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状语从句种类 常用连接词 特殊连接词

时间状语从句 When, while, as, 1. 一些时间名词:the moment, the instant, the minute, the day, next before, after time, every time since, 2. 一些副词:instantly, till, until, immediately, directly as soon as 3. 固定搭配的连词:no sooner---than, hardly---when, scarcely---when. Wherever, anywhere, everywhere



原因状语从句 Because, as, for, Seeing that, considering that, now since that, given that, in that, inasmuch as, insomuch as 目的状语从句 So that, in order Lest, for fear that, in case, in the that, that, hope that, on purpose that, for the purpose that, to the end that 结果状语从句 So-that, so that, Such that, to the degree that, to such---that the extent that, to such a degree that, to such an extent that 条件状语从句 If, unless Suppose, supposing, providing, provided(关注:supposed, provide 不用作条件从句的连词)on condition that, as/so long as,only if 让步状语从句 Although, though, While(一般用在句首), as(用于倒装 even though, 结构), in spite of the fact that,whatever, whoever, whichever, however, even if whenever, wherever, whether --or---, as adj. as +主谓结构用在句 首 比较状语从句 as(同级比较), The more-, the more-;just as-, so-;
than(不同程度的比较) A is to B what/as C is to D;


as, as if,how,

no more--than;not A so much as B/not so much A as B the way

状语从句的简化 ? 状语从句的省略 状语从句同时具备下列两个条件: ①主句和从句的主语一致, 或从句主语为 it; ②从句主要动词是 be 的某种形式。 从句中的主语和 be 动词常可省略。例如: When ( the lab is ) completed ,the lab will be open to the public . He’ll go to the seaside for his holiday if (it is ) possible. 另外,比较状语从句经常省略。例如: I’m taller than he (is tall ). The higher the temperature (is), the greater the pressure (is ). 状语从句的"简化"现象常存在于以下五种状语从句中:①由 if, unless 等引导的 条件状语从句;②由 although, though, even if / though 等引导的让步状语从 句;③由 when, while, as, before, after, until / till 等引导的时间状语从 句;④由 as, as if 等引导的方式状语从句;⑤由 as,than 等引导的比较状语从句。 (1)当状语从句的主语是 it,且谓语动词是 be 时,it 和 be 要完全简化掉。例如: If (it is) possible, he will help you out of the difficulty. You must attend the meeting unless (it is) inconvenient to you. (2)当状语从句的主语和主句的主语一致时,从句可以将主语和 be 动词简化掉。 a.连词+形容词 As (he was) young, he learned how to ride a bike. Whenever (she is) free, she often goes shopping. Work hard when (you are) young, or you'll regret.少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。 b.连词+名词 While (he was) a young boy, he was always ready to help others. Although (he was) a farmer, now he is a famous director. c.连词+现在分词 As (she was) walking along the river bank, she was singing a pop song. Although (he is) doing his best in maths , he has still got no good marks. d.连词+过去分词 He won't go there with us unless (he is) invited. The concert was a great success than (it was) expected. e.连词+不定式 He stood up as if (he were) to say something.当时他站起来好像要说什么。 He wouldn't solve the problem even if (he were) to take charge. f. 连词+介词短语 She looked anxious as though (she was) in trouble. He had mastered the English language before (he was) in the USA. 注意:当从句主语和主句主语不一致时,从句部分要么用完全形式,要么用独立主 格结构来表达。例如: When the meeting was over, all the people went out of the meeting-room. 当会议结束时,人们都走出了会议室。(=The meeting over,

1. John shut everybody out of the kitchen ______he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. A. which B. when C. so that D. as if 2. I would appreciate it ____you give me a hand this afternoon. A. until B. if C. when D. that 3. education is about learning and the more you learn,________. A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life 4.After the war,a new school was put up ________there used to be a theatre. A. that B. where C. which D. when 5. —Is Mr. Smith in the office? —Yes,________ he is in charge of the office,he must be there. A. since B. however C. whether D. for 6. As your good friend, I will do ________help you. A. that I can to B. what I can to C. all that I can D. what I can 7.John may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out ________he phones. A. as long as B. in order to C. in case D. so that 8.Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up ________I could answer the phone. A. as B. since C. until D. before 9. —Don’t look down upon Bob. He has his own advantages. —Oh, yes. ________others are weak, he is strong. A. If B. When C. Where D. Though 10.It is ten years ________he smoked. A. that B. when C. since D. while 11.We must hurry up ________catch up with the last train. A. that B. so that to C. in order that D. in order to 12.No matter ________hard it may be,I will carry it out. A. what B. whatever C. how D. however 13.________ you may do,you must do it well. A. Which B. Whenever C. Whatever D. When 14. —Are you thinking about going to New York for the holiday? —No. But if I ________the time,I would definitely go. A. have B. had C. have had D. would have 15.________ you are so weak,you’d better stay at home. A. Since B. For C. Because D. Though 16.English and French are taught here. You can choose ________you like. A. no matter which B. whichever C. which D. whatever 17.I saw Mr. Smith last Sunday. We had not seen each other ___I left London. A. as B. before C. since D. till 18.I’ll be back before you ________. A. will leave B. will have left C. leave D. would leave 19.The problem won’t be settled until we ___a chance to discuss it thoroughly. A. have had B. will have C. will have had D. would have

20.If you ________this experiment,you will understand the theory better. A. will be doing B. have done C. will have done D. would do 21.They went on working ________it was late at night. A. even if B. as if C. however D. as though 22.I hurried _______I wouldn’t be late for class. A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless 23.The volleyball match will be put off if it ________. A. will rain B. rains C. rained D. is raining 24.__you talk to someone or write a message,you show your skills to others. A. At times B. Some time C. By the time D. Every time 25.Although he is considered a great writer,________. A. however his works are not widely readB.but his works are not widely read C. his works are not widely read D. still his works are not widely read 26.The secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she _______. A. will arrive B. is going to arrive C. arrives D. is arriving 27.We should finish the important job,________. A. long it takes however B. it takes however long C. long however it takes D. however long it takes 28.________he made an important speech at the meeting was true. A. That B. Why C. What D. How 29.________comes to the party will receive a gift. A. Which B. Who C. Which one D. Whoever 30.She is willing to help you, ________busy she is. A. what B. how C. however D. whatever 31.I don’t care whether he stays ________goes. A. nor B. then C. or D. otherwise 32.No matter ________hard it may be,I’ll carry it out. A. what B. whatever C. how D. however 33.Why do you want to find a new job__you’ve got such a good one already? A. that B. where C. which D. when 34.________he is, he will be thinking of you. A. Wherever B. Where C. Now that D. As soon as 35.You should make it a rule to leave things _______you can find them again. A. when B. where C. then D. there 36.He got excited at the news,________ I was calm. A. when B. while C. because D. after 37.—Shall Brown come and play computer games? —No,________ he has finished his homework. A. when B. if C. unless D. once 38.________ you try,you will never succeed. A. If B. Until C. Since D. Unless 39.Hardly had he arrived in Hongkong ________she rang me up. A. when B. than C. that D. and 40.________ they heard the shout for help,they rushed out.

A. Immediately B. The moment C. The while D. All the above 41.________,he never seems able to do the work beautifully. A. Try as he does B. as he tries C.Try as does he D. As he does try 42.—The air is full of smoke and people are coughing. —It will get worse _______the government does something about the pollution. A. but B. unless C. except D. if 43.If ________,I would have gone with him. A. had he told me B. he had told me C. he has told me D.he would tell me 44.—Alice is moving to her new apartment next Saturday. —I’ll be glad to help her,________ need some help. A. should she B. if she will C. if she D. if she might 45.I came ________I heard the news. A. until B. as soon as C. immediately D.B and C 46.What we have seen________. A. from what we heard B. all what we heard C. to what we have heard D. from what we have heard 47.We will never give in ________they might do or say about our plan. A. no matter how B. how C. whatever D. although 48.If you go to Xi’an,you will find the places there more magnificent than commonly ________.A. supposing B. supposed C. to suppose D. suppose 49.________ he comes,we would not be able to go. A. Without B. Unless C. Except D. Even 50.It’s no wonder you’ve got a headache ______you drank so much last night. A. though B. in case C. when D. while 51.Iwonder if I________ time. If I ________time,I’ll go with you. A. have;have B.will have;will have C.have;will have D. will have;have 52.By the time you _______back,the supper ________ready. A. will get;will be B. get;was C. get;will be D. will get;is 53.Telephone me as soon as you ________the results. A. will get B. get C. had got D. got 54.________ I live,I will never give in to the enemy. A. As far as B. As long as C. As well as D. As soon as 55.I really wonder________ he has posted me many packages ________he worked together. A. how;after B. why;when C. when;before D. why;since 56.Please pronounce the word ________I did. A. by the way B. the way C. the moment D. like 57.I was about to leave my house ________the phone rang. A. while B. when C. as D. after 58.I had cut the meat into pieces ________Mother started cooking. A. when B. as soon as C. after D. while 59.You should visit the part of the country when ________. A.spring will come B.it will be spring C.it is spring D.it is coning spring 60.I don’t like to be interrupted if I ________. A. speaks B. will speak C. am speaking D. would be speaking

1~5 CBBBA 6~10 BCDCC 11~15 DCCBA 16~20 BCCAB 21~25 ABBDC 26~30 CDADC 31~35 CCDAB 36~40 BCDAD 41~45 ABBAD 46~50 DCBBC 51~55 DCBBD 56~60 BBACC 【解析】 1.so that 引导目的状语从句。 2.if 引导条件状语从句。 3.本句是 the more… the more…句型,第二个比较级修饰形容词 equipped。 4.where 引导表示地点的状语从句。 5.since 在这里引导原因状语从句。 7.in case 以防万一。 19.主句为将来时态时,状语从句一般用一般现在时表将来,但如果强调状语从 句的动作先完成,可用完成时。 24.此处的 every time 当连词使用。 37.这是对话省略,引出一个条件“除非他先完成作业”。 38.本句意为“除非你努力,(否则)你决不可能获得成功”。 43.本句的条件状语从句是虚拟语气。 50.when 在本句中相当于 since,seeing that,considering that,“既然;鉴于”。 56.“请按我的方法来发这个单词的音”



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