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大许中学高一英语周练试卷 20121215

大许中学高一英语周练试卷 2012/12/15 命题人:孙杰 审核:陈伟
一.Words spelling 1.I w__________ an accident on my way home yesterday. 2.You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is where I d_________

_______. 3.The arrangements will ensure each side from being__________(袭击)by the other. 4.In many ________(案例), too much care for children from parents might even do harm to their growth. 5.The shady trees provides p________against the burning rays of the sun. 二.Multiple choices 1.Under the apple tree in the garden_______, smiling at another fruit harvest. A. an old man standing B.did an old man stand C. an old man stood D. stood an old man

2.—What do you think of the first lecture by Ms Li? ----Well, it’s quite ____and all of us are quite ____at it. A. amazed; amazing B.amazed; amazed C. amazing; amazed D. amazing; amazing 3.____is no possibility ____Bob can win the first prize in the match. A. That; that B. There; that C. There; whether D. It; whether

4.China_____a sharp increase in the number of aged people over the past decade. A. sees B.saw C. will see D. has seen

5.Nearly half a million people are believed ____ their homes as a result of the disaster. A. to leave B. to be left C. to be leaving D. to have left

6.When______ one by one, these pictures really looked like a beautiful girl dancing on the square. A. being combined B. combining C. combined D. to combine

7.It’s the second time that I ____ in Beijing. What great changes! It’s years since I ____ here last time. A. went; had left B. have been; left C. had been; left D. have; had left

8.We finally managed to make the customers______ of the quality of the vehicle. A. to convince B. convincing C. convince D. convinced

9.He _____ me five dollars for it. But at first he said to me the work would be done_______. A. charged; free of charge C. charged ; out of the charge B. charged for; charged for nothing D. charged for; free of the charge

10.______ exists a river in my hometown. A.There B. It C. The D. Where

11.---Have you got prepared for the trip? ---Let me see.Oh! I almost forget to bring ______torch with me so that I’ll be able to see in ___ dark. A.the; / B.a; the C. a; / D. /; the

12.---It is said our new manager is hard to get along with. ----Don't worry. Just do _______ you are told to. A. no matter what B. whatever C. no matter whatever D. whichever

13.It is reported that the government has ___ the poor in some African countries ___food, clothes and medicine. A. supplied; to B. offered; with C. offered; to D. supplied; with

14.----Is the film Finding Nemo_______ for small children? A. available B. approachable C. automatic D. appropriate

15.Alice _____ her father that both she and her husband would be happy if he would live with them. A.convinced 三.Close Test. 请认真阅读下面短文, 从短文后各题所给的A、B、C、D 四个选项中, 选出最佳选项。 One day, Raul was miles away from the small ranch(牧场)house in a large valley. 16 seemed to be all 17 across B. promised C. warned D. required

right, yet he felt strange and somewhat uneasy. The wind had picked up, and angry, dark clouds the sky. He could smell the rain coming. And it did.

18 , the lightning flashed through the clouds, nearly 19 20 in his hands and rubbed his eyes. Then he heard 22 . An old man stared down at him from

Raul. The thunder(雷声)was so loud that he buried his

it. Hoofbeats (蹄声) He 21 . There before him stood a tall, white . its back.

“Wh-wh-who are y-y-you?” asked Raul. “My name is Gray Cloud,” the old man answered with me.” Raul followed on his horse. A 24 26 feeling came over him. All 27 25

23 . “Come

them the rain was pouring down,

not a drop fell on them. They seemed to be 28

back toward Raul’s home. Raul lost track of time. Then 29 his hand, and smiled.

all at once he found

at the ranch gate. The old man turned his horse, 30 . 32

Lightning flashed again. The old man and his horse were Raul’s father ran out across the yard to Let’s get in out of the 33 .”


him. “We have been

about you. Are you okay? Hurry.

“Wait”, said Raul. “Have you ever heard of an old man called Gray Cloud?” “Can’t say I…wait. I 34 my great-grandfather used to tell stories about a man called Gray Cloud. He 35 by lightning during a terrible thunderstorm. Why do you ask?” C.Anything C.rolled C.Quickly C.burning C.neck C.lay down C.lion C.coldly C.strange C.through C.so C.heading C.him C.held C.followed C.beat C.worried C.grass C.doubt C.damaged D.Nothing D.covered D.Hardly D.touching D.head D.sat down D.elephant D.slowly D.bad D.above D.or D.returning D.himself D.took D.lost D.ask D.excited D.rain D.forget D.struck

died a long time ago. They say he was 16.A.Something 17.A.dropped 18.A. Suddenly 19.A.beating 20.A.nose 21.A.looked up 22.A.tiger 23.A.lazily 24.A.natural 25.A.around 26.A.yet 27.A.walking 28.A.them 29.A.shook 30.A.gone 31.A.see 32.A.waited 33.A.yard 34.A.believe 35.A.defeated

B.Everything B.fell B.Strongly B.blinding B.hair B.woke up B.horse B.angrily B.common B.beside B.for B.leading B.themselves B.waved B.left B.meet B.thought B.wind B.consider B.caught

四.Reading Comprehension. 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上 将该项涂黑。 A Once there was a king who never ate a meal unless there was a dish of fish with it, but one day there was a big storm and the fishermen were not able to go out to catch fish, so the king had no breakfast and no lunch. Then he ordered his servants to tell everybody in his capital that if anyone brought him a fish, he would give

him anything that he asked for. At last, a fisherman caught a big fish late in the afternoon and hurried to the king's palace with it. But the king's Prime Minister would not let him in until he promised to give him half of whatever the king gave him for the fish. The king was very happy when he saw the fish. He asked the fisherman what he wanted for his fish. To his surprise, the fisherman said, "I want you to beat me two dozen times with a stick." When the king began to beat him a dozen times, the fisherman jumped away and said, "That is enough for me. I promised the other dozen to your Prime Minister." Then he told the king what had happened between the Prime Minister and himself. The king was very angry. He not only gave the Prime Minister the dozen hits, but also said, "Because you have been dishonest, you will not be my Prime Minister any more. The fisherman will take your place." 36.The king didn't have breakfast and lunch because ____. A. there was a big storm C. there was no fish B. the Prime Minister did not bring him any food D. his servants didn't know how to cook well

37.The fisherman took his fish to the king's palace because ____. A. the king had promised to give him whatever he wanted C. he wanted to teach the Prime Minister a lesson B. the king was dying from hunger D. he wanted to be the Prime Minister

38.When the fisherman told the king what he wanted, the king ____. A. was very happy C. was very angry B. was very surprised D. gave him what he wanted at once

39.Which of the following sentences is true? A. The king wanted to make the fisherman king. B. The king had nothing to eat for a whole day. C. The king ate a fish every day. D. The king was quite hungry when the fisherman came.

40.The king got rid of his Prime Minister because ____. A. the fisherman was cleverer than his Prime Minister B. the Prime Minister did not know how to catch fish C. the Prime Minister was not an honest man D. the Prime Minister took half of what the king gave the fisherman B Then comes July, and with it examinations, but these are soon finished and with them ends the school year. Boys and girls have nearly two months’ holiday before them as they leave school by train and car to return

home to their fathers and mothers. The summer holidays are the best part of the year for most children. The weather is usually good, so that one can spend most of one’s time playing in the garden or, if one lives in the country, out in the woods and fields. Even if one lives in a big town, one can usually go to a park to play. The best place for a summer holiday, however, is the seaside. Some children are lucky enough to live near the sea, but for the others who do not, a week or two at one of the big seaside towns is something that they will talk about for the whole of the following year. In England, it is not only the rich who can take their children to the seaside; if a factory worker or a bus driver, a street cleaner or a waiter wants to take his wife and children to Southend or Margate, Blackpoor or Clacton, he is usually quite able to do so. Now, what is it that children like so much about the seaside? I think it is the sand, sea and sun more than any other things. Of course, there are lots of new things to see, nice things to eat, and exciting things to do, but it is the feeling of sand under one’s feet, of salt water on one’s skin, and of the warm sun on one’s back that make the seaside what it is. 41.After the examination, pupils leave for home________ A. by train only B. by air C. by bike D. by either train or car

42.July and August are the brightest months for most children, for they can_____. A. stay with their parents for all the vacation. C .play out-of-door B. do more reading D. meet their old friends

43.Children like the seaside so much, because they can ______. A. swim in the sea B. play with the sand C In order to know a foreign language thoroughly (完全地),four things are necessary. First, we must understand the language when we hear it spoken. Secondly, we must be able to speak it ourselves, correctly with confidence(自信) and without hesitation (犹豫). Thirdly, we must be able to write it. We must be able to make sentences that are correct in grammar. There is no short way to succeed in language learning. A good memory is a great help, but it is not enough only to memorize the rules from a grammar book. It is no much use learning by heart long lists of words and their meanings, studying the dictionary and so on. We must learn by using the language. If we are pleased with a few rules we have memorized, we are not really learning the language. We must “Learn through use”. Practice

C. take a sun bath

D. do all of the above

is important. We must practise speaking and writing the language whenever we can. 44. The most important things to learn a foreign language are A. understanding and speaking C. writing and understanding .

B. hearing, speaking, reading and writing D. memorizing and listening[]

45. Which of the following is the most important in learning a foreign language? A. A good memory. B. Speaking. .] B. we learn foreign language in order to use it D. both B and C C. Practice. D. Writing.

46. “Learn through use” means

A. we use a language in order to learn it

C. we can learn a language well while we are using it D

O.Henry was a pen name used by an American writer of short stories.His real name was Willian Sydney Porter.He was born in North Carolina in 1862.As a young boy he lived an exciting life.He didn’t go to school for very long ,but he managed to teach himself everything he needed to know.When he was 20 yeas old, O.Henry went to Texas,where he tried different jobs.He first worked on a newspaper,and then had a job in a bank,when some money went missing from the bank. O.Henry was believed to have stolen it.Because of that,he was sent to prison.During the three years in prison,he learned to write short stories.After he got out of prison,he went to York and continued writing.He wrote mostly about New York and the life of the poor there.People liked his stories,because simple as the tales were,they would finish with a sudden change at the end,to the reader’s surprise. 47. People enjoyed reading O. Henry’s stories because A. they had surprise endings B. they were easy to understand C. they showed his love for the poor D. they were about New York City 48. O. Henry went to prison because . A. people thought he had stolen money from the newspaper B. he broke the law by not using his own name C. he wanted to write stories about prisoners D. people thought he had taken money that was not his 49. What do we know about O. Henry before he began writing? A. He was well-educated. B. He was not serious about his work. C. He was devoted to the poor. D. He was very good at learning. 50. Where did O. Henry get most material for his short stories? A. His life inside the prison. B. The newspaper articles he wrote. C. The city and people of New York. D. His exciting early life as a boy. 五.任务型阅读(10) 请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文后表格中的空格里填入一个最恰当的词。注意:每空只填 1 个单词。请将答案写在答题纸上相应题号的横线上。 Although many Chinese students say that their knowledge of English grammar is good, most would admit that their spoken English is poor. Whenever I speak to some Chinese students, they always say, “My spoken


English is poor.” However, their spoken English does not have to remain “poor.” I would like to suggest that there may be some reasons for their problems with spoken English. First, they fail to find suitable words to express themselves because of a limited vocabulary. Obviously the better answer is to enlarge their vocabulary. However, you can speak with a limited vocabulary, if your attitude is positive. Others will follow you as long as you use the words that you know. Second, they are afraid of making mistakes. Sometimes they make mistakes when they are speaking because they are shy and nervous. Yet students should remember that their goal should be FLUENCY NOT ACCURACY. Your aim in writing is to be accurate following the rules for grammar and using them to get your message across. But talk to someone in English, as quickly and well as you can, even though sometimes you may use a wrong word or tense, but it doesn’t matter because the person you are speaking to will understand and forgive you for any mistakes he hears. The third reason is that not enough attention is paid to listening. You have one mouth but two ears! All that hearing is necessary for you to start speaking. Fourth, most Chinese students are reactive rather than proactive(预先主动的) language learners. Instead of actively seeking out opportunities to improve their spoken English, they passively wait for speaking opportunities to come to them and wonder why their English always remains poor. If you have this proactive outlook(观点), then, you will see English opportunities wherever you go. If you do not use your English beyond the classroom you will forget the English you know. Remember: USE IT OR LOSE IT! You can learn how to speak English better by speaking English more.

1._____ A limited vocabulary

Context (内容) You have to enlarge your vocabulary. You should take a positive attitude towards 2._____ English. Being shy and 3._____ makes it easy to make mistakes.

Being afraid of making mistakes Lack of 6.______ while listening Lack of outlook

Fluency is more important. Talk to someone in English as quickly and well as 4 .________ It doesn’t 5._______ any difference if you may use a wrong word or tense. All that 7.___________ is necessary for you to start speaking.

8._______ language learners, most Chinese students passively wait for speaking proactive opportunities instead of seeking them out 9.________ You won’t see English opportunities 10______ you have proactive outlook.

六.书面表达 假如你是李华,请就本校食堂服务(canteen service)的状况给校长写一封信。内容包括:


词数:100 左右;开头和结尾已为你写好。 Dear Mr. Principal. I am a senior student of our school. I'd like to say something about the canteen service in our school. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Sincerely yours, Li Hua

Words spelling


1.__________ 2._________ 3.______________ 4._______________ 5.____________________ Multiple choices. 1—5.________________ 6-10._________________ 11-15.____________________________ Close Test. 16-20.____________ 21-25.______________ 26-30.__________________ 31-35.__________________ Reading. 36-40.____________ 41-45._____________________ 46-50._____________________ Task-based Reading 1.______________ 2.________________ 3._______________ 4.____________________ 5.__________________ 6.______________7._________________8._______________ 9.____________________10.__________________ Writing. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________


单词拼写 witnessed 单项选择 DCBDD CBDAA BBDDA 完形填空 BCABD ABDCA ACDBA BCDAD 阅读理解 CABDC DCD BCC ADDC 任务型阅读 1. Reasons 6. attention 书面表达 One possiblle version Dear Mr. Principal, I am a senior student of our school. I’d like to say something about the canteen service in our school. In general, the service is satisfactory. The hall is clean and tidy. The dishes look inviting and taste delicious as well. What’s more, the workers there treat us as their friends, which makes us feel very happy. However, we feel the price of the meals is a little too high. Besides, we can only have a limited variety of dishes with little change every week. In addition, we often have to stand in line for a long time before we can get the meal. You could understant how precious time is to us students. Therefore, may I suggest something be done to solve the problems so that we can all enjoy our meals at school? Thanks for your consideration. Sincerely yours, Li Hua. 2. spoken/oral 7. hearing 3. nervous 8. As/ Being 4. possible 9. actively 5. make 10. unless disageed attacked cases protection




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