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Module2 The Story of J.K. Rowling


Harry Potter 教学设计

JK 罗琳和哈利波特的故事
Teaching Content:The Story of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter Teaching Style:Vocabulary And Reading Teaching aims & demands: Ⅰ、 General Aims: 1、 By fast reading the passage, students can sum up the main idea in each paragraph , accurately relate each paragraph to the theme 2、 Through careful reading, students can answer questions about the details of J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter 3、 Encourage the students to think and read actively. 4、 Train in the form of listening, speaking, and reading, Ⅱ、 Knowledge goals: 1、To enable the students to understand the text and master the useful words and expressions. 2、To make the students know about the story of J.K. Rowling Ⅲ 、Ability goals: 1、To develop students’ communicative ability by learning the text and the useful expressions 2、To improve students’ vocabulary and reading ability by reading and practicing. 3、Be aware of text organization; use scanning and skimming skills to complete tasks; 4、Analyze sentence structures to facilitate reading; guess word meaning from context or clues. 5、Students introduce a favorite novel by themselves and explain the reasons. and Harry Potter

Ⅳ、Cultural awareness: Understand some popular fiction or movie series of Britain and the United States and other countries , preliminary learn to appreciate the fantasy literature, broaden the knowledge, improve the cultural quality . Ⅴ、Important & Difficult points: 1.New words:appeal to sb, literary bond, output, typewriter, gifted, (be) associated with, format, anecdote, burden, swift, stubborn, overcome, adjustment, criticism, distribute, (be) restricted to, thus, attain, billionaire, accumulate. 2. Get the students to have a good understanding of the text and learn some social skills. 3. How to analyze the text and grasp the main idea of the test. Ⅵ、Teaching methods: 1、Create an atmosphere with students-centered activities in which they are willing to get involved. 2、Get the students to draw their own conclusion by participating in different tasks. 3、Avoid too much teacher involvement. 4、Use English whenever necessary. Ⅶ、Teaching Aids: Multi-media / chalk and blackboard. Ⅷ、Teaching Procedures: Step I:Warming up Play a short English movie AD“Harry Potter”.Ask students some questions: 1、Have you ever watch any of the Harry Potter film series? 2、Have you ever read any of the Harry Potter book series? 3、Do you know who is the author of Harry Potter series ? Say as much as you know about the author.

4、Can you name each of the book of the series?

《哈利波特与魔法石》:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's(Philosopher's) Stone, 《哈利波特与密室》: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 《哈利波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒》:Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 《哈利波特与火焰杯》: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 《哈利波特与凤凰社》: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 《哈利波特与混血王子》:Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 《哈利波特与死亡圣器》:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Lead-in : Step II: Pre-reading Learn new words.(Read together and translate into Chinese) Introduction about the author J.K. Rowling Step III: Skimming&Scanning(Listen to the passage) 1、Divide the passage into three parts 2、Try to find the main idea of each part Part I important places for J.K. Rowling Part II anecdotes and experiences in the development of the Harry Potter series Part III effects of the Harry Potter series 3、Answer questions of each part.(Best choice) 1)When J.K. Rowling added flesh to the bones of the Harry Potter story, she ___B___. A sold the story for food B gave more details to the main ideas C created the other characters D finished writing the story

2)Looking after a baby and writing a book at the same time__A____. A is extremely hard work B is impossible in Edinburgh C means you haven’t got much money D made J.K.Rowling give up 3)As soon as the first book was a success,___D____. A J.K. Rowling finished the series more quickly than B the publishers asked to finish one book a year C she wrote The Order of the Phoenix D it was clear that the others would be successful too 4)Harry Potter stories are so appealing that they__B__. A must be included in the school curriculun B encourage children to read more C are shown on television in other countries D have been criticised for bad style 5)The Harry Potter stories __B___. A can now read in only 50 languages B have made J.K. Rowling very rich C are easy to translate D are distributed in 55 countries Step IV: Careful reading(read the passage together) 1、Read the passage and fill in the forms planned

2、Check the statements ,choose True or False. 1) She wrote the first novel by typewriter while looking after her baby in a warm cafeteria.F 2) The publishers asked J.K. Rowling to adjust the name of her 1st novel to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.F 3) It took J.K. Rowling about 10 years to complete the whole seven Harry Potter series.T 3、Find the words from the passage according to their meanings. 1) an outstanding woman in some field (paragraph 1) stateswoman

2 )talented; or having a natural ability to do something well (paragraph1)gifted 3 )the place you come from (paragraph1)root 4 )he basic plan (paragraph1)format

5) a small story, it is often amusing and based on sb’ s personal experience (p2)anecdote 6) not prepared to change your ideas (paragraph 3)stubborn 7 )a small change (paragraph 3)adjustment 8 )the amount of work produced ( paragraph4)output 9 )to collect ,get more and more money (paragraph6)accumulate 10 )to reach or to gain or achieve something often after a lot of efforts (paragraph6)attain

Step V: Summary:Detail reading (fill in the forms) Rowling’s first idea for Harry Potter was written on the back of an ________. At the very beginning, she was too poor to own a _________and she wrote it _____In cold winter, she had to spend many hours over a cup of coffee in a warm_______ because she can’t afford the_______ at home. She had intended that her _____ would be one book every year. The stories of Harry Potter is written not only to the pleasure of the school children, but also________ to readers of all ages. They created a special __________bond between parents and children. Until 2005 more than250 million copies have been __________ all over the world. And her ________ in her bank has __________ more than one million

dollars ,so she _______the status of being the first writer to become a billionaire. Step VI: Language points 1. burden n.负担,重负 v.载重,负重 (教材 P22)She had the extra burden of looking after her baby daughter while she worked, and because she was too poor to own a typewriter,she wrote by hand. 她在写作时还得照顾小女儿。因为她穷得买不起打字机,只好用手写。 (1)bear a heavy burden be a heavy burden to (2)burden sb./sth.with be burdened with 承受重负 对??来说是个巨大的负担 使某人/某物承受重担 承受着重担

①Bearing a heavy burden in her mind,she is unhappy these days. 这些日子,她思想负担很重,所以很不开心。 ②The high price of houses is a heavy burden to most people. 高房价对大多数人来说是个沉重的负担。 ③The students used to _________________a lot of homework.学生们过去作业负担很重。

④I don’t want to ________________my trouble.我不想用自己的苦恼加重她的负担。 2.appeal n.吸引力,魅力;恳求;上诉 v.求助,诉请,呼吁 ,有吸引力

(教材 P23)Rowling’ s style has been a target for some criticism,but what makes the books so important is that,because they appeal to readers of all ages,they create a special literary bond between parents and children. 罗琳的写作风格成了一些批评的对象,但是这些作品之所以重要是因为它们吸引了各 个年龄段的读者,并且在父母与孩子之间建立了一个特殊的文学纽带。 (1)sb.appeal (to sb.)for sth.恳求/呼吁某人某事 sth.appeal to sb. (对某人)有吸引力;(使某人)感兴趣 appeal to sb.to do sth. 呼吁/请求某人做某事 恳求/呼吁某人某事

make an appeal to sb.for sth.

①He appealed to me for help.他向我求援。 ②The plan has little appeal to me.这项计划对我没有多大的吸引力。 ③The government is _________________________ energy.政府呼吁大众节能。 ④I am a singer 2 is a programme _______________ 16 to 40 year?olds. 《我是歌手》第二季这个节目吸引 16 到 40 岁的人 3.be associated with 与??有联系,与??联系在一起

(教材 P22)But her name is forever associated with Edinburgh in Scotland,where she lived and developed the format for the whole series of seven books. 但是她的名字永远和苏格兰的爱丁堡联系在一起,她生活在那里并把整个系列的七本 书的框架构思出来。 (1)associate vt. 联合,结交;把??联系起来

associate...with... 把??和??联系在一起 (2)association n. 联合,结合 in association with 与??联合,联手

①Turkey is often associated with Thanksgiving.人们常常把火鸡和感恩节联系在一起。 ②Generally,some people __________ happiness _______________ having money. 一般来说,有些人会把幸福和有钱联系起来。 ③I don’t want to associate myself with them any more.我不愿再和他们有交往了。 “与??有联系”的短语: be connected with have something to do sth. be related to 与??有关系;有联系 与??有关系

与??有关系 与??有联系

have connection with

4.(教材 P22) It was only in 1997 that she completed the first Harry Potter story,which, because the publishers in the USA requested an adjustment to the title,was also known as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. 就在 1997 年,她完成了哈利·波特故事的第一部,由于美国出版商要求调整书名,所以该 书也被称为《哈利·波特与魔法石》。 [句法分析]本句中 It was only in 1997 that she completed the first Harry Potter story 为强 调句型,此处强调时间状语。 (1)强调句型基本结构: 肯定句式:It is/was+强调部分+that/who+非强调部分. 疑问句式:Is/Was it+强调部分+that/who+非强调部分? 特殊疑问词+is/was it+ that+非强调部分? (2)含有 not...until 的句式:It is/was not until+强调部分+that+非强调部分. (3)强调句型的判断:将强调句结构中的 It is/was...that/who...去掉,如果句子所剩下的 部分不缺少任何成分,仍是一个完整的句子,这个句子就是强调句,否则就是其他从 句。

①It was in 2014 that my brother graduated from the university. 我哥哥是在 2014 年大学毕业的。 ② ______________________we knew each other? 我们是在北京认识的吗? ③When was it that he left here? 他是什么时候离开这儿的? ④ ________________________________I knew it.直到他告诉我,我才知道此事。 Step VII:Homework Exercises in your English book Page 98 Part5、6、7、8 Discussion :What’s the effects of the Harry Potter series on society&on J.K. Rowling? StepVIII 学后反思 在本节课你学到了哪些知识、哪些活动你积极参与了、哪些地方需要改进?


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