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单元规范训练:BOOK 5 Unit 1 Great scientists(新人教版必修5)

Book 5
Ⅰ .单项填空

Unit 1

Great scientists

1.I________along the street looking for a place to park when the accident________. A.went;was happening C.was goin

g;happened B.went;happened D.was going;had happened

2.In ________ review of 44 studies ,American researchers found that men and women who ate six key foods daily cut the risk of ________ heart disease by 76%. A.a;the B.the; a C.a;/ D./;a

3.When I got there,he was________a wedding party. A.attending B. joining C.attending to D.joining in

4.—Would you please help me with the box? —________. A. Yes ,please C.With pleasure 5.—Which doctor is________ your wound? —Doctor Wang. A.curing B.treating C.operating D.attending B.No,please don’t D.My pleasure

6.The boy________by the police has no parents. A.questioned C.having been questioned 7.He always gives students enough time to A.attract B. absorb B.has been questioned D.questioning ______ what they have just learnt. C.get D.receive

8.________ for the terrible coal mine accident ,as the public thought,the mayor of the city felt nervous and was at a loss what to do. A. Having blamed C. Being to be blamed B. He was to blame D.Being to blame

9.It’s said that driving after drinking________ thousands of traffic accidents every year. A.results from C.devotes to B.contributes to D.lies in

10. There are many toys on the shelf and you can use whichever you want , but please________ them________ when you have finished playing with them. A.put;on B.put;down C.put;back D.put;off

11.She smiled happily,________ a set of amazing white teeth.

A.expos ing

B.being exposed


D.to expose

12.Your composition is wellwritten ________ some spelling mistakes. A.bes ides B. except for C.as well as D.in addition to

13.Dogs have a very good________ of smell and are often used to search for survivors in the earthquake. A.sense B.view C.means D.idea

14.He suggested________ a meeting and it suggested that he________ in our plan. A.to hold;was interested C.holding;should be interested 15.—What’s the matter? —I can’t get the engine________. A.running Ⅱ .完形填空 Once a farmer had some puppies to sell. He painted a(n)__16__ pups and set about nailing it to a post on the edge of his was driving the last nail into the post ,he felt a sudden pull on his trousers.He__18__down into the eyes of a little boy. “Mister ,”he said,“I want to buy one of your puppies. ” “Well, ”said the farmer , as he rubbed the sweat off the back of his__19__, “these puppies come from fine parents and__20__ a good deal of money. ” The boy__21__his head for a moment.Then reaching deep into his pocket , he pulled out a handful of__22__and held it up to the farmer. “I’ve got thirtynine cents.Is that enough to take a look ?” “Sure,”said the farmer. And with that he__23__a whistle,“Here,Dolly!”he called. __24__from the doghouse and down the road ran Dolly__25__by four little balls of fur.As the dogs made their__26__to the fence,the little boy noticed something else moving ins ide the doghouse.__27__another little ball appeared,this one noticeably smaller.The little pup began walking unsteadily toward the others ,doing its best to__28__. “I want that one,”the little boy said,__29__at the runt ( 矮个子). The farmer knelt down at the boy’s side and said,“Son,you__30__want that puppy.He will never be able to__31__and play with you as other dogs would. ” With that the little boy__32__back from the fence, reached down , and began rolling up one leg of his__33__.In doing so he showed a steel brace( 支柱) running down both sides of his leg attaching itself to a__34__made shoe.Looking back up at the farmer ,he said,“You see,sir,I don’t run too well myself,and he will need someone who understands. ” The__35__is full of people who need someone who understands. 16.A.sight B.paper C.information

B.holding;was interested D.should hold;be interested


C.to run






17.A.Then 18.A.put 19.A.nose 20.A.spend 21.A.raised 22.A.notes 23.A. let out 24.A. Up 25.A.came 26.A.step 27.A.Quickly 28.A.get up 29.A.moving 30.A.mustn’t 31.A.run 32.A.stepped 33.A.clothes 34.A.simply 35.A.farm Ⅲ .阅读理解

B. Before B. looked B.neck B.spare B. lifted B.change B.carried out B.Over B.followed B.way B.Slowly B.stand up B.pointing B.don’t B.s it B.talked B.dresses B.specially B.country

C.As C.knelt C.head C.make C.fell C.sugar C.put out C.Out C.went C.walk C.Oddly C.catch up C.calling C.can’t C.walk C.climbed C.sweaters C.carefully C.city

D.After D.stared D.face D.cost D.dropped D.goods D.left out D.In D.caught D.drive D.Sadly D.move up D.turning D.needn’t D.stand D.fell D.trousers D.newly D.world

Where we live,on the eastern shore of Maryland,the gentle and out like fingers slimming at the tips. The Canada geese know this place, as do the white swans and autumn,they come home for the winter.Once or twice each year , frozen rain move into the area.When this happens ,if the river is at narrowest,there is a freeze which hardens the water to ice.

waters run in

the ducks.In snow and its

One morning,a friend of mine set the breakfast table beside the huge window ,which overlooked the Tred Avon River.Suddenly she leaned forward and cried out,“There is a goose out there. ” We saw the figure of a large Canada goose, very still, its wings folded tight to its sides , its feet frozen into the ice. Then from the dark skies ,she saw a line of swans.They floated from the top of the sky downward and at last landed on the ice.My friend was on her feet now ,with one hand against her mouth,unbelieving.As the swans surrounded the frozen goose,she feared that life it still had might be pecked( 啄) out by those great swan bills. Instead,those bills began to work on the ice.The long necks were lifted and curved down ,again and again.It went on for a long time.At last , the goose’s head was lifted.Its body was pulled.Then the goose was free and stood


on the ice.And the swans stood in the air watching.Then , as if it had cried, “I cannot fly. ”Four of the swans came down around it.Their powerful beaks chipped off the ice held in the feathers.Slowly ,the goose spread its wings as far as they would go,and moved slowly into the sky. This is a true story.I just think of it in the bad moment,and from it comes only one hopeful question :If so for birds ,why not for man? 36.Which would be the best title for the passage? A.Why Not for Man? B.Graceful Swans C.Swans ’ Brave Act D.I Just Couldn’t Believe It! 37.What happened to the Canada goose? A.It was deserted by other geese. B.It was stuck in the ice. C.It was wounded and couldn’t fly. D.It was lost in the water. 38.At first the author ’s friend was worried that________. A.the swans would not help the Canada goose B.she didn’t care about this matter any more C.the swans wouldn’t identify with the Canada goose D.the swans would peck the Canada goose to death 39.What did the swans do when they saw the Canada goose couldn ’t fly? A.They chipped off the ice held in its feathers. B.They waited patiently for the ice held in its feathers to melt. C.They came down and lifted it up to the sky together. D.They stayed with it and protected it. 40.What would probably happen to the author ’s friend in the end? A.She stood there,watching attentively,still feeling a bit worried. B.She didn’t care about this matter any more. C.She was embarrassed and went on with her breakfast silently. D.She stood there quietly,not realizing tears had come down her cheeks.


1.C 15.A 16.D 29.B 36. A


3.A 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.B 8.D

9.B 10.C 11.A 12.B

13.A 14.B 27.B 28.C

17.C 18.B 19.B 20.D 21.D 22.B 23.A 24.C 25.B 26.B 30.B 37.B 31.A 32.A 33.D 34.B 35.D 38.D 39.A 40.D



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