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Unit1-4 必考练习 单词拼写 Unit One
1.I m_______ my friends in primary school. 2. Jack is a s_______ student. He is good at all his subjects. 3.I will never f________ the first day when I went to school. 4. My father will give me s________when I have trouble. 5. My class teacher is p_______ and kind. She is a good teacher. 7. We will always r________ friends. 8. The story is very funny. It makes all of us l_______. 9.Ben is a h_________boy. He always studies hard. Unit Two

1.You can take the l______ to the top of the tower. 2.Beijing l______ in the north of China. 3.Which subject do you p______, Maths or Chinese? 4.Can I watch TV when I f______my homework? 5.He likes going s______ in winter. 6.F______is famous for its F______ w______. 7.You did a p______ job! I can’t find any mistakes in your paper. 8.Guangzhou is in the s______ of China. Unit Three 1 There is a picture at the b______ of the box. 2 Two hours later, the pop singer f_______ appeared on the stage. 3 The film star cannot a________ when she is hungry or tired. 4 Billy works at the a________, so he often sees many planes. 5 Who will c________ the high mountain with me? 6 When it got d_________, we lost our way back home.

7 The old man is b________ . So he can not see . 8 I often listen to the r_______ programme. 9 I hope the book will be h_______ to you. 10 The green light m_______“go”. 11 Without a ticket, they will not a ____ you to go into the zoo. 12 I have a p______ dog. Its name is “Lucky”. 13 She l______ the old man to her room yesterday. 15 He didn’t w_____ up when the bell rang. Unit Four
1.Smoking is h______ to our health. 2.The dog s______the blind man. 3.You can d______the problem with your parents.

4.The factory p______ toy cars for the kids. 5.Before we plant a tree, we d______ a hole first. 6.How can we f______ against air pollution? 7.Can you c______the bag for me? It’s too heavy.

Unit One
1. 他爸爸对他的学习要求很严格。 His father________ ________ ________his studies. 2. 我能照顾好我自己。 I can________ good________ ________myself. 3. 他经常给我讲笑话。 He often ________ me ________ 4. 虽然他成绩不好,但他不会放弃。 He isn’t good at study, but he won’t ________ ________ . 5. 不要取笑你的同学。 Don’t________ ________ ________your classmates. 6. 我喜欢语文也喜欢数学。 I like Chinese and Maths________ ________ . 7. 工人们整日整夜地工作。 Workers works________ ________ ________ ________ ________

8. 她昨天没有上班。 She didn’t________ ________ ________yesterday. Unit Two

1. 我更喜欢在安静的地方听音乐。 I _______ _______ listen to music in quiet place. 2. 广州以美食和花而著名。 Guangzhou_______ _______ _______ its delicious food and flowers. 3. 今年暑假你想去哪度假? Where do you want to_______ _______ _______ this summer holiday? 4.泰国是观光的好地方。 Thailand is a great place to_______ _______. 5.林老师不仅是我们的体育老师,还是我们的好朋友。 Miss Lin is_______ _______our P.E. teacher_______

_______our good friend. Unit Three 1 当我醒来,我听到有人在外面大喊。 When I _______ ________, I heard someone crying loudly outside. 2 小女孩独自完成了作业。 The little girl finished the homework _______ __________. 3 旅馆服务员把我们带到了我们的房间。 The bell-boy _______ ______ _______ our rooms. 4 为了不被人看见,他趴在了地板上。 He _______ _______ on the floor so that people could not see him. 5 我们能否按时到达北京? Can we ________ ________ Beijing on time or not? 6 两辆消防车很快到达那里。 Two _________ _________ ________ ________ quickly.

7 我不知道昨晚什么时候睡着了。 I don’t know when I _______ __________ last night. Unit Four 1.读书对写作有益。 Reading books______ ______ ______writing. 2.晚上,你可以看到天空有大量的星星。 At night, you can see______ ______stars in the sky. 3.很多家具都是由木头制成的。 A lot of furniture______ ______ ______ wood. 4.树能吸收有害的气体。 Trees can______ ______harmful gases. 5.事实上,她是个很勤奋的学生。 ______ ______, she is a hard-working student. 6.那些人是来自哪里的? Where do those people______ ______? 7.很多游客喜欢参观北京的名胜,例如,他们经常去参观故宫。 Many tourists enjoy visiting places of interest in Beijing. ______ ______they usually go to the Palace Museum. 8.她听到一些奇怪的声音,她环顾四周却什么人也没看见。 She heard some strange noise. She______ ______but saw no one.



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