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Unit 6 Water II. 语法&词汇 语法练习: 一、用 many 或 much 填空: 1. Did you buy _______________ food? 2. There aren’t _______________ hotels in the town. 3. We haven’t got _______________ petrol in our car. 4. Were there _______________ people on the train? 5. Did _______________ students fail the exam? 6. Paul hasn’t got _______________ money in his wallet. 7. I wasn’t very hungry. I didn’t eat _______________. 8. I haven’t seen George for _______________ years. 二、用 how much 或 how many 填空: 1. ____________________ people are coming to the party? 2. ____________________ sugar do you want in your coffee? 3. ____________________ bread did you buy? 4. ____________________ players are there in a football team? 三、用 few, a few, little 或 a little 填空: 1. There was _______________ food in the fridge. It was nearly empty. 2. – When did Sarah go out?-- _______________ minutes ago. 3. I can’t decide now. I need _______________ time to think about it. 4. There was _______________ traffic, so we arrived earlier than we expected. 5. The bus service isn’t very good at night – there are _______________ buses after 9 o’clock. 6. I’d like to practise my English more but I have _______________ chances. 四、单项选择: 1. My father is a man of _____ words. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few 2. Many people have tried, but _____ have succeeded. A. the few B. a few C. few D. some 3. You may go and ask him. He knows _____ about Japanese. A. a few B. few C. little D. a little 4. No news _____ good news. A. is B. be C. are D. were 5. Watching TV _____ is bad for your eyes.

A. too much B. too many C. very much D. much too 6. They don’t get _____ money to buy tickets. A. enough B. a few C. no D. few 7. There are _____ pencils for the children. A. a little B. too much C. enough D. a few of 词汇运用 一、选择填空: 1. You should _____ your hands before you have lunch. A. clean over B. clean up C. wash over D. washed up 2. -- What is _____ TV now? -- A weather report. A. in B. at C. on D. for 3. Remember _____ the door. I didn’t take the key with me. A. to close B. not to close C. to not close D. not close 4. Your idea about having a picnic tonight _____. A. sounds great B. sound great C. sounds interest D. sounds interested 5. – Jack, do you only know how to turn on the radio? -- No, mum, I will _____ right now. A. turn off it B. turn it on C. turn on it D. turn it off 6. They _____ go out of the room _____ it stopped raining. A. didn’t, until B. /, until C. didn’t, when D. /, when 7. _____ the end of my class, I like telling a story. A. / B. At C. In D. By 8. Don’t eat _____ a cat. You need to eat more to grow taller this year. A. likes B. liked C. as D. like 9. Which picture are you _____? Do you want me to tell you more about it? A. looking B. seeing C. looking at D. seeing at 10. I heard some _____ coming from that room. A. voice B. sound C. noisy D. noise 11. There _____ only bread and rice. We must go and buy some meat. A. are B. is C. be D. have 12. _____ student in my class likes wearing school uniform, even at weekends. A. Many B. Much C. Many a D. A little 13. If the poor children have _____ drink, they will not die. A. enough water B. water enough C. water enough for D. enough water to 14. The dining room is too small. It can _____ hold 10 persons each time.

A. at last B. at most C. at least D. at this moment 15. Mum told me to finish reading this English story _____ a month. A. for B. in C. at D. on 16. Yesterday, there is _____ heavy rain in the countryside. A. a B. an C. the D. / 17. Parents should not leave their children _____ alone at home. A. staying B. to stay C. stay D. stayed 18. He’s so hungry that he can put a _____ chicken into his mouth at one time. A. whole B. all C. whole of D. all of 19. It _____ me four days to go through this forest. A. spent B. cost C. took D. paid 20. The machine can _____ clean up the dirty water. It is _____ than that one. A. easy, useful B. easily, usefully C. much easily, more useful D. easily, more useful 21. – Would you like _____ tea? -- Yes, please. A. some B. a C. any D. many 22. There _____much _____ on the table. A. isn’t, bread B. isn’t, breads C. aren’t, bread D. aren’t, breads 23. There are _____ old men over there. A. a little B. much C. a lot D. a lot of 24. I’m sorry I can’t attend the meeting because I have too _____ to do. A. any work B. much works C. much work D. many works 25. Don’t eat _____ food at night. It is bad for your health. A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too 二、首字母填空: 1. Our country is m______________ up of 56 nations (民族). 2. After raining, you can get many little d______________ of water from roofs. 3. People can get s______________ from sea water. 4. There are many c______________ in the blue sky. 5. The rain p______________ into the village and makes the flood (洪灾). 6. Drink some s_________ drinks after sports, and you’ll recover (恢复) quickly. 7. Many kinds of fishes live in the o______________. 8. Excuse me, I want to buy two l______________ of oil. 9. The water is waiting in the p_________ underground until you turn on the tap. 10. After a long journey, the most thing you need is t______________ a bath. 11. Not all water is drinkable because some of them is p______________. 12. Don’t use the b______________ tap. It will waste water.

13. Your stupid decision makes us tired and d______________ us crazy. 14. You should learn English from the s______________ of ABC. 三、句型转换: 1. The weather is fine. My family will have an outing. (用 if 连接成一句) ______________the weather ______________fine, my family ______________ ______________ an outing. 2. I don’t care if you think it is true or false, the driver drove a truck into a river after drinking. (转换为同义句) ________________________, the driver drove a truck into a river after drinking. 3. Mike can eat ten bowls of noodles one time. (就划线部分提问). ____________________________ noodles can Mike eat one time? 4. I have very few friends to play with. (用 enough 改写). I don’t have ______________ ______________ to play with. 5. You are a student, so you must study hard. (转换为同义句) ___________________________, you must study hard. 四、中译英: 1、人们在水处理厂净化水, 然后再输送到各家各户。 People ______________ the water ______________ in the treatment works and then send it to every family. 2、这个游泳池足够大了,它一次能容纳 200 人游泳。 This swimming pool is _____________ _____________ to hold 200 people to _____________ _____________ at one time. 3、云是由许多颗小水滴组成的。 The cloud ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ many little ______________ of water. 4、这间房的主人不是一个普通人,他是一位著名的科学家。 The ______________ of this house is not ______________ ______________ man. He is a famous scientist. 5、请记住在你离开房间时关上所有的灯。 Please remember to ______________ ______________ all the lights when you leave the room. 6、这贵重的杯子成了碎片。 The valuable cup ______________ ______________ into pieces. 7、如果你将冰加热,它就变成了水。 If you heat ice, it ______________ ______________ water. 8、对于我来讲,每天按时吃药是十分重要的。 It’s ______________ for me ______________ ______________ medicine on time every day.

9、记住不要浪费和污染水源。 Remember ______________ ______________ ______________ or ______________ water. 10、清洁工人每周冲洗街道一次。 The cleaner ___________ the streets ___________ ___________ ___________. 五、用所给词的适当形式填空: 1. We should try out best to remember ______________ (send) birthday cards to our best friends. 2. John remembered ______________ (wash) his dirty clothes and shoes. What a careful boy he is! 3. ______________ (take) a bath uses even more water than showers. 4. What he acted in the show ______________ (freeze) me a lot two days ago. 5. Henry’s MP4 is ______________ (break), so it needs to be mended. 6. Please don’t ______________ (pollution) water, John. 7. Two thirds of our students ______________ (be) from China. 8. Gold is more ______________ (value) than silver. 9. Mary ______________ (shake) her head sadly with tears in her eyes just now. 10. Your voice sounds ______________ (angry). 11. – Would you like to drink coffee or milk? -- Neither. I’d like to have a bottle of ______________ (distill) water. 12. The cook usually ______________ (mix) the powder with some cheese. 13. ______________ (final), let’s give our welcome to the guests. 14. The boy ______________ (drop) his text books on the ground just now. 15. A few ______________ (drop) of water ______________ (be) on the windows of the car. 16. The medical group was ______________ (make) up of some famous doctors all over the world. V. 书面表达 你现在在为自己的未来作一份简单的计划,请根据以下提示写一篇 70 词左 右的短文。 (1)你的梦想职业及居住地等(可自行再增加内容) : (2)你做出这些选择的理由; (3)你为实现未来计划应做的努力; (4)……



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