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1. With ________, some animals are facing the danger of dying out. (cut) 由于越来越多的森林被砍伐,一些动物正面临着灭绝的危险。 2. Popularly ________ American films ever made, The Godfather is a milestone of cinema. (regard) 《教父》被普遍认为是美国有史以来最好的影片之一,是电影界的一个里程碑。 3. However ________, I could not read his handwriting. (try) 不论我怎样努力,还是没法看清他写的字。 4. The soldier was absent from his camp for three days without ________. (ask) 这个士兵没有请假就离开营地三天。 5.It was cold and dumpty the man pulled up his collat and put his hands to his_____(冻僵了的 脸).(freate) 6.________(把钥匙握在手上),he looked for them everywhere.(hold) 7. A number of paintings in this castle are believed (被毁掉)in a fire in 2009.(destroy) 8._____________________(油漆成) red, the building stands out among the rest and looks very attractive. (paint) 9.____________________(不会用) a computer makes it more difficult for him to do his academic research. (use) 10.After she completes the projects, she’ll have_________________(没有什么要担心的).(worry) 11.When you are finished with electric iron, don’t forget ______________(关掉它) (turn) 12._______________(获得奖学金) gave Martin the chance to go to a college in one of the northern states.(win) 13 .----You’d better go and ____________(把你的轿车洗洗). ----No.I’ll do it myself.(wash) 14 .They sat together around the table, with________________ (门关着)。 (shut) 15.It hurt most to love someone but not _____________in return. (love) 爱上某人却未被爱最让人痛苦。 16.The adventure awake to _______________up to the tree with long ropes. (find) 这位冒险家醒来时,发现自己被长绳捆在树上。 17.__________________all night reading the documents, I was very tired the next day. (spend) 看了一整夜的文件,第二天我疲倦极了。 18.He hurried to the airport to meet his favorite film star, only _____________that she had left. (inform) 他匆忙赶到机场去见他最喜爱的电影明星,结果被告知她已经走了。 19.The clever student, once _______________, dropped out of China’s top universities twice. (addict) 那个曾迷恋上网的聪明学生两次从中国顶尖大学辍学。 20.Not __________ by a well-known company doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no bright future, (employ) 不被知名的公司录用并不一定意味着你没有美好的未来。 21. Misunderstanding arising from lack of communication, unless properly__________, may lead to serious problems. (deal) 除非处理得当,要不然因缺乏交流而引起的误解可能会导致严重的问题。 22. Jenny happened_____________ my phone number in the directory when I dropped in at her house. (look) 当我偶然到珍妮家串门时,她碰巧在电话薄上查找我的号码。 23. We treasured very much the chance of _____________by the GM face to face. (interview) 我们非常珍惜这次由总经理亲自面试的机会。 24._____________a red card, which reads “For Your 18th Birthday”. (attach) 附在盒子上的是一张红色卡片,写着“预祝你 18 岁生日” 。 25. I____________ you, but I was too busy then. (think) 我本想来拜访您的,可是当时太忙了。 26.In the terrible fifteen minutes, a large city lay in ruins, with bricks covering the ground like


__________(落叶)in the autumn. (fall) 27. When he woke up, he _________________in the hospital. (find) 醒来时,他竟然发现自己躺在医院里。 28.When________________to all those celebrating the Lunat New Year, US President Obama called it” a time for celebration and hope”. (offer) 在向欢度农历新年的人们表达他最美好的祝愿时, 每个总体奥巴马说这是 “欢庆和希望的时刻” 。 29.It was not until the train pulled into the station that he found his suitcase was nowhere____________. (find) 直到火车进站时他才发现自己的行李不见踪影了。 30. Such knowledge is still useful________________( 当 应 用 ) to similar situations in other countries.(when) 31.Shortly after that serious accident happened, ________________were caught and questioned. (involve) 该事故发生后不久所有相关人员都被抓并受审了。 32.____________________,I don’t expect to get through the exam. (prepare) 我没有做好准备,没有指望能通过这次考试。 33. Now that you can’t see the blackboard, you need___________________ at the hospital. (examine) 既然你看不清黑板,那么你就应该去医院检查一下眼睛。 34.____________________on time tomorrow, I’m afraid I’ll stay up tonight. (hand) 为了明天按时把作文交上去,我今晚恐怕要熬夜了。 35.________________the neighborhood with his knowledge, he applied to be a village official. (determine) 他决心用自己的知识为乡亲服务,于是申请当村官。 36. No one seems___________________ my plan, which makes me upset. (show) 似乎谁都对我的计划不感兴趣,这让我很失望。 37. At my words, he stood there _____________________. (lose) 听了我的这番话,他站在那里,陷入沉思。 38._______________in a restaurant, I asked if I could take a photo with him. (spot) 看到他在一家餐厅用餐,我问可否跟他合影。 39.You might figure that if you do good work, you don’t need _____________________. (fire) 你可能认为,只要在工作中表现出色,就不用担心被开除。 40.With all flights _____________ because of the weather, many passengers could do nothing but take the train. (cancel) 由于天气原因,所有的航班都取消了,很多乘客只好坐火车。 41. Mr. Homer, __________________ in English learning, will come to give us a lecture this coming Saturday. (consider) 荷马先生被认为是英语学习方面的专家,他将于本周六给我们作报告。 42. When I was hurried to the hospital, I felt luckily ____________________in the accident. (survive) 我被送到医院的时候觉得很幸运,因为这次事故中我幸免于难。 43. Mr. White has been working in the school for about 20 years,___________ teaching and researching. (devote) 怀特先生在这所学校工作了约 20 年,把他的精力都放在了教学和研究中。 44. As a matter of fact, most men enjoy their food shopping experience, taking their time ______________. (bargain). 实际上,大多数男性很享受自己购买食物的过程,其间他们会花时间去寻找特价商品。 45. Unfortunately, the flowers _____________ Claire wasn’t delivered to her home on time. (intend) 可惜的是,打算送给克莱尔的鲜花没有被按时送到她的家里。 46. Most citizens do not object ________________ in public places. (forbid) 大部分市民不反对禁止在公共场合吸烟。 47._____________ the reading passage, why do you think these things might be important to people?(base) 基于这篇阅读短文,为什么你认为这些东西可能对人们很重要?


48. We rushed to the stadium,__________________ the concert had come to an end .(tell) 我们急匆匆地赶到体育馆,结果却被告知音乐会已经结束了。 49. The telephone is considered _______________________by Bell. (invent) 人们认为电话是贝尔发明的。 50. This is the explanation ________________by him. (put) 这就是他给出的解释。 51. We are said _________________ the Information Age, a time for great discoveries and changes. (live) 据说我们正生活在信息时代,这是一个充满伟大发明和变化的时代。 52.____________________ all their money, they had no chance of surviving. (run) 他们把钱都用完了,不可能继续幸存下去。 53.________________, he decided to apologize to his friend the next day. (realize) 认识到自己的错误之后,他决定第二天就去跟他的朋友道歉。 54.______________________for months, Dina finally took up a position at a local advertising agency. (struggle) Dina 在苦苦的找了几个月的工作之后,终于在当地的一家广告公司找到了一份工作。 55. The students are listening to the teacher, with their eyes ____________ the blackboard. (fix) 学生们眼睛盯着黑板,在听老师讲课。 56.______________in Hawaii, I remember all the excitement surrounding the Lunar New Year. (grow) 我在夏威夷长大,至今仍记得每逢农历新年那些令人兴奋的事情。 57. Disabled as he is , he leads a busy life______________ feeling sorry for himself. (sit) 尽管他残疾,但他过着繁忙的生活,没有时间坐在那里为自己感到难过。 58. I was too weak to go to school so _______________ (suffer) 我太虚弱了上不了学,因此我的学业受到影响。 59. How proud she is ___________________ her country in an international competition. ?(represent) 她是多么骄傲能够代表她的国家参加一场国际比赛。 60.________________, the girl hid herself behind the door. (see) 看到警察来了,小姑娘把自己藏在门后。 61.____________________,you should always know what the most popular things are. (keep) 要与时俱进,你总得了解当前什么东西最流行。 62._________________, Li Tao had to cut purchase costs. (run) 为了保证生意的正常运行,李涛不得不降低进货成本。 63.________________her Mp4, Xiao Lin wasn’t aware of the coming of her teacher. (absorb) 专心于玩 Mp4, 小林没有注意到老师来了。 64. It rained for three weeks on end, completely ______________________. (ruin) 雨连续不断地下了三星期,彻底毁了我们的假期。 65. His first book________________ next month is based on a true story. (punish) 他的第一本书下个月即将出版,这本书由一个真实的故事改编而来。 66. The news shocked the public, _____________________ about students’ safety at school. (lead) 这个消息震惊了公众,引起了人们对学生在校安全问题的极大关注。 67.______________________, Tom fell in deep thought, staring vacantly into space. (inform) 当得知了发生了什么事情,汤姆陷入沉思,茫然若失的凝视着空中。 68.99% of school-age children in China are reported ________________________in 2004. (report) 据报道 2004 年中国有 99%的学龄儿童上了小学。 69.It’s really unfortunate of him ___________________drugs. What can we do to help him? (addict) 他染上毒瘾真实太不幸了。我们能做点什么帮他呢? 70.__________________ all possibilities, I decided to write to him. (account) 把一切可能性都考虑之后,我决定给他写封信。 71.________________by his lack of politeness, I didn’t stay there long. (annoy) 他没礼貌,这让我很恼火,没在那里呆很长时间。 72.___________________for one year, she went to American and began a new life there. (divorce)


与丈夫离婚一年后,她去了美国,在那里开始了新的生活。 73.Every year about one million tourists visit the Pyramids, which is believed ___________________about 4,700 years age. (construct) 每年大约有一百万游客参观埃及金字塔,据说它是在 4700 年以前被修建的。 74._____________________, many animals are facing the danger of dying out. (destroy) 大部分森林毁掉了,很多动物面临着灭绝的危险。 75.__________________ too long will do harm to one’s skin. (expose) 暴露在阳光下太久对皮肤有害。 76. He left home on a cold night, never ___________________________. (hear) 他在一个寒冷之夜离家出走了,从此杳无音讯。 77.___________________________ at this speed, the forest will disappear in the near future. (cut) 以现在的速度砍伐,这片森林在不久的将来就会消失。 78._______________ with his brothers since the age of seven, she made several attempts to get in touch with them but in vain. (separate) 她自从七岁就和兄弟们分开了,她多次尝试和他们取得联系但都没有结果。 79.I was going along the street____________________(找个地方)to park when the accident occurred. (look) 80. Production of wine is almost completely European, with France _________(占有) 40%。 (account) 81. Philip seemed _________(被介绍给了) to Jane. He knew her well. (introduce) 82._______________twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we have our dog chained. (bite)被咬过两次后,这个邮递员拒绝送信,除非我们把狗栓住。 83. . ----Is Tom still performing? ----I’m afraid not. He is said ____________(离开) the stage already as he has become an official. (leave) 84. Mathematical gift,musical ability or a way with words have come (被认为是) natural talents or,biologically speaking,in our genes. (think) 85. Not (看完那本小说) ,Tom knew nothing about its tragic ending. (finish) 86. The secretary forgot to type her business letter, _______________________ (集中注意力去阅 读) an interesting report, (focus) 87. She felt quiet excited with so many people ________________. (approve) 有这么多人赞同她的决定,她感到很激动。 88. Many people, including some foreigners, __________________(一直被困在机场) because of the 9.0 magnitude earthquakes, (stick) 89. Advertisements have become part of everyday life so it is important that we educate ourselves about them ___________ (避免受愚弄)by them. (avoid) 90.The student originally ____________________________(被怀疑拿了) her money has proved that he wasn’t at the scene at that moment. (suspect) 91.The rooms were in a total mess when we came back from work –the house seemed_____________.(break) 当我们下班回到家时,发现屋子一片狼藉-好像有人闯进过。 92.You can hardly imagine the difficulty the woman had______________ her children. (bring) 你几乎很难想象不到那位妇女在养育孩子时所遇到的艰辛。 93________my research, I didn’t have time for social work. (occupy) 忙于研究工作,我没有时间参与社交活动。 94..With each classroom__________ a water fountain , all the students now have with easy access to clean drinking water. (equip) 每个教室都配备一台饮水机,所有学生都可以喝到干净的水了。 95. With , we should take relative measures immediately to ensure that our goals can be achieved successfully. (clarify)


形势已澄清,我们应当立即采取相应的措施来确保我们的目标能够成功实现。 96.With my eyes_________________________ the dark, I was lucky to manage to find my way to the exit of the cave. (accustom) 随着我的眼睛渐渐适应了黑暗, 我幸运地找到了岩洞的出口. 97. I showed him a map of China in the Ming Dynasty on it.(with) 我给他看了一张明朝时的中国地图,所有的边界都画在上面。 98. With ________________, his family continues to support him in every way. (come) 他的梦想实现了,但他的家庭继续在各个方面支持他。 99. But for the accident of nuclear power station in Japan, the world ____________(不会意识到) the importance of nuclear safety. (aware) 100. With____________________, you can enjoy yourself in the Food Festival. (taste) 有如此多的食物品尝,在这次美食节上你可以好好享受一番了。 101.With the population increasing in this city, it is suggested that a new water supply plant be built up, with the government . (provide) 由于人口不断增长,建议在这个城市建一个新供水厂,资金将由政府提供. 102. Moyan __________________________ of the highest quality, any survey of the Modern Contemporary Chinese Literature must include him. (produce) 莫言由于创作出了最高质量的作品,任何关于中国现当代文学的研究都必须包括他。 103. You may find you have more than one strong learning style, which is a bonus because ______________________________ in more than one style increases your chances of finding activities that suit you. (able) 你不只拥有一种较好的学习方法,这是件好事,因为能采用多种学习方法会增加你找到适合 自己的活动的机会。 104.With______________his lecture about the endangered animals, the professor has been preparing for it all the day. (attend) 因为许多学生来听关于濒危动物的报告,这位教授一整天都在做准备。 105.Fully____________________ the accuracy of the data, they stuck to their opinion. (Convince) 深信数据准确无误,他们坚持自己的意见。 106. It is impossible for my question ________________in his absence. (answer) 他不在,我的问题就答复不了。


非谓语动词完成句子答案 1. more and more forests /tress (being) cut down 2. regarded as one of the best 3. hard/much I (had) tried 4. asking for leave 5. frozen face 6. holding the/ his key in the/ his hand; with the keys held in the /his hand 7. to have been destroyed 8. Having been painted/painted 9. Not being able to use/ Being unable to use/ Not knowing how to use 10. nothing to worry about 11.to turn it off 12.winning a scholarship 13.get/have your car washed 14.the door shut 15.to be loved 16. find himself/ herself tied 17. Having spent; Because/After/As I had spent 18. to be informed 19.addicated to surfing the Internet 20. being employed 21. dealt with 22. to be looking for 23. being interviewed 24.Attached to the box is 25. had thought of /about visiting/calling on 26.fallen leaves 27. found himself lying 28. offering his best wishes 29. to be found 30.when applied 31. all the people involved 32. Not having been (well) prepared 33. to have your eyes examined 34.To hand in my composition 35. Determined to serve 36. to show any interest 37.lost in thought 38.spotting him eating 39.to worry about being fired 40.(having been) cancelled 41. (who is) considered (to be) an expert 42. to have survived 43. devoting all his energy to 44. to look for bargains 45.(that/which were) intended for 46. to forbidding smoking 47. Based on/upon 48. only to be told(that) 49.to have been invented 50.(which/that was) put forward 51. to be living in 52. Having run out of


53. Having realized his own mistakes 54. Having struggled to seek a job 55.fixed on/upon 56.Growing up 57.with no time to sit there 58.my studies suffered 59. to be able to represent 60.seeing the police coming 61. To keep his business running 62.To keep his business times 63.Absorbed in (playing) 64.running our holiday 65. to be punished 66. leading to great concern 67. (Having been) informed of what had happened 68. to have attended primary school 69. to have been addicted to 70. Having taken into account 71.Annoyed by 72.Having been divorced from her husband 73.to have been constructed 74.(with) most forest destroyed 75. Being exposed to 76. to be heard from 77.Being cut down 78.Having been separated from 79. looking for a place 80.accounting for 81.tohave been introduced 82.Bitten/Having been bitten 83.to have left 84.to be thought of as 85.having finished reading the novel 86.focusing her attention on reading 87. approving of her decision 88.remained stuck at the airport 89. to avoid being fooled 90.suspected of taking 91. to have been broken into 92. bringing up 93.occupied with 94.enquipped with 95. the situation clarified 96. getting accustomed to 97. with all boundaries drawn 98. his dream coming true 99. wouldn’t be/have become aware of 100. with so much food to taste 101. to provide money / fund (for it) 102. having produced works 103. being able to learn/study 104.many students to attend. 105.convinced of 106. to be answered




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