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Reading and vocabulary

Put the following sentences in the correct order. A. Together with Private Kowalski the writer entered

the village.
B. The writer took part

in the D-Day landings. C. He went into a barbershop to have his face shaved and his hair cut D. Two days later he found himself outside a peaceful

village in France.
E. The soldiers and the French people drank to celebrate the victory. Frenchmen.

Keys: B. D.A.F.C.E

F. The two of them were warmly welcomed by some

Read the text and answer the following questions.
1. What’s the main idea of the first paragraph? (within 15 words) We were surprised that we found ourselves outside a peaceful village in France.

2. How many people knew about the orders to join the D-Day landings? Only a few because they were confidential. 3. What kind of state is the beach likely to be in after the landings? In a mess

4. Translate the first sentence of Paragraph 2 into Chinese. 傍晚时分, 夕阳照耀在农舍、主街道、 商铺、车库和教堂上面, 形成了一幅完 美的乡村美景。

5. What kind of vehicle do you often see on or near farms? Tractors 6 . How do you speak when you see danger

and want to give a warning?
By yelling or calling out something

7. What do men without beards do to their faces every day or so? What do these men use to do this? Shave. A razor 8. What tools do you need to use to cut hair and make it look tidy? Scissors

9. What things did the soldiers bring with them for their personal possessions and to be able to rest? Baggage and bedding 10Why did some soldiers spit the wine out? (within 10 words) They had never tasted wine before.

11. What do women often like to wear to smell nice?

12.What do women often wear on their legs?


Read carefully and choose the best answers.

1. When the author and his companions entered the village, they hesitated because _______. A. many of their friends were killed by the enemy B. there might still have been enemy soldiers B C. the enemy had abandoned the village D. the rest of their company hadn’t arrived

2. According to the text, what made the author and his companions feel astonished? A.Receiving the confidential orders to join the D-Day landings troops. B. Five men with guns gathering around them. C. Some women appearing and kissing them in the village. D. Finding themselves outside a peaceful D village in France.

3. In the text, “He ... gave me the best shave I had had in years” means that _______. A. the barber was expert in shaving for customers B. without the tools, the author couldn’t shave by himself C. because of the war, the author didn’t C shave for a long time D. the author had no money to have a shave

4. They said “cheers!” and drank to liberation and to the French constitution in order to___. (a) show they hoped the villagers would soon be free and in good health (b) thank the villagers for the food and for their welcome (c) celebrate freedom and the return to power of the French government (d) introduce the rest of the company to the villagers

5. The soldier was ashamed to admit that he was too young to have a girlfriend because___. (a) he wanted a girlfriend, but didn’t have one (b) the villagers treated the soldiers as heroes (c) he hoped to find a French girlfriend at home

6. He thought the fear and danger was worthwhile because___. (a) he would remember this special day (b) Many of friends had died (c) the villagers were very grateful to them (d) it reminded him that some friends had died

Para1. find the following phrases.
1.另我们感到惊讶的是 to our astonishment 2.机密命令 3.看到我们的 很多战友被杀 4.发现我们在 宁静的村庄外面

confidential orders
see many of my friends killed find ourselves outside a peaceful village


1.late afternoon 1.傍晚 2.the sun was setting 2.太阳正在落山 3. a perfect country 3.一副完美的乡村景色 scene 4.be aware that/ of 4.知道;意识到 5.to advance and 5.前去搜查村子 check the village 6.lieutenant 6. 中尉;副官


Para3 1.驶出

2.唤起; 召集; 叫喊;



1.drive out of 2.call out call on sb at sp 3.in French 4.two more 5.take off 6.put down 7.shake hands

Para 4&5

abandon the village
go back to



have a magnificent moustache keep in shape
out of shape

6.从…拿出 7.拿起

fill … with
take out… from

pick up

Para 5&6

2.拿出 3.摆桌子 4.用…盖 5.为…干杯 6.吐出 7.作为…回报 8.当成…对待

the rest of our company

bring out
lay a table

cover… with
drink to

spit sth out
In return treat sb like

Language points

1.advance v. 进展,前进,靠近,提前
Eg. The soldiers advanced on/towards the enemy. The date of the meeting was advanced by in advance 在前头,预先,事先=ahead of3 days. time You must pay for the car in advance. in advance of 在……前面;比……进步;超过 I graduated in advance of you. 我比你先毕业。

2. company. n公司; 作伴,伴侣; 连队;

the Ford Motor Company.

Able Company's sentries were just ahead. A连的哨兵就在前头 Why don't you stay here and keep Emma company? (给...作伴) 你为什么不呆在这儿,陪陪埃玛?

3. worthwhile adj. 值得做的,有价值的。
The smile on her face made it all worthwhile. 她脸上的笑容使得这一切非常值得。 It is worthwhile doing/to do sth It is worthwhile _____an appointment before you go.你去之前预约一下是值得的。 A. to make B. making C. make D. both A and B Key:D

be worth sth/doing be worthy of sth/being done be worthy to be done it’s worthwhile to do/doing sth

The exhibition is worth a visit/visiting.
=The exhibition is worthy of a visit/being

=The exhibition is worthy to be visited

=The exhibition is worthwhile to

This second-hand car is worth $2000 at the

1. worth是一个只能作表语的形容词,意思为“值…… 的”“有……价值的”、“值得……的”。后接名词、接动

This second-hand car is worth $2000 at the most. 2. worthy可作表语,也可作定语。作定语时意思为“有价值的”、

得到……的”,其后接of sth.,也可以后接to do sth., This is a worthy article. 这是一篇值得一看的文章。 3. worthwhile,既可作表语,又可作定语。表示某事因重要、有 趣或受益大而值得花时间、金钱或努力去做,一般做“值得 的”、“值得做的”、“有意义的”解。用作表语时,可接 动名词或动词不定式。 Thank you for your worthwhile suggestion.

Key sentences:
1. It was late afternoon, and the sun was

setting on a perfect country scene of
farm buildings. 2. I took off my helmet and yelled, “ American! Put your guns down!”

3. The barber had magnificent moustache,
which he used wax to keep in shape.

4. We all drank to liberation and to the
French constitution. 5. I was too ashamed to admit that I was too young to have a girlfriend.

1. to one’s astonishment=to the astonishment of sb 令人惊讶的是……. To my astonishment, she remembered my name.

=To the astonishment of me, she remembered my name. 是我万分惊讶的是,她竟记得我的名字。
to one’s surprise/disappointment /horror/joy/excitement 使某人吃惊/失望/惊恐/ 高兴/兴奋的是

2.confidential adj. 保密的;秘密的;隐 秘的= secret
keep…confidential 保守…的秘密. Eg. Doctors are required to keep patients’ records completely confidential. 医生必 须对病人的病历完全保密. confidential information/documents机密情 报/文件 He spoke in a confidential tone. 他低声用隐秘的语气说话

4. unload v 卸下 反义词:load n/v vt. 1) 装,装载 (+with)

The workers are loading the ship
with coal.

2) 使摆满;使充满;使长满 (+with)

The air was loaded with soot.



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