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【走向高考】2017年高考英语一轮复习 第一部分 基础知识聚焦 Unit 1 Great Scientists课件 新人教版必修5

走向高考 ·英语
人教版 ·高考总复习

路漫漫其修远兮 吾将上下而求索

第一部分 必修五 Unit 1


Great Scientists








Ⅰ.单词速记 A.快速识记 characteristic n.特征;特性 1. ___________ link 2.________ vt.& n.连接;联系 handle n.柄;把手 vt.处理;操纵 3.________ blame vt.责备;谴责 n.过失;责备 4.________ defeat vt.打败;战胜;使受挫 n.失败 5.________ analyze vt.分析→________ analysis n.分析 6.________ contribute v.捐献;贡献;捐助→__________ contribution n.贡献 7. ________ conclusion n.结论;结 conclude v.结束;推断出→_________ 8.________ 束

9 . ___________ ________ n .热 enthusiastic adj. 热情的;热心的 →enthusiasm 情;热心 expose vt. 暴露;揭露;使曝光 → ________ exposure n .暴 10. ________ 露;曝光

reject vt. 拒绝;不接受;抛弃 → ________ rejection n .拒 11 . ________
绝;抑制;驳回 attend vt. 照 顾 ; 护 理 ; 出 席 ; 参 加 → ________ attendee 12 . ________ n.出席者;参与人员 13.challenge ________ n.挑战 challenging adj. vt.向??挑战→__________


absorb vt.吸收;吸引;使专心→________ 14.________ absorbed adj.被吸 收的;全神贯注的 pollute vt. 污 染 ; 弄 脏 → ________ pollution n . 污 染 15 . ________ polluted adj.受污染的;被玷污的 →________ suspect vt. 认 为 ; 怀 疑 16 . ________


suspectable/suspicious adj.值得怀疑的;可疑的 →________________________ announcement n.公告;宣 17.announce ________ vt.宣布;通告→____________ announcern.播音员;广播员 告;通告→________ cautiousness n .小 cautious adj. 小心的;谨慎的 → ___________ 18 . ________ caution n.谨慎;注意;警示 心;谨慎→________

positive adj.积极的;肯定的→positivity 19.________ ________ n.积极性
negative adj.消极的;否定的 →(反义词)________

curable vt.治愈;治疗→________ incurable adj.不能治愈的; adj.可治愈的;可医治的→(反义词)________
cure 20.________ n.治愈;痊愈 无可救药的

B.归类巧记 1.“照看/照顾某人”的多种表达 ①attend (to/on/upon) sb. ②care for sb. ③take care of sb. ④look after sb.

①positive ②subjective ③neutral ④objective 积极的 主观的 中立的 客观的

⑥critical ⑦doubtful

批评的 怀疑的



①science→scientific ②enthusiasm→enthusiastic ③energy→energetic ④drama→dramatic ⑤sympathy→sympathetic ⑥romance→romantic 科学的 热情的 精力充沛的 戏剧(性)的 同情的 浪漫的

①handle n.把手→vt.处理 ②nurse n.护士→vt.护理;照顾 ③face n.脸→vt.面对 ④head n.头→vi.前往?? ⑤address n.地址;住处→vt.在??写上地址;对??发 表演说

Ⅱ.高频短语 put forward 1.提出____________________________ draw a conclusion 2.得出结论______________________ expose...to 3.使显露;暴露______________________ link...to... 4.将??和??联系/连接起来______________________

5.除??之外;此外 apart from (=aside from/in addition to) __________________________________
be strict with 6.对??严格______________________ make sense 7.讲得通;有意义______________________ contribute to 8.有助于;促成;导致______________________ lead to 9.引起;造成;导致______________________

get/be infected with 10.感染上;传染上______________________

11.专心于;全神贯注于______________________ be absorbed in
12.该受责备;应承担责任______________________ be to blame prevent...from... 13.阻止/防止??免受??______________________

be positive in doing sth. 14.做某事很积极______________________
make further investigations 15.作进一步的调查______________________ 16.热衷于??;对??充满热情___________________ be enthusiastic about look into 17.调查______________________ soon afterwards (=shortly after) 18.之后不久_______________________________

slow down 19.慢下来;放慢速度______________________
be linked to(=be related to) 20.与??有关______________________

Ⅲ.佳句填空 1.So many thousands of ________(terrify)people died every time there was ________ outbreak. 每次爆发霍乱时,就有大批惊恐的老百姓病死。

2.It seemed that the water ________ ________ ________.
看来霍乱的流行要归罪于饮用水了。 3 . Only ________ you put the sun there ________ the movements of other planets in the sky ________ ________. 只有当你把太阳放在中心的位置上,天空中其他行星的位


4.He placed a fixed sun at the centre of the solar system with the planets ________(go)round it and only the moon still going round ________ earth. 他把太阳固定在太阳系的中心位置上,而行星则围绕着太

5.Many retired people can still ________ ________ society with ________ rich experience. 许多退休的老人还能用他们丰富的经验为社会作贡献。 答案:1.terrified; an 2.was to blame 3.if; did; make sense

4.going; the 5. contribute to; their

过去分词作定语和表语 1.Children above 16 are encouraged to take part in these activities specially ________(design) for them. 答案: designed 考查非谓语动词。句意为: 16 岁以上的 孩子应参加一些专门为他们设计的活动。activities与design之间 为被动关系,因此用designed作后置定语。

2.The jobless rate remains ________(stick) at 9.6 percent,
and the president says more work is needed. 答案:stuck 考查过去分词作表语。句意为:失业率仍然 停留在9.6%,总统表示,还需要更多的努力。此处为过去分词 作表语,remain为系动词。注意stuck已经形容词化,表示“卡 住的,无法移动的,动不了的”。

3 . Ang Lee's new film Life of Pi is based on a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel ________(publish) in 2001. 答案: published 考查非谓语动词。题干中的 a fantasy adventure novel 与 publish 之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系,应用过 去分词published作后置定语表示完成和被动之意,相当于定语 从句that/which was published。

4.A special dance ________(call) horse dance becomes so

hot that many famous people can't help copying that.
答案: called 考查非谓语动词。句意为:一种被叫做骑 马舞的特殊舞蹈变得如此流行,以至于许多名人都情不自禁地 去模仿它。call与A special dance之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故 用call的过去分词形式,另外“________ horse dance”可以转化 为定语从句“which/that is called horse dance”。 5.The county, ________(locate) in the north of Shanxi, has a history of more than 1,400 years.



分词短语作定语,修饰The county。

Ⅴ.语篇填空 First he marked on a map the exact places ①________ all the dead people had lived. This gave him ②________ valuable clue about the cause of the disease. Many of the ③________(dead) were near the water pump in Broad Street (especially numbers 16, 37, 38

and 40). He also noticed that some houses (such as 20 and 21 Broad
Street and 8 and 9 Cambridge Street) had had no deaths. He had not foreseen this, so he made ④________(far) investigations. He

discovered that these people worked in the pub at 7 Cambridge
Street. They bad been given free beer and so had not drunk the water ⑤________ the pump. It seemed that the water was ⑥


Next, John Snow looked into the source of the water for these
two streets. He found that ⑦________ came from the river ⑧ ________(pollute) by the dirty water from London. ⑨________ immediately told the astonished people in Broad Street to remove the handle from the pump so that it could not be used. Soon afterwards the disease slowed down. He had shown that cholera ⑩ ________(spread) by germs and not in a cloud of gas. 答案:①where ②a ③deaths ④further ⑤from ⑥to

blame ⑦it ⑧polluted ⑨He ⑩was spread


1.attend vt. 出席;参加;照顾;护理
归纳拓展 attend school/church/a lecture/a meeting/a wedding/a party上

attend to sb.照顾/护理某人;接待某人 attend to sth.(=see to sth.=deal with sth.)处理某事

即时应用 导学号 01830833 完成句子。 ①I am a student in China and I plan to go to Britain ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ during the vacation. 我是一名中国学生,我打算在假期去英国参加一个暑期学 习班。 ②She was praised for having ________ ________ her sick motherinlaw for over thirty years. 她伺候生病的婆婆三十多年,受到人们的称赞。

③I can't go out with you tonight because I have an urgent thing ________ ________ ________. 今晚我不能与你一起外出,因为我有一件急事要处理。 答案:①to attend a summer school ③to attend to ②attended on/upon/to

2.expose vt. 揭露;暴露;使遭受;使曝光 归纳拓展 expose sth.揭露??;揭发?? expose sb./sth. to ...使某人体验……/某物暴露于?? be exposed to ... 接触到??;被暴露于??

即时应用 导学号 01830834 介词填空/用所给词的适当形式填空。 ①Don't expose your skin ________ direct sunlight, or you'll get sunburnt. 不要让你的皮肤直接暴晒于阳光下,否则你会被晒伤的。 ②However, it is important to be aware of these dangers because everyone ________ ________(expose) to air pollution regardless of lifestyle choices. 然而,意识到这些危险很重要,因为不管每个人选择什么 样的生活方式,都会处于空气污染之中。

③It is generally believed that ________ ________(expose) to radiation is rather dangerous. 普遍认为暴露在辐射环境里会很危险。 答案:①to ②is exposed ③being exposed

3.absorb vt. 吸收(液体、气体等);吸引(注意);使专心 归纳拓展 absorb sth.吸收(光、热等) absorb one's attention 吸引某人的注意力 absorb ... into ... 把??吸入/并入?? be absorbed in ... 全神贯注于??;专心致志于??

即时应用 导学号 01830835 (1)完成句子。 ①With the development of science and technology, the surrounding villages ________ ________ ________by the growing city. 随着科技的发展,周围的村庄都被成长中的城市吞并了。 ②His attractive voice has ________ ________ ________ ________at the concert. 他在会议上的迷人嗓音引起了许多专家的注意。

(2)一句多译。 汤姆专心于工作,忘记了通知她这件事。 ①Tom ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ that he forgot to inform her of it.

that ...的倒装句)





________ ________ that he forgot to inform her of it.(改为含so ... ③________ ________ ________ ________, Tom forgot to inform her of it.(用过去分词短语作状语)

答案:(1)①have been absorbed ②absorbed many experts' attention (2)①was so absorbed in his work in his work ③Absorbed in his work ②So absorbed was Tom

4.blame vt. 指责;责怪;归咎于 n. 责备;责任;过失
归纳拓展 be to blame应该受到责备(不定式的主动式表被动) the one to blame应该受到责备的那个人 blame ... on ... 把某事归咎于?? blame sb. for doing sth.因做某事责备某人 take/bear the blame for承担(对坏事应负的)责任 put/lay the blame on sb.把责任归咎于某人

即时应用 导学号 01830836 用所给词的适当形式填空/句型转换。 ①Instead of ________(blame)each other, we should

communicate more and put ourselves in others' place. 我们应该多交流,换位思考而不是相互责怪。

②The police had figured out the cause of the traffic accident and it was the driver of lorry that should be to blame. →The police had figured out the cause of the traffic accident and it was the driver of lorry that should ________ ________

________ ________ it.
警方已经查明这起交通事故的起因,是那位卡车司机应为 此事负责。 ③ Don't always blame your own failure ________ others. Sometimes you yourself are ________ ________(blame).


④________(blame) for the breakdown of the computer systems, he was in low spirits. 因电脑系统发生故障受到责备,他情绪低落。 答案: ① blaming for) ③on; to blame ② take the blame for( = be responsible ④Blamed

5.defeat vt. 打败;战胜;使受挫

辨析 defeat/beat/win
词汇 defeat beat win 个团体” 可与defeat互换,常用于游戏或比赛中 尤指在竞争中获胜,其宾语多为game, war, battle, 用法 侧重指在战场上打败敌人,其宾语为“人”或“一


即时应用 导学号 01830837 选词填空(defeat, beat, win)。 ①Having been ________ twice this year, we won't give it up. ②No difficulty could ________ this brave man since he is so confident and capable. ③Which team do you think will ________ the game?
答案:①defeated ②beat ③win

6.cure n. 治愈;疗法 归纳拓展

vt. 治愈;治疗

cure sb. of sth.治好某人的(疾病/坏习惯等) a cure for sth.治疗??的方法

即时应用 导学号 01830838 完成句子。 We found a new ________ ________ H7H9 virus and many patients were ________ ________ this severe disease. 我们发现了 H7H9 病毒的新疗法,许多病人都被治好了。

答案:cure for;cured of

7.link vt. 连接 n. 联系 归纳拓展 link ... to ... 把??与??连起来 类 似 表 达 方 式 : be related to, be connected with, be associated with

即时应用 导学号 01830839 完成句子。 ①After the investigation, the police ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________. 经过调查,警方把这起事故与超速驾驶联系起来)。 ②What puzzles us most is that the two accidents ________ ________ ________ ________. 令我们最困惑的是这两起事故密切相关。

③The police suspected that ________ ________ ________ ________ ________between the two murders. 警方怀疑这两起谋杀案可能有联系。 答案:①linked the accident to speed driving ②are closely linked together ③there may be a link

8.contribute vt. & vi.捐款;贡献;捐助;导致;投稿 归纳拓展 (1)contribute...to...为??捐献??;投稿 contribute to有助于;促进;导致;对??做贡献 (2)contribution n.贡献,捐献 make a contribution/contributions to/towards...为??做贡献

即时应用 导学号 01830840 完成句子。 ①People actively ________ money ________ the poor and kind mother. 人们踊跃给那位可怜而善良的母亲捐款。 ②I believe that each of us can ________ ________ the future of the world. 我相信我们每一个人都能够对世界的未来有所贡献。

③She ________ an article ________ our magazine.
她给我们的杂志投了一篇稿子。 ④Everyone should ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ the environment. 每个人都应当为保护环境做贡献。 答案:①contributed;to ②contribute to ③contributed; to ④make a contribution to protecting

1.put forward提出;推荐

put up举起;张贴 put down 放下;写下;镇压 put on weight增重 put aside 放在一边;留出

put up with忍受;容忍
put off推迟 put on穿上;上演

put out扑灭

即时应用 导学号 01830841 用以上短语的适当形式填空。 The kitchen caught fire. Tom suggested that they should call firefighters to help ①________ the fire. However, his mother, who ②________ recently, said Tom's plan may be ③________ , because they could handle the problem by themselves. Therefore, they ④________ their fireprotection suits, ⑤________ the quilt and cover the fire. To their surprise, some firemen appeared at his house. A neighbor couldn't ⑥________ the heavy smoke and telephoned 119.

答案:①put out ②had put on weight ③put off ⑤put up ⑥put up with

④put on

2.make sense讲得通;有意义
归纳拓展 make sense of理解;明白

a sense of humor/duty/beauty/direction幽默感/责任感/美感/
方向感 common sense常识 in a/one sense在某种意义上;在一定程度上 There is no sense(point)in doing sth.做某事无意义

即时应用 导学号 01830842 完成句子。 ①This sentence just doesn't ________ ________, no matter how you read it. 无论你怎样读这个句子,它还是讲不通。 ②Planning so far ahead ________ ________ ________—so many things will have changed by next year. 提前这么久做计划没有意义——到第二年许多事情都会发 生变化。

③Dogs ________ ________ ________ ________ ________
________ ________and are often used to search for survivors in an earthquake. 狗有很好的嗅觉,经常被用于搜寻地震中的幸存者。 ④ As far as I'm concerned, there is no sense ________ ________ upset about it now. 就我而言,现在为这事苦恼是没有意义的。 答案: ① make sense ② makes no sense ③ have a very

good sense of smell ④in getting

3.be strict with对??严格的
归纳拓展 be strict with sb.对某人严格要求 be strict in sth./in doing sth.对(做)某事严格要求 类似表达方式: be angry with sb.生某人的气 be angry at/about sth.因某事而生气 be tired of厌恶;厌倦

be tired with/from因??而疲倦 be good at擅长 be good for对??有益 be late for迟到 be hard on sb.对某人苛刻 be hard at work勤奋工作

即时应用 导学号 01830843 在短文中的空格内填入适当的词。 Our monitor, Li Ming, healthy and lively, does well in all subjects. She is fond of sports and is ①________ at singing and dancing. When she first came to school, she had quite a lot of difficulties with the English language, so she worked ②________ at it. She was active in class and did a lot of practice after class. With great efforts she has now made much progress in English study.

Li Ming is strict with herself and ③________ her work and daily life. She is never ④________ for school, nor is she ⑤________ of her duty as a monitor. She is ⑥________ to every classmate and

always ready to help others. She sets us all a good example.
答 案 : ① good good/kind ② hard ③ in ④ late ⑤ tired ⑥

1.So many thousands of terrified people died every time

there was an outbreak.
每次暴发霍乱时,都有成千上万的惊恐的老百姓病死。 本句中的every time意为“每次”,作连词,引导时间状语 从句。 归纳拓展

名词词组the first time, last time, each time, the moment, the
instant, the minute, the day等均可作连词使用,引导时间状语从 句。

即时应用 导学号 01830844 选词填空(the moment, every time, the first time)。 ①I was so tired that I fell asleep ______________ my head touched the pillow. ②I made a lot of spelling mistakes ___________ I wrote an English composition. ③Don't stop to look it up in the dictionary __________ you come across an unknown word while reading. 答案:①the moment ②the first time ③every time

2.Neither its cause nor its cure was understood.
人们既不知道它的起因,也不知道它的治疗方法。 本句中的neither ... nor ...连接两个并列成分。 归纳拓展 neither ... nor ...连接两个并列主语时,谓语动词的单复数 遵循就近原则。类似的还有:not only ... but also ..., either ... or ..., not ... but ...等。

即时应用 导学号 01830845 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 ①Neither the players nor the coach ________(be)confident of victory, so they lost the game. ②Either you or the headmaster ________(be)to hand out the prizes to those gifted students. ③It is not I but you who ________(be)to blame for the accident.

答案:①was ②is



Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.(2014· 福建改编)For those with family members far away, the personal computer and the phone are important in staying ________(connect). 导学号 01830846
答案:connected 本题考查非谓语动词。句意:对那些与 家人离得比较远的人来说,个人电脑和电话在保持联系方面很 重要。本句中的关键词是stay(保持),它是一个连系动词,后接 形容词作表语。connected是形容词,意为“有联系的,有来往

的”,符合句意。stay connected是“stay +形容词化的过去分
词”构成的系表结构。本题中的staying connected和keeping in touch表达同一个意思。

2.(2014· 重庆改编)The producer comes regularly to collect the cameras________(return) to our shop for quality

problems. 导学号 01830847

答案: returned


期来收回那些因为质量问题而被退回到我们商店的照相机。 return此处意为“退回”,cameras与return之间是被动关系,故 用过去分词作后置定语,表示被动和完成的动作。

3.(2013· 浙江改编)When the group discussion is nearing its end, make sure to conclude it ________ important

points. 导学号 01830848

答案:with 点而结束。


4. (2013· 湖南改编)________(stay) warm at night, I would fill the woodstove, then set my alarm clock for midnight so I could refill it. 导学号 01830849

答案:To stay


温暖,我会往炉子里添柴,并把闹钟定到午夜以便我可以起来 给炉火添柴。to stay为不定式在句中作目的状语。

5.(2012· 辽宁改编)The old couple often take a walk after supper in the park with their pet dog ________(follow) them. 导学号 01830850

答案: following

考查 with 的复合结构。句意:这对老夫

妇经常在晚饭后带着他们的宠物狗在公园里散步。在with的复 合结构中,宾语their pet dog与宾语补足语之间为主动关系,故 用following作宾语补足语。

6 . (2011· 四 川 改 编 )—I hope to take the computer course. 导学号 01830851 —Good idea.________(find) out more about it, visit this website.
答案:To find 本题考查非谓语动词。句意:——我希望能 上电脑课。——好主意。要想了解更多,浏览这个网站。动词不 定式放于句首,作目的状语,符合语境。

7 . ________73yearold woman, who died of respiratory failure on Dec. 6, was confirmed to have been carrying ________H10N8 virus. 导学号 01830852

答案:A; the


女死于呼吸衰竭,她被确诊携带 H10N8 病毒。第一空填不定冠


8.Be careful when you deal with this chemical, as it will explode when ________(expose) to sunlight. 导学号 01830853




句 子 的 主 语 it(this chemical) 和 动 词 be 的 形 式 is , 所 以 填

9. Some school teachers complained, “Many kids haven't got any hobbies— ________ you call playing computer games a hobby.” 导学号 01830854

答案: unless



10.To be honest, no speech ________(make) so far has had the same effect on me as this one. 导学号 01830855

答案: made


构,不难发现句子已经有了谓语has had effect on,故应填入非
谓语动词。make与speech构成被动关系,结合时间状语so far, 故选过去分词,即表被动又表完成。句意:老实说,迄今为 止,这是对我最有影响的演讲。

11.Land used to grow crops feeds five times more people than land ________animals are kept. 导学号 01830856

答案: where


牲口的土地所供养的人口数量要多五倍。先行词为land,关系 词在从句中作地点状语,故填关系副词where。

12 . (2014· 陕 西 改 编 )Please send us all the information ________ you have about the candidate for the

position. 导学号 01830857





13.When he came back three hours later, they were still sitting on the sofa, ________(absorb) in

conversation. 导学号 01830858

答案: absorbed


后回来时,他们仍坐在沙发上,聚精会神地交谈。be absorbed

in 为固定搭配,意为“专心于”,所以此处应用 absorb 的过去

14.—Who is ________(blame) for the shooting at a movie theatre in America? 导学号 01830859 —A gunman named James Eagan Holmes.

答案:to blame


枪击案负责?be to blame为固定短语,意为“该受责备”。本


15.(2014· 大连一中第三次月考)________(reduce) the gap between the rich and the poor is one of the main challenges facing the government. 导学号 01830860




Ⅱ.完成句子 导学号 01830861 1 . His attitude suggested that the proposal ________ ________(提出) by the doctor made no sense. 2.It seems that his parents ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(在学习上对他要求严 格). 3 . ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(可以肯定地说)pollution has a bad effect on our daily life.

4.It can be foreseen that an organization will be set up so as to ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(调查这起

5.Every time he went there, he hoped to find solutions to ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(治愈他的疾

6 . ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(只有当他知道结果时) will he believe me. 7.The experts suggested that ________ ________ ________ ________( 应 该 采 取 措 施 ) to handle the water pollution


8.Some supporting evidence has been found from two other deaths ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________(与这种病相关的). 9 . The drinking water ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________

________ ________ ________(已经改善了很多以致人们不再担
心) the factories in the neighborhood. 10.________ ________ ________ ________(已经宣布了) that two suspects were arrested in the area on the day of the robbery.

答案:1.put forward

2.are strict with him in his study


can be said with certainty that 5.curing him of his disease

4.look into the traffic accident

6.Only when he knows the result

7.measures should be taken 8.linked to/with this kind of disease 9.has been improved so much that people are no longer worried about 10.It has been announced

Ⅲ.单句改错 导学号 01830862 1.After the match the judge was announced that our team won the title.__________________ 2 . In respect of the problem, we don't have to draw conclusion.__________________ 3 . A special nurse attended on his needs

constantly.__________________ 4.The frightened thief hid himself in the dark corner of the yard, quite and cold, stared at the open door.__________________

5 . It doesn't make a sense for parents to give children whatever they want.__________________ 6.Only if a teacher gives permission a student allowed to enter the room.__________________

7 . Your article is well written apart a few spelling
mistakes.__________________ 8.The plan was put forward at yesterday's meeting, in my opinion, was quite practical.__________________ 9.That day Tom lost control himself and hit Jack, but later

Tom made an apology.__________________

10.Tom suggested that we would not hold such a meeting,
but Jenny insisted that it was of great 3.on→to 7.apart 后加 10.去掉would importance.__________________ 答 案 : 1. 去 掉 was 4.stared→staring 上from 或would→should 5. 去掉 a 8.去掉plan后的was 2.draw 后 加 上 a 6.permission 后加上 is 9.control后加上of

Ⅳ.话题写作 导学号 01830863 翻译下列句子,然后组成一篇 80 词左右的短文。 1.Simon 的英语老师对 Simon 要求很严格。 2.他经常提出问题让 Simon 回答。 3.除此之外,他还建议 Simon 要从课文得出结论。 4.Simon 在阅读中吸收了很多的知识。 5.Simon 让他的同学帮他修改作文,并学习优秀作文。 6.每次 Simon 想放弃的时候,他总是鼓励他。 7.只有当他不放弃的时候,他才能获得成功。 __________________________________________________

答案: Simon's English teacher is every strict with him and he often puts forward questions for Simon to answer. Apart from this, he suggests Simon draw conclusions from some texts and in this way,

Simon absorbs great knowledge from reading. In addition, Simon
has his compositions checked and learns from the good articles. Every time Simon wants to give up, he always encourages him not to, because only in this way can he succeed. With the help of the teacher, Simon has made rapid progress.


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