out (书被)出版, (消息,秘密被)传出,结果是 come to come over 达到 (an end / an agreement / a stop /a conclusion),苏醒,合计,总共是 走过来 come up 走近,被提出(讨论) come across 偶然碰到

come up with 某人提出 come back 回想起

come into (sight/being/existence/use/notice/effect)

1) How did it come _______ that you both got lost? I thought you had a map. 2) It suddenly came ______ to me where I had seen the boy before. 3) Come ______ now, or else we shall be late. 4) He came ______ me like a tiger. 5) The price of petrol has come _______ since the beginning of this year. 6) The word came ______ use many years ago. 7) When the examination result came ______, he had already got a job. 8) The bill came _____ over a thousand dollars. 9) He came up to me and told me that the security issue came _____ at the meeting just now. 10) The truth is that her new book will come _____ soon
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江苏牛津版高一英语模块 4 导学案

2.in one’s opinion 在某人看来 In my opinion, it is about we had new computers. in one’s view= in the view of sb 在某人看来 In my view, the foreign policy of the government is wrong. as far as sth/ sb is concerned 就---而言 As far as I am concerned, this plan is impractical.

3.It is (about/ high) time (that) sb did sth/ It is (about/ high) time (that) sb should do sth.

4. get away 逃脱,离开,脱身 get along / on (with) 进展,相处 get over 从---中恢复,克服 Do you _____ your classmates?

get away with 侥幸逃脱 get out 逃走,泄露 get through 通过,完成,接通(电话)

Sorry, I’m late. I was attending a meeting and couldn’t ___________. It is very hard for him to _________ the shock of his mother’s death in no time. After several attempts, he finally ___________ the hot line.

5.As they were wandering around, they noticed a man sitting against a tree in the distance – he was at least four meters tall. 句中 as they were wandering around 用作时间状语; sitting against a tree in the distance 是现在分词短语,用作宾语 a man 的补足语。 介词 against 意为“靠着” 。 My dad placed the piano against the wall.

6.Scared and cold, the Time Traveller starts back towards the present.
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江苏牛津版高一英语模块 4 导学案

又惊又冷,时光旅游者踏上了回到现在的旅程。 scared, cold 是形容词作伴随状语。表示主语实施谓语动作时伴随的状态 二、词汇识记 (一)单词部分 1.方案;提议(n.)___________2. 喜不自胜的狂的(adj.)_______________ 3.讯问(vt.)__________ 4.流行,受欢迎(n.)___________ 5. 批评(vt.) __________ 6. 逐渐暗淡/消逝/衰退(vi.) ____________ 7. 表达,吐露(vt.) ____________ 8. 营救,援救(vt.) ___________ 9.现实,真实_(n.)____________ 10.人物(n.)____________ 11.使能够(vt.)____________ 13.缺乏经验(adj.)_____________ (二)词块部分 1. 以??为背景_____________ 2. 传递_______________ 3. 成千上万的_____________ 4. 与 ? ? 相 连 接 _____________ 5 最 后 但 同 样 重 要 _______________ 6. 创 办 , 创 立 _______________ 7. 关闭_______________ 8. 在某人看来_______________ 三、巩固练习 (一)单项填空:选择能填入题干空白处的最佳选项。 (40 分) 1. ---Shall I give you a ride since you live so far away? ---Thank you. __________. A. That’s very kind of you B. Of course you could 12.投资(v.)_______________

C. If you liked D. If you are convenient 2. ---The 3-D film provides new experiences of ______ space. ---Yes. You can even take _____ journey to the end of the solar system. A. the; a 3. B. 不填; a C. the; the D. 不填; the

Some people were tricked__________ believing what he said, but ________reality, he is always telling lies. A. to; in B. into; in C. to; on
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D into; on

江苏牛津版高一英语模块 4 导学案


New Yorkers have their own ________way of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, which you can’t find in other cities. A. passive B. amazing C. winning D unique


Not only________ us around places of interest, but also________ us a wonderful lecture. A. did Kevin show; he gave C. Kevin showed; did he give B. Kevin showed; he gave D. did Kevin show; did he give


I had no idea about how to make the most of my spare time, so my father _______ several good suggestions to guide me. A. looked forward to B. put forward C. rose up against D came across


Generally speaking, one is paid ________ the amount of work he does. A. as to B. along with C. according to D aside from


The more money the man earns, the more feelings of pleasure he has. He hasn’t realized that money cannot bring true _______. A. kindness B. happiness C. Sadness D darkness


Can you telephone me ______ your convenience to arrange a meeting? A. at B. for C. on D with

10. Bruce didn’t invite Mary to his party just because of the fact ______ Mary isn’t fond of singing and dancing. A. what B. which C. that D when

11. John is very __________——he is sure that he has the ability to deal with the difficult situation. A. unusual B. innocent C. fortunate D confident

12. Speaking of all the works ________ he has designed, I think this is the best-known one, because it makes him world-famous. A. how B. with which C. that D. in which

13_______ has been shown that children who are not active or whose diet is high in fat will gain
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江苏牛津版高一英语模块 4 导学案

weight quickly.

A. There

B. What

C. As

D. It


课 后 作 业

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