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第二部分 第二讲 介词及介词短语

1.in addition,in addition to,apart from,besides,

except,except for与but的用法。 (1)in addition相当于副词besides,表示“另外”。
(2)in addition to相当于介词besides,表示 “除??以外还”。 (3)apart from可以表示bes

ides,except for,without 的意思。 (4)except从所提到的人或事物中除去,即从整体中除 去一部分。

(5)except for表示对整体主要部分的肯定和对局部的否

(6)but在意思上相当于except,但常用在不定代词或疑 问代词的后面。

In addition/Besides,you need to know how long you should stay,and when you have to leave. 另外,你要知道该待多长时间,以及该在何时离开。 In addition to/Besides these arrangements,extra ambulances will be on duty until midnight. 除了这些安排以外,另增救护车值班至午夜。

His composition is good,except for/apart from some
spelling mistakes. 他的这篇作文写得很好,只是有几处拼写错误。

He answered all the questions except the last one. 除了最后一题外,他回答了所有的问题。

I know nothing about the young lady except that she is
from Beijing.(上海高考) 除了知道她来自北京以外,我对这位年轻的女士一无所知。 The seaside town is beautiful except when it is windy. 这座海滨小镇很美,除了刮风时。


The Great Wall winds its way from west to east,across deserts,over mountains,through valleys,till at last it reaches the sea.长城从西向东越过沙漠,跨过高山,穿过

The crowd of people walked past the City Hall to the Center Square. 一群人经过市政厅走到了中心广场。


Be careful,there is a heavy box over your head.

The sun is above the mountain in the east. 太阳就在东方,那座山的上方。 There are some stamps on the desk. 桌子上有一些邮票。

The position he pointed to was below the sea level.
他所指的那个位置低于海平面。 The little mouse is under the table,so it is not easy to find it. 那只小老鼠在桌子底下,因此很不容易找到它。


度)超出,非……所及。 (2)within在……范围以内,不超过。

Science is developing so fast that it is beyond our imagination. 科学发展速度之快超出我们的想象。

It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot
within easy reach.(2009· 山东高考) 在厨房里把你常用的东西放在容易够着的地方会节省时间。

1.(2011· 青岛市联合模拟)We should talk about the
things ________ the children's understanding in a simple way. A.over C.above B.beyond D.under

解析:考查介词辨析。句意:我们应当用一种简 单的方式谈论超出儿童理解能力的事物。D项不

“超过,非??所能及”,符合句意。 答案:B

2.(2010· 北京高考)Would you mind not picking the flowers in the garden? They are ________ everyone's enjoyment. A.in B.at



解析:此题考查介词辨析。句意:你能不摘花园 里的花吗?他们是让所有人都欣赏的。“为 了??”应用for,to表示“对于??”。


1.“名词+介词”构成的短语。 attention to对……的注意;devotion to 对……的奉献; a visit to 对……的访问;interest in对……的兴趣;

comments on对……的评论;application for 对……的申
请;an influence on对……的影响;confidence in对…… 的信心;contact with 与……取得联系

He should be admired for his devotion to improving education.他对改善教育作出的贡献应该得到赞扬。

2.“介词+名词”构成的短语。 in case以防,万一;in trouble处于困境;by chance偶 然地;in fact实际上;in time及时;in danger处于危险 之中;in vain徒劳地;in return作为??的回报

His efforts to raise money for his program were in vain because no one showed any intention to take a cent out

of their pockets.(2009· 湖北高考)
他为自己的项目筹钱的努力是徒劳的,因为没有人愿 意拿出哪怕是一分钱。

3.“介词+名词+介词”构成的短语。 at the cost of以……为代价;in honor of为纪念;in place of代替;for fear of以免……;in harmony with 与……协调一致;on behalf of代表;in terms of 就……而言;in response to作为对……的回应

In terms of customer satisfaction,the policy cannot be criticized.说到顾客的满意情况,这个政策无可挑剔。

dream of梦想;insist on坚持;depend on依靠;

belong to 属于;lead to导致;deal with 处理;
argue about 争论;call on 拜访;refer to 提到

The man insisted on finding a taxi for me even though I told him I lived nearby.即使我告诉他我住在附近,这 个人坚决主张给我找一辆出租车。

anxious about 对……感到忧虑;far from远离,决非; nervous about 因……不安;successful in 在……方面很成 功;dependent on依赖于……;responsible for 对……负

责;absent from 缺席……;proud of因……自豪;
famous for 因……闻名;ashamed of对……感到愧疚; loyal to 忠诚于……;harmful to 对……有害;popular with 受……欢迎

The art show was far from being a failure;it was a great success.(2009· 天津高考) 艺术展览根本谈不上失败,而是十分成功的。

意为“使某人??的是”。 delights urprise horror sorrow joy regret delight surprise horror sorrow joy regret

这种表达法表示结果,用作状语,位于句子前、中、后 皆可。为了强调,可在前面加much。

Much to my surprise,he refused to accept such a good job. 使我非常吃惊的是,他拒绝接受这么好的一份工作。

1.(2010· 湖北高考)It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money ________ favors to them.

A.in preference to
C.in agreement with

B.in place of
D.in exchange for

解析:考查介词短语。句意:政府官员索要钱财来进行 权钱交易是违法的。A项“优先于”;B项“代替”;C 项“与??一致”;D项“交换”,故D项符合。


2.(2010· 天津高考)My father warned me ________ going
to the West Coast because it was crowded with tourists. A.by C.for B.on D.against

解析:此题考查介词。warn sb. against doing sth.=warn sb. not to do sth.“警告某人不要做某事”,为固定搭配。故 选D项。


3.(2010· 辽宁高考)I agree to his suggestion ________ the condition that he drops all charges. A.by B.in



解析:考查固定用法。句意:我同意接受他的提议,条件 是他撤销全部的诉讼。on the condition that与连词if同义,

C项。 答案: C

4.(2010· 江苏高考)So far we have done a lot to build a lowcarbon economy,but it is ________ ideal.We have to work still harder. A.next to B.far from

C.out of

D.due to


们必须要更加努力。next to紧邻;far from远未,差得多; out of在……之外;due to由于。根据句意可知答案为B项。

答案: B

1.When she first arrived in China,she wondered what
the future might have ________ for her,but now all her worries are gone. A.in need C.in preparation B.in time D.in store

解析: in need需要;in time及时;in preparation准备;in

答案: D

2.(2010· 浙江高考)I guess we've already talked about this

before but I'll ask you again just ________.
A.by nature B.in return

C.in case

D.by chance

解析:考查短语辨析。句意:我猜我们以前谈过这个问题, 但以防万一,我还是要再问问你。in case表示“以防,万 一”;by nature表示“天生,生性”;in return表示“作 为??的回报”;by chance则表示“偶然,意外地”。根据

答案: C

3.(2011· 济南模拟)—Going to work today,Brenda? —No.It's my day ________ today. A.out C.away B.in D.off

解析:考查介词辨析。it's my day off“今天我休息”, 是常用表达。 答案: D

4.(2011· 盐城模拟)Ballet is not popular ________ our city because most people think it is too expensive to take the classes. A.in B.with



解析:考查介词。句意为“芭蕾在我们市不太流行”,in 表 示“在??地方”。此题考生易误选B项和C项,be popular with/among sb.表示“受某人欢迎”,介词后面接人。 答案: A

5.(2011· 金华联考)Many of the scientists and engineers are judged ________ how great their achievements are. A.in spite of B.in charge of

C.in favor of

D.in terms of

解析:考查介词短语。in spite of“尽管”;in charge of“负

责,管理”;in favor of“支持,赞同”;in terms of“根据,
就??而言”。根据题干内容可知,D项符合语境,即依 据他们所取得的成就来评定。 答案: D

6.(2011· 柳州模拟)After the quarrel,I tried all my best to clear up the misunderstanding between us,but all my efforts seemed ________. A.in trouble B.in case

C.in time

D.in vain

解析:考查介词短语。根据语境可知此处表示“我所有 的努力都白费了”,故用in vain“徒劳无益,枉费心机”。

in trouble有麻烦,处于困境;in case以防万一;in

答案: D

7.(2011· 南昌模拟)I'm sure that________qualification,
ability and experience,you are suited to the position. A.on account of C.on the basis of B.in terms of D.in the light of

解析:考查介词短语辨析。句意:我确信就学历、能力和 经验而言,你适合这个职位。in terms of就……而言, 从……方面来说。 答案: B

8.(2011· 河南毕业班调研)Parents are advised to keep pressure ________ their children and give them some encouragement before an exam. A.off C.from B.over D.to

压力,此处off表示“离开、去除”。over“在??上面 ”, from表示“从??”,to“向,对着”,都不符合语境。 答案:A

9.(2011· 南通一模)People in Los Angels have no idea of

distance on the map,so they measure
distance________ time not miles. A.by way of C.for lack of B.by means of D.on account of

解析:本题考查短语。by way of经由,当作;by
means of依靠,通过;for lack of因缺乏……,因缺 少……;on account of由于,因为。根据句意“是通过 时间而不是里来计算距离”,故选B。 答案:B

10.(2011· 长沙二模)Being exposed for a long time ________ strong sunlight might seriously damage your skin. A.in C.to B.under D.over

解析:考查介词的固定搭配。be exposed to sth.为固定搭 配,意思是“暴露于??,遭受??”。去掉干扰成分for a long time即可迅速找出答案。

答案: C

11.(2011· 苏州质检)I can tell you nothing else about the new film ________ what you've already known.

A.rather than
C.in spite of

B.as well as
D.apart from

解析:考查短语辨析。apart from意思是“除了??”。
句意:关于那部新电影,除了你已经知道的情况外,我没 有什么可以告诉你的了。rather than“而不是”;as well as“和??一样,也”;in spite of“尽管”。 答案:D

12.(2011· 东北三省四市联考)Putting the worries out of

her mind,Mary turned her efforts ________ the
evening meal. A.to C.off B.beyond D.inside

解析:考查介词。turn to是固定搭配,表示“(把注意力 等)转向??”。


13.(2011· 潍坊质检)It was a good concert—I enjoyed the last song ________. A.in particular B.in general

C.in common

D.in total

解析:句意:那是一场很好的音乐会。我尤其喜欢最后的 那首歌。in particular“尤其是,特别是”,符合句意。


14.(2011· 宝鸡质检)Please keep me informed ________
the change of your address as soon as possible.



解析:考查固定搭配中的介词。inform sb.of sth.为固定结 构,意为“通知某人某事”,keep sb.informed of sth.也是一 个固定结构,意为“使某人知晓某事”。句意:请尽快让我

知道你地址的变动。 答案: A

15.(2011· 绵阳诊断性测试)Mum told me she had
something important to talk with me ________dinner. A.in C.beyond B.on D.over

解析: over表示“在??期间”。句意:妈妈告诉我吃饭 时她有重要的事要和我谈一谈。

答案: D



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