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Unit 2 Robots

1.desire 1). n. 渴望;欲望;渴求;想要 He has a strong desire for knowledge/to learn. 他有强烈的求知欲。 They had a desire that I (should) attend their wedding. 他们希望我参加他们的婚礼。

2). vt. 想要,希望得到

desire to do sth.
desire sth. desire sb. to do sth. desire that sb. (should) do

suggest建议/request/demand/insist 坚持做 /command .

desire happiness and health We all _____________________________. 我们都渴望幸福和健康。 you to come She desires ______________at once. = She desires that _________________at once. you should come 她想让你马上过来. 我们希望有个好结果。 We desire to have a good result. ___________________________________

cn. 令人满意的事物 un. 满意/满足 She smiled with great/much satisfaction. The happy news was a satisfaction to us. (much) to one’s satisfaction 令人(非常)满意的是 meet one’s satisfaction 满足某人的愿望 express one’s satisfaction at/ with 对…表示满意 take one's satisfaction in one's daily life v. satisfy 随遇而安, 知足常乐 It’s not easy to satisfy him. adj.satisfied satisfying令人满意的 I am satisfied with the result of the exam. The result of the exam is satisfying. adj.satisfactory 满意的/ 良好的/ 圆满的 It’s a satisfactory excuse for his absence.

3.alarm n. 1)警报 a fire alarm 火警 I raised/gave the alarm as soon as I saw what’s happening. 发警报;敲警钟 2) 恐慌;惊恐 I hope you won’t take alarm at the news. v. 1)警告 对…感到吃惊;因…而惊恐 The notice board alarms people not to swim in the river. 2)使警觉;惊动;使惊慌 Don’t alarm yourself. 不要惊慌 ________________________(人人都感到惊恐) the news Everybody was alarmed at that war might break out. adj. alarmed alarming (惊人的、吓人的) She felt alarmed when she saw the snake. The news is really alarming.

4.favour cn.帮助;好事;恩惠un.赞同,支持;偏袒,喜爱,好感 Could you do me a favour and pick up Sam from school? 今天你能帮我个忙去学校接萨姆吗? Can I ask a favour of you? 请您帮个忙行吗? I’m going as a favor to Ann, not because I want to. 我去是给安一个面子,而不是我想去。 I’m all in favour of equal pay for equal work. 我完全支持同工同酬。 He did all he could do to win her favour. 他尽其所能来博得她的好感。 He obtained his position more by favour than by ability. 他因得宠而获此地位,并非因为有什么本事。 The exchange rate is in our favour at the moment. 目前汇率对我们有利。

vt.赞同,支持;偏爱,偏袒;有利于,有助于 Of the two possible plans I favour the first. 在这两种可行方案中,我赞成前者。 She always favours her youngest child. 她总是偏爱她最小的孩子. The warm climate favours many types of tropical plants. 温暖的气候对多种热带植物生长有利。

5.pile cn.堆;摞;叠 v. (把…)堆起,堆积 a pile of / piles of = lots of 成堆的/ 成批的 There were a pile of magazines on the desk . a pile of/ piles of work to do I’ve got _________________________this evening. 今晚我有一大堆工作要做。 He always left books in a large pile. 他总是留下一大堆书 。 is at the bottom of the pile The book I want________________________. 我要的书在这一堆东西下面。 He piled the books on top of each other. 他把书一本本地叠起来。 Her work is piling up. 她的工作越积越多。

6.accompany vt.陪同,伴随;随着...发生,伴有;为...伴奏,为...伴唱 1) What accompanies him is always a dog. 2) I’d like you to accompany me (to the supermarket).

accompany sb. (to a place) 陪某人(去某地)
3)Lightning usually accompanies thunder. 电闪通常伴着雷声。 4)The pianist accompanied her singing. 钢琴家为她的歌唱伴奏。 5)Her mother accompanied her on the piano. 她的母亲为她作钢琴伴奏。 n.company 陪伴;做伴 n.companion 伙伴;同伴

7.declare vt.郑重声明/宣布/ 表明/宣称 declare war 宣战 n. declare sth. to sb. that-clause sb./sth. (to be) +n./adj. The officer declared the result of election. They declared to us all what had been decided. I declared at the meeting that I did not support him.
约翰被宣布为拳击赛的胜者。 Jones was declared (to be) the winner of the boxing. He declared that he was innocent. declare for / against sth 表态支持/反对某事 We declared for their proposal. 我们声明赞成他们的建议。

辨析: declare与announce declare v. 用于正式场合,清楚有力地让人 知道某件大事/要闻或官方的立场/态度等。

She declared that she didn't want to see him again. 她宣称再也不愿见他了。 announcev. 把人们关心或感兴趣的事公布于 众。 If I have a birthday party, I want to announce it to my friends.

8.turn around =turn round 转过身 与turn有关的短语: turn back 折回, 翻回 turn in 上交 turn down 拒绝, 调小/低 turn out 结果是; 生产 turn on/off 打开/关上 turn up 出现;到达 turn to sb. for help向某人求助

9.leave / let …alone / be 不管/别惹/不打扰/ 不理会/让…一个人待着 I’ve told you to leave my things alone . 我已经告诉过你不要动我的东西。 Let me be , I want a rest .

10. set aside 将…放在一边;为…节省或保留(钱或时间) She sets aside a bit of money every month. 她每月都存一点儿钱。 He set aside that night to finish a paper. 他留出一天晚上把论文写完。 She set aside her book and lit a cigarette. 她把书放在一旁, 点了一支香烟。

11. be bound to do sth.一定做…;应该做… All of us are bound to obey the laws. 我们所有人都应该遵守法律。 The weather is bound to get better tomorrow. 明天天气一定会变好。 You are bound to succeed if you work hard. 如果你努力你一定会成功的。 be bound up in sth. 忙于/热衷于做某事 be bound up with sth. 与…密切相关


9.affair cn. 事件/事情 pl. 业务/ 事务/ 事态 I have a lot to say in relation to that affair. 关于那件事我有好多话要说。 Mind your own affairs! 别管闲事! Affairs at present in that country are unsettled . 那个国家当前的局势动荡不安. Big countries don’t try to direct the affairs of other countries . current / foreign / world affairs 时事/ 外交事务/ 世界事务 affairs of state 国事/ 国务/ 政务

11.envy 1) un. 羡慕,嫉妒;令人羡慕的对象 His new car excited their envy. 他的新车激起了他们的嫉妒。 She is the envy of the whole street. 整条街的人都很羡慕他。 I felt envy at his success. 我羡慕他的成功。 out of envy He did it ___________.出于嫉妒 envy sb. 2) vt. envy sth. I envy your success. envy sb. Sth. =I envy you your success.

13. state vt.陈述;声明;说明 The witness stated that she had never seen Mr. Smith. 证人宣称她以前从未见过史密斯先生。 You should state your views at the meeting. 你应该在会上说出你的观点。


n. 同情;同感;同情心

When his father died , he had our sympathy . My sympathies are with her husband . express sympathy for 慰问 同情 feel/have sympathy for out of sympathy for … 出于对…的同情

in sympathy with 同情;赞成;跟着;和…一致
have no / some …sympathy with sb /sth 不支持 / 支持某人/ 某事

1)在爱好农村生活这一点上,我和你完全有同感。 I have every sympathy with you in your love of country life. 2)他怀着恻隐之心,留那些无家可归的孩子过夜。 Out of sympathy for the homeless children,he gave them shelter for the night.
3)那位将军去慰问那些受伤的士兵. The general expressed sympathy for the wounded soldier.

4)你同情那些躺在路边的乞丐吗? Do you have/feel sympathy for the beggars lying beside the road.


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