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Teaching Procedures:

Which kind of newspapers or magazines have you read?

Do you know how many parts can be composed of a piece of newspaper?

rticle front cover front page headline photograph front page headline

photograph front cover article

Put the words into two groups:
editor celebrity photographer sport business economy international politics journalist
People who work on newspapers and magazines





Types of news items you celebrity fashion sport business can find in newspapers and mangaazines economy international politics

1.who are they? 2.What is the name of the capsule?
3.How many Chinese people had traveled in space before them ? Who?

Who is he?

Guess words:

An astronaut is a person who travels to outer space. For example: This last year, China sent its first astronaut to outer space.

cosmonaut A Soviet astronaut. taikonaut A Chinese astronaut navigator 驾驶员;领航员 universe 宇宙 “宇”指无限空间,“宙”指无限时间
Our world is but a small part of the universe.

Lieutenant 陆军)中尉(海军)上尉 ( Colonel
陆军上校, 团长

Lieutenant Colonel 中校 NASA
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (美国)国家航空和宇宙航行局 秘书长, 总书记 secretary-general


International Space Station

Part 1

Para Yang liwei landed safely this Shenzhou V capsule 1~4 moring in the ______________ in Inner Mongolia, 300 kilometres ___________northwest of Beijing.
Conversations Para ____________in space 5 between Yang liwei and two

Fast reading

Part 2

astronauts aboard International Space Station. Part Para Many countries around the 3 6 world sent messages congratulations of____________.

Congratulations from around the world

Premier WenJiabao
A complete success.

Write into history.

The flight … step forward… whole world…


Read the whole text very carefully again, and choose the correct answers.

Into the test :

C 1. From the text we know that China has become the______nation to send a man into space now. A. first B . second C. third D. 438th 2. Who telephoned the Control Centre to offer his congratulations when Yang Liwei landed? A A . Wen Jiabao. B. Edward Lu. C. Kofi Annan. D. Sean O' keefe 3. Which of the following is NOT right? C A. Yang Liwei was in space for 21.5 hours. B. The twe cosmonauts Yang Liwei spoke to while traveling in space were from America and Russia. C. One of the astronauts aboard the International Space Station was born in China. D. Kofi Annan thought that the flight was good news for the whole world. 4. How many people had traveled in space before Yang Liwei? D A. 438 B. 439 C. 32 D. 437 5. What's the text mainly about? B A. Congratulations from all over tha world. B. China's first man in space. C. October 16th,2003 --- a great moment in the history of China. D. Conversations in space.

True or False: 1. The taikonaut was in space for 21 hours. F 2. One of the astronauts aboard the Inter- F national Space Station was born in China. 3. The other man aboard the Space Station is a Russian cosmonaut. T 4. China received messages of congratuT lations from all over the world. 5. Sean O’Keefe works for the United F Nations. 6. Kofi Annan thought that the flight was F very good news just for China.

According to the form ,fill in the blanks.


the ShenZhou V manned shaceship

Launch Duration Orbits Actions

Jiu Quan, satellite,launch,center

21.5 hours 14
Take photos, show the UN and PRC flags, speak to astronauts aboard ISS

Landing Feelings

Capsule,Inner Mongolia
Moment, history, greatest day

1.Do you remember the news about Yang Liwei in Octobor 2003? 2.How did you find out about it? A.From TV/radio B.From a newspaper C.From a person D.From the Internet 3.What were your feelings when you heard the news? 4.Do you think China should continue with its space programme?

.Language Points Task1.Language points and some exercises. 1Yang was in space for twenty-one and a half hours and made 14 orbits of the earth. 翻译:____________________________________________________ make an orbit of:围绕…转圈 翻译:那颗行星每年绕太阳转一圈. The planet ________ ________ ________ ________the sun every year. 2.When he was orbiting in the capsule,he took photographs of planet earth. 翻译 :________________________________________________________ take photographs/photos/pictures of +宾语 翻译:____________________

2.people who work on newspapers and magazines work on 从 事于,致力于,对…有影响,设法说服 work on a house 修建房屋 work on a novel 写小说 work out 算出,解决

江苏05)They _____on the program for almost one week befor I joined them, and now we_____here any more. A had been working ;are still working B had worked; were still working C have been working;have worked D have worked ;are still working 3.politics n.(sing or pl) p41 政治事务,政治活动,政治学(sing) local politics politic adj. 行为得当,审慎 He thought it politic to leave political adj. 政治的,国家的,政权的 political rights ; political system politician n. 政治家 4 . A chinese astronaut is sometimes called taikonaut…p42 Call in 召集 call for 要求,需要 call at 拜访某地 call on/upon 拜访某人


---Did you tell Julia about the result ? ---Oh no ,I forgot. I_____her now . A. will be calling B. will call C. call

D.am to call

5.This may often give you an idea of the general content…p42 give sb.an idea of …使某人了解… have an /some idea of …对…有所了解 have no idea (of) 对…不了解 (陕西08)Tomorrow is tom’s birthday.Have you got any idea_____ the party is to be held. A what B which C that D. where 6.China received messages of congratulations from all over the world. p43 congratulation n. 通常用复数表祝福 应用于成功,结婚毕业 *抽象意义时不用复数There are many letters of congratulation 许多祝贺信 It’s a matter for congratulation 那是件可喜的事

congratulate v.祝贺(常与介词on/upon 连用)congratulate sb. on/upon sth. We congratulated him on /upon passing the driving test. 我们祝贺他通过了考试。 (08武汉)we send them a telegram,___ them ___ their success. A. congratulate; on B. congratulating;on C. congratulated;in D.congratulating;in 7.It is a great moment in the history of China…..p43 Moment 一会,时刻,时机,重要性等,可以与介词构成介词短语, 做时间状语。 at any moment 在任何时候,随时 He will be here at any moment 他随时有可能到这里 8.In total, theseastronauts from……p43 In total 表示总数,合计 a total of 总共…… A total of 2000 visited the castle. 总共2000人参 观了这个城堡

total 1. n.总数,总额 The repaires came to over 500 RMB in total 修理费用总共500元 2. vt. 把…加起来,计算…的总和 The students totaled 3000. 3. adj. 整个的,全部的。He made a total fool of himself .他出尽 了洋相 The Beijing Space Control centre said the flight was a “complete success” p43 成功,不可数。 Failure is the mather of the success. 成功的人或者事可数 He was a great success as a writer。做为作家他非常成功。 拓展 succeed vi. 成功(通常和in 搭配) e.g.His mother succeed in dancing. successful adj. 成功的 successfully adv. 成功地 (08武汉) Because he has achieved _____ great success in his work,everybody considers him_____success. A. a;a B. /;a C.a;/ D. /; /

9…an important historical achievement…p43 achievement 1.[ U.]完成,达到 celebrate the achievement of our aims 庆祝我们愿望的实现 2.[C]成绩,成就(特指通过努力或技巧得到的) a great achievement achieve v.1. 通过努力,技巧获得或达到。 achieve success . 2. 实现,完成。 I’ve achieved only half of what I’d hoped to do.我只完成了一半我希望做到的 (08江苏) Although medical science _____ control over several dangerous diseases, what worries us is that some of them are returning.
A. achieved B.has achieved C.will achieve D.had achieved
10.When can be replaced with as soon as p44

replace v.1.将某物放回原处e.g. replace the book on the shelf.把书放回书架。 2.代替,取代=take the place of e.g.Can anything replace a mother’s love? replace sb./sth. with sb./ sth. e.g. replace a broken window with a new one. replaceable adj.可代替的,可更换的, replacement un.代替更换 cn.代替或者更换他人的人或者物 she is a replacement

11.I’d be delighted to sign your arm p45. delight n. 快乐,高兴 to one’s delight 使某人高兴的是 with delight高兴地 take a delight in。。。 以…为乐,从…中取乐 (08南昌) The naughy boy takes a great _____ in pulling the dog’s tails. A. joy B. rapture C. light D. delight v. 给某人乐趣,使愉快 e.g. Her singing delighted everyone . delight sb. with sth. delight in sth/doing sth. 以某事为乐(常为残忍的事情) (08湖北) He often _____ his children _____ his magic . A. delight; with B. delighted ;with C. delights ;by D. delights; at delighted adj. 欣喜的,快乐的 be delighted at/by/with sth. be delighted to do sth. /that-clause } 因为…而高兴

Please remember the new words we have learned this class and try your best to write a passage about Yang Liwei and the Shenzhou V capsule.



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