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高考英语词汇和语法典型易错题大回放\ 一、冠词类 1.-----How many people are still leading______ life under __ poverty line in the world? -----Perhaps one fourth, according to the report. Athe;/ B. a; the C .a; a D./

the 【解析】B:leading/live a life 为固定短语;the poverty line 意为贫困线,是特指的内涵。 2..Although ______curtain has fallen on the 2005 "Super Girls"contest, ____nationwide craze for "Super Girls"has not cooled down. Aa;the B.the;a C.the;/ D./;a 【解析】B ______curtain,此处为特指,用定冠词;____nationwide craze,此处为抽象名 词具体化,要用不定冠词。 3.There has been ____rising demand for grain as ____industrial material in spite of the nation's good harvests. A./;an B.a;an C.the;an D.a;/ 【解析】B:Demand 作为要求和请求时为可数名词;作为需要需求时为不可数名词,在 惯用法中既可以说 much demand,也可用 great/rising 等形容词修饰, 此时前面用不定冠词。 Material 与此类似。 4.More and more people in China prefer to choose ___ cheap wireless phone service known as ____"Little Smart". A a; / B.a; the C.the;the D. the; / 【解析】A:前者泛指一类人或事物,后者类似于姓名的特定称谓,前面不加冠词。 5.Polar bears live mostly on_____ sea ice, which they use as ____platform for hunting seals. a;a B.a;the C./;a D.the;/

【解析】C on_____ sea ice 处是不可数名词,表示泛指,不加冠词;as____platform 处表 示数量,相当于 one。 6.Sit on the edge of ____bed _____minute before putting your feet on the floor. /;a B. /the;the C.the;the D.the;a 【解析】D 第一个空是说话双方都知道的事物,用定冠词。第二个空是习惯用语。E.g : Just a minute. 7.I had decided to give it up ,but on _____second thoughts,I decided to try _____third time. A.不填;a B.不填;the C.the;the D.the;a 【解析】A(三思后,晚些时候做出决定) 。On second thoughts 是习语,意思是:三思后, 晚些时候做出决定。序数词的前面加上不定冠词,表示再一,又一。 A third time 表示再 一次,又一次。 8.______person like him won't be satisfied with ______little progess that he has made. The; a B.The ;/ C.A; / D.A; the 【解析】D 第一个空是泛指,用不定冠词;第二个空是特指,用定冠词。 二、名词类 9.I think it is a top priority for the government to furnish the children with ___to the information superhighway. A. procedure B. allowance C. means D. access 【解析】D:procedure 意为程序,步骤; allowance 以为津贴;补助;给孩子的零花钱。 Make allowances for 考虑到......(而原谅) ;念及 means 作为名词,意为手段,常见搭配: by means of D.access:1) ﹝C﹞a means of entering; way in; entrance 进入;通路,The only access to their house is along a narrow road. 2) ﹝U﹞means or right of using, reaching, or entering 使用、接近或进入的方法或权利。本句为用法 2) 。

10.I try to make him understand that I'm not interested in him, but he never gets the ____. information B. news C. message D. word 【解析】C get the message=understand what is wanted or meant 11.Our psychology professor is a man of Italian_______. beginning B.source C.origin D.kind 【解析】C: beginning 开端 ;source 水等的源头 C.origin 意为:parents and conditions of early life 出身;血统 。kind 为种类 12.Some students remember much knowledge but can't recognize ways to use it in new____. A. conditions B. cases C. backgrounds D .situations 【解析】D Condition 与 in 连用时有两种义项: 1)﹝U﹞the state of general health, fitness, or readiness for use 健康状况;适用情况,如: This car is in very good condition. 2) ﹝P﹞state of affairs; circumstances 情况;状况。如: firemen having to operate in very difficult conditions. 须在极困难情况下工作的消防队员。 Under existing conditions 在现有的情况下 Case 与 in 搭配时,主要有两个义项:1)an example of a particular situation, problem etc 事例,实例,如: In some cases, it is necessary to operate.在有些情况下,动手术是必要的。 It was a case of stupidity, not dishonesty.那是愚蠢,而不是不诚实。 2) (通常用单数)circumstances or special conditions relating to a person or thing.与某人或 某事物有关的环境或特殊情况。 : I cannot make an exception in your case.我不能为你破例。 C 项意思为背景; D 项 situations=set of circumstances of state of affairs , esp at a certain time 意思是状况,处境,局面形势。如:The company is in a poor financial situation. eg is losing

money. 请体会: 1) Your question brings a case about how to learn English well. 2)In your situation, I would say that "reading a lot" is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language under the condition that you are not living in an English speaking country. 13. I found her sitting in the corner, reading _____ newspaper, with _____ in her eyes. A. a, tear B. a piece of, tears C. a, tears D. a piece of, tear 【解析】C。newspaper 和 tear 均为可数名词,它们不仅可以连用不定冠词、可以用复数, 而且还可以连用数词。Her eyes filled with tears. 她热泪盈眶。 She dried her tears with a handkerchief. 她用手帕擦干了眼泪。 The newspapers were full of lies. 报纸上一片谎言。 A newspaper is a publication. 报纸是一种出版物。 顺便说一句,若不是将 newspaper 当作是供阅读或传递信息的一种东西,而只是把它当 成一种"纸"来看待,也可用作不可数名词,如: Wrap it in (a sheet of) newspaper. 把它用张报纸包起来。 14. Her father works as a ______ in a hotel and her mother a ______ in a private company. A. cooker, typewriter B. cook, typist C. cooker, typist D. cook, typewriter 【解析】正确答案为 B:cook=厨师,cooker=炊具;typist=打字员,typewriter=打字机。 即此题。 15. "Why couldn't they meet us at five o'clock?" "Because they were delayed by ________." A. heavy traffic B. heavy traffics C. crowded trafficD. crowded traffics 【解析】A 对于此题,首先要明确 traffic 为不可数名词,没有复数形式,故排除 B 和 D。 另外,汉语习惯说"交通拥挤",而英语习惯上却不能用 crowded 来修饰 traffic,要表示汉

语的"交通拥挤",英语通常说 heavy traffic,即选 A。如下面一题也是选 A: 16.She is not a competent driver and can't cope with driving in _______. A. heavy traffic B. heavy traffics C. crowded trafficD. crowded traffics 17. In fact, _______ one cause that leads to the problem. A. cattle is B. cattle are C. cattles are D. the cattles are 【解析】B,但此题容易误选 A,想当然地认为 cattle 是单数,并且空格有表单数的 one, 自然谓语动词用 is。cattle(牲畜,牛)为集合名词,尽管它不带复数词尾-s,却永远表示复 数意义,若用作主语,谓语要用复数。又如: For this many cattle were killed. 为此宰了不少牲畜。 The prisoners were herded like cattle. 囚犯像牲口一样被赶到一起。 类似地,police(警察),people(人),police(警察),poultry(家禽)等也具有同样用法,即只 有单数形式,但却表示复数意义;用作主语时谓语通常也用复数;不与 a(n) 连用,但可 与 the 连用(表示总括意义和特指)。如: The poultry have been fed. 家禽已经喂过饲料了。 In Britain police do not usually carry guns. 在英国警察通常不带枪。 It annoys me when people forget to say "thank you". 遇到有人忘记道谢的时候,我就不痛 快。 18. By all _______, you must try every _______ to help him. A. mean, mean B. means, means C. means, mean D. mean, means 【解析】此题正确答案为 B,但容易误选 C,认为第一空前有 all 修饰,故用 means,而 第二空前有 every 修饰,故用 mean。其实,means 是一个单复数同形的名词,并且永远 带有尾-s。换句话说,在表示"方式"、"方法"时,不存在 mean 这一形式(mean 主要用作 动词,表示"意思是";也可用作名词,表示"中间"、"中庸"),by all means 为习语,意为

"一定"、 "尽一切办法"。 顺便说一句, means 用作主语时, 其谓语的数需根据句意来确定。 比较: All possible means have been tried. 所有可能的办法都已经试过了。 Every possible means has been tried. 每种可能的办法都已经试过了。 若句意不能明确地表明主语的单复数,其谓语则用单数或复数均可。如: Is [Are] there any other means of getting more money? 还有其他什么办法可弄到更多钱吗? 19. Jim is ______ person, and everyone is willing to be ______ with him. A. so kind a, friends B. so a kind, friends C. so kind a, friend D. so a kind, friend 【解析】此题最佳答案为 A,但容易误选 C 或 D。认为 friend 要用单数。so kind a person 相当于 such a kind person,注意两者中冠词的位置不同。be friends with 是习语,意为" 与......友好"、"跟......做朋友",与之同义的类似地还有 make friends with。值得说明的是, 这类短语中的名词总是用复数,即使句子主语为单数也是如此。如: He is friends with me. 他与我是朋友。 He has made friends with everyone here. 他与这儿的每个人交上了朋友。 20. We already have ______ pencils, but we need two ______ pens. A. dozen of, dozen B. dozens of, dozens C. dozens of, dozen D. dozens of, dozen of 【解析】此题最佳答案为 C。但容易误选 B。关于 dozen 的复数是否加词尾-s 的问题比 较复杂,大致原则是:(1) 当它与具体数字连用时,既不加复数词尾-s,也不后接介词 of。 尽管有的词书也有 two dozen of 这样的用例,但这已属过时用法,在考试中应避免,如 1992 年全国高考有一道单项选择题就认为 two dozen of 为错误选项: Shortly after the accident, _____ police were sent to the spot to keep order. A. dozens of B. dozens C. dozen of D. dozen (2) 当它不与具体数字连用,而是表示不确定的泛指数时,则不仅要加复数词尾-s,而且

要后接介词 of,此时可将 dozens of(许多,几十)视为习语。如: I've been there dozens of times. 我去过那儿几十次。 She's got dozens of boy-friends. 她的男朋友很多。 下面一例中的 dozens 加了复数词尾-s 也属为似情况: Pack them in dozens. 按打装袋吧。 (3) 当与 a few, several 等数目不很具体的词连用时,加不加复数词尾-s 均可,但需注意: 不加复数词尾-s 时,其后的介词 of 可以省略;加词尾-s 时,其后介词 of 不能省略。如: several dozen (of) pencils=several dozens of pencils 几打铅笔 注:英语较少使用 many dozen 的说法,要表示类似意思可用 dozens of。 (4) 当它后面的名词受 the, these, those 等特指限定词修饰时,或其后的接的是 us, them 这 样的人称代词时,则此时必须用介词 of。如: two dozen of these eggs 两打这种鸡蛋 three dozen of them 它们中的 3 打 注:score, hundred, thousand, million 等也具有以上类似用法。 21. She raised her finger to her lips as _____ for silence. A. an idea B. a mark C. a sign D. a word 【解析】 应选 C。 但容易误选 B。 sign 与 mark 的区别是: sign 的意思是"迹象"、 "征兆"gesture or movement made with the hand, head, etc, used to give information, a command, etc( 用手或 头等做出示意动作以传递信息或命令等 ), mark 的意思是 written or printed symbol or figure, line etc made as signor an indication of sth(书写与印刷的符号或图、线等记号)。根 据此二词的语义区别以及常识可知答案为 C。类似地,下面两题的答案也是 C: (1) Those black clouds are a sure _____ that it's going to rain. A. thing B. mark C. sign D. one

(2) Just as a famous Chinese saying goes, a timely heavy snow is a ______ of good harvest next year. A. mark B. track C. sign D. appearance 但是,下面一题却不能选 sign,也不能选 mark,而选 symbol(象征): The lion is considered the king of the forest as it is a(n) _____ of courage and power. A. example B. sign C. mark D. symbol 顺便说一句,在近几年的高考中像这类结合词义区别以及语境和生活常识进行考查的试 题经常出现,同学们需引起注意。 22. "May I take your order now?" "We'd like three black _______ and two green _______." A. coffee, cups of teas B. coffees, teas C. cups of coffee, tea D. cup of coffees, teas 【解析】选 B,但容易误选 C,认为 coffee 和 tea 均为不可数名词,不能后加复数词尾-s, 从而排除选项 A、B、D。有的同学认为 coffee 和 tea 是物质名词,不可数,不能用 three coffees, two teas 这样的表达。其实,coffee 既可用作不可数名词,表示"咖啡"这种物质, 也可用作可数名词,表示 " 一杯咖啡 " ,即在口语中 three coffees 就等于 three cups of coffee。同样,"三杯茶"既可说成 three cups of tea,也可说成 three teas;"三杯啤酒"既可 说成 three glasses of beer,也可说成 three beers。 23. _____ is a good form of exercise for both young and old. A. Walk B. Walking C. The walk D. To walk 【解析】最佳答案为 B。但容易误选 A 或 D。 (1) 首先,选项 D 不如选项 B 佳,因为,不定式通常表示特定的动作,而动名词才表示 习惯性的动作。 (2) 尽管 walk 用作名词时可以表示"散步",但它是可数名词,指的是一次一次的具体的 散步,而不表示抽象意义或泛指意义的"散步",要表示此义,要用动名词 walking。比较:

How about going for a walk? 出去散散步如何? Walking does good to your health. 散步对你的健康有益。 类似地,dance 和 dancing 以及 swim 和 swimming 的区别也是一样: (1) 名词的 dance 表示"跳舞",是可数名词,指的是一次一次的具体的跳舞,而不表示抽 象意义或泛指意义的"跳舞",要表示后者的意思,要用动名词转化来的名词 dancing。比 较: Let's have a dance. 我们跳曲舞吧。 He is interested in dancing. 他对跳舞感兴趣。 (2) 名词的 swim 表示"游泳",是可数名词,指的是一次一次的具体的游泳,而不表示抽 象意义或泛指意义的"游泳",要表示后者的意思,要用动名词转化来的名词 swimming。 比较: She had a swim every day. 她每天游一会儿泳。 She loves swimming. 她喜欢游泳。 24. Ten years had passed. I found she had _______. A. a few white hairs B. a little white hair C. some white hair D. more fifty hair 【解析】选 A。hair 可用作可数或不可数名词,用作可数名词时,指一根一根的毛发或 头发,如说 There's a hair in my soup (我的汤里有根头发);用作不可数名词时,则是整体 地指一个人的头发。 25.-Hi, this way, please. -OK.I sometimes have no sense of ______ when I arrive at the crossroad. A. position B. direction C. situation D. condition 【解析】选 B。需根据句意来分析。have no sense of direction 意为"没有方向感"。 26. Shelly had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of

passing it on her first ________. A. intention B. attempt C. purpose D. desire 【解析】选 B。需根据句意来分析。attempt 在此表示"尝试"。 27. I didn't have to work all weekend - I did it by _______. A. chance B. choice C. accident D. myself 【解析】 选 B, 由于上文说 didn't have to work, 所以下文相应的语境应是 did it by choice。 类似地,下面一题应选 D,也是因为 choice 与下文的 have to do it 相呼应: 28. "Did you get _____ to the party?" "Yes, I replied to it this morning." A. an answer B. an invitation C. a question D. a letter 【解析】选 B。注意其后的 to the party 和 replied to it。 29. I paid him £50 for the painting, but its true ______ must be at least £500. A. price B. money C. value D. importance 【解析】 选 C。value 指"价值"。 30. His letter was so confusing that I could hardly make any ______ of it. A. explanation B. meaning C. sense D. guess 【解析】选 C。make sense of 意为"明白"、"理解"。比较:make sense 意为"有意义"、" 意思清楚"、"有道理"。 31. You've just missed your ______, and you will have to wait for the next round. A. chance B. turn C. time D. part 【解析】选 B。miss one's turn 电为"错过机会",注意下文的 ...have to wait for the next round 所表示的语境。 32. -Li Lin is very bright and studies hard as well. -It's no ______ he always gets the first place in any examination.

A. question B. doubt C. problem D. wonder 【解析】选 D。it's no wonder (+that 从句)的意思是"难怪",也可说成 No wonder (+that 从 句) 。 33. -How can I use this washing machine? -Well, just refer to the _______. A. explanations B. expressions C. introductions D. directions 【解析】选 D。directions 的意思是"使用说明",空格前的 refer to 意为"查看"、"参考"。 34. Jim was late for two classes this morning. He said that he forgot both of the ______. A. rooms number B. room number C. room's numbers D. room numbers 【解析】选 D。room 为无生命名词,不用 room's 这样的所有格形式,在此可直接用名词 作定语。类似地, 35. -Hello, I'd like to speak to Henry. -Oh, which _______? There are two ______ in our office. A. Henrys, Henrys B. Henries, Henries C. Henry, Henrys D. Henrys, Henries

【解析】 选 C。在通常情况下,专有名词具有"独一无二"性,因此它通常没有复数形式, 即不可数。但是,专有名词的独一无二性有时是相对的,随着范围的扩大,这种独一无 二性便会受到破坏。如在一个星期 (week) 内,只有一个星期六 (Saturday), 一个星期日 (Sunday)等,但是在一个月中甚至一年中,便有多个星期六,多个星期日了。所以我们 有时可以说: We have spent many happy Sundays there. 我们在那儿度过了许多个愉快的星 期日。另外一点值得注意的是,与一般的名词单数变复数不同,以"辅音字母+y"结尾的 专有名词,其直接加词尾-s,而不将 y 改为 i。 36. Electricity, like other forms of ______, has greatly increased in price in recent years. A. pressure B. force C. strength D. energy

【解析】选 D。从常识来考虑,electricity 属于 energy,结合全句的语境,只有 D 最合适。 同样地, 37. In order to learn the _______ of the family business, Bill took a job as messenger boy in one of the offices. A. ins and outs B. dos and don'ts C. heads and tails D. t's and i's 【解析】选 A。ins and outs 意为"细节",dos and don'ts 意为"注意事项",heads or tails 为 掷钱币打赌时用语,意为"你赌正面还是赌反面",p's and q's 主要用于 mind one's p's and q's,意为"留意自己的言行"。结合句意,选 A 最合适。 38. -I've got an "A" in the examination. -That's a good ______. You will surely win a second. A. result B. news C. start D. idea 【解析】选 C。从语法上看,news 不可选,因为它不可数;从意义上看,D 不可选,因 为选 D 意思不通;比较 A 和 C,选 C 最合适,因为 start 与下文的 a second 相吻合。

三、代词类 39.---Go and get Lily to write for the wall newspaper. ----Why _______?couldn't I do better? A. I B. her C. she D. me 【解析】B.,口语中往往用宾格来代替主格, 例如-----Tom, go and get me some water. -----Why me , Lucy is free now. 【解析】 :人称代词的宾格在句子中作宾语或介词宾语,但在口语中也能作主语补语,第 一人称在省略句中,还可以作主语,例如:

I saw her with them, at least, I thought it was her.


是她。 (her 做宾 语,them 做介词宾语,her 作主语补语) A. -- Who broke the vase? B. -- Me. --谁打碎了花瓶?

--我。 (me 作主语补语= It's me.)

在上面两例句中,her 和 me 分别作主语补语。现代英语中多用宾格,在正式文体中这里 应为 she 和 I。 40.Mom promised to buy me a nice gift for my bithday,_____beyond my imagination. which B.that C.something D.the one 【解析】C。逗号后面的部分不是句子,不能用 AB 两项。此处是泛指,不能用 the one。 本句子的意思是:某样我想象不到的礼物。 41.----Which of the electronic dictionaries do you like most? -----______.They are both expensive and of little use. A None B.Either C.Neither D.Any 【解析】A:本题的干扰点在于短语 both ...and...,而 both 此处并非指两本电子词典,而 是这些词典的的属性。题眼是 do you like most,说明所比较的事物为三个或三个以上, 从既昂贵又无用来看,说话人三个以上事物中哪个也不喜欢,故选 A。 42.Thank you for giving up your coffee break to help.I know you always need_____after three classes. A that B. one C. it D. this 【解析】B。表示泛指.用 one 来替代可数名词的单数。Eg. Do you have a pen? -----Yes .I have a red one. 而 it 用来替代同一事物。one 来替代同一类事物。 42.To save class time, our teacher has ______students do half of the exercises in class and complete the other half for homework.

A us B.we C.our D.ours 【解析】A.空格上要填的词作 students 的同位语,两者都是 has 的宾语,要用宾格。 四、形容词类 43.Internet is a great tool if we know how to use it ,but it shouldn't be a replacement for ______life. A oringinal B.real C.natural D.actual 【解析】B。Real 的意思是 existing in fact , not imagined or supposed .real life 是现实生活 的意思。 44.I'm very pleased with the results of my blood test, for all tested items show _____ reactions. A negative B. good C. positive D. correct 【解析】A:本题极易将人引入习惯思维的陷阱。既然主语心情为 pleased,应该体检项 目的结果为阴性, negative 除表否定, 消极之意外, 还有表阴性之意。 而如果仅看 positive 的 字面含义"积极的"、"肯定的"而忽略整个语境的意义从而选 C 项的话, 实际就成为检查 结果呈阳性,证明主语有病,前后就自相矛盾了。 45.The school is trying its best to make more accommodation _______for increasing studens. A available B.approachable C.affordable D.accessible 【解析】A Approachable 意思是可以接近的;可以进入的。Affordable 的意思是出得起金 钱或时间的; accessible 的意思是有权利使用或能够使用的。 Available 的意思是: (of objects)that can be obtained. e.g The book you ordered is not available. 46. This kind of foods which are already prepared for cooking are_____ in supermarket. A ready B. probable C. available D approachable 【解析】C:A 项易排除;probable 意为极有可能的; available=that can be gotten, seen or

used.可得到使用等;approachable=able to be reached 可接近的。本句意为:已准备好可烹 饪的食品在超市上可以买得到。 47..----How is she getting along with her workmates? -----Quite well. She is very_____ to other people's feelings. A Active B.simple C.sensible D.sensitive 【解析】D Sensible:reasonable and practical; having or showing good sense 明智的;有见 识的 sensitive : (1)quick to show or feel the effect of something 对......敏感;感觉灵敏的 ,如 sensitive to cold/pain(2)showing delicate feelings or sympathetic understanding 感情或判断 细腻的;同情理解的。本句意为:她与工友相处和谐,因为她体谅别人的感受。 48. A healthy life is frequently thought to be___ with the open countryside and homegrown food. A associated B. bound C. related D. tied 【解析】A be associated with be bound up with be related to be tied up with 均表示和-----有 联系的意思。 49.-----Did you remember to pay the telephone bill? ------The telephone bill? ______. A. That isn't due yet. B. Are you sure C. My telephone is out of order D. Please remember the amount 【解析】A:本题考查 due 一词多义,作为形容词:1)作表语,常用 due to somebody 应给予,应支付;应得到常用 be due for something.2)作表语,意思为"应立即支付;到 期"。本句的意思是:我的电话费还不到交的时候呢! 50..______medical examination will help us find our health problems as early as possible.

A Regular B. Normal C. Common D. Ordinary 【解析】A Regular 意思是 coming, happening, or dong again and again at even intervals(定 期的有规律的) 51.This lecture is by no means the most boring. I've attended_____. A better B.worse C.the best D.the worst 【解析】B :根据句意:这个演讲绝不是最乏味的,我还看过比此更糟糕的。后句应为; I've attended a worse one than it. 五、副词类 52.David arrived at the meeting____at ten o'clock,as it was scheduled,not a minute early or late. A flexibly B.temporarily C.approximately D.punctually 【解析】 D 本题考查副词。 根据 not a minute early or late.可以推出是: 按时。 准时。 Flexibly: 灵活的 B.temporarily:暂时地;临时的 C.approximately;大约地 53.----Did you enjoy yourself at the party? -----Sorry to say I didn't. It was ____a meeting than a party. A. more of B. rather like C. less of D. more or less 【解析】 :more of 脱胎于 not much of:算不上......。例如 He isn't much of a speaker.他不是 一个很健谈的人。本举的意思是:与其说这是个聚会,还不如说这是个会议。rather like 与 more 无法呼应。 54.As I will be away for at least a year. I'd appreciate hearing from you telling me _____how everyone is getting along. A. By and by B. more or less C. now and then D. at the same time 【解析】 :by and by 意为 before long 即不久以后;more or less 意为或多或少表数量 now

and then 意为 from time to time 时而,表频度,此处修饰 telling 发生的频率,故选 C; at the same time 意为 in the meanwhile 同时;然而 55. Mr. Lin's comments were very difficult to follow because they were ______related to the topic under discussion. A. specifically B. precisely C.loosely D.typically 【解析】specifically 意为专门地;明确地 ; B. precisely 精确地 C.loosely,不精确地,不 严密地。 D.typically 典型地,具有代表性地。本句的意思是:林先生的评论不好明白, 因为它与正在讨论的话题联系不紧密, 56.I no longer have the support of the committee. _____,I have decided to resign. A. However B. Otherwise C. Therefore D. Besides 【解析】 :前后两句间为顺承关系,后者为前者的结果,故用 therefore。A 项表示转折; B 项表示"否则";D 项表示补充说明,意思是"再说:"。 57.It's hard for him playing against me.I've got nothing to play for,but for him,he needs to win so______. A. far B.well C.little D.badly 【解析】 本题考查副词。 Badly 与 want ,need 连用, 表示非常(very much)。 E.g badly in need of repair 58.When I go out in the evening I use the bike ____the car if I can. A. rather than B. regardless of C. in spite of D. other than 【解析】本题考查固定短语,根据句子含义,我使用自行车,而不是小汽车。rather than means instead of (而不是)




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