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m5u3 grammar and usage

Read the sentences and try to pay attention to the highlighted words

1. If I had the chance, I would have a cloned baby.

2. The street was blocked by a fallen tree. . 3

. I think the scientific advances mentioned in your article are fantastic.

Conclusion: 1.过去分词做定语位于被修饰名词之前; 过去分词短语做定语位于被修饰名词之后. 2.过去分词作定语与被修饰名词 之间的关系为动宾关系.表被动 3.过去分词做定语表示动作的 完成.

the escaped criminal 逃犯 past the developed countries 发达国家 past a widely used language passive the retired scientist past the highly praised scientist passive past fallen leaves 落叶 the risen sun 升起的太阳 past the exploited classes 被剥削阶级 passive

Fill in the blanks with proper form of each verb

invited 1.Most of the artists _______(invite) to the party were from South Africa. played 2. The Olympic Games, first ________(play) in 776 BC. did not include women players until 1912. retired 3.The _______(retire) scientist shared his experience with us. developed 4. America is a __________(develop) country. held 5.The meeting________(hold) yesterday was about how to deal with pollution

1)— I ’m very thirsty. — You’d better drink someC ___ water. A. boiling B. boil C. boiled D. to be boiled

①单个分词作定语放在所修饰的名词之前。 ②现在分词表明动作正在进行,过去分词表 明动作已经完成。

A in 776 B.C. lasted for 2)The Olympic Games __ only one day. A. held B. to be held C. holding D. being holding
①过去分词短语做定语放在所修饰名词(词组) 之后,与其所修饰的名词(词组是)动宾关系, 且动作已经完成。


Read the sentences and try to pay attention to the highlighted words As he knows very little English, he finds it difficult to make himself understood. I had my hair cut yesterday. After the robbery, they found the front windows broken.

过去分词做宾语补足语表示(1)与宾语的逻 辑动宾关系.如句1, 句2 . (2)ved 作为形容词 表示宾语的状态.如句3.

过去分词(短语)作宾语补足语 I found the small town changed a lot.(表动作已完成) He wants the letter typed right away.(动宾关系)

We must get our homework finished on time.动宾关系)
或和宾语存在动宾关系,表被动。这类句子的谓语动词通常 是表示
“感知”(如see, hear, feel, watch, notice, find等)、 “意愿”(如want, wish, expect, 等) 的动词, 或是使役动词(如make, have, keep 等)。


Fill in the blanks with the proper form of each verb

1.He was very happy to see his mother taken ________(take ) good care of at home. changed 2.I found the city greatly __________ (change). known 3.He was made _________(know )all over the country by his novel. caught 4.The thief was seen ________(catch) by the policeman. seated 5.I saw him ________(seat) behind the tree, thinking.

Read the sentences and try to pay attention to the highlighted words 1.My grandfather was delighted to hear I passed my exams. 2. Edison became interested in science when he was very young. 3. The little boy was very excited when he heard that he could go to the party.

习题: C so you can’t move in. 1. The rooms are ____, A. painted B. painting C. being painted D. to be painted 2. As soon as he entered the city, he ____. D A. was losing B. got losing C. lost D. got lost
( e.g.

get hurt

get excited

get pleased )

3. What he has done is really ____.Now his parents C are _____ him. A. disappointing; disappointed at B. disappointing; disappointed about C. disappointing; disappointed with D. disappointed; disappointing by


This river is polluted.(过去分词作表语,表状态)

This river was polluted by the chemical plant.
(过去分词构成被动语态,表动作) 译:这条河是被那家化工厂给污染的。 过去分词作表语,表状态,相当于一个形容词;在 被动语态中,过去分词表动作,常由by引出动作的 发出者。

The windows are closed . The windows were closed by Jack.

Read the sentences and try to pay attention to the highlighted words 1.She left the restaurant, disappointed. 2.Given more time, I could do it better. If I was given more time, I… 3. Lost in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him Because he was lost in thought, he… 4.Found in the forest, the lost boy was already exhausted. When he was found in the forest, the boy…

1.分词与过去句子的主语之间有逻辑动宾关 系,或表示主语的状态 2.过去分词做状语可以位于主句之前也 可以位于主句之后.

3.过去分词作状语表示伴随状况,时间, 条件, 原因等.

Fill in the blanks with the proper form of each verb 1.After a whole day’s heavy work, the old worker returned home, hungry and exhausted ________(exhaust). Dressed 2._________(dress) in a fur coat, she entered the shop the next morning. Given 3._________(give ) another chance, I’ll do it much better. Lost (lose)in the fog, we were forced to 4._____ spend two hours in the woods.


Seen from space, the earth looks blue. When it is seen from space, the earth looks blue. b表示条件 Kept in refrigerator, these vegetables will remain fresh. If they are kept in refrigerator, these vegetables will remain fresh.

c、表示原因 Deeply moved by the movie, the girls began to cry. As they were deeply moved by the movie, the girls began to cry. d、表示伴随情况
She walked out of the house, followed by her daughter. She walked out of the house, and was followed by her daughter. e、表示让步 Beaten by the enemy, he refused to let out the secret. Although he was beaten by the enemy, he refused to let out the secret.

C a reply, he decided to write again. 1._____ A. Not receiving B. Receiving not C. Not having received D. Having not received
(he和 receive 是主谓关系,且receive 先于decide之前发生。)

A 2. ____in her new skirt ,she tried to make herself ____at the party . A. Dressed; noticed B. Dressing; noticed C. Dressed; noticing D. Dressing; being noticing

B better attention , the vegetables could have grown 3. ____ better A. Giving B. Given C. Give D. To give

A to speak, you should remain silent at the 4. Unless ___ conference. A. invited B. inviting C. being invited D. having invited D by his teachers, he has made great progress in his 5.____ lesson. A. Helping B. To help C. Help D. Helped C 6. ____his telephone number, she had some difficulty getting

in touch with Bill.
A.Knowing not B. Not known

C. Not knowing

D. Not know

A 8. The old man walked in the street, ____. A. following his son B. followed his son

C. and following his son D. following by his son B a white sweater, she looks much more beautiful. 9. ___ A. Dressing B. wearing C. Dressed D. Having dressed

D the little boy is living a happy life. 10. ___, A.Taking good care B. Taken good care C. Having taken good care D. Taken good care of



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