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英语从句综合训练 1. _____ is known to the world, China’s Liu Xiang became the first Asian in history to win the at the Olympic Games. A. That A. of which B. Which B. for what C. As C. as D. It D. whose will tell me the reason 2. Living in the Central American desert has its problems, _____ obtaining water is not the least. 3. I don’t know the reason _____ you were absent from the meeting, but I am sure that someone _____ you haven’t told me. A. why; that A. that A. by which Opera House. A. what A. where B. that B. how C. when C. when D. where D. which C. which I think D. which D. whosever nation very excited. D. That D. when B. No matter he might pass the examination D. What he passed the examination C. as if D. even if D. of which D. how; which D. if; that D. that I think was 7. The painter lived more than a decade in Europe, _____ he could be in close touch with other artists. 8. The soldiers had to sleep in their wet clothes, _____ most uncomfortable. A. which I think it was B. which I think was A. who A. whoever A. Whenever A. which B. when B. whomever B. Whether B. that C. where C. whatever C. If C. where 9. The humans are destroying nature day by day, _____ of course, will cause severe punishment from it sooner or later. 10. He knew the files could be of help to _____ took over the job. 11. _____ China got the second place in the 2004 Olympic Games made the whole 12. An idea occurred to me _____ I might turn to my English teacher for help. 13. _____ was of little importantce. A. Whether he passed the examination or not C. He might pass the examination A. that B. because B. that B. where; that B. 不填; that B. that; why B. who B. in which C. because; which C. where C. that D. which D. where D. of which; that 4. When she came back from abroad, Lucy told us about the cities and the people _____ she had visited. 5. Because of the traffic jam _____ I was caught, I was late for the meeting. 6. There are three things _____ make Sydney famous ,its beautiful harbor, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney men’s 110m hurdles

18. _____ was known to them that Bob had broken his promise _____ he would give them a rise. A. What; what A. For now A. since A. As tired B. It; which B. Since that B. where B. Though tired C. As; that C. Now that C. as C. Tired as D. if D. Tired although D. It; that D. By now 19. _____ we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. 20. I have been keeping the portrait _____ I can see it every day, as it always reminds me of my childhood in Paris. 21. _____ he was, he sat up late studying last night. 22. --- Would you like a cigarette? --- No. It’s several years _____ I gave up smoking. A. after A. where A. after B. since B. when B. when C. when C. that C. unless D. before D. which D. until 23. My favorite room is the tidy study with a fireplace, _____ we can watch TV and enjoy the nice scenery outside. 24. It is an interesting story and one can’t put it down _____ one has finished reading it. 25. --- Will you go to Mary’s birthday party? --- No. _____ invited, I can’t go. I’ll be too busy then. A. If A. wherever A. than B. Unless B. however B. when C. Even if C. whatever C. before D. When D. whoever D. as soon as 26. Actually, girls can be _____ they want to be just like boys, whether it is a pilot, an astronaut, or a general manager. 27. No sooner had they settled themselves in their seats in the theatre _____ the curtain went up. 28. We’ll start off as we planned _____. A. no matter he will come or not C. whether is he coming or not A. that A. otherwise B. which B. supposing B. no matter whether he will come or not D. whether he comes or not C. where D. when D. so that D. in this case

29. To my delight, there was my purse in the back seat of the taxi, _____ the driver couldn’t possibly have seen it before. 30. They wouldn’t let their cat outside _____ it would get run over. C. for fear that 31. I’ll go to the party with you _____ you don’t wear those strange trousers. A. on condition that A. so that A. than A. so far as A. presently B. as soon as C. as though 32. I like the city, but I like the country better _____ I have more friends there. B. in that case B. rather than B. as well as B. quickly C. so as to C. nor C. as soon as C. directly D. in order that D. as D. so long as 33. The great use of a school education is not so much to teach you things _____ to teach you the art of learning. 34. You may use my room as you like, _____ you clean it up afterwards. 35. I shall take you back to France _____ you are well enough to travel. D. immediately

14. The thick smoke covered the whole city. It was _____ a great black blanket had been thrown over it. 15. Word came from Mr. Smith _____ he could arrive on the following Saturday. A. about which A. that; where A. whether; that C. whether C. that; that C. that; which 16. It was the belief _____ Alex Haley could find his “root” in Africa _____ made him decide to go to Gambia. 17. I believe _____ you’ve done your best and _____ things will improve very soon.

36. Let’s talk all this over again _____ we make a final decision. A. after B. while C. before D. when C. whatever; worth D. what; worthy 37. Mr. Smith wanted to buy the house and he told me that _____ the house cost, it would be _____ it. A. however; worth B. how much; worth 38. --- Why didn’t you try your best to get on the bus? --- I tried to, but _____ I could it started moving. A. until A. what; that A. when A. to which B. when B. that; what B. that C. before C. that; that C. while D. after D. what; what D. as D. where buy much furniture. 39. Perhaps _____ most separates the successful people from others is _____ they live on purpose. 40. I had not been reading for half an hour _____ I heard steps outside. 41. The parents were worried about their daughter because nobody was aware of _____ she had gone. B. the place which C. the place 42. --- They don’t have much in their house yet. ---_____ they’re planning to live here only until Bob A. While B. Although C. Since gets his degree, they don’t want to D. As far as

A. that A. So long as A. that A. which

B. where B. As soon as B. whether B. that

C. which C. Once C. if C. its

D. what D. The moment D. when D. whose

53. _____ you keep on trying, I don’t really mind whether you can come out top in your class. 54. There is no doubt _____ China is always trying to keep world peace and against any war. 55. There is a teapot shaped like a Chinese duck, out of _____ mouth tea is supposed to come.

43. It was an unforgettable moment for all the citizens this year, _____ in 20 years C hina’s women’s volleyball team won the Olympic gold medal again. A. that B. which C. when D. while 44. --- Do you know _____ Mr. Black’s address is? --- He may live at No. 18 or No. 19 of Bridge Street. A. which _____ he wants. A. what A. whatever A. in case of A. unless A. that A. when B. which B. whether B. provided that B. until B. which B. where C. when C. no matter C. or else D. that D. however D. as if attracted my attention. 46. I’ll see you after the show and give you $20 for the tickets, or _____ much they cost. 47. We should be able to do the job for you quickly, _____ you give us all the necessary information. 48. I felt somewhat disappointed and was about to leave, _____ something occurred, which C. when C. why C. which D. while D. what D. how 49. Determination is a kind of quality --- and that is _____ it takes to do anything well. 50. The treatment will continue until the patient reaches the point _____ he can walk correctly and safely. 51. Many policemen on duty will not be able to spare one minute to watch the football match, _____ they might only be meters away from the action. A. because B. although C. if D. where 52. After five hours’ drive, they reached _____ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of. B. where C. what D. that 45. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly

56 _______happened to be no one in the building when the fire broke out. A. It B. There C. This D. That 57 Woman ___ Hillary Clinton is, she was bold enough to participate in the presidential campaign, 2008. A. who B. as C. that D. like 58 It was when searching for the lost book whose cover was missing _____a secret letter addressed to his mother. A.did he find B.until he found C.that he found D.had he found 59 —Mrs. Smith, please teach me how to draw on the computer today. —Oh, no. ____ _. You have to get familiar with the keyboard first. A. It is never too old to learn B. Think twice before you do C. Learn to walk before you run D. One today is worth two tomorrows 60 Could you tell me ______ it was ______ the accident occurred? A.where;that B.which;that C.that;where D.where:which 61 Between the two generations, it is often their different views of life and value _______cause family conflicts. A. which B. what C. who D. that 62 The old couple have been married for 50 years and never once _______with each other. A.thev have qtmrreled B.they quarreled C.have thev quarreled D.had they quarreled 63 Don’t interrupt while another student is speaking, ? A.will you B.won’t you C.do you D don’t you 64 It was not just the size of the party last night made it unique ,but it meant to our company. A.what;that B.that;what C.what;what D.that;that 65 Much he states he has a good taste of his own,he can’t avoid being influenced by advertisement. A.that B.which C.as D./ 66 If 1 am admitted by a famous college this summer,my parents will take me to Hong Kong and Macao.If ,they . A.not;won’t B.no;don’t C.not;haven't D.no;didn’t 67 一 What did he want to know,John? 一 that we could finish our work. A.What it was B.When was it C.When it was D.What was it



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