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完形填空专项训练 基础自测: In some parts of the world there are large deserts. There are no trees and (1)____ water there. Travelers must take food and (2)____ with them. The (3)____ animal that can walk through the desert is the camel. (4)___ can go without food and water for a long time. And besides he can carry heavy loads. People call the (5)____ “the ship of the desert”. The camel is very big. He has one or two humps(驼峰) on his back, short ears and a long (6)_____. The camel's humps hold fat, and his stomach holds water in twelve deep pockets. (7)_____ pocket has a mouth which closes, and the food does not mix the water. When the camel (8)_____ some water, he can get it out of the (9)_____. The camel's food is (10)_____ and leaves of trees. ( )1. A. no B. any C. not D. / ( )2. A. milk B. water C. meat D. grass ( )3. A. just B. other C. only D. another ( )4. A. He B. They C. She D. It ( )5. A. camel B. elephant C. cow D. horse ( )6. A. mouth B. neck C. leg D. nose ( )7. A. Either B. Each C. All D. Both ( )8. A. was wanting B. wants C. is wanting D. wanted ( )9. A. nose B. pockets C. mouth D. bags ( )10. A. grass B. meat C. bread D. cake 知识梳理: 1. 总体把握 要通读完形填空的短文,跳过空格快速阅读,了解全篇的主要内容。切不可把宝贵的时间浪 费在个别字句推敲上。 2. 弄清体裁 文章体裁通常分为四种:论述文、记叙文、说明文和应用文。中考选文以叙事性文章为主, 如:幽默故事、科普知识、童话、简短新闻、名人轶事、社会热点问题等。读这类文章,要 大体上了解故事所涉及的时间、地点、人物、事件及前因后果。 3. 重视主题句 完形填空所用的短文一般不给标题,但短文的主题句,往往在每段文章的首句,有时也出现 在文章的中间或结束处。主题句提供全篇的性质、大意等,这是深入了解全文的“窗口” , 甚至能以语句为立足点,从该句的时态、语气推测全文的主要内容。 4. 语境联想 利用上下文的提示,用学过的知识和已有的生活经验,扫清部分词汇理解上的障碍。 典例精析: 一、 “瞻前顾后” ,从前后句中获取信息 一般说来,一篇文章通常句与句之间紧密衔接,意义相互关联,前后照应,因此,多数完 形填空题都可以在前后句中找到正确的答案或有价值的暗示。例如: Imagine you receive an email that looks something like this: ARE YOU GOING TO CLASS TODAY?How does 34 this message make you feel? Why did the senders use 35 capital(大写) letters? Was he or she angry, 36 did that person just 37 to turn off the “Caps Lock” (大写锁定)

on the computer? This email sounds like the 38 is shouting because using all capital letters in an e-mail is 39 the way that people shout on line. (2004 苏州) 34.A.reading B.typing C.watching D.leaving 35.A.some B.all C.any D.none 36.A.but B.or C.and D.so 37.A.start B.begin C.forget D.remember 38.A.writer B.worker C.nurse D.student 39.A.hardly B.carefully C.silently D.usually 根据首句中的“Imagine you receive an e-mail?”可知, “ARE YOU GOING TO CLASS TODAY?” 是一封电子邮件, 所以 34 空应选用 reading;“How does reading the message make you feel?” 意思是“读到这样的信息你会有什么样的感觉”,而根据上文中的信息“ARE YOU GOING TO CLASS TODAY?”可以很容易地判断第 35 空的答案应选 B,因为发邮件的人用的都是大写字 母;根据上文中提供的信息可以断定 38 空应选 A,指的是那个发电子邮件的人。 二、整体理解,从整个语篇中获取信息 完形填空实际上是阅读理解的一种特殊形式,所提供的材料一般是一篇意义连贯的短 文,所设计的每小题也都和上下文以及整个语篇有着紧密的联系。例如: A successful businessman was invited to a TV interview, everybody couldn’t 36 to hear a success story from him. He,37 , only said with a smile. “Won’t it be better for me to ask you for help on a certain problem?” Here is his problem. “People all 38 to the place where a gold mine(金矿)had 39 been discovered but were 40 by a river across the only way to it. What would you do if you were among them?” “Make 41 way, ” someone replied. “Swim 42 , ” said another. The businessman smiled without a word. Finally he gave his 43 . “Why not do something 44 instead of rushing to the mine? How about buying a boat to do some ferrying(摆渡)?” The audience were 45 .He explained calmly, “The boatman could 46 the passengers for as much money as possible. They were willing(愿意)to pay 47 there was gold on the other 48. ” Do what the others would not like to do or do something never tried before by others — that is the key 49 success. To a clever man, a bad circumstance(环境)often 50 a potential(潜 在的)chance of success. (2004 泰州) 38.A.entered B.rushed C.got D.flew 42.A.over B.through C.across D.along 43.A.idea B.story C.problem D.meaning 44.A.difficult B.different C.interesting D.exciting 45.A.tired B.worried C.pleased D.surprised 这篇文章主要是通过一个具体的事例给读者讲述一个道理: 做别人不愿意做的事或者做别人 未做的事是获得成功的金钥匙。文章有一定的难度,因此,我们必须首先充分理解原文,通 过对语篇内容的整体把握来确定所要选择的答案。 根据文章内容可知,由于发现了金矿,人们应该是蜂拥而至,因此 38 小题中的四个动词 中只有 rush 能表达这个意思,答案选 B;由于在去金矿的路上有一条河挡住了去路,有人 就提议要 “游过去” , 所以 42 小题应用介词 across, 答案选 C; 根据上下文的意思可以知道, 最后,那个商人提出了自己的想法(idea),所以 43 空应选 A;既然大家都要去淘金,商人建 议可以做一些不同的事,所以 44 空应填 different,答案选 B;听到商人的这个想法,许多

人觉得大为惊讶,所以 45 空应选答案 D。 课堂巩固: (1) Mr. Black loved his daughter Helen very much. Every day he spent all of his free time51 with her. One night, he had much work to do, 52 couldn't play with his daughter. In order to keep her 53 , he found a map of the world in a magazine and cut it into pieces. When he 54 ,Helen came running to him and was ready to play. Mr. Black said he had 55 time to play fight now. He told the girl to put the pieces of paper back together to a map of the world, and then they could both play. About half an hour later, Helen came to her father and said, "Okay, it's finished. Can we play now? " Mr. Black was surprised saying, "That's 56 Let's go and see. " And sure enough, there was the picture of the world; all put together, every 57 in its place. Mr. Black said, "That's surprising! 58 did you do that?" Helen said, "It was 59 . On the back of the page was a picture of a 60 .When I put the man together, the whole world fell into place. " 51. A. working B. running C. playing D. walking 52. A. or B. and C. but D. then 53. A. sleepy B. warm C. free D. busy 54. A. left home B. got home C. let the office D. got to the office 55. A. no B. enough C. much D. some 56. A. right B. wrong C. possible D. impossible 57. A. map B. picture C. piece D. page 58. A. How B. Why C. When D. Where 59. A. hard B. simple C. difficult D. different 60. A. boy B. girl C. man D. woman (2) Three small fish lived in the sea. When they were very young, their parents died. They had to 61 each other day after day. Finally, they grew up and 62 to swim deeper and further. One morning. the three fish were 63 to a shallow (浅) water by a big wave (浪). A small boat was taken there. too. It was hard for the fish to go back to the sea because the boat was fight in front of them. The largest fish realized that they were 64 and said they had to find a way to leave there as fast as possible. The second largest fish 65with his elder brother, but the youngest one did not. He said that there was much 66for their activities, so he would not worry at all and still swam around 67.At last, the largest fish returned to the 68 by jumping over the lowest part of the boat. The second largest fish also succeeded in 69 his eider brother in the other side of water. But the youngest one didn't follow them and still swam joyfully. Two hours later, when the 70 rose up, the water in the small shallow corner dried up. The fish who did not try to return to the sea died of lack(缺乏)of water. 61. A. listen to B. look after C. talk with D. worry about 62. A. dared B. hated C. refused D. stopped 63. A. allowed B. given C. invited D. taken 64. A. in safety B. in doubt C. in danger D. in peace 65. A. agreed B. talked C. compared D. discussed

66. A. time B. food C. water D. air 67. A. slowly B. sadly C. luckily D. happily 68. A. sea B. river C. lake D. pond 69. A. catching B. joining C. taking D. telling 70. A. storm B. stars C. moon D. Sun (3) Alicia was a young woman who liked to exercise for her health. In fact, she walked five kilometers before 26 every morning, and went swimming once a week at the swimming pool. She didn’t smoke and never 27 . She didn’t eat chocolate. She didn’t eat sweet and fatty food, 28 . She weighted herself every day. One day Alicia was on her daily walk when she saw a 29 sitting in a rocking chair under a tree. He looked very old and his hair was white. He looked thin and weak, and his hands were shaking, 30 he looked very happy. He smiled at her and said, “Good morning! Lovely day, isn’t it?” He had a wide smile 31 his face, and his eyes shone with happiness. But Alicia saw that he did not have teeth. “Good morning!” replied Alicia. “Yes, it is a lovely day.” Alicia thought he 32 very old and wise. She thought he must be at least 90 years old! She decided to ask him about the 33 of a happy old age. “I hope you don’t 34 me asking,” she said, “but what is your secret for being so happy at your age? I hope I can look as happy as you do 35 I am your age.” The man in the rocking chair said, “My secret for 36 ? I smoke twenty packets of cigarettes every week, and drink three bottles of wine every day. I eat hamburgers and chocolates whenever I want. I never eat vegetables. I never walk anywhere and I never play sports. I sit at home every day.” Alicia was 37 . She didn’ t expect the man to give her an answer like that. She wondered how the man got to be so old when he did 38 wrong. She thought he should be 39and unhappy. Perhaps she was wrong. Maybe, she thought, people could live a long happy life 40 eating well or doing lots of exercise. “How old are you?” she asked. “It’s my birthday today,” said the man. “I’m forty-seven!” 26. A. lunch B. breakfast C. dinner D. supper 27. A. exercised B. drank C. worked D. slept 28. A. too B. also C. either D. still 29. A. man B. woman C. boy D. girl 30. A. so B. but C. and D. or 31. A. in B. with C. at D. on 32. A. saw B. looked C. listened D. found 33. A. secret B. dream C. plan D. future 34. A. stand B. mind C. allow D. enjoy 35. A. when B. since C. though D. for 36. A. health B. success C. happiness D. life 37. A. surprised B. worried C. excited D. relaxed 38. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

39. A. angry B. serious C. quiet D. sick 40. A. through B. from C. without D. By (4) Different things usually stand for different feelings. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood and life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate(使发生联系) red with a strong feeling like 1 . Red is used for signs of 2 , such as STOP signs and fire engines. Orange is the bright, warm color of 3 in autumn. People say orange is a 4 color. They associate orange with happiness. Yellow is the color of __5__. People say it is a cheerful color. They associate yellow too, with happiness. Green is the cool color of grass in __6__. People say it is a refreshing color. In general, people __7__ two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. The warm colors are red, orange and __8__. Where there are warm color and a lot of light, people usually want to be __9__. Those who like to be with __10 _ like red. The cool colors are __11_ and blue. Where are these colors, people are usually worried. Some scientists say that time seems to __12 _ more slowly in a room with warm colors. They suggest that a warm color is a good __13_ for a living room or a __14_ . People who are having a rest or are eating do not want time to pass quickly. __15 colors are better for some offices if the people working there want time to pass quickly. 1. A. sadness B. anger C. administration D. smile 2. A. roads B. ways C. danger D. places 3. A. land B. leaves C. grass D. mountains 4. A. lively B. dark C. noisy D. frightening 5. A. moonlight B. light C. sunlight D. stars 6. A. summer B. spring C. autumn D. winter 7. A. speak B. say C. talk about D. tell 8. A. green B. yellow C. white D. gray 9. A. calm B. sleepy C. active D. helpful 10. A. the other B. another C. other one D. others 11. A. black B. green C. golden D. yellow 12. A. go round B. go by C. go off D. go along 13. A. one B. way C. fact D. matter 14. A. factory B. classroom C. restaurant D. hospital 15. A. Different B. Cool C. Warm D. All 课堂小结: 完形填空的知识点掌握固然重要,然而在备考期间,答题技巧更需多多练习! 1. 通读全文 掌握大意 由于完形填空是一个整篇的文章, 因此千万不要看一个空选择一个空。 在答题之前要快 速地将文章通读一遍,了解文章的大意。 完形填空的第一句一般是不留空的,并且第一句话很关键。它往往是文章的主题句,所 以我们要加以重视。另外在快速阅读时应抓住文章的关键句,比如文章的第一句,段落的第 一句和最后一句等。 它们往往是全文或全段的主题句, 通过它们可以知道文章的题材, 大意, 时间,人物,事件等。另外在阅读中要对其中的时间词,动词要加以注意。 2. 精读试填 依据文章的主干,运用所学的词汇和语法知识,根据上下文的关系,加上初读的印象和 正确的英语语感,运用前面介绍的解题方法,将答案初步确定。这是解题的重要步骤,要细

心分析,严密论证。 在解题过程中,离开上下文,单独地看一个句子,答案可能是正确的,但结合整篇文章 来看,内容确是错误的。因此就要求一定要前后兼顾,上下统筹。最终才能得出正确答案。 3. 复读核定 当第二步完成以后,应该将短文重新再读一遍,并要多方位地检查所选的答案,看看将 所选答案填入后,文章是否连贯。在这一环节里,要特别注意平时易错的地方,并对名词的 单复数,动词的时态和语态,形容词和副词的比较等级,代词的用法等加以注意,以避免出 现因疏忽丢分的现象。 4. 再读全文 局部调整 答案确定以后,我们最后将全文再读一遍,这时我们要着眼于全篇。对在阅读中发现的 个别问题要进行局部调整,在更换答案时既要遵循语法规则,又要兼顾全篇。 六、课后练习: (1) Charlie came from a poor village. His parents had __1__ money to send him to school when he was young. The boy was very sad. Mr. King lived next to him. He found the boy __2__ and had pity on him and lent some money to him. So the boy could go to school. He studied hard and __3__ all his lessons. When he finished middle school, the man introduced him to his friend in the town. And he began to work. Once Mr. King was seriously hurt in an accident. Dying, he asked Charlie to take care of his daughter, Sharon. The young man __4__ and several years later he married the girl. He loved her very much and tried his best to make her happy. He often bought beautiful clothes and delicious food for her. He was good at cooking and he cooked __5__ for her. So she became very fat and she felt it difficult to walk. And one day she found there was something wrong with her heart. Her husband wasn’t at home and she had to go to __6__ at once. The doctors looked her over and told her __7__ eat meat, sugar, chocolate and things like these. She was afraid __8__ the doctor’s words and wrote all the names of the food on the paper. When she got home, she put the list on the table and __9__. When she returned home that afternoon, she found many kinds of food: meat, sugar and chocolate in the kitchen. Charlie was busy __10__ there. As soon as he saw her, he said happily, “I’ve bought all the food you like, dear!” 1. A. no B. some C. much D. enough 2. A. lazy B. clever C. careful D. hard 3. A. did well in B. was poor at C. was working D. was good for 4. A. was angry B. thought hard C. agreed D. said “No.” 5. A. a little B. a few C. many D. a lot 6. A. rest B. sleep C. hospital D. work 7. A. should B. would C. to D. not to 8. A. to remember B. to forget C. to catch D. to teach 9. A. slept B. went out C. cooked D. ate 10. A. reading B. seeing C. cooking D. writing (2) Why do I want to go to college? No one has ever asked me __1 _ a question. But many times I have asked myself. I have __2__ a whole variety of reasons. __3__ important reason is that I want to be a better man. Many things make human beings different __4__ or better than or even superior to animals.

One of the most important things is __5__ . If I fail to receive higher education, my education __6__. As I want to be a fully __7__ man, I must get a well-rounded education, which good colleges and universities are supposed to __8__. I know one can get educated in many ways, but colleges and universities are __9__ the best places to teach me how to educate myself. Only when I am well-educated, will I be a better human being and __10__ fit into society. 1. A. quite B. so C. such D. another 2. A. come up with B. agreed with C. been fed up with D. got on well with 3. A. Most B. The most C. More D. Much 4. A. to B. around C. between D. from 5. A. education B. weather C. temperature D. science 6. A. finished B. don’t finish C. will not finish D. has finished 7. A. develop B. developed C. developing D. experience 8. A. improve B. graduate C. hear D. provide 9. A. between B. among C. inside D. outside 10. A. can good B. may better C. be able to better D. be able to best (3) Farley worked for the Canadian government. One day, he was __1__ to learn more about wolves. Do wolves kill lots of caribou(北美驯鹿)? Do they kill people? They gave him lots of food and clothes and guns. Then they put him on a plane and took him to __2__. The plane put him down and went away. There were no houses or people in this place. But there were lots of animals and lots of wolves. People tell terrible stories about wolves. They say wolves like to kill and eat people. Farley remembered these stories, and he was __3__. He had his gun with him__4_. Then one day, he saw a group of wolves. There was a mother wolf with four baby wolves. A father wolf and another young wolf lived with them. Farley watched these wolves every day. The mother was a very __5__ mother. She gave milk to her babies. She gave them lessons about life. They learned how to __6__ food. The father wolf got food for the mother. The young wolf __7__ the children. They were a nice, happy family— wolf family! Farley did not need his __8__ any more. In a short time, he got on well with the family. Farley watched them for five months. He learned that many stories about the wolves were __9__. Wolves do not eat people, and they do not eat many large animals. And he also learned bad things about men. It was men who killed many caribou and wolves. Later, Farley wrote a book about wolves. He wanted people to __10__ them and not to kill them. 1. A. seen B. told C. heard D. found 2. A. a small town B. a big city C. a far place D. a lonely village 3. A. afraid B. happy C. angry D. tired 4. A. at times B. all the time C. once a week D. every afternoon 5. A. bad B. good C. hungry D. thirsty 6. A. cook B. make C. get D. pick 7. A. shouted at B. looked into C. laughed at D. played with 8. A. food B. clothes C. gun D. plane 9. A. not good B. not true C. not easy D. not clear 10. A. grow B. have C. teach D. understand

(4) Many people think that Americans 1 their cars almost more than anything else. When 2__ people are fourteen years old, they want to have their __3_ cars. They don’t ask for a car from their 4__. So many of them work in _5_ time during their last year of high school to buy a car. Learning to 6 _ and getting a driver’s license may be one of the most exciting things in a young person’s life. Some people almost 7 _ go to a doctor when they are ill. But they will __8_ their cars to a garage as soon as they think there is a 9 . On Saturdays or Sundays some people may 10 most of their time washing and repairing their cars. 1. A. prefer B. love C. drive D. play 2. A. little B. big C. old D. young 3. A. new B. own C. expensive D. cheap 4. A, friends B. teachers C. parents D. brothers 5. A. free B. busy C. study D. good 6. A. make B. mend C. wash D. drive 7. A. always B. never C. often D. usually 8. A. take B. carry C. pull D. lift 9. A. question B. wrong C. mistake D. problem 10. A. cost B. get C. spend D. use


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